'Pope' Benedict speaks!

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    The pettiness of all this is incredible. It sure looks like Archbishop Vigano has the measure of the Jesuits. That there are one or two Jesuits who don't fit his description doesn't change the fact that the Order has more than its share of despicable human beings.

    Read this thread which Austin Ivereigh re-tweeted: https://twitter.com/kevinohigginssj/status/1216863069965602817

    Most reasonable human beings would accept that if two friends decided they wanted to publish their thoughts on matters dear to their hearts and one of those friends puts his thoughts on paper, shares them with his friend, compliments and thanks the friend for condensing them and tells the friend to go ahead and publish, the finished product (a book) has been co-authored by both of them. But not some Jesuits and the usual suspects surrounding Pope Francis.

    You couldn't make it up. It's like watching gutter crawling politicians trying to cover for a dictator. Even Pope Francis deserves better. With friends like them, he doesn't need enemies.
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    My very first Witch Spammer! Wow! I banned Betty the witch and banned her IP addresses. Whatever next?

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    Archbishop Ganswein: Benedict XVI wrote text, but did not agree to be book's co-author
    By Hannah Brockhaus
    Vatican City, Jan 14, 2020 / 05:58 am (CNA).- Archbishop Georg Ganswein, the private secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, said Tuesday the former pontiff was not informed he would be presented as co-author of a new book on priestly celibacy and that Benedict has asked for his name and photo to be removed from the cover.

    According to the German-language news agency KNA, Ganswein said Jan. 14 that he had called Cardinal Robert Sarah that morning, at Benedict’s request, to ask the book’s publisher to remove the signature of the pope emeritus from the introduction and conclusion, because he had not co-authored them.

    Ganswein said that the chapter in the main part of the book is, however, “100 percent Benedict,” according to KNA. “It was a misunderstanding - without questioning Cardinal Sarah’s good intentions,” Ganswein said.

    The book, “From the Depths of Our Hearts,” is to be released in the United States in February, and will consist of chapters written individually by Benedict and Sarah, as well as an introduction and conclusion reportedly credited jointly to them in the French edition, although the text has not yet been published. Its French release is scheduled for Jan. 15.

    Ganswein said that Benedict wrote the text on priestly celibacy included in the book during the summer of 2019, that he freely gave it to Cardinal Sarah at his request, and that he knew it would appear in a book. He said the pope emeritus was not informed of the plan for the actual form and layout, according to KNA.

    Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, Vatican’s liturgy office, sent a tweet in the early afternoon in Rome Jan. 14 saying future editions of the book will list him alone as author with a contribution by Benedict XVI, “however, the full text remains absolutely unchanged.”

    Approximately two hours prior, Sarah had tweeted a communique claiming Benedict was sent a “complete manuscript” of the book on November 19, comprised of the cover, the common introduction and conclusion, and their individual texts, which would seem to be at odds with Ganswein's statement.

    In the same statement, Sarah said Benedict sent a message November 25 agreeing for the manuscript to be published in the form proposed.

    Cardinal Sarah then retweeted the same communique later in the afternoon, stating that "This press release remains my one and only version of the development of the facts."

    The previous day, on January 13, Sarah tweeted a series of letters from Benedict XVI, that seemed to affirm that the pope emeritus wrote the chapter attributed to him and authorized its publication. The letters also seemed to indicate that Sarah had edited the text provided by Benedict, with the pope emeritus’s full approval.

    In the book, Benedict and Sarah argue that priestly celibacy is not merely an optional feature of Church life today, but an ontological necessity for the priesthood.

    Benedict’s chapter in the book examines the history of the priesthood in the Old and New Testaments, saying that a proper understanding of the nature of the priesthood is crucial in answering contemporary questions about the priesthood.
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    The reason why they are so upset about this book and what Pope Benedict wrote is clearly that Pope Francis and his friends always have had as an End Game the doing away with Priestly Celibacy. This book makes this aim much more difficult.

    If on the other hand Pope Francis (as has been claimed) no intention of allowing married priests, what would it matter what Pope Benedict said?

    When Pope Francis said , 'I would rather die than do away with priestly celibacy', what he really means is,

    'I would rather die than do away with Priestly celibacy , except in certain Pastoral circumstances'.

    If this were not so then why has he publically stated that he is considering the matter? What is to consider if he had already made up his mind?

    We are not only being continually lied to. But lied to in a shameless , stupid and inept way that would make even a child blush.
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    Worse than that.

    They never heard of the Bible it seems.

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    Scenario Three:

    a) Benedict co-authored the book, approved its publication including the cover but didn't tell Archbishop Ganswein. (Remember that Cardinal Sara said he received Pope Benedict's material "in confidence" at the Amazonian Synod.) Why would it have to be in confidence? Has the Pope Emeritus some kind of agreement with Pope Francis that anything he publishes must be vetted beforehand?

    b) The book is printed and some pre-release copies sent to the press. The press publish extracts from the book "co-authored by Cardinal Sara and Pope Benedict Xv1". The book blows out of the water the excuse that celibacy is merely a discipline because there are married priests in the Eastern Rite.

    c) Somebody in the Vatican realises they will have to re-write the part of the post-Synodal exhortation dealing with celibacy (probably written before the last papal conclave).

    d) The lavender lobby take to Twitter, complaining that the Pope Emeritus is interfering and that he had no business using the name Pope Benedict Xv1 because "there is only one Pope".

    e) The journalist from Jesuit America Magazine rings Archbishop Ganswein to find out what he knows. Ganswein says he knows nothing about any book and that Pope Benedict is too frail to write a book. The journalist tweets what Ganswein told him. Austin Ivereigh repeats it and adds some. Others in the cabal surrounding Pope Francis add more and rush to judgement on Cardinal Sara's honesty and integrity, claiming "enemies" of Pope Francis manipulated Pope Benedict.

    f) Fr. Fessio from Ignatius Press confirms that Pope Benedict co-wrote the book and Cardinal Sara publishes the correspondence. The Pope Francis attack dogs have egg on their faces.

    g) Someone "close to Pope Francis" gives Ganswein an earful for letting the Pope Emeritus out of his sight and tells him that if he wants to keep his job he had better find a way to make Pope Francis and the papal cabal look good.

    h) Ganswein 'phones Cardinal Sara to negotiate a compromise. Cardinal Sara is guilt-tripped into a choice between defending his own good name and seeing Ganswein replaced by someone Pope Benedict doesn't know or trust. The compromise: Cardinal Sara won't call Ganswein a liar and he agrees to remove Benedict's name from the cover of the next print-run of the book.

    Remembering the Lettergate fiasco, I don't know how anyone could believe the Vatican's Communications Department before Cardinal Sara.

    Somehow, I think that we all would be better off not knowing about this. It's like watching the Jeremy Kyle or Gerry Springer show. Nobody benefits from it, least of all the Church.

    May Our Lord protect them all from Satan's wiles.
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    The bad guys are in a panic like crazy. The only one who comes out of this anyway well is Cardinal Sarah.

    I make allowances for Pope Benedict being old and frail and sick.

    But there was a time when pregnant women went singing to their deaths to face the Lions for the sake of Truth.

    The only way to handle bullies is to punch them in the face.

    We should be prepared as Catholics, if called upon, to die for the Faith. Compared to this heavy pressure and bullying is zilch.

    The words Courage and Convictions go together sweetly.

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    Thank you for posting, Blizzard. God bless Bishop Schneider.
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  17. What does it mater who wrote which part?
    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI obviously agrees with everything in the book.

    I think he is trying to avoid a formal schism, possibly brought on by the coming exhortation by Pope Francis following the Amazon Synod.

    Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has a deep love for the church. I do not believe for one moment that he fears the "wolves". His concern has been the good of the church... for decades. He reluctantly accepted the papacy. He resigned not out of fear, but because he believed his lack of stamina was a hindrance to his ability to lead the church. He likely did not anticipate the election of a papacy like Francis's.

    He is likely trying to not break the bent reeds...

    Flowing his deep prayer life, he anticipates that because of the coming exhortation, faithful Catholics will need the gift of a clear explanation on the Church's constant teaching on this matter. He likely also realizes the divide in the church this may cause.

    His concern is not his personal legacy or safety, but the good of the church.

    Now let those who want to make the church and God into their own image rail against him and Cardinal Sara. Their victory will be short, temporary and partial. Imagine the horror that awaits those who try to bring down the church that Jesus himself founded.

    God has anticipated all of this and allowed it in order to bring about a greater good. His is the victory in the end.
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    The reason why folks are getting so upset about Pope Benedict and Cardinal Sarah speaking out is that Pope Fracnis has already decided what he is going to do. He was never, 'Considering', anything . He and friends had their fixed agenda all along.

    The , 'Amazon ' Synod was, in reality a German Synod and was totally rigged and controlled. They invited only Bishops who would give them the nod for all they wanted, including doing away with Clerical Celibacy, using the Amazon as an excuse.

    They couldn't have done this unless Francis was in cahoots with them up to his neck.

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    And Africa shall lead...the quiet saint has taken over. His philosophy of blessed silence has turned into, we must not be silent.

    Cardinal Sarah has become the voice needed.

    With Cardinal Burke and Schneider, it was a civil war of Western philosophy’s.

    But with Africa joining...it changes everything. The Church in Africa might not have money but it has become the spiritual soul of the church.

    I believe the last thing Cardinal Sarah wanted to do was confront the pope. But by adding Our Holy Father Benedict...he just started the division of the church.

    If it was just a battle between Philosophical thought...it would be a great debate. But this has become much greater...for Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict to respond, they must fear destruction of the church.

    This is much bigger then we understand.

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