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Reduced to silence (The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt among Us)

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by Mark Dohle, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. Mark Dohle

    Mark Dohle Archangels

    Reduced to silence
    (The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt among Us)

    We see deeply within the Universe,
    distance unfathomable to our mind's eye,
    beyond what we perceive with our powerful telescopes
    there are more Galaxies that stretch forever?
    Well, no, of course not, it is finite,
    with a beginning and an ending.

    Our minds can travel this vast expanse,
    our hearts capable of enclosing all that is,
    for is not the human heart Infinite,
    being made in the likeness of God.

    In the Beginning was the Word,
    eternal, infinite, that spoke once,
    became manifest in Christ Jesus,
    the immeasurable takes on human form,
    my mind gets turned around,
    lost in this mystery,
    reduced to silence.

    God became human!?
    Yes hard to believe and many don’t,
    so I pray and ponder this happening,
    going deeper, yet my understanding empty,
    still, there is a light that grows in the silence,
    and gives me small imaginings;
    I seek to grasp and it is gone.

    Lord, teach me to walk in faith,
    yet to never stop pondering its truth,
    for to keep faith alive I must always journey,
    often through paths that only you see
    in the dark night of faith.—Br.MD

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  2. josephite

    josephite Powers

    It has been said by many saints that more souls suffering in purgatory go to heaven on Christmas day than at any other time of the liturgical year even at the feast of all souls on the 2nd November!

    St Mother Theresa said when we look at the cross we see how much God loved us but when we look at the Tabernacle we see how much God loves us now!

    A saint said [I can’t remember who] that in the Blessed Eucharist Jesus allows himself to be smaller than a baby totally reliant on the priest.

    The Priest can raise Him high in the monstrance so Jesus can bless us, the priest can place Him in the tabernacle or process Him through the streets either way the God of the Universe is so small in the Blessed Eucharist [in the form of bread] that He offers us the greater control of His Infinite self. In the Blessed Eucharist He leaves the decision to love Him up to us! It is an extremely humbling reality!

    We can adore Him or not bother. It is up to our Will. Oh how precious is our Will for with it lays the balance of our destiny!

    I have pondered why our Lord would have instituted the Blessed Sacrament so that He would be totally at our disposal! Why do that? Why present yourself for such potential abuse?

    This is my humble opinion..... I think it all comes down to Mary [and St Joseph] and His coming as a little helpless baby at that first Christmas . Jesus instituted the Blessed Sacrament, because from Mary [and St Joseph], He received the most sublime Love, Protection and Adoration!

    He renewed His helplessness in the institution of the Blessed Sacrament for He yearns for that Love so beautifully given by the Most Holy Virgin.

    Jesus decided to make Himself helpless again because He knows that we can give our life to Mary! we can ask Mary to live in our hearts ! we can be her servants! So when we receive Him, Mary also receives Him, Mary also Loves Him, Mary also protects Him again.

    When we receive Holy Communion with Our Lady we are making it possible for Jesus to be held again in His first Tabernacle, where His heaven resides! that is with the Queen of Heaven and Earth, His Perfect Masterpiece! Mary most Holy.
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  3. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Mark and Josephite, Beautiful posts! Merry Christmas to you both.
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