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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by themilitantcatholic, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    More of these suddenly appearing "things" coming from the sky.....unexpectedly! Hmmmm.....more things getting pulled from their normal orbits by "something" getting closer?

    Why the Asteroid Approaching Earth Was Only Spotted 5 Days Ago

    Almost exactly five years ago, a truck-size celestial rockunexpectedly exploded in the atmosphere above Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Feb. 15, 2013. As town officials dealt with broken glass and hundreds injured, people worldwide asked why nobody spotted the 51-foot-across (17 meters) object sooner, in time to warn residents.

    The same question could be asked of another asteroid that will whiz harmlessly past the Earth today (Feb. 9). NASA said this object, nicknamed 2018 CB, may very well be bigger than one that broke up over Chelyabinsk. The asteroid was only spotted on Sunday (Feb. 4) by the Catalina Sky Survey. Early estimates of 2018 CB's size range between 50 and 130 feet (15 and 40 m) in diameter. The object will fly by Earth at about 5:30 p.m. EST (2:30 p.m. PST) at less than 20 percent of the distance from the Earth to the moon. That's about 238,855 miles (384,400 km) from us.

    "Asteroids of this size do not often approach this close to our planet — maybe only once or twice a year," Paul Chodas, manager of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, said in a statement from the agency.

    Chelyabinsk and 2018 CB are relatively small objects in our solar system, part of a class called asteroids. (When asteroids enter the atmosphere, they're called meteors, and if pieces reach the ground, those are called meteorites.) Most of these space rocks reside in the asteroid belt, which is located between Jupiter and Mars.



    Signs 20 – 2017, Worst Ever for Earthquakes and Fireballs


    Planet X / Nibiru – Are We Seeing the Blue Kachina Now?

  2. ComeSoon!

    ComeSoon! Mercy & Discernment

    I have been receiving email newsletters regarding Pope Emeritus Benedict this week. I copied this from the National Catholic Register. Now that I've returned home to a northern state from the bit of paradise that is south Florida, I am able to post this for your review. Bear in mind prophecies by the Sts Faustina, Pio, and Our Mother pertaining to prior to the death of (PRESUMED) Benedict. I have to believe the fact Ash Wednesday is this coming Wednesday must be very timely. This fills me with great hope rather than fear and dread!!

    "Benedict XVI: ‘I Am on a Pilgrimage Towards Home’
    The Pope emeritus writes a short letter to an Italian newspaper, thanking readers for their expressions of concern as the fifth anniversary of the announcement of his resignation approaches.
    Edward Pentin
    Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has written a short letter to an Italian national newspaper to say that “with the slow decline of my physical forces, interiorly, I am on a pilgrimage towards Home.”

    Benedict wrote the letter to the Corriere della Sera newspaper after its senior correspondent, Massimo Franco, wrote to him saying many readers were wondering how he was ahead of the fifth anniversary of his announcement to resign on Feb. 11.

    In the letter published Feb. 7 on the front cover of the paper, Benedict also wrote that it has been a “great grace” to be surrounded by “such love and goodness that I could not have imagined.”

    The letter, reproduced in full below, arrived at the offices of the newspaper yesterday with the words “urgent by hand”:

    “Dear Dott. Franco,

    I was moved that so many readers of your newspaper would like to know how I am spending this last period of my life. I can only say that with the slow decline of my physical forces, interiorly, I am on a pilgrimage towards Home. It is a great grace for me to be surrounded in this last, sometimes a little tiring, piece of road, by such love and goodness that I could not have imagined. In this sense, I also consider the question of your readers as an accompaniment along a stretch. This is why I cannot but be grateful, assuring all of you of my prayers. Best regards.”

    Since his resignation in 2013, Benedict has been living in the Mater Ecclesiae former monastery in the Vatican gardens where he vowed to remain out of the public eye and dedicate his life to praying for the Church.

    Apart from a few public appearances, mostly at important Church events, he has regularly received guests and friends in private.

    However, these visits have reduced in recent months. A retiring diplomat accredited to the Holy See told the Register recently he was not allowed to say farewell due to the Pope emeritus’ increasing frailty.

    Those who have been to visit him recently say he is still mentally sharp but has difficulty moving and needs a walker to get around."

    Peace to all as we approach the start of Lent!!
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  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    This is worth watching up to the 17 minute mark, when it turns into anti Catholic nonsense

    Love his shirt.. I want it!!

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  4. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes South Korea
    A MAGNITUDE 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck the Pohang region of South Korea this morning with tremors felt across the country.
    news.com.au February 11, 201810:26am http://www.news.com.au/travel/world...a/news-story/2e3776e9b9074665d39538d2cb7bde5d

    The earthquake struck the east of South Korea.Source:Supplied

    THE South Korean seaport town of Phang has been rocked by a magnitude 4.8 earthquake.

    The quake happened about 170km from the Winter Olympics site with tremors felt across the country.

    The Korea Meteorological Administration said the earthquake occurred about 7am today (AEDT), north-northwest of Buk-gu, Pohang-si, North Gyeongsang Province.

    The epicentre is 36.08 degrees north latitude and 129.33 degrees east longitude. The depth of the earthquake is 14km.

    The Meteorological Agency have said this is an aftershock of the 5.4-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Pohang on November 15 last year.

    Emergency broadcast sent to phones in Korean Winter Olympic village after earthquake strikes
    Shallow 2.6-magnitude earthquake strikes North Korea
    By Elizabeth Shim [​IMG] | Feb. 6, 2018 at 8:54 AM https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-...earthquake-strikes-North-Korea/8951517924641/
    [​IMG]The South Portal of North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site pictured on September 7, 2015. An earthquake struck near the area on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Airbus Defense & Space and 38 North

    Feb. 6 (UPI) -- A 2.6-magnitude earthquake struck an area of North Korea where Pyongyang has been conducting its underground nuclear tests.

    South Korea's meteorological agency said Tuesday the earthquake originated from an area about 30 miles north-northwest of Kilju, North Hamgyong Province, and is likely to have been triggered by North Korea's sixth nuclear test conducted Sept. 3, 2017, News 1 reported.

    The induced earthquake could be occurring due to the shaking of the ground because of seismic waves that began with the detonation of a North Korea nuclear device, Seoul's agency said.

    North Korea's nuclear tests have culminated in heavy sanctions against the Kim Jong Un regime, and South Korea has frequently called for an end to the tests and for North Korea denuclearization.

    Seoul has welcomed North Korean athletes to the South ahead of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, but the rapidly moving reconciliation has led to claims in the South Korean press the government may be being too accommodating.

    On Tuesday a South Korean spokesman for the presidential Blue House said a report in a local newspaper about North Korea cash demands, in exchange for a nuclear freeze, is false, Kyunghyang Shinmun reported.

    Kim Eui-kyum told reporters no one has "sent or received" such a message, and no official at the "Blue House, unification ministry, foreign ministry or the national intelligence service" has received any notices.

    Kim requested the newspaper in question, the Donga Ilbo, issue a correction.
  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Prayers going up for those affected by these two tragedies:

    Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow; 71 dead

    MOSCOW (2/11/2018) - A Russian passenger plane crashed near Moscow soon after take-off on Sunday, killing all 71 people on board, and investigators said they were looking at all possible causes.

    Temperatures were around minus 5 degrees Celsius with periodic snowfall when the short-haul AN-148 operated by Saratov Airlines took off for the city of Orsk in Orenburg region, about 900 miles (1,500 km) southeast of the capital.

    President Vladimir Putin offered condolences to those who had lost relatives and ordered a special investigative commission to be set up.

    "According to preliminary information, nobody survived," the Kremlin said in a statement.

    The office of Russia's transport prosecutor said all 71 people on board had been killed. Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov confirmed there were no survivors and said DNA tests would be needed to identify the dead.

    © LIFE.RU/AP Russian Plane Crash

    TV images of the crash site showed wreckage of the plane, including at least one engine, lying in fields covered with thick snow.

    Helicopters were at the scene as well as rescuers on snowmobiles. An official of the Emergency Situations Ministry said two bodies and a flight recorder had been found.

    Debris and human remains were spread over a radius of a kilometre from the crash site, investigators said.

    They said they had opened a criminal case into the incident. Among the possible causes they listed were weather conditions, human error and the plane's technical condition. No distress signals had been received from the crew.

    The plane, manufactured in 2010, had been carrying 65 passengers and six crew. It disappeared from radar screens shortly after taking off from Moscow's Domodedovo airport.

    Interfax news agency said one Swiss national had been among the passengers.

    Elena Voronova, a spokeswoman for Saratov Airlines, said there had been no concerns about the technical condition of the plane, which went into service with her company in 2016.

    Images broadcast on state TV showed relatives waiting at Orsk airport, some with their heads in their hands.

    The city's mayor told the Rossiya 24 TV channel a team of psychologists was working at the airport to comfort people.

    (Writing by Maria Kiselyova and Andrew Osborn; Editing by Andrew Roche)

    3 dead in Grand Canyon helicopter crash
    Three people have died and other people have been injured in a helicopter crash that occurred in the Grand Canyon. NBC News

    Grand Canyon helicopter crash kills three 2/11/2018
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

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  7. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    US military assets like tanks, ground infantry, helo's, fighters, bombers, field artillery, transportation etc are hardened against EMP as well as most all US bases of any significance Fatima. All military communications are as well. The US has a completely separate intranet for data communications in just such occasions also. Civilian infrastructure is a whole different thing however. There are many misconceptions about the effectiveness of EMP blasts though and there are simple ways to be ready for just such an event available at the local hardware store and are low cost and easily implemented. One thing I can assure anyone of is should the US be attacked and invaded the invading force is going to face the best armed civilian population an invading army has ever encountered. As well as a formidable percentage of the population being battle hardened veterans who have seen combat and are well prepared in their civilian lives because for a great many years they have seen the handwriting on the wall back here at home. Just one combat veteran can organize many squads of men quickly and effectively.

    I am not saying that the US in invincible. Just that the odds of anyone waltzing into the US and walking into a swift and effortless victory are probably lower here than anywhere on the planet. The only way this would happen is if God willed it.

    I know many veterans, my family has several and has served in almost every conflict the US has entered all the way to the revolutionary war and to a man every one of them is a minute man. God forbid that they ever be called to stand in the gap they are ready.

    Now this Babylon business we obviously disagree on so I'll just agree to disagree and leave it at that.
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  8. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    ok ready for this one..... The CFO of the company that purchased Uranium One just happened to be on the plane that went down.
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  9. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes Dean. And he also it would appear had info on the dossier. Remember Ron Brown? Also a potential witness. Also a plane crash.
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  10. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Yeah, anyone that denies that there is a war taking place between some very very sick individuals and those who would just try to protect and defend what is right needs to really consider these "coincidences".

    71 people murdered to kill one man and all to protect their corruption. I bet there was not a second thought given either.

    All those families who lost their loved ones. :(
  11. josephite

    josephite Powers




    All is vanity!:cry:

    Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thine!
  12. AED

    AED Powers

    I know Dean. Just more incentive to pray for the good guys who are trying to break all of us free from this strangle hold. Only God can make this work and I think He is giving us the means but it really is David against Goliath. Our military and police and honest lawmakers et al need our prayer back up for sure! And It isn’t just here —- it is world wide and these bad actors are deeply involved in some very evil things—evil! It staggers the mind.
  13. CrewDog

    CrewDog Archangels

    RIP Crash Victims.
    I truly hope that the 71 are not victims of Murder but "These-Days", I don't believe in "coincidences" when it comes to Billary, The Global Left and their Puppets in the Media & Deep State! The above are beyond unhinged as every attack on Trump fails &/or BackFires .... and the White Hats are closing in.
    I think there is a real possibility that 71 people have been added to the Clinton Body Count and the 40 years of mysterious Arknacide "Incidents". If just 10% of these "Incidents" are suspicious we are talking about Mass Murder!!

    Lord, Protect us from Evil and Save All Here!!!
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  14. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

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  15. AED

    AED Powers

    This should go on the Vatican thread but is definitely a sign. You tube titled: Wikileaks: conservative Pope Benedict was forced to resign by Deep State—the people behind this!

    It is by a you tube site called MLordandGod

    It basically lays out what I said a few days ago. This is huge people. This is absolutely huge if it can gather momentum. If BXVI was forced and coerced it was never a valid conclave! Hope you will look into this.
  16. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Another discussion about this "retirement" from a friend with alleged Vatican connections is that, after the loss of control of personal papers from the papal apts. that went to the media, there was also the threat to Benedict, in that weakened position, of resurrecting his time as Bishop in Germany when there were other priest scandals occurring under his watch and also bringing his brother into the mix. I had wondered why he didn't retire in Germany since he was so close to his brother and it was his home, and I was told that he was threatened that once he stepped on German soil he would be arrested on that basis as well as his brother. Soooo, perhaps why he has remained quiet at the Vatican, "under control". With the already discovered evidence of his loss of managerial control and this threat Benedict did not wish that such planned destruction of, not him, but the papacy, would come because of him in that position of being the Pope at such a time, due to such targeting with his lack of ability to fight back, and then would bring down the Church from the top. Take it for what it's worth to you.
  17. AED

    AED Powers

    Sadly the destruction has come anyway. Appearances at least. I know the Lord will rescue the Church but it is very hard to know the level of evil at work. Is this what LeoXIII saw in his vision?
  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Or it could be to fulfill the prophecy of Fatima, as the "bishop in white"

    "In the portion of the Third Secret revealed by the Vatican in the year 2000, there is a vision of the Holy Father passing “through a big city half in ruins”, who is then “killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions”. Earlier in the same vision, Sister Lucy also reports seeing one she identified as “a Bishop dressed in white”. Interestingly, she did not refer to the Bishop in white as the Holy Father, but only said “we had the impression that he was the Holy Father”.

    It is interesting to note that Pope St. Pius X had two visions that were similar to the Fatima Vision of Sister Lucy. In 1909, during an audience with members of the Franciscan Order, St. Pius X had a vision of a future pope fleeing Rome. He said:

    "What I have seen is terrifying! Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!"

    Just before he died Pope St. Pius X had another similar vision, in which he saw a future pope of the same name fleeing over the bodies of his brethren, before being killed himself.

    "I have seen one of my successors, of the same name who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place; but after a brief respite, he will die a cruel death”.
  19. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Interestingly, she did not refer to the Bishop in white as the Holy Father, but only said “we had the impression that he was the Holy Father”.

    Is this somewhat the same feeling as the faithful have today.....when perhaps this message is being fulfilled? Was it a prescient description of how perhaps people will be seeing this man at the top, at the time when the secret is to be fulfilled, who seems to even think of himself as still just a bishop rather than a pope in authority over the bishops?.....as, well, many today have, at the minimum, the "impression that he is the Holy Father" rather than any longer a firm belief, or at least having a few doubts about that and asking questions.
  20. it is not so simple.

    there may be a defect in the resign, but this alone does not contaminate the conclave.

    the conclave in itself is valid.

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