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Discussion in 'Spirit Daily and Spirit Digest' started by padraig, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    There is a quite extraordinary account form our former member Peter Bannister in , 'Spirit Daily' today .

    Very,very,very frightening:


    At any rate:

    [​IMG]“Hello and hope things are well with you at this tumultuous and often bewildering time,” writes Peter Bannister from Cluny, France. “Am writing after just seeing today’s article about the Campi Flegrei mega-volcano (I was just in Naples three weeks ago on a rapid pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Pompeii and went via the slopes of that other giant, Vesuvius).

    “Are you aware that the Blessed Mother allegedly gave the message below referencing Campi Flegrei on March 24, 2016, to the Italian stigmatic Giulio Massa (whom I very strongly consider to be an authentic mystic on the basis of the photographic/video evidence on the website www.incamminocongiulio.it as well as in the book In Cammino con Giulio seguendo Gesù prefaced by the Archbishop of Reggio Calabria Mons. Giuseppe Fiorini Morosini)?

    “When I first saw this, not knowing the geography of the area in detail, I thought this might be a reference to Vesuvius — but the website later offered a more precise interpretation identifying Campi Flegrei as the volcano in question. One of the strongest indications of the authenticity of Giulio Massa’s stigmata is the remarkable phenomenon of ‘blood writing’ (‘hemography’), spontaneous images and texts appearing on fabric in contact with blood from his wounds. This is truly inexplicable scientifically, especially as the texts are in various languages unknown to him — Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, ecetera. This is of course not an isolated instance of such hemography: there have been at least five other examples of the phenomenon in Christian history (of which the best-known is probably Natuzza Evolo), as you might be interested to see from this compilation.”

    To be frank, we’d be exceedingly cautious with this kind of alleged phenomena, more than just about any other. In looking at some, in the past, as now, it can seem disorderly and soulish, perhaps even demonic. So caution.

    But an excellent issue is raised with Campi Flegrei: Most don’t realize that, never mind Vesuvius, west of Naples is a volcanic field with twenty-four craters, most of them underwater — and of late, the field shows signs of rising.

    That’s a bit daunting when we contemplate that parts of the supervolcano are under the feet of millions of Italians, and when we consider that one major eruption of it several centuries ago caused a “volcanic winter” around the world (due to ash).

    Some believe another forty thousand years ago killed most of the Neanderthal hominids in Europe.

    This we keep in mind as we note geological disturbances elsewhere in Italy (for example: destruction by an earthquake of the very basilica of Saint Benedict, the famous warrior against evil, in Noscia last fall. If that’s not a sign, not many things are).

    Yet, scientists (like us in populist supernaturalism!) must watch out for presaging specific dates: Some predicted that Campi Flegrei would erupt on December 20.

    [​IMG]One message from Giulio Massa: “Do not let yourself be corrupted by evil because [then] you will no longer be fit for the Kingdom that has been kept for you. You will have to pass through difficult times. Great disasters will occur, but do not stand watching with indifference and disbelief, all of you are all responsible; you are all called to build salvation in the world; do not remain in the darkness of your bodies. You live on a living heart, a beating heart, your earth. It is alive: love it, respect it, it is not an abode of war and death, but it is a tabernacle where one of so many mysteries of the universe is guarded. If you do not love it, it will not love you. The earth’s axis will undergo fearful movements, all caused by powerful weapons created by human wickedness. The consequences will be disastrous if you continue with these harmful actions.”

    Love the earth or respect it? As far as the axis: if this is saying humans can directly and physically alter it, we’d have to draw back; not even all the nuclear weapons exploding at once would likely do this.

    But if it means because of the very existence or use of them — the evil and hatred behind such weaponry — well, okay: perhaps. We certainly don’t “despise” such prophesying, although we seek to take what is good and leave the rest (as Scripture admonishes). Is there a real warning embedded in it?

    As for what may allude to Campi Flegrei:

    “Do not continue to be a threat to your earth,” is another recent message. “Soon all the elements will be unleashed upon you. Great chasms will open in the depths of the oceans and the earth will be disfigured, put out of harmony because of you, and everything will be terrible. The earth will emanate a red cloud like blood and with violence this cloud will ascend into heaven accompanied by a loud thunderclap. Everything will be made sterile, the air will be as unbreathable gas, springs will give out red water and it will be poison for those who want to quench their strong thirst. So many things essential for life will be missing. For ninety-one days you will experience darkness, everything will occur in a short time; when you are aware of these events everything will already be established, thus pray, pray, pray; be aware, be sober, be prepared, ponder, and do not underestimate the months of spring.

    “Humanity is near to the abyss; try to be in agreement because you need to support yourselves; even if these events are [coming] soon, fix your hearts on my beloved Son Jesus and do not be afraid since you will be safe with him. My Son is at hand and is coming. Persevere in love, Jesus will cleanse everything and His Kingdom of Peace will be magnificent. I bless you in the Name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”
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  4. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Ha - tomorrow I am paying a deposit for a holiday in Sorrento for mid-late July 2017 - close to this area.

    Might be a waste of money if this thing goes off!!
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  5. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    Another Pole Shift "prophet" that dovetails with the below guy who I posted about a couple of weeks ago and Deacon John who had a "vision"he told us of 2 years ago. Deacon John now is building his own site:

    "Preparing for pole-shift 2017"

    I'm thinking that The USA/Obama abandoning Israel, the schism in The Church and ALL the REST that be going-on Over-There .... and Over-Here :eek: ....... Time be getting SHORT!!

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  6. CrewDog

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  7. padraig

    padraig New Member

  8. Pedro Regis has a LOT to say about this. I'll dig up his stuff.
  9. - If people are not converted, a terrible punishment will fall upon humanity. Rivers of fire will flow on the earth. The waters will be contaminated and in many regions of the world My poor children will carry a heavy cross. 11/22/2009

    Volcanoes make their first appearance in the prophecies. It is a safe bet to me that this time around God is thinking about wiping the slate clean with fire not water

    - Something frightening will happen in Europe and three countries will be struck at the same time. People will have to weep and lament.11/28/2009

    The Virgin Mary makes a few statements about a coming suffering in Europe. Along with a looming threat of continent wide civil unrest, England, Spain, Germany, and Yugoslavia are all mentioned specifically in the level of suffering they will experience.

    The crust of the earth will split in many regions of the earth. Energy coming from the interior of the earth will bring suffering to many of My poor children. 12/29/2009

    Another reference to the insides of the Earth spewing out.

    - You are heading towards a future of great trials. The death of a great leader will cause great confusion. The fall of a prophet will be necessary for the good of many souls. You cannot understand the mysteries of God. Bend your knees in prayer. Seek strength in the Eucharist and in the words of My Son Jesus. The church will encounter a great problem in the revolt of a famous congregation. Stay firmly with the truth. Don´t let anything take you away from the truth. Listen to Me and I will lead you on a sure path. Courage. Whoever is with The Lord will never be defeated. Blood will fall from above and fire will flow on waters. 1/1/2010

    - The land of the mountain will be shaken, and mountains will come down in many places. 1/7/2010

    This one is kind of creepy. Haiti is known (traditionally) as "the Land of the Mountains".

    - Something sorrowful will happen in the house of The Lord and people will have to weep and lament. Enemies will open the doors and bearded men will act with great fury. 1/31/2010

    There are some claiming that this is a prediction of a terrorist attack from Islamic extremists on Vatican City.

    - Death will go through Asia and My poor children will weep and lament. Waters will rise and humanity will live moments of pain. California will face a heavy cross. The ground will rise and the mountains will descend. 2/2/2010

    Those who dwell in the land of the queen will live moments of great tribulation. It will be on a Friday, and men will weep and wail. 3/7/2010

    Another very specific prediction of a great horror about to occur. We know something bad is going to on a Friday at some point and it is going to affect in England.

    - From the depths of the earth will come immense rivers of fire. Many regions will be completely devastated and the destruction will cross over many countries. 3/9/2010

    - A megaquake will shake Japan and My poor children will weep and lament. Greater pain never existed. 3/20/2010

    - Humanity is heading towards a sorrowful future. The earth will shake and abysses will appear. My poor children will carry a heavy cross. The earth will lose its equilibrium and frightening phenomena will appear. 3/23/2010

    Earth will lose equilibrium?!?! Might she be referring to the pole shifts (believed by many to be what the Mayans were predicting on their long count calendar)?

    - Pray for the Church. The Church of My Son Jesus will drink the bitter cup of suffering. A most sorrowful for it will come. The Church is heading towards calvary. You will yet see great spiritual confusion, and friends of the king will reject him. I am your Mom and I know what awaits you. In these days, seek to live more intimately with My Son Jesus, in prayer, and in listening to and meditating on His Word. Don´t lose heart. After the pain, victory will come for those who are just. 3/30/2010

    -I ask you to keep on praying for the Church. The fury of the enemies will affect the Church and many who were fervent in faith will become indifferent. The Church will be taken to calvary and the faithful will see the death of many consecrated persons. 4/2/2010

    - A shocking event will happen in Germany. Death will pass through and My poor children will experience a heavy cross. 4/3/2010

    Germany mentioned directly as well... there are some bad days heading for Europe.

    [​IMG]- A devastating force will cross Europe causing destruction and death. 4/7/2010

    And again...

    - You will yet see horrors on earth. The evil of men will bring suffering and pain to My chosen ones, but don´t lose heart. Stay with the Church. The weight of sorrow will be great for the Church, but it will not be defeated. The triumph of the Church will be great and its enemies will fall to the ground. 4/10/2010

    - Humanity will drink the bitter cup of suffering. A frightening event will happen to Iran, in Pakistan and in Angra dos Reis. The happenings will be in different times, but will be alike. My poor children will live moments of anxiety. I suffer because of what awaits you. 4/11/2010

    - Those who live in the land of riches will experience a heavy cross. The earth will shake and death will be present. The will drink the bitter cup of sorrow. In the west, near the Pacific, shouts and wailing will be heard. 4/13/2010

    A prediction of the West coast of the United States being wiped out by something.

    - A sleeping giant will arise in Indonesia and My poor children will drink the bitter cup of pain. No greater tragedy existed. Be strong and firm in faith. I will always be with you. A great destruction will be seen in Japan. 4/17/2010

  10. http://www.spiritdaily.net/pedroseer.htm



    On January 7 a reputed seer named Pedro Regis in Brazil claimed the Blessed Mother told him that "in the great final tribulation, those who consecrate themselves to Me will be protected. I suffer because of My poor withdrawn children. The land of the mountain will be shaken, and mountains will come down in many places. Those who were faithful to the end will not experience defeat (A terra da montanha será abalada e em muitos lugares montanhas descerão)."

    That was interesting because less than a week later, on January 12, a quake causing massive damage hit the country of Haiti -- known as "the land of the mountains."

    It seemed (but for the plural for mountain) like a direct prophetic "hit."

    On January 21, the same seer had quoted the Blessed Mother as saying: "Dear Sons and Daughters, the island of Madeira will be devastated, and the dwellers of a big city on the banks of the Tejo river will experience a heavy cross. Bend your knees in prayer. God sent Me to call you to holiness. Live turned towards paradise, the only place for which you were created. Humanity will carry a heavy cross because people have gotten away from their Creator."

    This in fact materialized a week ago -- when the island of Madeira in Portugal was in fact devastated by floodwaters that killed dozens and threw around cars like toys, crumbling parts of the town near that river.

    Another direct "prophetic hit" but more so -- naming the actual place. It is difficult to recall a more specific warning that actually materialized in recent years -- save for the pre-September 11 warnings of Maria Esperanza (also from South America).

    But that wasn't all. Between the warning about Haiti and the one about Maderia -- on the 16th of January -- Mary allegedly told Pedro, "Great suffering will come for the inhabitants of Chile. Similar suffering also will come for those who dwell in Lisbon. Pray. Pray. Pray. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity."

    Going back to last autumn, on October 27, the Blessed Mother said, as proclaimed by Pedro, "The day will come when many people will regret a life passed without God, but for many it will be late. Don't let the devil deceive you. Belong to The Lord and transform your lives. Now is the time of Grace. Humanity is going on the path of self-destruction that people have prepared with their own hands. A great suffering will come for those who live in Italy. Something similar will come to those who live in Chile" [our emphasis].

    There was no quake in Italy, but there was that second mention of Chile and so one could make an association -- or at least wonder about a future event in Italy (as well as Lisbon).

    In fact, the Lisbon mention is a bit unnerving because it was where a great, historic quake caused tremendous destruction on All Saints Day in 1755 as tsunamis struck from Portugal and Spain to north Africa and northward up to England, and even across to parts of the U.S. Ships were yanked from their moorings in Holland, chandeliers swayed across Europe, and a slight shaking was even felt in Pennsylvania. It was a magnitude 8.9 undersea quake, one that could erupt again. Thousands were killed in Portugal.

    Was Pedro -- the Blessed Mother -- relating to that, in the warnings that mentioned Chile?

    It is certainly food for discernment. Rare are so seeming hits. At the same time, caution is urged because once a prophecy proves true, the next question is the source, at this time of great deception. Skeptics could argue that there are bound to be "hits" because Pedro has mentioned many different places -- including, recently, California, where, he says he was told (on February 2), "The ground will rise and the mountains will descend."

    That's disconcerting because California sits on the same "ring of fire" -- the fault line running alongside the Pacific that affects countries from Chile to Japan -- where quakes also have been recently felt.

    Indeed, an increasing number of scientists believe one quake can trigger another one far away. Few realize that in 1906, the great San Francisco quake was only one of four similarly major ones that year, including a massive quake in Chile that followed an even larger one in Alaska (magnitude-9.2) by just thirty minutes.

    The Chilean quake of 1906 was an 8.2 and destroyed much of Valparaiso.

    It is not lost on those seeking irony that the great Alaskan quake of 1964 occurred on Good Friday nor that epicenter of the Chilean quake Saturday was a city, Concepcion, named for the Immaculate Conception.

    Do we have a real prophet here? We need to investigate more of his alleged messages. Some seem a bit extreme ("continents will disappear," and "three days of darkness"). We have not yet reviewed them all, nor interviewed the principals. Many messages have to do with great troubles facing the Church. Pedro has been receiving apparitions of the Blessed Mother two to three times a week since October 10, 1987, usually on Tuesday and Saturday and often Thursday as well. The messages are published in Portuguese.

    The first in 1987: "I am the Queen of Peace and want all my children to be at my side, to conquer a great evil that can destroy the world. But for this evil not to happen, you must pray and have faith. My children, I desire the conversion of everybody as soon as possible. The world faces great dangers, and to be free from these dangers, you must pray, be converted, and believe in the Word of the Creator, for by praying you will encounter peace for the world. My children, many of you go to church, but you don't go with a pure heart. You go without faith. Many go just to show they are catholic and are in grave error. You should follow only one way, that of truth. There are sons that don't learn to pardon, but you must pardon your neighbor. Emnity is the work of Satan, and he is satisfied when he manages to separate one brother from another. So I ask you with all my heart; burn with love. Be converted. Pray, and learn to pardon your neighbor."

    States a former bishop, Don Silvério Albuquerque, of Feira de Santana: "About the apparition that has been occurring in Angüera for a few years, I have to say that my attitude, to date, has been of prudence, I keep waiting for things to happen and observing them from faraway.

    "I have not been present at any of such occurrences, but I know the family very well, and I have already talked to all of its members, including to Pedro, who declares to be visionary. I believe that if it is something actually true, it will continue, getting more and more real. If it is not, just like many other cases, it will fade away. I think that the most important thing is to really have such prudence and not allow to become fanatic. It is also good that we state that this is nothing against Our Lady. We devotedly love Our Lady, who is the Mother of Jesus, Mother of the Church and our Mother, for this reason, we do not need miracles, nor apparitions for us to believe in Our Lady.

    "Both in Fatima and in Lourdes there was a lot of opposition, but the truth prevailed, and today, both places are considered as great centers of faith. There are many miracles, I would not say physical miracles, but rather miracles of conversion, even the conversion of physicians who did not believe. I have already reached the conclusion that, from the pastoral point of view, the meeting in Angüera is valid, because it has been doing good. I believe that many conversions have occurred."

    [see previous article and alleged messages]

    [Michael Brown retreats: St. Augustine, Fl. March 6: the prophetic pulse and St. Louis: March 27]

    [Further note: the 1990 prophecy stated, at one point, "know too that God's Hand will be evident in South America." Any relevance?]

    [see also: Reputed 'seer' foresaw quakes]

    [Further note: Another message, from February: "A frightening event will occur on the old mountain. Behold, mankind is heading towards a great transformation, and people will not have an explication. The times have come which I have announced in the past."

    "Old Mountain," we are informed -- stara planina -- is an extension of the Carpathian mountain range. Stara Planina is separated from it by the Danube River. The highest peak of the Stara planina is Botev (2,376 meters), located in the Bulgaria.]

  11. Humanity is at the brink of the destruction that it can provoke with its own hands. What I foretold to you in Fátima for this century has already begun. There is the danger for humanity of a new world war. I feel a great affliction for what awaits you, my poor innocent children, so threatened by hunger, war, hatred and violence. This is a terribly painful time for you. Pray and do penance. The punishment will come only if mankind does not convert. August 12, 1989

    The angels in heaven are with sword in hand to annihilate those who corrode the earth. Woe to those who don’t repent and change their lives. You are a perverse generation and call upon yourselves the chastising hand that will not delay to strike you. If you don´t convert, without a doubt a punishment will come worse than the flood, such as never has been seen. Fire will fall from heaven and a great part of humanity will be destroyed…The church will be persecuted as never before and the Holy Father will suffer much. Pray for him. The vicar of My Son will have to suffer much, because the church will be victim of great persecutions. This will be the time of darkness, and the church will pass through a horrible crisis. October 24, 1989

    If men are not converted, fire will fall from heaven and a great part of humanity will be destroyed. June 23, 1992

    (in Paris) If you don´t convert, God will send a great punishment on your city. Fire will fall from heaven and Paris will be destroyed. What I predicted in former times will happen because the appeal I made here was not put in practice. I don´t say when this will happen, but from the way you live, the wrath of God will be anticipated, and you will be taken by surprise. June 30, 1992

    Behold the time is coming for the great happenings which I announced in the past. Pray. THE WRATH OF GOD WILL NOT DELAY TO BEFALL YOU. September 19, 1992

    when the chastisement from heavens comes, you won´t be able to bear it. October 10, 1992

    I ask you once again to pray for the pope, because now, more that ever, he will suffer much. The church will pass through great trials, but fear not. My Jesus will always be present. Pray, pray, pray. What I have foretold you in the past is about to happen. December 15, 1992

    All the means of communication that work to destroy the plans of God will be laid waste by the wrath of God which will come as a great bolt of lightning and everything will be destroyed. March 16, 1993

    You live in a time worse the times of the flood, and if you aren´t converted, a great punishment will befall humanity. July 6, 1993

    Be faithful to your church. Obey the Pope John Paul II. The world will be involved in a great scandal, and those who do not obey the Pope will not bear it. So listen to what your ecclesiastical superiors tell you. Participate in the Holy Mass with joy and devotion. Always confess when you feel the need to have a your soul purified. Find time to pray. The world goes badly because there are few who pray. A great chastisement is about to fall upon humanity. January 18, 1994

    When everything seems lost, a great victory of The Lord will appear. May 13, 1994

    I ask you to pray for the Pope because the hour of his martyrdom is coming closer. The church will lose a great treasure, but those who were faithful to My Jesus will remain firm. Pray. Pray for the Pope, the successor to the chair of Peter. He will have to suffer much. Pray and do penance. If men and women are not converted, fire will come from heaven and it will be late. The danger of a new world war is closer and closer. I am sad because of what awaits you. January 2, 1993

    Above all, pray for the Holy Father who now suffers more than ever. Pray for the church that will lose this great treasure.February 5, 1993

    Continue to pray for the Pope, above all now, as his hour of martyrdom draws nearer. February 8, 1993

    Pray for the Holy Father, for the hour of his martyrdom is now coming closer… If you are not converted, a great chastisement will fall upon humanity, so be converted. June 29, 1993

  12. FROM PETER B--JUNE 30,2016- #566

    In the meanwhile, read the description here:


    There are a number of issues here which I think need to be dealt with separately.
    1. The Medjugorje Bolzano site linked to above is indeed a very useful source of material that I would not have discovered otherwise (e.g. Paratico, Giglio tra le Spine, Valeria Copponi). However, I do seriously question the 3-star ratings of reliability that they give to Jacarei (officially deemed non-supernatural by the local bishop) and Stefania Caterina, collaborator of Tomislav Vlasic (clearly false), as well as their promotion of 'Die Vorbereitung' (at 2-star level), a source whose messages imply that Pope Francis 'pretends' to be Christ's vicar but is in fact a deceiver.

    2. We have addressed the question of Luz de Maria's contact with Giorgio Bongiovanni elsewhere on this site. What is certain is that she now disassociates herself completely from him (she told me this herself directly by email).

    3. On a broader level, there is a need to distinguish at least five different categories as far as alleged prophets are concerned:
    i) 'true' prophets who give only the undiluted word that they have received from Heaven in all circumstances
    ii) those whose charism is authentic but who may occasionally make mistakes or allow their own thoughts (or subconscious) to interfere with their messages - something that is actually extremely difficult to avoid as it can happen without our being aware of it
    iii) well-intentioned and undoubtedly pious individuals with an active imagination who however have never had any direct prophetic experience and are simply providing 'private meditations', although they do so in good faith, sincerely believing that they are doing God's will
    iv) false prophets whose writings are a deliberate deception (e.g. by means of plagiarism) and whose words are purely human in origin
    v) false prophets whose writings are demonic in origin

    My own sense is that category i) is actually very, very limited, given that private revelation always occurs in the context of its reception by limited, sinful human beings and within the restrictions of human language. There are cases in which we are obviously dealing with iv) (Maria Divine Mercy) and v) (a vast amount of 'channelled' New Age writing which is more widely-read than we sometimes realize), but most of the time we are trying to separate groups II and III.

    Being in group ii absolutely does not make a source 'false' - it just means that it needs to be discerned wisely, with messages evaluated on a case-by-case basis rather than given carte blanche. This is where the role of a competent spiritual director and optimally also a structure of prayerful group accountability are critical. 'Group ii prophets' are individuals with a genuine calling who are doing their very best and need our support, not our condemnation (this is where I would personally put Luz de Maria, Francine Bériault, Sulema, Javier Viesca, Vassula, Fr Adam Skwarczynski ... Fr Gobbi, - and even St Catherine of Siena!). Human error affects us all and it is not a crime.
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    Significant development just in from Anguera - translating from Pedro Regis's Facebook page


    Feast of the Coronation of Our Lady of Anguera 2016
    'The day May 28, 2016 will be marked for ever. Every year at the end of May, the pilgrims of Our Lady from various states in Brazil and even from other countries come to Malhada Nova, place of pilgrimage for devotees of Our Lady, to crown Her Image. It is really a beautiful festival. This year the pilgrims had a happy surprise with the presence of the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Feira de Santana, Zanoni Demettino Castro, who was at the site of pilgrimages at the invitation of Pedro Regis. Don Zanoni spoke to the pilgrims, sang with them and blessed them. As Pedro Regis told the pilgrims, the presence of Don Zanoni does not mean official recognition of the apparitions, but that the Archbishop was there as a spiritual father in order to convey a word and to bless everyone. Certainly the presence of Don Zanoni means that the Church really is the mother of all and that the pilgrims of Anguera are not abandoned. Viva Our Lady!'

    So, although this is not official recognition (logically, given that the alleged apparitions are ongoing)... things are certainly looking pretty good for Pedro Regis right now. My own sense is that the final Church approval of the San Nicolas apparitions in Argentina a few days ago may act as a catalyst for a few cautious bishops - particularly in Latin America - to be more overtly supportive of those seers in their dioceses whom they judge credible (Patricia Talbot in Ecuador, currently making diocesan-approved presentations in Poland, is another example who springs to mind).


    4,303 Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Rio de Janeiro, transmitted May 10, 2016

    Dear children, courage. When you feel the weight of the cross, call out for Jesus. He is your Great Friend and will not abandon you. Bend your knees in prayer. You are living in a time of trials and only through prayer can you bear what will come. Seek strength in the Words of My Jesus and in the Eucharist. I am your Mother and I come from heaven to take you to heaven. I know your needs and will plead with my Jesus for you. Suffering will come to Turin* and men and women of faith will weep and lament. Do not allow the flame of faith to go out within you. Whatever happens, do not go back. The Lord is your victory. This is the message I give you today on behalf of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having permitted Me to gather you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Go in peace.

    [*NOTE: This is the first specific place-name (other than Brazil) to appear in these alleged messages for quite a long time]

    24 July, 2005, Message 2553, Source [1]

    Dear Sons and Daughters, mankind has gotten away from God, and the time of the great return has come. Mankind will live moments of great sufferings. Many of My poor children go like the blind and are heading towards the abyss of self-destruction. Return quickly. You are important to The Lord. Don´t flee from His Grace. Terrorists will come to the Vatican. The plaza will be filled with corpses. Humanity will see the evil action of the men with long beards. The Colosseum will fall apart. Know that the Lord is saddened by your sins. Behold the times of great tribulations. Bend your knees in prayer. I am your Mom and I suffer for what is awaiting you. Belong to The Lord. He is your all and without Him you can do nothing. Forward with courage. This is the message I give you in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

    12 December, 2006. Mesage 2772, Source [1]

    Dear Sons and Daughters, open your hearts to the love of The Lord. You are important for the realization of My plans. Make the effort to be imitators of My Son Jesus. I am your Mom and I know your hearts. Be meek and humble of heart. The Lord is with you. The palace will be surrounded by enemies who will come with great fury. Fire, destruction and death. The pain will be great. Pray. Prayer will transform hardened hearts. This is the message I transmit to you today in the name of The Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you in the name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit. Amen. Be in peace.
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  14. padraig

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    There is something about all this that makes me think and that something is contained in the Book of Revelations. You may recall that the visionaries in Medugorje have said that the ten Secrets there are all contained in this book. You may also recall that one of the visionaries , Mirjana Soldo recently wrote a book because she says the time for their unveiling may be at hand.

    Anyway apparently one of the effects of a large scale volcanic eruption is that gases are super streamed in the upper atmosphere and rain back down on the Earth as a type of sulphric acid. THe effect this rain would have on waters would be to poison them and turn them red. This process is described in the Book of Revelation.

    Revelation 16:3

    The second angel poured out his bowl on the sea, and it turned into blood like that of a dead person, and every living thing in the sea died.

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  15. padraig

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    Source: http://pedroregis.com/pt-br/

    4310 - Message of Our Lady Queen of Peace, May 24, 2016
    Dear children, approach my Son Jesus present in the Eucharist. Your victory is in Him. You are living in the Time of Tribulations and only those who pray will be able to bear the weight of the trials that will yet come. The Devil's smoke has penetrated everywhere causing spiritual blindness in My poor children. The Church of My Jesus is living through difficult moments, but you are yet to see horrors. Bend your knees in prayer. The pride that divides the Church of My Jesus is the cause of my pain. I suffer because of what is coming to you. I ask you to keep the flame of your faith alive. Whatever happens, do not depart from the truth. Onward. This is the message that I give you today on behalf of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having permitted Me to gather you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

    A few pretty detailed messages to Pedro Regis...no?:

    July 24, 2005. Message 2553
    Dear Sons and Daughters Terrorists will come to the Vatican. The plaza will be filled with corpses. Humanity will see the evil action of the men with long beards.

    October 27, 2007. Message 2908 from Our Lady of Peace.
    Dear Sons and Daughters, The union of the big bearded men with those of the red will cause great pain to humanity. ….The line will be broken. The pain will be great. I ask you to keep the flame of faith burning.

    [sounds like the Islamic terrorists join with the Commies, AKA the terrorists already in place in Europe joining with the Russian Commies as they invade as per Garabandal]

    And another one:
    "Dear Sons and Daughters, the island of Madeira will be devastated, and the dwellers of a big city on the banks of the Tejo river will experience a heavy cross.

    As Spirit Daily mentioned re: the above message to Pedro R.:
    materialized when the island of Madeira in Portugal was in fact devastated by floodwaters that killed dozens and threw around cars like toys, crumbling parts of the town near that river.

    The earth will be shaken and many places will cease to exist.9/22/2009

    Continents will disappear and people will contemplate things that are not visible to the human eye now. These will be sorrowful times for you.10/6/2009

    The force of nature will provoke phenomenon never seen before. Objects will be thrown from the earth by a force that no one can explain. Forces will arise from the depths of the earth that leave men preoccupied....You will yet see things that human eyes have never seen.10/31/2009

    The Andes chain of mountains will descend and many nations will carry a heavy cross.11/21/2009

    If people are not converted, a terrible punishment will fall upon humanity. Rivers of fire will flow on the earth. The waters will be contaminated and in many regions of the world My poor children will carry a heavy cross.11/22/2009

    The prophets who have gone will return to announce the day of the great warning.12/12/2009

    [Elijah and Enoch??]

    Something sorrowful will happen in the land of the queen (England) and will be repeated in the capital of Brazil.12/26/2009

    The crust of the earth will split in many regions of the earth. Energy coming from the interior of the earth will bring suffering to many of My poor children.12/29/2009

    The death of a great leader will cause great confusion. The fall of a prophet will be necessary for the good of many souls....The church will encounter a great problem in the revolt of a famous congregation.1/1/2010

    Death will appear in Guatemala and My poor children will carry a heavy cross.1/14/2010

    -Great suffering will come for the inhabitants of Chile. Similar suffering also will come for those who dwell in Lisbon.1/16/2010

    The Middle East will shake with great atomic holocaust.1/28/2010

    Something sorrowful will happen in the house of The Lord and people will have to weep and lament. Enemies will open the doors and bearded men will act with great fury.1/31/2010
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  17. I'm trying to decide if my daughter and I are going to Russia in Sept 2017. Hmmmm....
  18. I know Pedro warned about a California earthquake & tsunami. Can't find it right now. Someone just sent me this. Erase it if you want Padraig. I know you don't believe in her. Many do. I'm posting it because there is 9 days of prayer & fasting starting the 9th of Jan asked.
    Discern for yourself please.


    DEC 13, 2016--

    “My people, My Sacred Heart cries out to you to look!

    See what is taking place in your world! Your leaders, many of them have signed agreements with the poison of their pen for your destruction. You are being seduced into darkness and you fail to recognise its evil depths. You can see how perverse so many are becoming… you can see in so many a sickness of mind which is beyond any realisation of the destruction of their souls through their bodies’ behaviour. The youth have become so confused even of their own identity. They search for their personal identity but find only confusion through drugs, alcohol, sex and depravity in mind and body. Love is no longer found in so many hearts, especially in the hearts of the youth of the world.

    I desire My people to turn away from sin. Receive My call to life in Me. Receive My life and light, then you will find your way to peace and your hearts will once again experience love.

    Many leaders have signed documents to destroy many of you; it is all in the plan of him who is antiChrist, living among you.

    There are many evil spirits raised up and hailed high. Many people have become one with evil and darkness - even those you think are good. There is little goodness in your world but lawlessness is spreading like a virus that is full of poison.

    My people, I desire you to fast and come to My Mother’s House and pray for nine days from the ninth day of the New Year. Fast on tea and bread only.

    Pray, pray for wisdom to understand My call and that of My Mother. I desire that you can understand the evils of your world and recognise how you are being led into the snares of evil. You need to be protected and how you need My little one for guidance. She has endured much for your sake: she has been disbelieved, mocked, attacked - and all for your sake. Wake up! Your world has become a cesspool from hell and there many are going and you do not even see the grave danger you are in - in body, but greater than bodily danger is the danger for your souls.

    There will soon be a great earthquake in the Americas. The Americas are called ‘the new world’ but it is rather ‘the dark world’ which spreads its poison throughout the entire world.

    Jesus then referred to two countries (which will not be named here) whose leaders have made their pact and signed papers that will bring about the fire to fall from the sky. It will disrupt and disfigure the face of the earth.

    There followed a very serious message concerning the Church which is not being made public.

    My commandments are being washed away. They must be renewed and lived in all hearts that want to have My life in their souls.

    I have pleaded with you, My people, to protect My vessel. You remain blind. Her life has come to be in great danger. She is hated in many hearts - many desire her blood. If this takes place it will be highly critical for you. All look on but you are blind to the reality of her life’s dangers. My people, hear and respond. I will not keep repeating My call and that of My Mother. The fire is lit. Be vigilant in the Spirit. Pray, pray for your safety. Father, Son and Holy Spirit."
  19. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    Hi Mothersuperior7, that is a long time that I haven't seen you anymore in this forum. But I am just a sporadious reader so I just could have missed information or your postings. How are you doing ? Everything ok ?

    All the misery announced here, gives me desire to return into my bed... I hope that all those destructions will come after the Miracle and that we will be safe... Wishfull thinking ?

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