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RIP Don Williams

Discussion in 'Music' started by garabandal, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    There's a tear in my eye as I grew up listening to this gentleman! RIP

  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I am feeling nostalgic today --

    Like Houston and the Caribbean we on the verge of seismic changes - what is standing today may not be standing tomorrow.

    What is coming is momentous - a purification of the world --- a chastisement of mankind.

    I know the God of Mercy.

    But I also know the God of Justice.

    God is perfect Justice - when he intervenes it is with a Father's hand, a chastising hand.

    His breath is mightier than any hurricane.

    His ways are not our ways and He is beyond reproach in all that He does.

    God is going to act in a sovereign manner in His own good time.

    Sr. Maria des Vall├ęs (17th century) - Because there are three deluges, sent to destroy sin. The first deluge is that of the Eternal Father, which was a deluge of water. The second is the deluge of the Son, which was a deluge of blood. The third is of the Holy Spirit, which will be a deluge of fire. But it will be sad like the others because it will encounter much resistance and a large quantity of green wood that will be difficult to burn. Two have already passed, but the third is pending and, just as the first two were predicted long before they arrived, so also will be the latter. Only God knows the time.
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