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Random Heart Thoughts

Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by padraig, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Our hearts leap like a fish out of water of the sea of God's love. As we tumble above we see the sea of God's love in which we swim sparkling below. God above us, God within us, God around us, every heart beat God, God, God.


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  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I always arrive at the train station early. These times of waiting are so precious in a busy day for they become little Churches, small oasis of clam that stretch into Etrnity . Sacred for given always to prayer.

    I feel like a shepherd, my every thought turning to God as I gently guide them to the heart of the Divine. As I walk up and down the station platform it becomes my very own Cathedral, brightly lit by the presnce of the Most High.

    The shepherd's brow, fronting forked lightning, owns
    The horror and the havoc and the glory
    Of it. Angels fall, they are towers, from heaven—a story
    Of just, majestical, and giant groans.
    But man—we, scaffold of score brittle bones;
    Who breathe, from groundlong babyhood to hoary
    Age gasp; whose breath is our memento mori—
    What bass is our viol for tragic tones?
    He! Hand to mouth he lives, and voids with shame;
    And, blazoned in however bold the name,
    Man Jack the man is, just; his mate a hussy.
    And I that die these deaths, that feed this flame,
    That … in smooth spoons spy life’s masque mirrored: tame
    My tempests there, my fire and fever fussy.

    Gerard Manley Hopkins

  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    God reminds me so much of the Irsh weather, for you never know what He is going to get up to. Last week as I walked thorugh the hsopital after mass I felt bowled over by huge winds of love and grace. So much so I felt is difficult to walk or even stand. Where had this storm of great grace come from? It had just been an ordinary every day hospital mass yet it seemd the whole of heaven had come down to celbrate and dance in my heart with tumoultuos joy. Much angelic feet stamping and loud singing, cries of triumph as though the doors of the New Jeruslaem opened. A random raptureof delight.

    Why? Who knows God comes, God goes. It reminds me of the vision of St Margaret Mary of the Seraphim.



    I felt myself wholly rapt in interior and exterior recollection, and at that time, the Adorable Heart of my Jesus appeared brighter than the sun. It was surrounded by the flames of Its pure love, and encircled by Seraphim, who sang in marvelous harmony: ‘ Love triumphs, love enjoys, the love of the Sacred Heart rejoices!’ These blessed spirits invited me to unite with them in praising this Divine Heart, but I did not dare do so. They reproved me, telling me they had come in order to form an association with me, whereby to render It a perpetual homage of love, adoration and praise, and that , for this purpose, they would take my place before the Blessed Sacrament. Thus I might be able, by their means, to love It continually, and as they would participate in my love and suffer in my person, I on my part, should rejoice with them. At the same time they wrote the association in the Sacred Heart in letters of gold, and in indelible characters of love. This lasted from two to three hours, and I have felt the effects thereof throughout my life, both by the assistance I received, and by the sweetness which it produced and continued to produce in me, although I felt overwhelmed with confusion. From that day I addressed them by no other name, when praying to them, than by that of my divine associates. (pp 102- 103)

    As we enter this month of the Holy Angels, who climb up and down from heaven to Earth , I recall that they are in nine choirs of angels in imitation and reflection of the Blessed Trinity. Thus the nine are in three groups of three, the first three, Serpahim, Cherubim and thrones relecting Holy Spirit, Father and SOn. The Seraphm are angles of fire of the Holy SPirit.

  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Blessed art thou , indwelling for one for having sent thy Spirit upon us to consecrate us to thyself and making of our hearts living frunaces of prayer full love.

    'That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; ye being rooted and grounded in love.' -- Eph. iii.17.


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