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Satan and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by padraig, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Genesis 3:15
    And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

    One time Saint Teresa of Avila's father was going on a retreat and he wrote to Teresa and said he was thinking of taking hell as a source of reflection for his retreat. Teresa wrote back and advised him not to as she thought thinking about hell for a few days would be too negative that he should think and pray about something positive. Of course this great saint was right.

    However I have often thought of the relationship, the very curious relationship between Satan and Our Blessed Lady, which we see so much of in Catholic art, culture and in scripture itself.

    For instance in painting and sculptures of the Immaculate Conception:


    Oh well off to work!! Its such a beautiful day here it makes the heart laugh, what a gift. I wonder if the weather in heaven will be like this? I hope so!

    I'll write next about an American priest who performed many, many exorcisms and had a great devotion to Our Lady and how she helped him out.
  2. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    Would that be Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer by any chance? I'm reading his book, Exorcism and the Church Militant (seemed appropriate after some of our other conversations here) and I'm very greatful he wrote it. Its an easy read and really spells things out.
  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    No , Kathleen, I think this was long before Fr Thomas J. Euteneuer was in ministry , I think. The priest I am referring to is mentioned , briefly in a really wonderful book by the late Father Malachi Martin, called, 'Hostage to the Devil', which I have read several times, a real eye opener on exorcism..


    I'll mention one really spooky story he tells right at the start of the book (from memory and I haven't read it for a few years...I keep lending books out and never getting them back) .

    Anyhow this story was told by a very old missionary priest about China round about the '20s or 30's . There was a serial killer there killed many, many women who was tracked down and the mob set the building on fire and the killer was burnt to death inside. But the old priest states that as the flames hit the guy he changed and the folks outside could see him behaving very strangely as demon after demon came out of him in the fire. As I say super spooky it would make a great film.

    The priest he mentions, very briefly in the book who I refer to was an Irish .American priest who conducted many , may exorcisms. the strange thing about this guy was that his exorcisms where carried out with great ease and little trouble. Also there was no come back on him. Excorcists, of course can get a little pay back from the devil for giving him a hard time. For isntance my SPiritual director, who himself carried out a nasty exorcims said this priest commented that he was visited by the devil at nights sometimes...not a nice thought.

    Anyhow this Irish/American priest was asked how things went so well for him and he turned his eyes to heaven and said, 'I have a friend up there who helps me out'. Well he didn't say so but Is sense at once that this is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Exorcists say that calling on Mary's aid is what works best. Also I think a good sense of humour and a good dose of common, down to earth sense.
  4. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Michael Voris's latest video goes with this thread!

  5. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Oh I'm so far behind. I just posted this in another topic area, sorry, I've been out of state for a week and trying to catch up to what's being posted.
    I'll try to look more carefully next return.

  6. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Do you like that book, Exorcism and the Church Militant? Funny I was thinking of getting it to read not too long ago myself, but then I forgot all about it. Funny you should mention it now.
  7. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    So far so good. I'll finish it and let you know. I'm about a 1/3 of the way through. I am getting some good understanding about how demons harrass us day to day and how to use prayer to protect ourselves if we are suspicious that we are being bothered by one and how they can be as hidden as in our own small vices that distract us daily. Reminds me of one of C. L. Lewis's books, only not fiction.

    I am very interested in the book that Padraign talked about. That one is next on the list.

    Isn't Michael Voris's video just right in line with our thoughts? Is that Catholic Investigation on his website or do we fine that elsewhere?
  8. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Please do let me know. I am too busy to read right at this moment, but soon I will want to. Right now I am trying to juggle my two jobs at the same time to decide what to do...cemetery or light bulb sales? It has been a very hard decision, as the cemetery bubble has just burst a bit, I am not as happy with a few new developments there now (they re-hired an old sales manager, and this changes things for me there quite a bit), so I am re-evaluating. I keep praying for God to show me the right way to go, but he is being a bit elusive at the moment...either that or I am just not seeing...he should know by now that I need a brick to hit me! Perhaps some folks here could pray a little about it to help me see what to do? I hate to ask this though because it is such a trivial thing, it is not sickness or anything critical, and it is not even unemployment...in fact I now have too much employment! What's a blonde girl to do?

    Catholic Investigation - I was wondering that too Kathleen, where do we see that? Does anybody know?
  9. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    I'll pray for you. I hope clarity comes soon for you.

    Bless you, Kath
  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

    At the feet of Mary, personally I still like the sound of the cemetary
  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Saint Louis Grignion De Montford put his finger on things when he pointed to Humility as the key to understanding where Our Lady is coming from:

    “It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world.”

    “I declare with the saints: Mary is the earthly paradise of Jesus Christ the new Adam, where he became man by the power of the Holy Spirit, in order to accomplish in her wonders beyond our understanding. She is the vast and divine world of God where unutterable marvels and beauties are to be found. She is the magnificence of the Almighty where he hid his only Son, as in his own bosom, and with him everything that is most excellent and precious. What great and hidden things the all-powerful God has done for this wonderful creature, as she herself had to confess in spite of her great humility, "The Almighty has done great things for me." The world does not know these things because it is incapable and unworthy of knowing them.”

    “My heart has dictated with special joy all that I have written to show that Mary has been unknown up till now, and that that is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ is not known as he should be. If then, as is certain, the knowledge and the kingdom of Jesus Christ must come into the world, it can only be as a necessary consequence of the knowledge and reign of Mary. She who first gave him to the world will establish his kingdom in the world.”

    This is the foundation of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, which Mary is. From these central tree rest all the fruits of her virtues, such as Peace and joy. The crevesse, the abyss of hell in which Satan lies in the deepest part of Hell is his pride and the off shoots of these are such evils as a total lack of humour and a permanent rage and lack of peace.

    I find he comes visiting pretty often and in different force.

    There is a lady who moved in as a neighbour a couple of years ago,. She is a very heavy drinker and has men, different men calling every night and there are gre4at arguments, fights and shouting matches. She plays very loud heavy metal music and both herself and the windows of her appartment seem very dirty. A Parole Officer visits her from time to time. I was out shopping the other week and felt someone staring at me and saw her standing there ,across a very busy road looking over at me very fixedly.

    Anyhow I woke up in the middle of the night a few days ago and felt drawn to pray for her and in Spirit moved up to her appartment. As soon as I started to cross over to enter a heard a demonic voice saying, 'Stay out of here this is my place!'..and I found myself back in my own bed room, however the demon who was very strong and called, Mezuphal followed me down in a rage. Not all demons are off the same strength and even when I used Holy Water he was slow to leave.

    Many, many people have demons in them or around them. I wish Catholics would be more open to this, it would explain a lot of phenomena that occur around us.

    In either case having recourse to Our Lady in such circumstances is very,very helpful. I think for some folks, we really have to have fight, very , very hard for their souls..and how will we do this if we not have Mary, Terror of Demons beside us?

  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Its clear enough from the words of God the Father in Genesis how the war between Our Lady and Satan will pan out:

    Genesis 3:15
    And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

    Firstly in that this war will be never ending, right up until the end of time and the Last Judgment when Satan and his cronies will be consigned to the abyss. That the War involves not only Our Lady and Satan but between those who follow Mary, her children and those who follow Satan and are in his power. This is important.

    Lastly that Satan and those who follow him are getting very much the worst of the deal. For Satan can only bruise Our Lady's heel; Our Lady strikes Satan right on the head, in other words a death blow.


    The devil in this war is like a shrewd General, he has both tactics, and strategy. His strategy for our present age is that he should remain hidden, like a raging lion that hides quiet behind a bush. We have been taught in our generation, from childhood to doubt the existence of Satan. However when with faith and prayer we believe in a real way in his existence, or when circumstances are right he comes right out into the open (for instance in the case of a possessed person or when we pray a lot..or when we are attacked by a Satanic group... a witch... a curse..a spell.... or whatever....

  13. Thomas

    Thomas Angels

    @Momscallling, I was in a similar situation regarding work a couple of years ago. I was stuck in a corporate job with a boss that was undermining of others in her behavior. I could tell right off that she and I would not get along and I instinctively did not trust her. To make a long story short, she forced me out of my job. However, I suspected that this would be her intent from the beginning, so I prayed the Rosary daily asking the Holy Mother for guidance and advice. It was the best thing I could have ever done. She comforted me during this trying time and helped me set up a situation (almost unconsciously) so I could voluntarily leave the company for another position elsewhere. It took a while and did not happen as quickly as I would have liked, but it was the best thing for me.

    My suggestion is to pray the Rosary and ask for guidance. You will get it!

    I will pray for you as well. I know how unsettling such confusion at work can be.
  14. Kathleen

    Kathleen New Member

    I highly recommend it. I've been praying about my budget to Mary and she and God have been a great help. I need to do my part of course but I've seen direct intervention on her part today. I feel so much better, like its going to be OK if I just trust her and live day to day.

    Give it to her. She'll guide you out in a way you wont even guess at. :)
  15. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Its so good to read these posts, praising God.

    I have been a little short of cash myself lately and have been praying to Our lady, my wages came through for this month on Monday nearly twice what they usually are, thanks to overtime, problem solved. Of course God always answers our prayers but its wonderful to see them answered right up front like this.

    Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, who died four years wrote: 'If God answered all the prayers of dogs, it would rain bones'. ...

    ...but maybe it does always rain bones, in its own ways. :)

  16. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Thanks all, for your good advice and support. I will continue praying too. I have had some appointments with the cemetery job this week, lovely conversations with people but no sales yet. i don't have the new routine down yet. Selling lighting to a business and selling burial pre-planning to a person or couple are two very different things when it comes to "the close". I haven't got it yet....but I have a few more appointments this week, and am keeping my other job on the fence a little longer. I hope for better success as I get these "practices", even if I make mistakes and lose some. It is part of the learning process. Speaking of prayers answered though, money has also been tight but I just learned I will be receiving a nice check in a week or two from a final settlement with my Aunt's estate, so this will really help with the job transition. ALSO it appears that my son will be driving up with my new grandson next week if all goes well, and I will need this money to help him with that too, as it will be expensive to drive all that way. But it is either that or I fly down to visit them, so the money is spent either way. OH - and my husband is working an hour a day overtime this week...first time for that since last year! In fact, they have been on 4-day weeks. They went to 5 day weeks a week ago, and this week they are working 9 hour days! Wow...now that I look at these things, I see my prayers are being answered after all. Sometimes you gotta just look in on your life from the outside.
  17. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Genesis 3:15
    And I will put enmity Between you and the woman, And between your seed and her seed; He shall bruise you on the head, And you shall bruise him on the heel."

    :idea: ......remember when bible stories were much simpler, and this verse simply was the explanation of why women hate snakes and why snakes strike at us and why our first instinct is to hit them in the head with a shovel when we see them? :roll:

    (sorry, just trying to be silly...and I'm not very good at that either!)

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