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Professor Jordan Peterson

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by padraig, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    This guy is new for me and a valuable asset to have to be able listen to one of his videos instead of being driven insane by the PC media.

    Here is a particular video of his which, for me, focuses on one of the fundamental truths of life:

    But I would also add that I can imagine getting a bit fed up listening to him too often! ;)

  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I find myself fascinated by the Professor and all he says.

    It reminds me of those moments in life when I encounter a very wise non Christian person who touches me with her/his depth.

    I imagine walking round the lake and meeting an old fisherman and falling into conversation with him. He impresses me greatly with his depth and wisdom , but I become conscious that he himself is not a Christian. That though at times we come very ,very close we are a million times apart. The Professor here talks of the Mystery of Suffering, something at the very heart of Christianity. His solution is that of the stoics. Don't whine about it , don;t give in to it, fight it; which is fair enough. But this is very ,very different from the Christian who sees the Cross not as a difficulty but an opportunity for grace. As an occasion for rising or lifting rather than simply an obstacle to endure.

    But often in encountering the non Christian other we find this, closeness and yet this huge apartness. So close and yet so far.

    You find this in Culture too, so near and yet so far. A greatness , yet a greatness of Wisdom that falls so short of the Truth..

    'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life'

    As in Steinback's , 'The Pearl'. Great Wisdom, but falling far short of the Truth.

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  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Anyway I love the way he handles himself; he is just fun, fun, fun.:D:D:D

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  4. jerry

    jerry Angels

  5. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    Thank you for this, jerry. I have to try and find two and a half hours to listen to it! But what I find immediately fascinating is that although it was only put on YouTube eight months ago, it has been viewed one and a quarter million times! Somehow, I am encouraged by that!

  6. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    I feel the same way about Ben Shapiro. So brilliant and articulate. Makes me stand up and cheer...

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  7. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    Caution advised when it comes to Prof Peterson’s take on all things Biblical. His POV is not Catholic by any stretch of the imagination. Probably safer to stick with his secular ideas unless one is just watching out of curiosity.
  8. Malachi

    Malachi Archangels

    Our own great philosophers and theologians have been saying the same thing as peterson for decades. Just think of the great 19th and 20th cent encyclicals and there alerting us to the dangers of Marxist thought and what it would ultimately give rise to.
    It would be interesting to know if the prof is aware of this body of teaching.

    Not to mention the prescient analysis of the history of ideas laid out for us in the amazing scholarship of Joseph Cardinal ratzinger. I remember distinctly not 7 years ago teaching a body of students about the "dictatorship of relativism" the growing intolerant tolerance etc etc and being looked at by and large like I had two heads.

    I remember being brought before the Dean of studies and the president to explain myself for having the temerity to teach that abortion I. E. The deliberate destruction of an unborn human life was in all cases a morally grave evil. This was a catholic college :)

    What makes Peterson so unique is the fact that he is the only intellectual with a public profile at this moment who has put his neck on the line to decry the evils and madness of this age. The culmination of centuries of planning.

    We think of great men like Belloc, Chesterton, Tolkien, Dawson, Lewis, and please God now the good prof.

    I hope he gets introduced to some of the thinking of these men or perhaps he already has. From what I have seen he seems influenced by the existentialist tradition. We see the nietzschean strand in his emphasis of not shying away from the reality of evil and suffering but to exert yourself despite it.
    We also see the existentialist influence in his emphasis on intentionality and freedom in opposition to all forms of tyranny and oppression. One thinks of Victor Franklin and his freedom untouched by the brutality and malice he suffered.

    He states in one of his interviews that a catalyst for his scholarship and intellectual life was trying to understand the psychology behind the rise of authoritarian and totolatrain regimes. He knows what he is talking about. Our soft totalatari an system is not too far away from baring its teeth. I am going to have a hood talk with my wife this evening. I have shyed away from these issues for a few years now whilst we have got our wee family up and running. There is a real danger in all of this especially when you put your name to something publically. And the sad reality is this is also the case in house so to speak. Not just in our own homes but also within the community of the faithful. Just think how Anthony Murphy (catholic voice) was treated within his own parish. Anti catholic sentiment is strong even on the pews.

    Real fortitude will be needed in the days ahead. The reality is simple. We roll over and die or cede the public sure to these barbarians and then endure the ignominy of a slow and shameful death regardless.

    I say let's take the public square for our faith based on Truth is not meant for a ghetto.
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  9. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes he knows he is going to get crucified for what he does and says and yet for the truth goes right ahead and does it anyway.

    He reminds me that it was not just Christians that died in the Death Camps in Russia and Germany. He has use courage and integrity. He cheers me up by reminding me that there are good men , allies, everywhere.


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  10. AED

    AED Powers

    Well said Malachi. Sadly there is a whole cloud of Marxist cultural tyranny embraced among some Catholics in the churches and universities. Everyone wants to be with “the cool kids”—No one wants to be on the side of truth. It is not hip to tell the truth. Sadly it means a loss of grace and a darkening of the intellect and what follows is the inability to see truth even when it is unmistakably in front of you. All of this falsity is embraced under that desperately evil charade called “tolerance”. I live among friends and family who have been poisoned in this way. Storming heaven on their behalf and living in hope—that is my path these days.
  11. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes! One thinks of Dr Bernard Nathanson.
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  12. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Wonderful comment, Malachi. I was literally in the public square this past weekend holding up my pro-life sign amidst the anti-life women's marchers. I knew the crowd I would face but the saddest moment for me was when I saw a local family (mother, three teenagers) who are extremely active in our parish -- all kids were altar servers and attended local Catholic schools; father runs usher ministry; mother is a catechist and eucharistic minister -- among the crowd, cheering on the speakers. I just don't understand how any Catholic can reconcile the pro-abortion stance with their faith.
  13. Malachi

    Malachi Archangels

    The attack from within is often the most hostile. As the great Sheen pointed out decades ago most of our felow brethren who attack the Church's moral edifice with such anger and impunity are very often living against its teachings in their own lives. The faith and its moral patrimony are inextricable linked.
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    One thing I note is the huge anger and rage of these people. A killing anger, a killing rage. The persecution is not far away.
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  15. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Thanks for doing this Cathy!
    Not enough people do (including myself).
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  16. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Thanks, Praetorian. It was actually my first time but I felt so compelled to do it. I truly believe my ability to face the crowd was a result of the witness of this forum (and the Holy Spirit :)). I have learned so, so much from all of you. I truly felt a sense of inner peace while there and hope I was able to make a difference. I am now contemplating approaching my liberal pastor about starting a pro-life ministry in the parish. (Typical parish where absolutely nothing was mentioned about Roe v Wade and the March for Life this past weekend).
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  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Bless you for this.
  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  19. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Thank you, Padraig.
  20. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I am sure God will; He sees all good things.:):)
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