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Protestant Prophecies on 2016 election

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by Harper, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    I was just browsing you tube tonight and happened upon this video. I must say....it is very powerful.

    For your discernment friends:

    US and Russia....new attack visions by Protestant Glynda Lomax:

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  2. You are correct, this is very powerful. Thank you so much for sending this. Needed to hear this. Another piece of the puzzle added.
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  3. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    This ( video below) was a previous video she recorded that I should have combined with the first. It helps with understanding the first video.

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  4. I am floored. But I am able to see that we as a nation deserve punishment. I like Glynda Lomax very much. I think she speaks the truth. I live 15 miles from Washington, DC and 15 miles north of a nuclear power plant...in that triangle, and I can see where I might be a sitting duck if ever we were attacked. However, God unmistakably put me here about 40 years ago, and this is home. Plus, we don't know where we might be attacked, and I do strongly believe that there will be an element of surprise. This is another piece of the puzzle. Another thought I just had: these global elite people, pawns in Lucifer's plan for world domination, seem really haughty right now and they think they are invincible. They really and truly think they are in charge, and they are going to have a very rude awakening.
    I like where Glynda talks about praying for the lost. We must do that.
    I also feel like the Lord spoke to me through Glynda about not letting the sun go down on my wrath...about making sure that I mend some fences if there are any that need to be mended, and soon. The Lord has been leading me in that direction recently and I have begun that process.
    I will be thinking abou tthese videos for awhile. Thanks for posting.
  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    I hope that someone like CrewDog can comment about her statement of knocking our communications out, etc. I suppose if/when we are attacked by nuclear weapons the first difficulty may be determining who did it, you can't fight back if you don't know who is firing out you. I am not certain how we are able to determine those things.

    I am amazed at how many prophecies state that it won't make a difference who wins this election because Obama won't finish his term, Marshall Law will be declared and such. I hope that this is not a ploy of the devil to get people (mostly Christians who are listening to these prophecies btw) to think it is not important to vote. We need to vote and not for Hillary.

    (When GL spoke of the smoke and chemicals and all of that, it makes me think of the 3 days of darkness. The 3 days of darkness is supposed to be supernatural, I think, but I just get this strange feeling that it may not be.)
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  6. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Intercessory prayer for Trump for this last debate. Have we been praying?

    This and other "dreams and visions" for what is going on today.

    Around the 24 min. 10 sec. point here:

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  7. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    Russia and China have both developed satellite killers. The US military is 100% dependent upon satellite GPS weapons/guided missle technology and satellite based comms. You can take out our eyes and ears, we're blind on what's coming in and we can't shoot back. But remember, God is in charge and has a plan, in my opinion it would be a very good thing if He allows our government to fall as it has become evil, as we are learning daily:


    "Air Force Lt. Gen. David J. Buck, commander of the Joint Functional Component Command for Space, told a House hearing in March that the Russians are developing space weapons, known as “counter-space capabilities.”

    “Russia views U.S. dependency on space as an exploitable vulnerability, and they are taking deliberate actions to strengthen their counter-space capabilities,” Buck told the House Armed Services Strategic Forces Subcommittee.

    Gen. John Hyten, the commander of Air Force Space Command, also has said both Russia and China are building space weapons. “They are developing capabilities that concern us,” Hyten has said in press reports."
  8. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    FP, So if they were to attack tomorrow, they would more than likely simultaneously take out all of our satellites (maybe through hacking our systems) and then fire on us. I mean for GL's prophecy to be accurate.

    I love my country but I greatly dislike any corrupt politicians, very difficult to find the politicians who are not corrupt in any country. I really think that if Trump is elected, assuming he has a good team around him and he usually does, he can make plenty of the much needed corrections that we so desperately need.

    PS - It wasn't America who began the downward spiral.
  9. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I think that some of these reports are hysterical. Do you think that if Russia takes out the US communications system the US military leaders will be twiddling their thumbs? I don't and I'm sure there is some contingency plan to deal with such an event. Perhaps that plan will include launching a nuclear attack on Russia and perhaps it won't but it surely will include some kind of defence of the US and degrading of Russia's attack capability. Don't forget that America's NATO allies also have nukes so unless Russia can disable all of NATO's communication systems simultaneously, the US will have cover from their nuclear armed allies. And the Russians know that.

    Take all the hype with a grain of salt.
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  10. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    If even one nuke were to fly it would be game over in the world because the chain reaction would be devastating as all nations would begin to fly their birds in a use them or lose them move unless the Lord stops this.
  11. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I don't believe there will be a war. I saw part of an interview with the form head of British Defence Forces last week. I don't recall his title but it was something like former Defence Secretary. He said that the only justification for Britain going into Syria would be for humanitarian reasons. He said that was their justification for fighting ISIS. He also said something along the lines of Russia being in Syria legitimately because they had been invited in by the Syrian Government even 'though he considered Assad to be a tyrant. Although I didn't catch the entire interview, I got the impression that he wasn't overly enthusiastic about Britain being dragged further into the conflict. I think he said something to the effect that the best solution for Aleppo would be for everyone to agree that Al Qaeda and other terrorist linked groups be escorted out. Perhaps that's what will happen. A few "experts" having been talking about carving up Syria, leaving Assad in power in one part, the Sunnis in another part, and the Kurds in another. God help the Christians. I think what's left of them are in the regime controlled areas of Aleppo and Damascus with some in the Kurdish region.
  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I don;t think God would permit all out nuclear war beacuse there would be no one left.

    However a few limtied nukes maybe.

    Prophecy appears to indicate that the Consecration of Russia will be done at the last mintue at this will save us, hwoever not before some kind of terrible war including nukes being used.and an invasion of Europe.

    Its quite surprising up to now how few Catholic Prophesies have spoken of the USA ..at least up to now that I know of. But I always thoguh if Russia invaded Europe and the USA did not intervene it must be beacue the USA was in no position ot intervene somehow.
  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I think that the reason why the USA is not mentioned is that it will have it's own problems and follow a policy of isolationism.

    This was the American policy before WW2.
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think there are several possibilites.

    That it will implode upon itself . That a new weapon will be used against it. A seris of enormous natural catastropies. A limited strike.
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  15. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    The super-volcano underneath Yellowstone National Park alone is enough to pretty much take the USA out of the picture as well as cause extreme havoc for the rest of the planet.

    "The volcano erupts with a near-clockwork cycle of every 600,000 years. The last eruption was more than 640,000 years ago."

  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    If I had the choice of lving in the USA or Europe over the enxt few years I would very ,very much prefer the USA . Mainly because I think that Europe is far , far more God less and will sufer a very,very great deal more.
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  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    MY own guess is that America's chastisement will come from two sources. Americans attacking Americans and natural disaters. On top of this there may be some form of outsaide attack as well. But I think these will be the two main things.

    I think you cna these in process already with election. It is as though already Americans want to kill each other. This is certianly the work of the devil, this disunion. It is not natural.
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  18. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    i agree Padraig on some tactical nukes. I still recall the dream I had 3 years ago where I saw a nuke destroy New York City. It was so real and terrifying.
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  19. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    This reminds me of a message and vision given Anna Marie of the Apostolate of the Green Scapular. I searched the archives Yahoo Groups Seers 2. And you can check http://www.greenscapular.org/. I always thought it was a volcano, though, the vision Anna Marie was shown previous (late 2007) to this message, Anna Marie describes seeing a mushroom cloud. ???

    On the same day, after Our Lady's message, Our Lord also asked for Masses to be offered, the Divine Mercy Chaplet to be prayed for mitigation.

    Archive # 23061 at Seers 2:


    Mother Mary orders vision to be posted, so others can pray for its mitigation

    APRIL 23, 2008 AT 2:22 P.M.

    Anna Marie: My Lady, I hear you calling me. My Lady may I ask, will you bow down and adore Jesus Christ your only begotten Son, who suffered and died on the cross for my sins and the sins of the world. Who descended to the dead and then ascended into heaven where Jesus now sits at His Father?s right hand side to judge the living and the dead?

    Mother Mary: Yes my little one, I your heavenly Mother Mary will bow down and adore my holy and beloved Son. Who did die on the cross in a crucifixion, who descended to the dead, ascended into heaven to sit at His Father's right hand side and yes, He is judging the living and the dead.

    Anna Marie: Yes my Lady please speak for your sinful and disobedient daughter is listening.

    Mother Mary: My Son will soon permit a tremendous sorrow to fall upon your nation.
    This tragic event will be caused by a natural phenomena, but all are to realize that due to their sins, it has taken place. Please, do not worry about this event but continue to pray earnestly to your Heavenly Father for its mitigation. If only more souls would realize that they are living in the end times, they would want to pray daily for the safety of their loved ones, for the mercy of their Lord to be upon them and those that they love, and for the mercy of their Savior to cover them with His holy and precious blood.

    Anna Marie: Yes Mother.

    Mother Mary: My little one, I know that you are questioning if you should place the event which was given to you pertaining to the cloud over a U.S. city, you are now instructed to do so. Please reveal this horrific vision to those who are interested in praying, that it will not come to pass.

    Anna Marie: Yes Mother. Mother, we love you! The Apostolate Members love you so much, they love you and thank you for bringing them closer to your Son through your Green Scapular.

    Mother Mary: Yes my dear one, I know this and have blessed them with my maternal mercy and love.

    Anna Marie: Thank you Mother. Thank you Mother for your unceasing love and please tell our Savior, He did not die in vain! He is our only hope while we must live on this earth. He is our only strength and reason for living.

    Mother Mary: He knows you love Him and has blessed, and will continue to bless all members of His Green Scapular Apostolate.


    While in prayer, a vision of a city was seen for a brief moment. I could not determine what city it was, since it could have been any city with sky scrapers. I witnessed a 'mushroom cloud' rising above this city and begged God not to allow this to take place.
  20. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Omg....I think the USA is so Godless....if you believe that Europe is worse, then the world is in big, big trouble. Very....very sad.

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