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Preview The Story Of Sister Teresa of Jesus of the Lillies

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by sponsa Christi, Jan 6, 2017.


Do you think Jacinta Will become a Nun

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  1. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    Okay real quick I did not know you could post publicly

    This is a fanmade story about a nun I mafe up I hope it inspires you and please share.

    Chapter One Progue It Is 2018 And Jacinta a catholic convert Just confirmed is reciving her first commuion. Jacinta You dont have to wear the commuion dresses like the little girls. Her friends talk about her, " Jacinta is so traditional she wont even recive on the hand and she always wearing her altar veil. " Well It is better to recive on tounge Melanie, she said. I know. Jacinta never walked into a church really before only for funerals and weddings. She stood in Awe as she saw the hidden Jesus in a Monstace. And A crucifx and Mother mary statues. artwork of saints she was raised in scinetolgy. As The Priest called for Commioun Jacinta Happily Genuflate and in ecasaty she recived Jesus on her tounge. When this happened she felt this burning love and made the sign of The Cross and passed out. When The Paremedics came They Saw Jacinta in a state of happiness but not responding. " Her Mouth is bleeding doctor". Father shouted she just recived her first commuion! People in the pews shout miricle miricle. Jacinta Awakens and she has consumed the host her face looks very beautiful now. She says Stop it! I dont want this publicicty. Stop it You should whorship God. Fr Shouts but a Eucharist Miricle! But Father This was a grace God gave me, Havnt you heard Of the woman Julia who had the Eucharist miricle to. or Therese Nueman. She doesnt want to be popular But people keep harrasing her. Kiss my crucifix Bless me you living saint on earth! I am no saint She said Am I in heaven? Now stop this you may honour me but dont whorship me she begged! For she was harrased like St Bernadette. Her being only 19 had a hudge secret! She wanted to enter a carmelite convent! She exclaimed Oh how I long to be alone with you Jesus. This is the cross I will die on!

    Chapter Two The Convent As She entered the monastery how happy she was! " Hello I am mother Therese of Jesus of The suffering. We are hermits We come here your vows last eight years. Once you make your final vows you can never leave. We come and die on this cross We are crucified with Christ we are sisters. We live a hidden life out side of this world. You must pick up your cross and Follow Jesus and leave everything behind! Tell me about your self Jacinta." "I was just confirmed she didnt mention the miricle because she didnt feel Worthy. I am 19 I have A GED. I work as a lifeguard. " What makes you feel called to carmel. She anwsers because I want ti suffer very much With Our Lord I want to console him. I love him very much. That is nice Jacinta. Have you been to college. Jacinta Stands uo in tears and says no I never want to I want Jesus now and I want him alone. He is my husband. You are 19 Maybe you find somone in your parish No Mother It not lile that I am sworn. Mother say come back later and well talk more. To be Contuined How will Jacinta Parish And Family react to this will anyone be converted. and something no one expects happens a great miricle in Garabandal Spain. Stay Tuned! Please Share and invite others.
  2. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    this is a story about durring the great miricle Now I can not give out dates This is just speculation and a fanmade.

    It is about a woman discerning durring the garabandal miricle.

    Im not Saying it will be in 2018

    Only God Mary Maybe Angel Michael and Mari Loli know the date.
  3. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    Examples of Eucharist Miricles
  4. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    if It approved by the church

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