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Signs in the sun, moon, and stars

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Leo, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    If I get any warning of events, I will definitely post them here. I was told ALOT by Jesus about the sanctity of Marriage, and yes even if the Church had granted me an annulment I would have been in mortal sin because #1 my marriage was a valid marriage, and number 2, Jesus said that He judges in the end by each person's heart, and my heart was determined on adultery. He referred me to what He told the Apostle Paul in Corinthians, that if one must separate, they must either reconcile or remain single. He made me feel ashamed for even asking the church to "bless" my sin and request an annulment. He said in truth most marriages are valid and He expects us to honor our vows. He expects a lot of us. He knows we will fall but He never blesses sinful unions, He expects US to rise up and start again in holiness and in Him.
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  2. AED

    AED Powers

    Wow. Powerful Carmel.
  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    More from Spirit Daily about this:

  4. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I just looked again at this video yesterday. This is so right on as far as I'm concerned....again, asking for prayer (sacrifice, repentance) as our only means for mitigation of what is coming. Our Lady is so good to come to us and give us help as the Father wills it....esp. when the Church seems to be in denial or even deliberately interfering with God's own intervention for us in these times.
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  5. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

  6. AED

    AED Powers

  7. Fiat

    Fiat The Good Shepherd

    ETA, I may have an explanation as to the second sun seen by Amber of West Virginia. It is not Nibiru or Nemesis. This is an aberration of photography. Let me explain. During the recent solar eclipse, I pointed my cell phone at the Sun to take pictures. What resulted was a picture of a non-eclipsed sun at normal size. Directly next to the Sun appeared a duplicate of a partially eclipsed Sun. I've never seen this photographic phenomena before but I don't normally take pictures of the Sun. I chalked it up to way a cell phone manages data when having to manage an extremely bright object. I must have taken 6 pictures all with the same results ie a full Sun with a duplicate eclipsed Sun. The size of the duplicate Sun was about 20% the size of the normal Sun maybe a bit smaller. Any photographers on our Forum may be able to explain the theory. The duplicate body could not have been Nibiru because it was being eclipsed which would not have been the case with Nibiru. My photos looked exactly like Amber's except for the fact that I had photo and she had film. Ironically, I just deleted these photos earlier this morning otherwise I would have posted. Nibiru supporters think this photographic phenomena is the long sought-for Nibiru because they are psychologically predisposed to thinking so. Unfortunately for them, I've proven this is not the case.
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  8. Fiat

    Fiat The Good Shepherd

    Rereading some of the earlier posts, Dean is spot-on. What I've described is a lens flare.
  9. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    And in some cases such an anomaly which could be assumed to be a lens flare is explained away by being effected by a moving cloud in front of it or it being partially hidden by trees or hills when a lens flare would not.
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  10. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    THIS is the truth. If you believe any of these photos please watch this
  11. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Since the topic is here as well as over at "Signs" I just repeat here more of the good explanation with accompanying serious research that I placed over there....rather than the silliness that doesn't appear to go beyond youtube for their foundation of knowledge for the subject:

    More of the interesting explanatory facts of this Nemesis system to possibly be the proxy for the purification of the earth; includes I believe so much to explain the 3 days of darkness as well as those who survive envying the dead and the cleansing of this earth to "welcome" the new world....in a rather apocalyptic manner....not all that different from what those who have read the 3rd secret's full description have understood....and what is implied in this later "enlightenment" given to Lucia in 1944:



    "The point here is that whatever is in the Nemesis Cloud surrounding the Planet X system is sufficient in mass to push away small objects in front of it, which in turn are falling upon Earth as observed fireballs. The question is how long will this bow wave effect last before whatever is pushing the small objects before it reaches our skies and begin to fall upon us?

    The Nemesis Cloud and Prophecy
    The prophecies of an English seeress known as Mother Shipton, first appeared in print in 1641, eighty years after her death. The one warning in her prophecy has always been easy to understand. “A fiery dragon will cross the sky — Six times before this earth shall die,” is consistent with the coming flyby of the Planet X system through the core of our own system.

    However, what was difficult for many, including myself, to understand back in 2006 was a later prediction.

    [​IMG]And when the dragon’s tail is gone,
    Man forgets, and smiles, and carries on
    To apply himself – too late, too late
    For mankind has earned deserved fate.

    His masked smile – his false grandeur,
    Will serve the Gods their anger stir.
    And they will send the Dragon back
    To light the sky – his tail will crack
    Upon the earth and rend the earth
    And man shall flee, King, Lord, and serf.

    What mother Shipton is describing here, is that after the Nibiru pole shift when the Planet X system crosses the ecliptic as it dives downward into the southern skies, there will come a complete surprise for most survivors.

    After the pole shift, earth will take a full year to orbit the sun and come back to a point above the descending planet X system. It is then that we will fly through the tail of this system with disastrous results. Iron dust will rain upon the entire surface of the planet which will also be stricken with destructive meteor showers that come and go as unpredictably as a summer rain. In essence the dragon’s tail will certainly crack upon the Earth.

    But that will not be the last of the great catastrophes of the flyby. There is one more beyond that. A deluge such as the one described in the Bible story of Noah and the Flood. Furthermore, This coming deluge will not be the result of our transit through the tail of the Planet X system, but rather, our transit through the icy wastes of the Nemesis Cloud.

    The Coming Nemesis Cloud Deluge
    There’s a Huge Underground Ocean That Could Explain the Origin of Seas

    Geologists have long mused about the origin of earth’s seas. Did water, for example, arrive from somewhere else — like on icy comets that struck the planet? Or did water come from somewhere within?


    The recent discovery of a subterranean sea, deep inside earth, has scientists excited about the latter possibility.

    Like something out of early 19th century playwright Jules Verne’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth — in which characters stumble across a massive underground basin — a team of geologists led by Steven Jacobsen from Northwestern University have found a vast body of water, three times the size of any ocean, located near earth’s core. It’s possible that water from this enormous reservoir oozed to the surface.

    “It’s good evidence earth’s water came from within,” Jacobsen told New Scientist.

    The reason why this is relevant to the Nibiru pole shift that will occur during the Planet X system flyby is that during the days of darkness, when the planet Nibiru passes between the Earth and the Sun, the Planet X system will obtain a lithosphere lock on Earth.

    This will be caused by the cumulative title gravitational forces of all of the major objects and moons in the planet X system, which are in a clockwise orbit around our sun, taking hold of the earth which is in a counterclockwise orbit around our sun.

    The result of this lithosphere lock is that the Earth’s Magnetosphere will mostly collapse as the pole shift causes the planet to spin in opposite direction. Once the spin returns and the magnetosphere is returned to its former strength, survivors will begin to see the sun rising in the West and setting in the East.

    The result of these incredible stresses upon the tectonic plates of our planet, will unleash Earth’s vast subterranean oceans which will then burst forth to the surface. Therefore, the combined mass of Nemesis and the planets and moons in orbit around us will unleash one part of the coming deluge which is the final major catastrophe of the coming Planet X tribulation.

    During the Nibiru pole shift, the title gravitational forces exerted by the objects in the planet X system upon the tectonic plates of our planet will free vast quantities of water to the surface from subterranean seas. But where will the rest of it come from? – The skies.

    What astronomers have determined about the Kuiper Belt and the the Oort Cloud in the furthermost regions of our solar system is that they both are largely comprised of icy objects. The same should hold true for the Nemesis Cloud as well. A spherical distribution of icy objects surrounds the brown dwarf and the planets and moons that orbit around it also.

    Therefore, as Earth passes the dusty tail of the Planet X system, it will also transit the icy domain of the Nemesis Cloud.....

    During the lead-up to the Nibiru pole shift, devastating solar storms resulting from the interaction between Nemesis and our Sun as Nemesis transits from its Point of perihelion to the ecliptic will cause horrific weather distortions, drought, deforestation and desertification. Swaths of the Earth’s surface will be laid barren and covered in volcanic ash, absent of sweet waters and plant life. For the survivors, it will be a dry and parched existence. As bad as this will be, the worse will come when Earth transits the tail of the Planet X system.

    However, fate will not be totally unkind. For as our world transits the Nemesis Cloud, its icy objects will pummel our skies and the scorching heat of an angry sun will evaporate the remains of these icy objects in vast quantities, both in the skies and upon the land. Then through evaporation and condensation, liquid water will form clouds from which we will get rain.

    A deluge of Noah-like proportions, that will wash clean the volcanic ash and iron dust choking the life out of barren stretches of earth and the salts baked into the surface of new lands arisen from the sea.

    As the old saying goes, “when God closes a door he opens a window.” Therefore, perhaps the existence of a Nemesis Cloud offers us the promise of celestial waters of life to wash away much of the destruction of the flyby and to seed the future with the fresh hope of sweet waters once again.

  12. Sam

    Sam Archangels

    This from Spirit Daily:

    Recently we caught up, via phone, with a fellow named Joe Jordan, who works for a military subcontractor in South Korea and used to do the same in the realm of safety for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    A down-to-earth fellow (not counting the space program!), Jordan is, however, one who has no doubt about the reality of “alien abductions”: those who claim to have been contacted or even taken aboard “UFOs” by extraterrestrials, what many describe as “grays.”

    Grays are short, large-headed types with huge almond-shaped eyes, holes for nostrils, and slits for mouths. They don’t seem to smile often.

    It’s estimated that up to five million Americans have had the experience of being “abducted” by such entities: encountering a bright light and then grays who levitate them out of bed. (Usually the person is asleep or about to go to sleep or awakens in the middle of the night. It is similar to “night terrors.”)

    This can be discounted as nightmares. But there are also many cases in which folks say they were fully cognizant and even up and about when they spotted a light in the sky or a bright something near the doorstep or window of their home. Some have had the experience while walking or driving.

    Next thing they knew, they were being spirited to a very strange environment — a “spaceship.” Often, they can’t remember what happened until the memories are resurrected later. They are missing time: unable to account for minutes or hours of absence from their homes or cars or whatever the circumstances.

    More bizarre, they often describe medical-like examinations, especially of reproductive organs — leading some to believe that extraterrestrials are “harvesting” human reproductive materials to create hybrids, hearkening back, certain Christian researchers who take this seriously claim, to Noah and the Nephilim (the products of fallen angels mating with humans — which help bring on the chastisement of the Flood in Genesis 6).

    It’s very exotic stuff, quite popular in movies and on TV, and the accounts are surprisingly consistent. Some say the government is covering up the truth. The problem, says Jordan — now Christian, previously agnostic, an official investigator for an international UFO monitoring and reporting program called MUFON — is that the “ETs” are actually demons.

    Joe came to that belief back in 1993, when, as a secular researcher he listened to an abduction testimony in which the “abductee” recounted how the aliens had disappeared — stopped the abduction — when he invoked the Name of Jesus.

    Why — if they are simply from another planet, or dimension, wondered Jordan — would they flee at the mention of a religious figure?

    “The more I dug deeply,” says Jordan, who had believed it such cases were extraterrestrial, “the more my view changed.”

    It was supposed to be the case that abductees could not resist the aliens: once an abduction started, the victim was powerless.

    But suddenly Jordan was seeing the opposite when the Name of Jesus was invoked.

    The UFO investigator began collecting other examples of aliens dispelled in this manner and at last count had five hundred of them.

    Complete article:

    Joe Jordan: Exposing ‘Aliens’
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  13. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    I am one of those who call it BS, because that is what it is. So what is the date? if this is happening, don't give me a date where it happens, but at what point, if it hasnt happened by do you say ok maybe not? This year? a decade from now? Your great great grandchildren?

  14. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Guess what...you're already feeling some of the effect of its gravitational pull around you....or, in your case, maybe not!!. The best qualified current astronomers/astro physicists have noticed such on the outermost planets as well as the now "surprise" incoming meteors. If I were you then I wouldn't stress yourself out about the big picture since you have classified such research as simply BS. Hey, to each his own....or....whatever floats your boat....or.....etc.
  15. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    so open ended then, if in 20 years from now there was nothing... you are going to just keep letting this unicorn ride?
  16. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    How does already experiencing its effect currently (evidence all about) compute to "open ended or 20 years from now" except in your personal calculations? Argue with the experts I've referenced. Otherwise just don't stress about it. No one is forcing the facts....just offering for a more expanded background on the topic. It's beyond my control of "letting" it be what it already is. But a differing "opinion" doesn't change those offered facts from those experts of the day.
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  17. Dean

    Dean Archangels

    Im not worked up about it, but don't want others who wander through here to think that this is some know fact when just about every expert in the world disputes it.

    What effects are we experiencing? The hurricanes? Well funny because Joe Bastardi, a hurricane expert who is getting shut out right now because he doesnt buy into all the bogus reasons for hurricanes said a year ago that 2017 was going to be a really really bad year for hurricanes, after a historic 10 year quiet period of hurricanes. Is it because of global warming or a mystery planet X that he predicted this, no it because based on the models he was running last year, after a year with similar trends as last year, the following year tended to be a really bad year for hurricanes.

    It doesnt fit of the narrative which is why many are not giving him a platform, you can easily find him on twitter @BigJoeBastardi

    There is no real evidence of any dangers from some mystery planet. YES there is evidence that there is some big planet out there that we do not see. That has been known since the 80s like you say. But any evidence at all that it is a danger. none.

    Ive read all this stuff. Three years ago I believed it too. I probably posted on MoG about it too. Then I did more research and realized it was hog wash. At least the part about any incoming threat in any way.

    Hey, if I am proven wrong I will admit it.
  18. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Good for you. Well, that "evidence that there is some big planet out there" IS what the experts are also citing as the perturber of the source for the "surprising" incoming space junk. Um, that is a real concern for danger to the earth....just ask the Russians who have been more open about this system than most. If your emphasis is on opinions since you just don't know for sure then for that matter many have formed other than your opinion on the calculations of the latest experts who have done just the opposite as yourself....once being disbelievers and skeptics, with new evidence have had to admit the disturbance of the cosmos, involving perhaps our own placement therein. Perhaps some see that "better be safe than sorry" approach applicable in this case too. I'm not sure what you would be proven wrong about....an opinion? That's pretty safe.
  19. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Thank you for sharing this, Carmel
    I just want to share that I had a different experience
    The Lord led me through the annulment process and blessed my life
    "And the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning "
    I think the most important thing is for each individual to prayerfully discern what the Lord is leading them to do
    Annulments are only granted in certain cases
    Certain stringent criteria must be met

    Thanks again for sharing your experience of the Lord's great grace in your life
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  20. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Carmel, I think I remember reading that Gianna was "okay" with the bishop until the message about the two suns
    I might be misquoting since I am relying on memory
    More recently there was a message to Luz de Maria wherein she was told about something in the heavens approaching
    Here again
    Memory is serving
    Maybe someone else can confirm

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