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Pius XII himself said he was the "last Pope"

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by SgCatholic, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    I posted this on another thread on an unrelated topic because subsequent to the initial post, the discussion had become relevant, and I'm not sure if many have seen it. So I'm posting it again as a new thread.

    What do you all think of the following:

    Pius XII himself said he was the "last Pope"

    Jean Guitton was a noted French Catholic philosopher and theologian (1901-1999). According to a book by Fr. Luigi Villa, Guitton wrote in L'Osservatore Romano, October 19, 1960, that Pius XII himself had said that he was the "last pope." Following are excerpts from Fr. Villa's work, Anche John XXIII beato? (John XXIII "Beatified" too?), published in June 2000:

    Wrote Jean Guitton (Pantheist and Bergsonian), friend of Giovanni Battista Montini, "Pius XII knew it, he himself said he was the 'last Pope,' the last link of a long chain. And yet in those years of the 1950's, the Church was thriving. But Pius XII knew an unprecedented crisis was in the making, 'in the very bosom of the Church,' as Pius X had already said. And that came about, in fact, with the election of John XXIII. Modernism exploded violently, in spite of Humanae Generis, issued by Pius XII in 1950. Jacques Maritain shared this view: "The modernism of the time of Pius X, compared with the modern neo-modernistic fever, was but a mere hay-fever." In fact, with Pope John XXIII the situation was reversed. The Progressives popped out from everywhere.

    Pope Pius XII

    . . . John XXIII presently thought of appointing new Cardinals. Obviously, the first, whom he personally dictated, was Monsignor Montini, although he knew that Pius XII had kicked him out of the Vatican, and wanted him excluded from the Conclave, and for that reason he had refused him the purple habit. And we are still suffering from the consequences of John XXIII's action.

    That too is a clear indication that John XXIII, far from having been a Pope of transition, was a real reformer and transformer, such as the Church had never known since the days of the Counter-Reformation. A new revised Church, today called "Conciliar," (quod dixit Cardinal Benelli).

    ⍏ ⍏ ⍏ ⍏

    Fr. Luigi Villa's book can be downloaded at the following link: http://www.traditionalcatholic.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/John-XXIII-Beatified.pdf
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  2. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    This smacks of sedevacantism SG. Be careful. Most sedevacantists believe Pope Pius XII or Pope John XXIII were the last valid Popes and they will trot out all sorts of "quotes" to support their thesis. I have never heard Pope Pius XII said anything like this. If he had I am sure we would have heard of it.
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  3. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Do you know about Father Luigi Villa?

    Almost sixty years ago, “Padre Pio first met Father Luigi Villa, whom he entreated to devote his entire life to fight Ecclesiastical Freemasonry. Padre Pio told Father Villa that Our Lord had designs upon him and had chosen him to be educated and trained to fight Freemasonry within the Church. The Saint spelled out this task in three meetings with Father Villa, which took place in the last fifteen years of life of Padre Pio. At the close of the second meeting [second half of 1963], Padre Pio embraced Father Villa three times, saying to him: ‘Be brave, now…for the Church has already been invaded by Freemasonry!’ and then stated: ‘Freemasonry has already made it into the loafers (shoes) of the Pope!’ At the time, the reigning Pope was Paul VI.
  4. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I do know of Fr. Luigi Villa, mostly in relation to the Padre Pio story about fighting Freemasonry. I have never heard that he was associated with the story of Pope Pius XII saying he was the last Pope.
  5. gracia

    gracia Angels

    What has helped as I attempt to navigate and get my brain around the theological politics of the 20th Century Catholic Church as a non-Catholic is to keep in mind that this is Christ's Church in the fullest, richest, most authentic, and Apostolic sense.

    He has promised that all things will be brought to light. So going along with snatches of info here and there like "the last valid Pope was a guy no one's heard of who was secretly elected by a hidden conclave and he's been living in Newark, New Jersey for the past fifty years" simply does not jibe with the workings of a merciful, loving God who works in the Rays of Truth and who wants all souls to be saved.

    Something that crazy, secret, occultic, and random is not going to take place. It's just not.
  6. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    I don't see any mention of such a thing in the article I posted, and also not in Father Luigi Villa's downloadable book.
    What I wanted to highlight was that Padre Pio told Father Villa that Our Lord had designs upon him and had chosen him to be educated and trained to fight Freemasonry within the Church.And there are many things written in Father Luigi Villa's book that I've never known about.
  7. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I think now that it's beyond doubt that the Masons have a strong foothold in the hierarchy. I wonder what transpired at that rapprochement gathering in Sicely last Sunday. I'm sure they used another another term for it than rapprochement. Dialogue? Discussion? Accompaniment? Love-in?
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  8. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    This is the first time I have learnt that Father Luigi Villa, who according to St Padre Pio, was specially chosen by our Lord Jesus to fight Freemasonry in the Catholic Church, wrote an open letter to the Episcopate when he heard that Pope John Paul II was intending to beatify Pope John XXIII.
    At the end of the letter, he wrote:

    "And I conclude: one can but be astounded in observing two concepts of sanctity which Rome maintains today: the “ Catholic” sanctity of Pius IX, and the “ ecumenical” one of John XXIII; that is, the “ sanctity” of a Pope who bravely struggled against the enemies of the Church, and the “ alleged sanctity” of the other Pope, who undermined the defense of the rights of Christ-God; who caused the faithful to dismantle their defense against the modern evils and failed to defend them against those very evils: freemasonry, communism, sects, and false religions.

    Hence to be willing to beatify Pope John XXIII together with Pius IX is a clear example of modernist action, for it is a willing to bless the Pope of the conciliar revision along with the Pope who defined the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and of the Pontifical Infallibility, and who, with the “ Syllabus” and the encyclical “ Quanta Cura” , laid bare the pathogenic germs of the modern and contemporary social maladies directed to killing the Faith.

    This is why, Your Excellency, I intend to manifest to the Holy See my will and my plea that Pope John XXIII do not receive the honor of a “ beatification” for any legitimated reason."
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  9. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    @gracia, I never heard of a Pope secretly elected by a hidden conclave, living in Newark, New Jersey for the past 50 years. Unless there is some Catholic sect of deserters who have done this, and I would not be counting them as serious or worthy of discussion apart from identifying them as another bunch of nut jobs.

    Pope Pius XII was such an amazing and holy Pope, I don't know what to make of the news that he had actually said he would be the last Pope.

    I am baffled about why Pope John XXIII could not be canonised. Is it because he was a mason. It is possible of course and the Priest who was supposed to fight the masons appears to have made the objection. All very puzzling.

    I don't think John XXIII was a bad person for calling the second Vatican Council. It was the way the information was sent out to the diocese and parishes and the Truth about the changes twisted that has caused the horrors we have seen since. The Pope and Cardinals in the Council itself did not agree to what we are dealing with. We would need to believe there was a conspiracy in the Vatican Council to say the right and holy thing, and then publish the damaging changes that have been implemented since. I don't know what to think, and no doubt many here have a whole host of reasons why so much damage has been done.

    The question is 'who done it.' Because the published material from the second Vatican Council seems to indicate the Faith was not threatened at that point. It was afterwards when the information was translated and sent out, that it appears changes were inserted and some say that was where the masons made their move. I don't know.

    It seems a harsh thing to say, but we heard so much about the Spirit of the Second Vatican Council. All I can think is that spirit seems to be one from the anti-Christ. Why else would there be so much turmoil.
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  10. ComeSoon!

    ComeSoon! Mercy & Discernment

    The Last Pope? Revisiting the Prophecy of St. Malachy
    Ganswin, papal secretary to both Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis, has dramatically brought the Church’s attention back to an ancient prophecy that predicts that Benedict XVI will be the second-to-the-last pope prior to the return of Jesus Christ.

    In an interview last May 20, 2016, on the occasion of the launch of a book about Benedict XVI’s papacy written by Fr. Roberto Regoli, Archbishop Ganswin called attention to the “prophecy of the popes” attributed to St. Malachy, and said that prophecy is a “wake-up call”.

    St. Malachy, an Irish Catholic bishop, was known as a gifted prophet, even predicting the date of his own death in 1148. The first native-born Irishman to be canonized, he is known in the Roman Catholic Church for his work as a healer, a miracle worker, and as a reformer of the Church in Ireland. He was canonized in 1190 by Pope Clement III. Malachy was visiting Rome in 1139 when he went into a trance and received a vision. He wrote down this extraordinary vision in which he claims to have foreseen all of the popes from the death of Innocent II until the destruction of the church and the return of Christ. He named exactly 112 popes from that time until the end.

    Number 111 on the list, the “Glory of the Olive”, is Benedict XVI because the Benedictines have a branch called the Olivetans. Pope Benedict XVI was not a Benedictine priest, yet he chose the name of Benedict, founder of the Order of Saint Benedict. The symbol of the Benedictine order includes an olive branch. The prophecy, therefore, foretells that Benedict XVI is the second to the last pope prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    “Indeed, when looking at the prophecy, and considering how there was always a sound reference to popes mentioned in its history – that gives me the shivers,” Archbishop Gänswein said. Although Catholics aren’t required to accept the prophecy, “speaking from historical experience, one has to say: Yes, it is a wake-up call.”

    First published in 1595 by Arnold de Wyon, a Benedictine monk, Malachy’s prophecy consists of 112 short Latin descriptions of future popes. Each of these descriptions identifies one outstanding trait for each of these future popes, beginning with Pope Celestine II, who was elected in 1130. This list stretches all the way from the time of St. Malachy to the present, describing, among many others, Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and finally, “Peter the Roman”, the last pope prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    Incredibly Accurate

    Although through the years many critics have questioned the authenticity of the prophecy, many scholars and even clergy have come to its defense, citing the incredible accuracy of the descriptions of the future popes.

    Scholars have matched up the descriptions with each pope since that time. For example, Malachy’s description of John XXII, who held the papacy from 1316 to 1334, is “de sutore osseo,” which means “from the bony shoemaker.” This particular pope was, indeed, the son of a shoemaker, and held the family name of “Ossa,” meaning bone. In another close match, Malachy used the term “lilium et rosa” to describe Urban VII, whose family crest was composed of roses and lilies.

    The prophecy for Paul VI was “Flos Florum” (Flower of Flowers) and his coat of arms contained three fleurs- de-lis (Isis blossoms). The description for John Paul I was “De Medietate Lunae,” (the Half Moon). He was baptized Albino Luciani (white light), was born in the diocese of Belluno (beautiful moon), became pope when there was a half moon (Aug. 26, 1978), and died after an eclipse of the moon.

    John Paul II was prophesied under the title “De Labore Solis,” (from the labor of the sun), and indeed he was born during an eclipse of the sun on May 8, 1920.

    A modern version of Malachy’s prophecies was published in 1969 by Archbishop H. E. Cardinale, the Apostolic Nuncio to Belgium and Luxembourg. Cardinale wrote “it is fair to say the vast majority of Malachy’s predictions about successive Popes is amazingly accurate – always remembering that he gives only a minimum of information.”

    The Final Entry: The Last Pope

    The final of the 112 Latin entries of the prophecy reads as follows.

    In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

    There are three important points to note with regard to this final entry:

    First, It foretells the “final persecution of the Holy Roman Church”. Many Church events today bear witness to this reality that indeed, the Holy Roman Church is severely being persecuted, both by outside forces, as well as by “wolves in sheeps clothing” that are within the Church herself. Prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, there will be many “tribulations” that the Church and the faithful will have to bear.

    Second, the city of the seven hills (Rome) will be destroyed. The prophecy foretells the coming destruction of Rome.

    Third, “Peter the Roman” will be the final pope. Some reputable prophecies have pointed out that in the end times, there will reign a “false pope” who will create a false church. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, one of the greatest mystics of all time, saw a vision of the end times, where she saw the “baleful relationship between two popes”, and how the false church grew and size. The Church-approved apparitions of Our Lady of Lasallete likewise predicted: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist”. Fr. Stefano Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests and Laity, likewise received interior locutions from Our Lady, predicting that the false pope in the end would commit the “horrible abomination”, which would consist in the abolition of the Eucharist and the forming of a false , one-world ecumenical Church. The messages given to Fr. Gobbi have received the nihil obstat and imprimatur; millions of faithful, and thousands of clergy, are part of the Marian Movement of Priests.

    If there will be a false pope in the end times, as predicted by numerous reputable mystics and Marian apparitions, who then is “Peter the Roman”? While many have interpreted “Peter the Roman” to refer to Pope Francis, there is a weight of evidence, covered by this publication, which seems to indicate that Pope Francis is leading the Church in a vastly different direction from his predecessors.

    In the messages of Jesus given to Maria Divine Mercy, Jesus explains that “Peter the Roman” is St. Peter himself, who will pasture the Church directly from the Heavens during the final persecution of the Catholic Church by the enemies that have taken their seat at the highest echelons of the Church hierarchy.

    The prophecy of St. Malachy is, in the words of Archbishop Ganswein, a “wake up call for us.” We are all called, in these perilous times, to become true soldiers of Jesus Christ, fighting to proclaim the full truth of the Catholic Faith against all error, and praying and imploring Our Lord: “Maranatha!”, come Lord Jesus!
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  11. ComeSoon!

    ComeSoon! Mercy & Discernment

    Pope John XXIII was canonized along with St John Paul II.
  12. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Julia, do read the downloadable book by Fr Luigi Villa. The translation is not the best, I think, but it does illumine.

    I felt very uneasy at his canonisation. Only one confirmed miracle was attributed to his intercession (for purposes of his beatification in 2000) and the necessary second miracle was waived by pope Francis.

    And his body is not incorrupt. It was preserved. http://www.cfnews.org/page88/files/889640e84ff58757f6e4902ae6ed1ddb-205.html
  13. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Father Luigi Villa also wrote another book entitled "Paul VI beatified?".
    I found an easier to read review of the book on Catholic Family News http://www.cfnews.org/page10/page83/paul_vi_beatified.html
    A short extract from it:
    "CHAPTER ONE begins with the “New Religion” of Paul VI, which was spread throughout the universal Church by Vatican II. Fr. Villa begins the chapter with these words:

    “The Pontificate of Paul VI has been, to us, a real catastrophe, for the reason that it was an authentic revolution that spun the Church on a 180 degree about-turn, by means of a Council that supplanted the ‘Traditional Church’ with a ‘New Church’…”. (Pg 27)"

    Popes John XXIII and Paul VI were the 2 popes very much involved with Vatican II.
  14. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    This all seems so familiar;

    "Of the other sophisms of pope John XXIII’ s, I will only mention, here,
    his odd conception of a mercy that refuses to condemn the error, as well as his similarly odd tendency – always condemned by the preceding Popes – of promoting a vague “ unity” ,
    not evocative of Catholic unity, founded on Faith and Charity, but rather evocative of the
    Masonic “ universal brotherhood”.

    I have often asked myself what could be behind such a departure from the Faith? How can we have such drastic amount of change in the leadership of the Church and the seemingly little push back? What could possibly be behind all this? The Church for so very many centuries well fought back against this all the sudden to embrace it?

    Why does the leadership of the world and the Church now seemingly align? What can they possibly have in common?
  15. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Thank you for your post ComeSoon. I remember reading the article before. But it has only now struck me about what it means.

    When I first learnt of St Malachy's prophecy of the popes some years ago, I was quite astounded at the accuracy of his description of each pope.
    I also read about how this list matched Garabandal's prophecy of 3 more popes after Pope John XXIII (actually 4, one of whom is not counted - JP I?) and then no more.
    But then PF got elected, and it has become increasingly clear what he is all about. It is quite obvious that he does not match the description of Peter the Roman.
    So, if Peter the Roman is indeed St Peter himself, the only possible interpretation is that PF was not seen by St Malachy as a true pope.
  16. Steve79

    Steve79 Angels

    A little addition to this topic which I found interesting when I read about.
    We all know, on the evening of the same day on which Pope Benedict announced his resignation on the 11th of february in 2013, a lightning strike hit the dome of the St. Peter´s Basilica.
    During an interview on ETWN Archbishop Gänswein mentioned a conversation with Pope Benedict about that.
    Gänswein said, a few days later, he showed Pope Benedict some images of the lightning strike.
    Until then, Pope Benedict had not heard of the phenomenon and asked Archbishop Gänswein: “Is this true or is it a photomontage? ”:)
    Gänswein's answer to the pope: “No, nature has spoken here, and quite clearly.”

    Personally I remember that lightning strike very well. My family and I saw this as a clear sign.
  17. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Me, too.
  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Yes indeed. :eek:
  19. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Let's not forget there was not only one, but two separate lighting strikes that hit St. Peter's on that fateful day. Both occurring within hours of Pope Benedict's resignation. The odds of that are astronomical...
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  20. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    The problem I see with this is that Maria Divine Mercy’s messages have been condemned by the Church
    She has been condemned
    We endanger our souls reading that material
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