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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by "Quis ut Deus", Nov 12, 2015.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I just wish he were close by so I could rush up to him and give him a great big hug for doing this./tears in my eyes, delighted.
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  2. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I'll probably get myself banned for this but.....................

    I must be living in an alternative universe. Millions of unborn babies being murdered across the world every single day. The Pope gets an opportunity to address the UN and the US joint houses of Congress who are the main promoters of this murder. The world's media who portray this evil as good are there to relay his message. Does the Pope highlight it and tell them all that without a shadow of a doubt what they are doing is contrary to the law of God? Not a bit of it. Instead, he warns us all that we are causing climate change and we need to get on board with the God-denying environmentalist New World Order agenda. Saving the whale is so much more important than saving the babies in the abortion mills just down the road from where he's speaking. He holds the message about the unborn babies for when he's back in the Vatican addressing people who already get it and are trying to do something about it, people who are swimming against the tide whipped up by the NWO crowd.

    The following year, the Pope uses a photo-op to promote the agenda of the same people he addressed in the US. Six Muslim children and their parents who recklessly risked their own children's lives in the Med will be housed and supported in the Vatican, sending the message to others to come on over. Meanwhile, the slaughter of unborn babies continues unabated, and we won't see the Pope making any well publicised visits to protest outside any European abortion facilities. Nobody can accuse this Pope of political incorrectness.

    If encouraging and promoting the Islamic invasion of Europe, even at the risk of parents putting their children in dodgy inflatables to cross the Med, were something that all Catholics are bound to believe rather than risk eternal damnation, today's news coverage would be completely different. And not only the news coverage........Cardinals, Bishops and Priests would be writing reams about the "internal forum" allowing the opposite, we would have Synods called to find devious ways to change it, Catholic theologians and other intelligentsia would be leading the groups opposing it, and the world's politicians would be doing everything in their power to stop it.

    I wonder if Europe's poor, unemployed and homeless Catholics were to converge on the Vatican demanding asylum, what would be the response for them and their children? Of course, Europe's poor, unemployed and homeless Catholics don't have any property to sell off to fund their trip to Rome so there's no fear of the Vatican being accused of hypocrisy.......in the short term at least.
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  3. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    I occupy the same universe. Is charity without sacrifice not the "cheap grace" of which Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote? Our pope seems obsessed with his own personal popularity, but no-cost publicity stunts are very short-term indeed, while he appears to ignore the eternal. I wonder what the abandoned Christians of the Middle East feel about this. Some of Francis' Muslims could have been from among their tormentors. And given the record of so many of these "refugees" (free-loading opportunists?) biting the hands that have fed them, the Swiss Guard will need to be alert.

    That a pope is bound not to err in the promulgation of doctrine, in faith and morals, and he has certainly sailed very close to the wind in that respect, and that he commands our Catholic loyalty, does not mean that he is not a knave or a fool. I can't help being angered by this. I cannot see it being right at all.

    In sentimental terms, this appears right on the surface. However, what are the likely immediate consequences? More refugees attempting to avail of our hospitality, even as Europe is attempting to return them to camps in Turkey. Inevitably, some will drown in the attempt. But was there an exhortation for their wealthy co-religionists to take their share of responsibility? I would applaud him if that was the case, but have read nothing of the kind. In the longer term there is ample evidence from the present moment and from centuries of history that this culture is wholly unassimilable with ours or any other. Nations are not defined by their geographical location but by their people. When you bring in thousands of Syrians or Iraqis or Afghans into Europe, you bring in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. With these will come interminable wars. The future of Europe will resemble the present of the Middle East. Is this wise for a pope to be encouraging?
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  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I don't know , I took it at face value and was totally bowled over. Love it.
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  5. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    I think all here would agree that the truth does not contradict itself. Yet, after repeatedly supporting an "arab invasion" of Europe that would merely represent another demographic change there in a long line of population movements, not to mention declaring that opposition to uncontrolled immigration into the US was "not Christian", our pontiff today co-authored a declaration "...to extend temporary asylum, to offer refugee status to those who are eligible", a policy position which is far more measured than his earlier pronouncements. Indeed, I would suggest it is a contradiction of them, replacing a free-for-all with regulation, control and reversibility.

    In another example today, the very beginning of the recent exhortation lauds the 'vibrant' desire of young people to get married, but just today, our pope says "the youth today don't want to get married". All this in just one day.

    How are we to reconcile all these contradictory statements?
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  6. Just an update on Joby's work !!! yes he and his crew are still working away day and night regardless of the lack of media attention !!!

    you can watch the fantastic documentary on the link below...God bless Joby and friends for the work that they do

    they have been nominated for a noble peace prize and once again thanks to all here on mog for the financial help....

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