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Pope's New Book

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

    And, of course, Mrs Fedeli is a staunch supporter of abortion and contraception:

    (google translation)


    Right to abortion, the EU Parliament says yes (but each state decides for itself)
    Women have the right to "easy access" to contraception and abortion. But an amendment, also voted by the PD, says that legislation "is of national competence"
    by Federica Seneghini

    A document on the protection of health, abortion, contraception and the fight against violence in relation to sexual and reproductive rights . This time Strasbourg said yes. By adopting a large majority - 441 yes, 205 no and 52 abstentions - the non-legislative resolution Tarabella on equality between men and women. Including the controversial part of the so - called pro-life , which states that women must "control their sexual and reproductive rights, in particular through easy access to contraception and abortion."

    The vote
    The vote divided the deployment. The popularists expressed their opposition and even a part of the PD rated the no. The mediation came with an amendment tabled by the PPE and approved by the House, which specifies how legislation on reproduction remains of national competence. That is why the MEP Silvia Costa (Pd), who abstained in the Estrela resolution in 2013, voted in favor of the report (as she herself specified on Twitter) . Other party members Elly Schlein said : "Although the amendment to the principle of subsidiarity has been postponed, the important thing is that the whole report has been approved." Luigi Morgano, another Catholic exponent of the Democratic Party, has announced that he has abstained. Satisfied Valeria Fedeli , Vice-President of the Senate: "One step forward, all and all together, in Europe."

  2. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    This might be somewhat tangential to this thread but something happened close to home lately that has left me deeply uneasy. The bishop of my diocese made public statements criticising the program of vaccinations for the HPV virus currently being strongly pushed by the Irish government and given to 12-13 year old girls in school. He came under vicious public attack by government ministers and the media for his comments and was basically demonised, ridiculed and everything in between. The Association of Catholic Priests (or association of closet Protestants, as I call them) came out publicly against him as well, calling on the bishop to apologise for his comments. I know, through sources closer to the bishop than I, that the Bishop had no intention of apologising as of last Sunday... but by Monday lunchtime there was a public apology from him in the news, which basically threw the parents who had voiced their concerns about the vaccines to him under the bus by saying that he had been ill-informed by parents, and went on to repeat the government mantra that this is a vital health initiative to keep women safe and free from cervical cancer.

    Now I know my bishop to be a man of orthodox beliefs, exceptional holiness, humility and deep prayer. I don't doubt any of these attributes in him at all. So the source of my uneasiness is, if a bishop, anointed by the Lord for the battle we are currently facing, spending hours daily in prayer, and living in holy and faithful service to the Lord, does not have the strength to stand his ground and refuse to bend to the howling mob and demands of the world, what hope is there for the likes of me to keep the faith in this battle? And the other aspect of this that disturbs me is, the public apology attributed to the bishop does not sound to me like the words or sentiments of the bishop and I am inclined to wonder whether he was forced by a higher authority to submit an apology that was not his own, or possibly even that an apology was written and broadcast by some higher office on his behalf without him even consenting to it.

    Either way, the whole situation is one sorry mess, yet again, for the Catholic Church. The bishop now has zero moral credibility with a) the public who couldn't care less what he said in the first place and now b) the faithful who supported him (myself and several of my friends contacted him to offer our prayers and support) who feel completely betrayed and, yes, angry. It seems as though in this instance anyway the shepherds have thrown the sheep to the wolves and run off to protect their own hides. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but it always comes as a shock when you experience this kind of betrayal first hand.
  3. AED

    AED Powers

    Adoremus I think the explanation may be "both/and". I am sure he got some searing scolds from higher ups and may have been ordered under obedience to cave and apologize. Also he might have been given an avalanche of scientific data cleverly slanted to change his opinion. Don't give up on your Bishop. He needs prayer more than ever and even more support. Imagine what he is going through right now. Satan has a target on him big as Gibraltar. I will certainly pray for him today and put him on my list(getting bigger by the minute)and I will begin interceding in earnest for Ireland (home of my ancestors) as I pray for the U.S. hang in there. I am afraid we are going to see worse before this fever breaks. MRy help of Christians pray for us and protect us.
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  4. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    Yes, I agree with everything you say. I won't give up on him; if anything, seeing him cave under pressure has made me more acutely aware of my own weakness and need for mercy. Thanks for your prayers!
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  5. Pope Benedict remains the only valid Pope.
    Bergoglio is a heretic and a usurper.
    He has no authority over any catholic.
  6. This has happened before in the Catholic Church where cardinals elected a false Pope.
    Bergoglio is just another one.
    The consolation is that Benedicts resignation was faulty hence he remains the only legitimate Pope.
  7. Texas Mama of 2

    Texas Mama of 2 Principalities

    Anthony's Truth,

    No one misses Pope Emeritus Benedict more than I do, but I have never said, nor would I, that Pope Francis is not the validly elected pope. I don't think it was your intention to put words in my mouth, but I want to make it clear that the Holy Father still has my allegiance as the Vicar of Christ, even if I disagree with nearly everything he says and does. Thankfully, none of it has been said or done infallibly. Please reconsider the tone of your posts and also refrain from referring to the Holy Father as"Bergoglio." It is our duty as Roman Catholics to be respectful of him.
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  8. Texas Mama of 2

    Texas Mama of 2 Principalities

    Thank you so much, Praetorian, for your kind and comforting words. I really never thought of my sadness at all that's happened in this pontificate as an offering to Our Lord to console him. I'm so happy to do this for Him, after all He's done for me for all my life. May He reward you with many graces for your thoughtful message and for reminding me what I need to do in these dark days. God bless you and yours always...
  9. if people took a course in theology, where they study at least 2 years of church history, they would realize that Pope Francis is even nice.

    confuse times. I can understand
  10. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    You have absolutely no authority to make that claim.
  11. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    You are more than welcome TM of 2 :)
    And thank you so much for your kind words.
    Yes consolation is a great gift we can offer Our Lord and the most wonderful thing is He loves to console us back. Intimacy with the Divine is something uniquely Catholic that we are so blessed to enjoy.
  12. I have the authority of normal human reason plus the published evidence and the ongoing spectacle of a man claiming to have resigned the papacy yet wielding all the appearances of a pope plus the titles etc.
    Canon law requires that when a pope resigns that resignation must be properly manifested.
    That has yet to happen with Benedict.
    His spokesperson archbishop Ganswein stated Benedict was operating an expanded Petrine ministry and had not fully abandoned the papal office.
    That of course is a fudge.
    Benedict remains the pope despite his assertions.
    Various published statements concerning the ST Gallen mafia and admissions by Cardinal Daneels of Belgium , and statements by the late CardinalmMurphy O,Connor and others all throw credible doubt on the validity of the 2013 papal election.
    Finally Fr Bergoglio SJ continued stream of heretical statements and opinions render him neither a Christian or a catholic.
    These are the facts.
    Human reason is sufficient authority to deem Pope Benedict the sole valid claimant to the Roman Catholic papacy and bishop of Rome.

    There have been anti popes elected by cardinals before and Bergoglio is not the first one.
  13. Fr Bergoglio SJ is an anti Pope .
    Pope Benedict remains , despite his protests, the only lawful Pope of the Catholic Church..

    Anti popes were elected before by the college of cardinals during the Great Western schism.
    Church history indeed show several anti popes.
    It is a conceit to think that this age is immune.
  14. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I repeat: You have no AUTHORITY to proclaim who is Pope and who is not. To reject a sitting Pope is punishable by automatic excommunication. Excommunication can only be lifted by a Bishop. It doesn't matter if you feel there is enough "evidence" to support your theory or not. Not one single sitting Bishop or Cardinal in communion with the church has stated your belief is a fact.

    Once a Pope is announced after a conclave and is accepted by the laity that's it! Finito! We don't get to decide for ourselves.

    You obviously have an agenda as almost every single post you make mentions the fact that you do not accept Pope Francis and believe Benedict is the Pope. You are on very dangerous ground and are attempting to sway others to your way of thinking. I would advise anyone reading the forum to steer clear of your posts for the good of their souls.

    You are trying to lead souls into error and tempting them to separate from Peter and thus the Church. What you are doing is dangerous to souls and in my opinion has no place on a Catholic forum.
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  15. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    This Pontificate is a terrible Chastisement.Of that I am sure.

    '' The bad, not seeing the punishment of God actually falling upon them, continue their life of sin without even caring about the Message. But believe me, Father, God will chastise the world and this will be in a terrible manner. The punishment from Heaven is imminent."
  16. Mary's child

    Mary's child Archangels

    Spot on Praetorian. Thank you for this assertive response in defense of those of us who stand fast to the rock of Peter.
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  17. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I don't think he believes that Benedict is the Pope. In fact, after reading his reply on the other thread, I think he's an anti-Catholic troll.
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  18. gracia

    gracia Angels

    On another forum, this possibility was expressed. That poster, who I regarded as a thoughtful, wise, prayerful man was subsequently banned.

    If one's Pope sounds more Protestant than Catholic and if one has another man in office also called Pope who was a valid Pope, it is perhaps reasonably why some would doubt / question if everything in this situation is as it seems. Anything is possible.

    I am not Catholic. I don't know. But I do know that there are two living men who can be called Pope. One is orthodox, another is being pressed with real concerns over possible heresy.
  19. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Even if one doesn't like what is stated above, can one deny that the facts cause grave concern?

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  20. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    He may as well be a Jehovah's witness as he has funny views on the Trinity.
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