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Prayer in the face of impending disaster

Discussion in 'On prayer itself' started by BrianK, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. BrianK

    BrianK Resident Kook, Crank, Curmudgeon - & Mod Staff Member

    This week I've really felt compelled, in the face of these very real hurricane threats and other threats arising around the world, to no longer pray for the physical welfare of humans in the path of destruction, so much as that God would have Mercy on the souls that might/will be lost.

    If you're standing near to ICBM missile silos, and you see them all open up in tandem and launch their missiles, yes you could pray that by some technological glitch, they all self destruct and land harmlessly in the ocean.

    Or you could understand the immediate reality, grasp that your nation will be on the receiving end of the same any minute, and plead God's Mercy on all the souls who will be lost in a matter of moments.

    We're no longer anticipating the Storm.

    We are in it.

    It's awfully late in the game to hope that hurricanes (and worse) will be steered out to sea by our prayers of supplication.

    We are in the midst of chastisement of the sort we have all read about and feared, and humanity, unfortunately is deserving of this chastisement.

    All of us are or are about to experience real suffering. These crosses are upon us whether we like it or not.

    Make an act of acceptance, right now, of all the crosses that will be coming your way, and consciously offer them up, now, for the souls of family, friends, and the world who do not grasp the nature of the times that are upon us and are unprepared.
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  2. Mary's child

    Mary's child Archangels

    Thank you Brian, real words for real times. They are hard to hear but are needed at this moment. May the Grace of God be with us to carry the many crosses that he may ask us to carry, may we withstand the storm and support all who need our help.
  3. An Guilbneach

    An Guilbneach Mane Nobiscum Domine

    Well said.
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  4. AED

    AED Powers

    Inspired words Brian. Thank you.
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  5. Arantxa

    Arantxa New Member

    Thank you Brian. I needed that since it seems that Miami will get hit by Irma.
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  6. AED

    AED Powers

    A rantxa I am keeping you and your family and all of florida in my prayers.
  7. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Ditto, heavy intense prayers
  8. BrianK

    BrianK Resident Kook, Crank, Curmudgeon - & Mod Staff Member

    To repeat: this isn't something I offer lightly or from an ivory academic tower. Since I wrote the article below a little over a year ago, my wife of 26 years left me (7 months after the most recent strokes in March of 2016) and my older brother died in his sleep at age 54 this summer. These crosses would have occurred regardless, I suspect, but in accepting them and uniting them with the Passion of Christ, and offering them up - for the eternal salvation of my family, my oldest son's formation and eventual ordination, the restoration and triumph of the Church, the conversion and salvation of Pope Francis, or barring his conversion then the confounding of his heterodox agenda - I've been able to maintain my sanity and my faith, which I fear I would otherwise have lost.

    This "call" is even more urgent now than when I wrote this.

    The Urgent Call of the Cross
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  9. Ed Kleese

    Ed Kleese Servant

    Your silent suffering is blessing beyond our measure. Silent suffering is the way of our Mother. Silent suffering is the way of Jeremiah. Silent suffering is the perfume that the Holy Spirit, with His gifts, can not refuse.

    Peace Dear Brother,
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  10. border collie

    border collie Angels


    I will keep you in my prayers Brian.
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  11. gracia

    gracia Angels

    A Christian co-worker and I were half-joking, half not-joking about how our Muslim co-workers (who make up about 60% of our work place) are going to rise up and kill us someday. Thing is, we were completely serious. He joked that he'd duck to avoid the sword swipe, and I promised to make myself trip so that he could get away. There's basically no pretense or maybe-ism to this any more.

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