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Prophetic Voices

Discussion in 'Books, movies, links, websites.' started by padraig, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    A compendium of a whole wide range of recent and current Catholic prophecies.

    Exercise discernment: (for instance the 'Two Patricks ' from Ireland have stuff straight from hell} :shock:

  2. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Wow - another website depository of everything! I like this one better though as the information has not been tampered with so we can indeed discern for ourselves.

    This gave me a shock...
    "These conversion stories are signs of the good fruits that are coming from these places of apparition.
    One of the OTHER IMPORTANT USES OF THESE SITES, is that they will SERVE AS PLACES OF REFUGE to protect My people from the evil ones."

    Ok, we already knew that...but:

    "In addition to these sites, there are MANY HOLY GROUND PLACES that have adored My Blessed Sacrament, along with SOME MONASTERIES."
    This is reassuring, as I have been praying for this to be true.

    But this is the one that hit me on the head tonight:

    "Even CAVES WILL PROVIDE SAFE HAVENS for My people."

    My daughter and her family just moved in June, to a new house in the middle of nowhere - a very hippie-like little community just south of Carbondale, and my son and his family recently moved about 20 minutes away from my daughter, also in a little community in the country, though not in the hilly area. I wasn't too thrilled with my daughter's new house when I visited last month, because its location is weird and the house isn't very modern...it is an old house nestled in a large cleft of a rocky hill...
    but get this...there is even an actual CAVE on their property, off the driveway-lane from their house! The house itself is also protected on two sides by rock walls! Honestly I never thought of any significance of this until just this minute when I read the above message.


    Ok so all that said...my husband has been obsessed with wanting to go to every Notre Dame University home football game he can this year...now as it turns out, my mom and my pregnant daughter will be coming with us to a game on October 7-8-9. For those who know me, I feel that this is one of the safe places, or sanctuaries, near me. My husband is not thinking of this idea at all, but maybe God is (putting us there?)...? Two weeks later, on Oct 21-22-23 he is planning to take his Dad to a game. I may go down south that weekend to be with my kids.

    So if anything devistating happens while we are at Notre Dame, I will tell my son to take his family to my daughter's house...to go to "the cave". :eek:
  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I cried when I saw the caves in Rome were the Christians hid out. Its true it will happen again, in fact in some parts of th world its probably still happening,

    I recommned and old film starring Henry Fonda called ,'The fugitive' about the persecution of the Church in 1920's Spain.

  4. While traveling in Ukraine I was given information regarding three 'main' sites of places of Refuge there. There are many 'small' places or secondary places. Some are underground. (anyone hear about the Marmora, Canada message of Nov. 1, 2011??)

    Ukraine has been chosen by God to be a huge part of Our Lady's plan. There are over a MILLION shrines to Jesus and Mary and the Saints there! Every corner, every town, every field. Miraculous springs all over the place. When talking about WWII they speak about staying alive by drinking the miraculous spring water that dot the countryside. One is for healing the eyes, one is for healing brain tumors etc.

    They constantly make the sign of the cross while driving past these shrines and the Churches. Half the country is communist/socialist and the other half suffering souls who are trying to live the faith. 40% of the country lives outside of Ukraine and sends money home because the people cannot get jobs and are so poor.

    Russia already has concentration camps ready for the Catholic/Christians in Ukraine. I saw the telephone poles in the fields in a vision waiting to crucify the priests...HUNDREDS OF THEM.... I also saw the troops coming down the streets of Lviv, which is a larger city there. All this will be repeated all over the world. BUT--- this time NOW is a time of grace, to prepare ourselves and to pray for those stubborn loved ones, those enemies of ours, those fallen pagans and those who are so in need of God's mercy. The time of the illumination will bring SO MANY, MANY back to God. We MUST take this responsibility seriously!

    This website Prophetic Voices is interesting. I go to it once and awhile. I had gone to it after I got to Montana. EVERY step of the way here was lit with the 'flashlight' of God. Go here, not there. Meet this person. Buy that house. etc. On one of the visionaries messages they have a map of 'safe' places and I was looking at them. Lo and behold, the visionary not only names my city, but my NEIGHBORHOOD too! I printed it out and showed my husband and we were so amazed!
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  5. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    More please!

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