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Parable of the present Church

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by garabandal, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Once in a village there was a very old church. There was a law stating there could be only one church designated on the site where the church stood. This posed a great problem because the old church was in a bad state of decline. The old church could not be torn down and rebuilt because there would be no place to worship during its construction. Therefore, it was renovated age after age. But there came a time when the very structure itself became so decayed that it became impossible to make it sound. Nevertheless, there was no choice but to continually try to make it sound. New beams would be brought in only to be contaminated by rotted beams attached to them. However, a few beams, by nature’s own design, were very hard and were able to resist the rot. New stones throughout the ages were also laid, some next to stones which were crumbling and the new stones also became contaminated and crumbled. However, by nature’s own design, some stones were very hard and able to resist the rot even though next to the contaminated beams and stones and these stones gave some continued strength to the structure.

    Some who went to worship in the church were struck from falling beams or crumbling stones. Some were injured to the point of saying they would not come back. And, indeed, they and many others left the church. Those who remained faithful prayed to God and asked, “What are we to do, Lord? Our own church is falling down upon us. We have continually worked to strengthen it but the church cannot be rebuilt. There is so much decay.” The people were distraught, sad, and in grief at seeing their centuries-old church going to ruin. Their suffering and tears moved God’s mercy and a great light shone into the hearts of a few of them. They met and told the others, “God has given a plan to give us a new church. A great light shone into our hearts and revealed it.” Great wonderment of how this could come about swept through those gathered. The enlightened group answered, “We are to build a foundation around the existing church. By building around and over the existing church, the original structure would be left in tact so that all can continue to worship while a new, strong church can be built on this same site around it. Once finished, we will be able to retrieve the good stones and beams from the old church and build altars and decorate the inside of the new church.”

    Indeed, they did as God revealed and a beautiful church rose up around the old one. The bad material was cast away. The good beams and stones were kept making beautiful altars and architectural features on the inside. All marveled because this was the same church, new, rebuilt from the outside, and yet the same old church, devoid of the rot.
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  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    So true. It will all have to come down, every bit of it.

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