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Our Lady of Revelation

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by padraig, Aug 15, 2017.

  1. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I was wondering why, with his special familiarity with the Fatima request and warning, he did not consecrate Russia "as our Lady requested". Obviously we seem to have a myriad of various kinds of limited consecrations by popes but not THE one requested. Thus and alas, we have the world today as it is and as warned it would be without it!!
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  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have come to believe one of the graces we receive when we make the 5 First Saturdays as REQUESTED by our Lady of Fatima, is to not pass judgement on the efforts of the Holy Fathers in their response to THE request she made for the Consecration specifically mentioning Russia.
    The laity have failed to respond to Our Lady's request, and we the laity are the mortar that is required to bring about fulfilment of the promises when the Consecration is completed. The laity are to me the missing link. How many on this forum are making the 5 First Saturdays. It would be very interesting to know the number, because it would be an indicator as to how may Catholics out there are bothered. We have to take responsibility for our own part in all this. I hope the grace will come when enough of us do as Requested by Our Lady.
    The Popes have tried, how many of the laity have tried to make the 5 First Saturdays. My feeling is a poor and indifferent response is what has really happened. This may be because people were not made aware. Now a forum like this is a chance to get to hear what we should have been doing all along. IMHO
    I don't intend to come across as harsh. Just not sure how to share a very strong feeling on this topic of the Consecration. And I wonder why about lots of things too. :)
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  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    The laity is always to be continually guided by the Church. Not the other way around. Heaven as well works through the Church in order to benefit the faithful and to save souls. God respects that order as He Himself established. In this case as well as many others the Church through its authorities has dropped the ball. If the laity has failed in their part it is because they are encouraged to do so by what has been taught to be accepted about the Fatima history. Now, most who have accepted what has been given to them by the Church.... that everything of Fatima is now in the past, as was emphasized by C. Bertone, no longer are encouraged to pray for the conversion of Russia. That "deal" made with the Soviet Union in order for the Orthodox to attend Vat II was still in effect in 1984...why Fr. Amorth stated the "politicians" surrounding JPII at the time of the consecration were the ones the Pope looked to for permission to say Russia by name....3 times....and they told him "no"!! That was the choice made at the time. The Era of Peace was to be a longer time of preparation of souls for their salvation and in order to participate in the Divine Will, fulfilling the Father's will as was given to us in the Our Father...."Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done; on earth AS it is in heaven. Now that Fatima is believed to be a done deal with no logical questions permitted...or else.....what a wonderful world of "peace" we continue to experience! Fatima was "saved" by the devotion of Divine Mercy in order to answer the Mother's concern about so many souls being lost because they have no one to pray for them.
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  4. sterph

    sterph Archangels

    I made the first Friday's and first Saturdays twenty years ago when I was in college and could do it faithfully.
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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers


    Did the Blessed Mother visit him personally? I thought that the Blessed Mother sent Luigina Sinapi to speak to him when he was a Cardinal and then Bruno Cornnachiola was told to speak to him when he was Pope?

    He stated that he saw the "Miracle of the Sun" four times though, prompting him to declare the Assumption as a dogma of the faith.

    Sr. Lucia wrote a letter to Pope Pius XII in December of 1940, saying that Our Lord Himself requests the Pope to "consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with a special mention for Russia, and order that all the Bishops of the world do the same in union with Your Holiness."

    But, I think that the Consecration of Russia was not performed in a timely manner by Pope Pius XII due to the lack of cooperation from the Bishops of the world and then finally on July 7, 1952 he simply performed it without them.
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  6. Shae

    Shae Principalities

    Julia, I personally have been continually making the First Friday's and First Saturday's for a number of years now. Most of my Legion of Mary group do also.
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  7. Mario

    Mario Powers

    An interesting question to ask, Julia. I have not made the 5 First Saturdays for about 4 years because of Diaconate Formation calendars. That will change beginning next July, if not sooner. One should ask if the laity were truly responding generously to the request of the First Saturdays, wouldn't the roadblock to a united consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by Pope and bishops be resolved?

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  8. Mario

    Mario Powers


    Safe Under Mary's Mantle!
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  9. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    I too have made them since the beginning of the year this year but I can not participate fully because I can not yet take part in the Sacraments. I do all that I can though until then.

    I was wondering about this because not many people it seems know about this request. Does anyone's church include this in the bulletin? Mine does not although I do see announcements for First Friday's from time to time and even mentioned in Mass once as well.
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  10. AED

    AED Powers

    Here is what I have noticed. As a child growing up in the 50's we made the 9 first Friday's in Catholic school. We attended Mass every day and on those Friday's we brought breakfast with us so we could make the first Friday's. We were also encouraged to make the 5 first Saturday's. It was all around being talked of ---the conversion of Russia and the saying of the Rosary and the importance of Fatima were all around. Then Pope John 23 didn't reveal the third secret and he de emphasized Fatima and V2 took it from there. Sad.
    However these last year's in spite of T. Bertone people are picking it up again. On our Catholic radio station there are reminders and explanations about the devotion every month. In our parish it is still a remnant though.
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  11. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    A while ago someone gave me a laminated sheet with details of the First Satudays and First Fridays and told me he got it in Knock. I was in Knock the following week and went looking for some more. Nothing in the Basilica or in any of the Shrine's book shops and nobody I asked there knew what I was talking about. I found them on a table at the back of the parish church. Evidently, the local parish is making an attempt to promote the two devotions.

    The First Saturdays were a big thing when I was a child but I haven't heard them mentioned in decades until I went to the conclusion of 24 hour adorations commemorating the Fatima centenary. The priest there encourage people to do the First Saturdays. I think the priest was from India. Our parish has a special evening Mass for the First Fridays but there's never any mention of the First Saturdays there. Perhaps with the Rosary being considered old fashioned and "rote praying" as opposed to having a "personal relationship" with Jesus, the priests think it would be asking too much of people to pray the Rosary and meditate on the Passion. Then there's the thorny issue of Confession. Hardly anyone goes to Confession nowadays. Why would folk bother with Confession if it's almost impossible to commit a mortal sin which seems to be the stance of the Church these days?
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  12. AED

    AED Powers

    It is very interesting in our parish. Every Friday morning we have an hour of Eucharistic Adoration and our young fervent priest hears confessions. Often he has to resume hearing confessions after Mass because of the numbers and is always very happy to do so. I scan the people who attend this Hour and Mass and realize it is quite a hardship for them and me because we have to get up quite early and many of us live out in the country. And I think "here is the Church" in a huge parish combing many closed up parishes. Here is the remnant. They are the same ones I see during the week at our Adoration chapel and on the front lines of the abortion clinic. Hmmmm.
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  13. djmoforegon

    djmoforegon Archangels

    Thank you, Carol. I love this website! (JesusMaria)
  14. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    djm, Your welcome. I think it was Mac who posted that article on MOG. It is very good imho and is worth posting multiple times.
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  15. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Sensus Fidelium have uploaded a new video (this is the seventh video) in the Our Lady of Revelation series. I haven't listened to all of it yet because it's late and I have an early start in the morning but it seems to be mostly about Fatima and the Third Secret. I will have to listen to it again tomorrow when I'm not half asleep:

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  16. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Dolours, It is the strangest thing but I thought that Don had posted this and I did watch it at the time but when I rechecked the video that he posted it is number 6. I am certain that he posted 7 because I posted 6 because I thought it was skipped. In any case, it is good that you posted this because this thread no longer has 7 posted on it. Funny.
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  17. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Very strange, Carol, because video 7 was only uploaded on Sensus Fidelium yesterday. Not only that, but there a part 2 of video 7 was also uploaded yesterday. I won't have time to listen to them until later today. Here's part 2 of Video 7:
  18. AED

    AED Powers

    It is good!!
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  19. Heidi

    Heidi Archangels

    Wow!!!!! Amazing video! A whole new perspective on the 3rd secret.
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  20. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I haven't had the time to replay the videos because this was a busy day for me.

    Is it me, or does anyone else think of the climate change scare when they hear how the secret was "revealed" by the Pope cautioning people against wanting to hear about vast areas of the earth being covered by the sea?

    Our Lady's solution was the Rosary, the Consecration of Russia, praying for the conversion of Russia and the First Saturday devotions. Mankind's solution is renewable energy, open borders and cutting the human population by half (yes, someone from a Pontifical academy actually believes that the green energy solution is no more than a sticking plaster and that we all will have to accept that the world is overpopulated). I didn't read how she plans to cut the world's population but I wouldn't be surprised to find that artificial birth control, abortion and euthanasia are among her preferred methods.
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