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Protestant Prophecies on 2016 election

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by Harper, Jul 22, 2016.

  1. Harper

    Harper Guest

    I recently ran across some old Protestant prophecies on the future of America. I'm posting one I remember from many years ago, which predicts our current president, Obama, is the last American president before the country undergoes upheaval and heads in an entirely new direction.

    It is from the late 1990s. The original article is archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/20071211...l.com/chursey/c_alan_martins_house_vision.htm

    C. Alan Martin's "House Vision of the Night"

    In 1971, I received a vision of the night in which I was shown a row of houses. It was not until 23 years later that the Spirit gave me a dream which held the key to the meaning of these houses. They represent presidential administrations, starting with Truman in 1953, and extending into the future for two more presidents (beyond Clinton).


    Linear Recounting of the Vision of the Night:
    "We were fleeing the persecution and calamity of the day. A brother was fleeing with me. He fell and I paused to help him up. We prayed "Lord Have Mercy". My friend vanished, and I looked around to see that I was at the top of a hill overlooking 12 houses. As I looked to the west, I noticed dark and ominous clouds gathering over one house (#10) and proceeding through to the last house (#12). I looked into the sky over #12, and saw an arc of what appeared to be 6 stars in the sky. One of the stars fell to the earth like a fig that was shaken off a limb. A voice came to me and said "look to the east!". I began to turn to the east, fully expecting to see the Lord coming in the clouds. The dark clouds opened up in two places and I saw the sun darkened and the moon turned to blood. As I looked to the east, instead of seeing the Lord in the sky, I saw an army. This army was made up of ancient armliments such as battering rams, catapults and siege ramps. I ran down and joined the army at house #5. Instantly I was transported into the future, and found myself before what I can only call a "temple fortress". The city was gray, in ruins, and desolate. A man had just emerged from the huge double doors of the temple fortress. He was dressed in a suit. A voice said to me "he says he is god, but he is of devil". The the vision ended.

    Significant events indicated in the vision:
    6th star falls to the earth. Understood to mean the fall of a ruler
    (or president).

    I do not believe this to be actual stars or a comet or any other such object. The stars appeared to be within the atmosphere of the earth, and there was not a huge explosion or calamity when the red "star" fell to the earth.

    The blood moon and lightless sun.
    More imagry that represents the fall of nations and change in the ages. The fall of a president is not enough to bring about changes on this scale. There will be great changes in the earth and alignment of nations.

    A wave ancient weapons of war, which I believe to represent the restoration the sign gifts:


    I waited for 23 years to receive a clue as to the meaning of these houses. In another dream in 1995, I was in the back yard of house #3. I looked down at my feet and saw a LIFE magazine, with a picture of JFK on the cover, and the words "In Memory of Dead Presidents". House number three is the house that represents the term of John Kennedy.

    The Houses

    As Stated above, each house represents a presidential administration.

    House 1 Truman:
    Nothing significant revealed about this house.

    House 2 Eisenhour:
    In a related dream, a model rocket was launched into the air and was drifting down into yard of this house. The rocket then turned into a glider and glided into the yard. My aunt used to refer to me as her "rocket boy" because of my early interest with model rocketry. It was in the Eisenhower Administration that I was born. (1954). It was during this dream that I ran through the back yard of house #3 (to retrieve the falling rocket) and was shown the Life Magazine with Kennedy on the cover. It was then that I knew that these houses represented presidential administrations.

    House 3 Kennedy:
    The yard in which I was shown the key to the meaning of the houses. The Life Magazine with JFKs face on it with a caption stating "In Memory of Dead Presidents" was in this yard. It has been suggested that all the presidents on this "street" must pass away before the events discussed in the remaining revelation can occur. This would mean all presidents up to Carter and maybe Reagan (his house is on a corner lot).

    House 4 Johnson:
    This house was occupied by a family of Jews named Levine. It was during the administration of LBJ that Jerusalem was returned to Israel during the 1967 Arab Israel war. Levine is a long form of Levite. This is a very significant event in the history of the world. With the retaking of Jerusalem, the temple can be rebuild and the stage set for both the setting up of the anti-christ and the return of Jesus Christ.

    House 5 Nixon:
    It was into the yard of this house that I ran down and joined the army of God which was marching forward through time(the backyards of these houses). It was also in the Nixon administration that I was saved, filled with the Spirit, and had the vision I am now describing. Everything up to this point had already happened in time. However, everything recorded in the remaining houses had not yet happened. It is significant to remember this president, since it will be (according to the falling star and darkened house #10)the 6th administration after Nixon that will endure the beginning of judgment on America, including the fall of that 10th president.

    House 6 Ford:
    Nothing significant

    House 7 Carter:
    Nothing significant

    House 8 Reagan:
    A Major shift occurs in the time of this president. The house sits on a corner lot, and the row of houses changes direction TO THE RIGHT. It can be noted that the nations' politics took a sharp turn to the right during the Reagan administration. Right or wrong, This shift undoubtedly was in the plan of God for the series of events leading up to the last presidents and the fate of the nation.

    House 9 Bush:
    Nothing significant in this administration.

    House 10 Clinton:
    It is this administration that is the main focus of the vision of the night. Over the house was a very dark cloud, so dark that it seemed like night. The cloud was very low so as to almost touch the rooftop. There was something very significant about the "back door" of this house that may have some meaning. The lights were on in the house and they stood out brightly in the darkness created by the cloud. As I looked at this cloud hanging low over the 10th house, I ;also saw an arch of 6 stars in the sky to the west. The stars were of different colors, and the last (sixth from Nixon) of them fell to earth like a fig that was shaken loose from a limb. I have taken this to mean that this administration will preside over some very bad times in the USA, and that this administration will "fall".

    House 11 President: (Gore?)
    If my understanding of house 10 and the six stars is correct, then Gore is in line to succeed Clinton as president. Assuming some tragedy does not strike them both down. In the yard of this house is a large weeping willow tree. This tree represents mourning and sorrow. But under the draping limbs of this tree are children playing. SOME HAVE SUGGESTED THAT THE PICTURE OF THE MAN WHO WAS SHOWN TO ME AT THE END OF THIS VISION OF THE NIGHT IS ACTUALLY V.P. GORE!!

    House 12 President: ?
    This is the last house that I saw in this vision of the night. After this house was a dirt path that lead toward a collection of boulders arraigned in a semi circle which reminded me of a place where a trial was held and judgment rendered. In another dream which took place during the millennial age, I was standing among these rock looking at the ruins of a world rocked by the tribulation. In the ruins of these boulders I found a witch doll. I ;knew immediately that on of the reasons that the USA was judged was because she had gone after the occult and witchcraft.
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  2. Harper

    Harper Guest


    Across from the path after house #12 was a new row of houses stretching off into the distance. These I believe are the rulers of the land that Jesus will set up during the millennium.

    In the vision of the night (after I saw the star fall to the earth), I heard a voice say "Look to the east". I began to turn and fully expected to see Jesus coming in the clouds. As I turned I saw the clouds part and I saw the blood moon and the dark sun. Both of these are symbolic of judgment being levied on a nation and the fall of a nation. I continued turning to the east and saw the ancient army approaching from the east through the yards of all the houses of the presidents. It was then that I ran down to join this army in the yard of the house of Nixon. This was 1971, the year I was saved. Immediately the scene changed and I was in the middle of a city in gray ruins. I saw a man emerge from what I perceived to be a "temple fortress" who was dressed in a diplomatic suit and carrying a briefcase. A voice said "He claims to be God, but is of devil". Then the dream ended.

    Perhaps the greatest miracle concerning this vision of the night, and the hardest to conceive, is that the neighborhood described is an actual neighborhood from my childhood in Massena New York!!!

    The street was called "Washington Street" ( for presidents?).

    The houses are just as I describe them, and were that way long before I had the dream.

    There really was a family of Jews named "Levi" in house #4.

    The street did (and still does) take a right turn at house #8.

    House #11 really does have a weeping willow tree under it, and children did play there... because I was one of them in my early childhood (early 60s).

    There really is a path leading up from house #12, and there really is a collection of boulders at the end of that path!

    There really is a row of houses stretching off into the distance on the other side of that path.

    These facts can be verified with little effort, as the streets and houses exist today as they did 25 years ago. Note this map of the area:


    Can you see the miracle that God somehow manipulated the houses, events, and even street names so as to coincide with this vision of the night!!!! This in an undeniable, verifiable miracle where God used (and is using) an existing neighborhood to lay out His plan for America and the manifestation of the Antichrist. We are in house #10 now.

    Hold onto your hats, because the next dozen or so years are going to be a roller coaster ride!!!
  3. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Here is another Protestant prophecy from 2007.

    Online at https://z3news.com/w/glenda-jackson-obama-suspend-2016-presidential-election/

    Glenda Jackson: Obama Will “Suspend” 2016 Presidential Election
    October 25, 2014 2:28 am By James Bailey 73 Comments
    [​IMG]Appearing as a guest on Sid Roth’s television show, It’s Supernatural, Glenda Jackson shared a prophetic word for the future of America. Glenda is the great-niece of Maria Woodworth-Etter, an evangelist know for amazing moves of God during the late 19th and early part of the 20th centuries. Today Glenda has her own prophetic ministry.

    In 2007, she prophesied that Obama would be elected President even though he was a long shot at the time. After he was elected in 2008 she prophesied that he would be re-elected for a second term in 2012. Now she has another prophetic word regarding President Obama. She said, “God showed me that if Christians don’t start praying more than they ever have and even the churches become the house of prayer this next Presidential election is not going to take place. It is going to be suspended because evil is going to arise and some disasters are going to happen and some things are going to be put in place and the President is not going to be removed. He is going to stay in. These things are going to happen and they are going to be VERY BAD if we don’t get a hold of God. The church has got to get back to prayer. Prayer is the power He gave the church and we have to get the faith of God.

    Later in the program, Sid Roth asked her “What kind of times are coming?”

    She replied, “Horrible times are coming. The Bible says times are coming such as have never occurred before. The earthquakes are going to intensify, but we don’t have to be afraid. We have to know God’s voice. We are going to live supernaturally. We are not going to live like the world lives. God showed me we are going to live supernaturally, like they (ancient Israel) did in the wilderness and like they did in Jesus’ day when He walked on the earth. We have to believe. If we cannot believe we are not going to make it.”
  4. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Another prophecy from the past on our upcoming election, this from 2004:

    Mena Lee Grebin: Obama is the Final President and Will Lead America Into the Tribulation
    May 9, 2015 2:20 am By James Bailey 44 Comments
    [​IMG]Appearing as a guest on Trunews.com, Mena Lee Grebin shared a prophetic word the Lord gave her back in 2004, which was four years before the election of President Obama. Mena is a Prophetess with Faithful Walk Healing Ministries.

    The Lord revealed to her the President that would be elected after George W. Bush would cause great trouble for our country. She saw he would be the last President of the United States and would lead America into the end-time tribulation.

    In 2004 I was living in Houston TX. I was leaving my apartment complex one day and this man stopped me. He was trying to get a petition signed to impeach President George Bush, who was President at that time.

    I thought it was hysterical because we lived in Houston TX where they named airports and grammar schools and streets after him. I remember stopping this man and telling him, “Bush is going to win a second term. He is not the one we need to be worried about. The President that comes after Bush is the one that we would need to worry about because he would be the last President of the United States and he would lead our country into the tribulation.

    The man had a cigarette behind his ear. He stopped and took the cigarette from behind his ear and said, “Lady, what are you talking about. Are you some kind of a psychic or something? What do you mean the President after this one? Who is going to be President after George Bush?”

    Mena replied, “I don’t know. It could be Mickey Mouse. I don’t know who it is going to be, but that is the one you should be worried about.”

    At that time, Mena had no way of knowing George Bush would win a second term, but he did. Obviously, she had no way of knowing who would be elected President four years later so there would be no way for her to know the trouble he would cause. The past six years have already proven how right she was, but based on what she saw we the trouble is just beginning.

    If Mena heard the Lord correctly, and I believe she did, Obama is not going to quietly leave office after 2016. He will be the final President of the United States because there will not be any more elections. This confirms what the Lord showed to Glenda Jackson, which I shared in my previous post: Glenda Jackson: Obama Will “Suspend” 2016 Presidential Election.

    I believe he will first come up with an excuse why the elections must be cancelled, probably due to our economic troubles. Then he will eventually proclaim himself dictator.

    After decades of forsaking our covenant relationship with the Lord, America has lost her discernment. We have blindly elected a treasonous treacherous tyrant. Now we will pay the price for our rebellion and it will be a high price. We have lost the republic and our freedoms along with it.

    Her dream also reveals that Barack Obama will lead America right into the final seven-year period of this age, the tribulation. This confirms what many people already believe, that we are very close to the beginning of the tribulation. I believe this is yet another piece of evidence that Obama is the son of perdition, the man of sin, the antichrist.

  5. Harper

    Harper Guest

    One more prophecy for now. There are many, many other "words" that discuss the 2016 election, President Obama, upcoming economic collapse, upcoming war with China, and war with Islam from Protestant Christians.

    Dumitru Duduman: China and Russia Will Attack America
    September 3, 2013 2:40 pm By James Bailey 46 Comments
    Dumitru Duduman

    In April 1996, prophetic Christian minister Dumitru Duduman received a vision of a coming attack on America coming from both China and Russia. Dumitru Duduman was a Romanian native who came to America and founded the Hand of Help Ministries. He received many visions and dreams during his life. He went home to be with the Lord in May 1997.

    The vision shared below is just one of many that Dumitru Duduman received. A complete list of his prophecies are available on the Hand of Help website, including the transcript of each one. Also included there are the prophetic words received by his grandson, Michael Boldea.

    I prayed, then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound. A voice cried out to me, “Stand!”

    In my vision, I was in America. I walked out of my home, and began to look for the one who had spoken to me. As I looked, I saw three men dressed alike. Two of the men carried weapons. One of the armed men came to me. “I woke you to show you what is to come.” He said. “Come with me.”

    I didn’t know where I was being taken, but when we reached a certain place he said, “stop here!”

    A pair of binoculars was handed to me, and I was told to look through them.

    “Stand there, don’t move, and look,” he continued. “You will see what they are saying, and what they are preparing for America.”

    As I was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the president of Russia, a short, chubby man, who said he was the president of China, and two others. The last two also said where they were from, but I did not understand. However, I gathered they were part of Russian controlled territory. The men stepped out of the cloud.

    The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. “I will give you the land with all the people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from behind.”

    A voice said to me, “Watch where the Russians penetrate America.”

    I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

    Then, the man spoke again, “When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike without warning.”

    The other two presidents spoke, “We, too, will fight for you.” Each had a place already planned as a point of attack.

    All of them shook hands and hugged. Then they all signed a contract. One of them said, “We’re sure that Korea and Cuba will be on our side, too. Without a doubt, together, we can destroy America.”

    The president of Russia began to speak insistently, “Why let ourselves be led by the Americans? Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe, too! Then I could do as I please with Europe!”

    The man standing beside me asked, “This is what you saw: they act as friends, and say they respect the treaties made together. But everything I’ve shown you is how it will REALLY happen. You must tell them what is being planned against American. Then, when it comes to pass, the people will remember the words the Lord has spoken.”

    Who are you?” I asked.

    “I am the protector of America. America’s sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction, for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people.”

    As I looked, a great army, well armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

    “Do you see that?” the man asked. “This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones. Then, the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident.”

    The events Dumitru Duduman saw coming are disturbing, but it is encouraging that he saw a heavenly army will be sent to deliver those who worship God with a clean heart as they do His work. This is consistent with many other prophetic warnings regarding war coming to America.

  6. Virtue

    Virtue Angels

    Thanks for posting! Very interesting. I'm not sure how well they match up with Catholic prophecies since I can't keep them all straight, but these definitely seem plausible.
  7. EXCELLENT. Thank you for sharing.
    I have personally thought the same thing about Obama but have kept it mostly to myself. The dental assistant at my dentist's office talks to me sometimes, in the Spirit, and she said the same thing about Obama. She said her pastor told her. So we shall watch and see.
    My personal feeling is that Obama is a man wearing a mask, and that he is very insincere, and does nothing, really, to help us out. I feel he is just waiting for the next shoe to drop so he can assume his role. Just my personal feeling.
    Just FYI, my husband had surgery two weeks ago. He is doing well. He received the Sacrament of the Sick, and God has really blessed his surgery and recovery.
    Thanks to those of you who knew about it and prayed.
  8. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Warning: These prophecies come from an unvetted source, not necessarily Christian. But they concern the presidential election -- and may indeed reflect the premonitions of the coming "Storm" that Mark Mallet and others have articulated.

    (Predictions on Obama's presidency in second part of this article. From the Daily Mail)

    Did a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant predict the rise of ISIS? ‘Nostradamus of the Balkans’ who died 20 years ago said there would be a ‘great Muslim war’ in 2016
    • Baba Vanga made the predictions before she died in 1996 at the age of 85
    • Pensioner warned that Europe will 'cease to exist' by the end of next year
    • Also credited with predicting the 2004 tsunami and attacks on Twin Towers

    A Bulgarian clairvoyant who died 20 years ago warned of the rise of ISIS by claiming there would be a 'great Muslim war' in 2016, it has been reported.

    Baba Vanga died in 1996 at the age of 85 and was known as the 'Nostradamus of the Balkans' because of her success rate which was supposedly as high as 85 per cent.

    The blind pensioner, who has previously been credited with predicting the 9/11 terror attacks and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, warned of an invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists next year.

    Vanga is said to have made hundreds of predictions in her lifetime, including that there would be a 'great Muslim war' which would start with the Arab Spring in 2010.

    She predicted it would take place in Syria and would come to a conclusion in 2043 with the establishment of a caliphate with Rome at its centre, News.com.au reports.

    Vanga reportedly said Europe will 'cease to exist' by the end of next year, leaving the continent 'almost empty' and a 'wasteland almost entirely devoid of any form of life'.

    The chilling prophecy has alerted conspiracy theorists who highlight ISIS activity close to Europe in Libya.

    Vanga's followers say she predicted the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami by foreseeing a 'huge wave' which would 'cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water.'

    In 1989 the mystic is said to have made reference to the 9/11 terror attacks on New York by claiming 'American brethren' would be attacked by 'two steel birds'.

    Some suggest this was a reference to the two hijacked passenger jets that were flown in to the World Trade Center.

    She is also alleged to have predicted the effects of climate change 60 years ago by warning that polar ice caps would melt and cause sea levels to rise.


    The blind pensioner, who has previously been credited with predicting the 9/11 terror attacks and the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, warned of an invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists next year

    Vanga was born in the village of Strumica at the foot of a mountain range in what was the Ottoman Empire.

    She is believed to have lost her eyesight during storm when she was picked up in a fierce gust of wind and dumped back down on the ground.

    Vanga later claimed she had the ability to look into the future and quickly developed a 'cult' following.

    In later years, she became trusted by the rich and famous with even heads of state and powerful politicians from around the world seeking her opinions.

  9. Harper

    Harper Guest



    In the 1950s Vanga reportedly predicted how 'a huge wave will cover a big coast covered with people and towns, and everything will disappear beneath the water'.

    She also warned of the effects of climate change by suggesting 'cold regions will become warm... and volcanoes will awaken.'

    'Everything will melt, just like ice,' she added.


    In 1989, she is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

    News.com.au reports how she once said: 'Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. '

    She added that 'innocent blood will gush.'


    Warnings: In 1989, Vanga is said to have made reference to the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center


    The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American - but she also warned that he would be the 'last US president'


    The pensioner once predicted that the 44th US president would be African American - but she also warned that he would be the 'last US president'.

    From the Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...-20-years-ago-said-great-Muslim-war-2016.html
  10. Muzhik

    Muzhik Archangels

    She also made a prophecy that “Kursk will be covered with water and the whole world will weep over it.” She made the prediction in 1989 and said it would happen in August of 1999. Since the city of Kursk is several hundred miles inland, the prediction didn't make much sense. On August 12, 1999 the Russian submarine "Kursk" sank in the Barrett's Sea with all hands on board.
  11. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Good to hear your husband is doing well after surgery! It's always a little bit scary. The best thing to do is to get the anointing.
  12. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Yes, there can be uncannily accurate predictions from people who are "clairvoyant." I don't know anything about Baba Vanga's background. "Balkans" can be anything. I posted this just to show how many predictions there have been about our upcoming election and our immediate future.
  13. Harper

    Harper Guest

    From Glynda Linkous of Princeton, Texas. She is a Protestant minister. July 16, 2016


    As I began to pray this morning and seek the Lord for a word for us, I heard a word in my spirit: Turnover. I saw something like a big dark ball rolling downhill and growing larger as it went. Immediately, I saw political candidates who are so much in the news these days. Then He began to speak.

    Since the nation of America has abandoned Me, so shall I abandon her. I will abandon her to wicked leaders, to evil plans, to destructions I would otherwise have protected her from. My people only shall know My Hand of Protection. The wicked shall be turned over in their wickedness, and will do even more wickedly before the end comes.
    But fear not, My precious children – work while it is still day, for the night comes quickly towards you and with it, brings much evil. There is much destruction in store for this nation that now walks so wickedly in My sight. She has chosen evil over Me, and now she will be turned over to evil.
    The turnover has begun. Work – sow seeds of goodness where you can. Build up My Kingdom, for the night is coming where no man can work.

    Proverbs 1:25-27 25 But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: 26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; 27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

    Psalm 9:16-17 16 The Lord is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah. 17 The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

    Psalm 91:1-4 91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. 3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. 4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

    John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.

    Matthew 6:19-20 19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal
  14. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    Well, I have to say I'm rather astonished by this thread of posts by a member whom I encountered only recently - Ms Harper.

    Why am I astonished? For those who might have missed the encounter, let me provide a link to the relevant thread - http://motheofgod.com/threads/vassula-receives-holy-communion-for-the-first-time.9214/

    On that thread, Ms Harper spent quite a lot of time and effort, in a series of posts, to draw people's attention to any criticism of Vassula that she could find on the internet. Fair enough, but suddenly I see here this same lady, who was so determined to 'protect' forum members against any possibility of being led astray from Catholic orthodoxy, is peddling what I can only describe as sensationalist fortune telling from non-Catholic sources! I do find this rather astonishing but life is full of surprises.

    This passage from the Catechism seems relevant:

    2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to "unveil" the future. 48 Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.
  15. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Back with an attack, David. You are true to form, even down to your attempt to be annoying with the "Ms."

    Yes, I've read the Catechism myself. I also take to heart all the guidelines, warnings and cautions issued by the CDF and individual (arch)bishops concerning Vassula, Charlie Johnston, and others discussed on the MOG forum on other threads.

    In starting this thread I am not peddling divination. I am putting in one place a list of clearly labeled non-Catholic predictions concerning the upcoming election. I noted the one about the Balkan woman was not vetted and not Christian. (There apparently is also a Native American "prophecy" about the last American president out there, haven't found it yet.) The thread was meant to be a resource, not a plea for belief in the occult or an attempt to convince anyone to follow anything..

    Perhaps I should have made that clear on the first post. I will go back and do so.

    I find very interesting the sorts of predictions that are circulating. The fear of imminent and shocking change is embedded in the culture and atmosphere we live in. Everyone feels something is up.
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  16. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Just for Laughs:

  17. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Let me add a few scattered points:

    Three sources (at least) of these prophecies: the person's own imagination, the Holy Spirit or the devil. Imagination can include informed speculation or a desire to sway others, as well as a simple over-active imagination or self-delusion (including mental or physical illness).*

    The fact that a prophecy may succeed does not prove the person proclaiming it is from God. The devil must have an inside track in knowing what will or can happen, although he does not have anything approaching the perfect knowledge that comes from God.

    Whether a particular set of messages or a messenger is endorsed or apparently endorsed by a cleric is not definitive. This time last year, Locutions to the World was all the rage on Catholic forums. Partisans insisted others shouldn't reject the messages because they had been vetted by Msgr. Esseff. We all saw how that turned out.

    I make a distinction between listing/reading prophecies that are "out there" and untested and promoting them.

    I would draw another distinction between promoting messages that have not been subject to Church scrutiny and those that have. When the Church issues a ruling on the substances of messages or on a messenger, that decision deserves the greatest respect from a faithful Catholic. When the Church places restrictions on a set of messages or messenger, those ought to be observed.

    *Edited to add: Of course, individuals may hear a prophecy and later announce it as their own, piggybacking on a true word or one that has a demonic source. There must be some con-men/con-women out there.
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  18. Clare A

    Clare A Archangels

    I for one am grateful for these prophecies from non-Catholic sources as I was unaware of them. Of course all such is, as Michael Brown would say 'for discernment'. What we can take away from these 'words' is that America has abandoned God (with the exception of a few faithful) and will reap what she sows. The reaping is going to appear in a dramatic way fairly soon.

    But as indeed religious fortune telling is not for us, we can be sure that nothing is set in stone. Prayer and returning to the Lord can mitigate his anger. What I like about these prophecies, and others like them, such as Charlie J's, is that they are fairly specific. We will soon know if they are true or not.
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  19. Harper

    Harper Guest

    David Wilkerson was a Protestant minister and best-selling author. His book, The Cross and the Switchblade, detailed his ministry among gang members in New York the 1960s. It was made into a 1970 movie and later into a Christian comic book series.

    Wilkerson also issued prophetic words. While these don't address the election, they do discuss economic collapse, civil disturbances, martial law, cultural degeneration and in the future a vision of American burning.Wilkerson claimed angelic visitations.

    He died in 2011.

    Consider all the alleged Catholic prophets who constantly warn of cultural decline, collapse, armed conflict. This is from a Christian pastor who was a leader among Evangelical Christians for forty years.


    David Wilkerson Economic Collapse then A Russian Invasion

    David Wilkerson had a series of visions and angelic visitations from the lord during his life time until his death in 2011, about the coming collapse of the U.S. economy and the destruction of America. In the economic collapse there will be riots and fires all across major cities in this nation. This will be a time of great apostasy and persecution in the church like never before. After the economic collapse of the United States the nation will be at its weakest point. A hydrogen holocaust will then sweep this nation in a Russian invasion of America. When Israel sees the destruction of America Russia will try to invade the Holy Land where 5/6th of the army's of Russia will be destroyed by Jesus himself.

    David Wilkerson Prophecy 1973

    "Worldwide recession caused by economic confusion"
    1. "At most a few more fat flourishing years, and then an economic recession that's going to affect the life style of every wage-earner in the world. The world economists are going to be at loss to explain what's happening. It's going to start in Europe, spread to Japan and finally to the United States."
    2. There will be a move toward a worldwide, unified monetary system. The US dollar will be hit bad and it will take years for it to recover.
    3. The only real security will be in real estate (until a somewhat later stage, at which point this apparent security will also disappear).
    "Nature having labor pains"
    1. Environmentalists will come under heavy criticism.
    2. There will be major earthquakes.
    3. There will be a major famine.
    4. Floods, hurricanes and tornadoes will increase in frequency.
    5. "A new kind of cosmic storm appearing as a raging fire in the sky leaving a kind of vapor trail."
    "A flood of filth and a baptism of dirt in America"

    1. Topless women will appear on television, followed by full nudity.
    2. Adult, X rated movies will be shown on cable television. Young people will gather at homes to watch this kind of material in groups.
    3. Sex and the occult will be mixed.
    4. There will be an acceptance of homosexuality, and the church will even say that it is a God-given gift.
    "Rebellion in the home"
    1. "I see the new number one youth problem in America and the world as hatred towards parents."
    "A persecution madness against truly Spirit filled Christians who love Jesus Christ"
    1. There will arise a world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church, using Christ in name only.
    2. There will be a hate Christ movement.
    3. There will be a spiritual awakening behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains.
    1. There will be another wave of riots.
    2. There will be a fall in moral conduct.
    3. There will be a new drug that will be popular with teenagers that will break down resistance and will encourage sexual activity.
    4. Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and this will be heralded as a new breed of pioneer.
    5. There will be nude dancing in church, but this will never be widespread.
    6. There will be occult practices in churches.
    David Wilkerson Prophecy 1985
    America is going to be destroyed by fire! Sudden destruction is coming and few will escape. Unexpectedly, and in one hour, a hydrogen holocaust will engulf America and this nation will be no more. It is because America has sinned against the greatest light. Other nations are just as sinful, but none are as flooded with gospel light as ours. God is going to judge America for its violence, its crimes, its backsliding, its murdering of millions of babies, its flaunting of homosexuality and sadomasochism, its corruption, its drunkenness and drug abuse, its form of godliness without power, its Luke warmness toward Christ, its rampant divorce and adultery, its lewd pornography, its child molestations, its cheating, its robbing, its dirty movies, and its occult practices.
    An attack from Russia, and "The great holocaust follows an economic collapse in America.

    David Wilkerson Prophecy 1992
    Thirty days of chastisement will fall on New York City such as the world has never seen. God is going to let down the walls. There will be unimaginable violence and looting. The violence will be so ferocious, it will shock the whole world. Our streets will be lined, not just with the National Guard, but with militia. A thousand fires will burn at the same time throughout the city. The Los Angeles fires were confined to a few sections of that city, but New York will be ablaze in all its boroughs. Fire trucks will not be able to handle it all. Trains and busses will be shut down. Billions of dollars will be lost. Broadway shows will stop completely. Businesses will flee the city in an unstoppable hemorrhage. Such things are expected in Third World countries, but not in a civilized nation like the United States. Yet, in not too long a time afterwards, New York City will go completely bankrupt. The Queen City will be cast into the dirt, becoming a city of poverty. What I saw coming will be much more severe. Indeed, if America rejects God’s call to turn back to Him, we’ll face the same judgments Israel faced. And they will hit not only New York but also every region in the country. Even the heartland won’t be spared. The nation’s economy will collapse, and violence will erupt. Fires will consume our cities, and tanks will rumble through the streets. pray that God would give our President the same spirit that Josiah had, to tremble at his Word.

    David Wilkerson Prophecy 2009
    An Earth-Shattering Calamity is About to happen. It is going to be so frighting. We are all going to Tremble, even the godliest among us.

    For ten years I have been warning about a thousand fires coming to New York City. It will engulf the whole megaplex, including areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. Major cities all across America will experience riots and blazing fires such as we saw in Watts, Los Angeles, years ago in August, 1965. There will be riots and fires in cities worldwide. There will be looting — including Times Square, New York City. What we are experiencing now is not a recession, not even a depression. We are under God’s wrath
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    “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

    “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us. Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.
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