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Norman Holland

Discussion in 'Welcome to new Members' started by padraig, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Hi Norman,

    You're very welcome to the forum!
  2. norman  holland

    norman holland New Member

    thanks for the welcome padraig, i would like to bring to your attention and to others also, that in year 1998, i was shown a preview of the miracle to take place at garabandal in spain, before i was shown the miracle, i was given visions as a run up to the miracle, a number of these have already occured, and i have many witnesses who can confirm to what i am saying, every vision i have received as been drawn and logged, they also concern whats going to happen in england , ireland , america, the catholic church, and other occurances. i saw joey lomangino in the visions concerning the miracle before and after the miracle took place , i saw him with new eyes, i did not know this mans name , when vision was shown to me, nor was i aware of the place being shown to me ie garabandal, i had never heard of the place called garabandal until after the visions were shown to me, the miracle is a bright light which comes down from the sky , it enters through a gap between the mountains, then turns right and heads towards the pines , i saw joey and three women stood in front of the pines , quite close to but in front of a picture of our lady which was attached to one of the tree trunks of the pines, a man [ italian man who lives in crewe in england] came to my home a few months after i was shown the visions of the miracle, it was he who told me id been given a vision of the miracle of garabandal, as my drawings of the pines and what i described to him how all happened, all matched is pictures of garabandal which he had on him, he was the promoter of garabandal who lives in crewe in england,at time in year 1998, he couldnt understand why at that time in 1998, that their was only three women near joey, and not four women, as you may know mari lolle sadly passed away last year, which confirms the vision i had in year 1998 is true, also in 1998 when i had the vision of the miracle i was shown a date written in words , it was thirteenth of may [13th of may ] but i wasnt shown a year, i have mentioned this since year 1998, ive also had visions about medjugorje , ie permanent sign their its a cross with flames coming out of it , my telephone number is england 01942 621203 for more information.
  3. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Hi Agin Norman,

    I'd love it if you'd post on the forum a description of these visions, you're very welcome to; I know I and a lot of others would be very interested in them,


    [I don't suppose you had any visions about a future Pope at all?}
  4. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    This is really intresting. From whats now happening in the world I think the warning is very close maybe later this year. I dont have any dreams, visions or anything like that but from reading the signs of the times. I was thinking how important Divine Mercy Sunday was yesterday and intended to go to the cermonies but unfortunately I was not feeling well and my mother requires a constant presence with her so I didnt make it this year which must be the 1st time in years.
    For many this years Divine Mercy Sunday may be their last as the time of Mercy is coming to a close and from Our Lady's last message she asks us to 'be ready'.

    Thanks for sharing your dream and I would love to hear more. The sign in Medjugorje I have hears someone say that it will be like what moses saw 'The burning bush'. If is to be accepted by Jews it would have to be something like that. A burning cross would seem to make sense.
  5. twoangels

    twoangels New Member

    Welcome Norman to the forum! I always thought that the miracle would be a burning cross. It would make the most sense. It would show religions all the world that Christianity was the truth.
    I've not come across many prophecy's regarding Ireland apart from Padraig's dream that showed that Ireland would be swallowed with a large wave. It was in a book about St.Malachy's prophecy's that I first read it and reading Padraig's dream gave me the shivers! Padraig's dream on another website led me to the Mother of God forum.
    What visions did you have regarding Ireland? If you don't mind sharing!

  6. Seán

    Seán New Member

    Thanks Norman. Please share more of what you have seen with us.
  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Welcome Norman Holland but your post has me 'officially freaked out' - Please confirm that you did not read my post of 31 March 2010 as outlined below!! I stated that the Miracle of Garabandal would occur on 13 May, perhaps this year but put a question mark as I wasn't sure which year. I outlined clearly why 13 May rings true for the date of the Miracle of Garabandal. It seems incredible to me that you had a dream showing 13 May!

    Here is my post of 31 March 2010


    13 May 2010
    Day of the Week: Thursday
    Liturgical Calendar: Feast of the Ascension

    The Virgin Mary said that the Miracle will occur on a Thursday, about 8:30 p.m. (Garabandal time) on the feast day of a martyr of the Eucharist, on a Thursday, coinciding with an event in the Church. Conchita has said that this martyr is not Jesus or Mary.

    Conchita has said: “It will happen between the months of February and July and it will be between the 7th and the 17th, but I will not tell you which year.”


    JOEY LOMANGINO: Joey Lomangino, the blind apostle of Garabandal, will have his eyesight restored on the day of the Miracle.

    FATHER LUIS ANDREU: ‘Fr Luis Andreu died of joy on August 9, 1961 after being given a preview of the miracle of Garabandal. Our Lady told Conchita that on the day after the miracle, Fr Luis Andreu’s body would be found to be incorrupt.

    Conchita has also said that, after Pope John 23rd, there would be only three more Popes before the prophetic events predicted at Garabandal would unfold. After John XXXIII, there was Paul VI, John Paul 1 and John Paul II. Therefore, the events predicted at Garabandal will begin during the reign of the current Pope: Benedict XVI. So Benedict is the Pope of the secrets (St Malachy, in his famous prophecies calls him the 'glory of the olives' the olive being symbolic of peace-maker & a symbol of the Benedictine Order, hence Benedict XVI).

    Conchita has said that the Miracle will coincide with an event in the Church, “a singular event in the Church that happens very rarely’. It will happen on the same day as the Miracle, but not as a consequence of the Miracle, only coincidentally.” That event could the canonization of John Paul II [and perhaps Pope Pius XII who was made a bishop on 13 May 1917]. John Paul’s love of our Lady, Fatima and Divine Mercy, and his life I believe supports the messages and revelations of Garabandal. John Paul II perhaps is the key to unlocking the date of the miracle of Garabandal.

    The martyr of the Eucharist may be Blessed Imelda Lambertini. She was a martyr of the Eucharist because she died out of love for the Eucharist. She died at the tender age of eleven years upon receiving her first Holy Communion. She went into a state of ecstasy, out of love for Christ Present in the Eucharist and died out of love of her Saviour. Before her death, Blessed Imelda said: “Tell me, can anyone receive Jesus into his heart and not die?

    She died at age 11 upon receiving her first Communion on the day of the vigil (May 12th) of the Feast of the Ascension (May 13th, 1333). She was not supposed to receive her first Communion at that time, because she was too young. But, as she was in prayer before the Eucharist on May 12th, a miraculous light from Heaven shone down upon her, and a host was seen suspended in the light above her head, and so the chaplain wisely chose to give first Communion to her. She then went into a mystical ecstasy and died out of love for Jesus in the Eucharist. She has been named patroness of first communicants by Pope Pius X.

    Reasons why BLESSED IMELDA may be the martyr of the Eucharist mentioned in the messages of Garabandal

    1. Even though she died on May 12th, her feast day is May 13th
    2. The first apparition of Fatima was on 13 May.
    3. The attempted assassination of John Paul II was on 13 May
    4. John Paul II may be canonized on 13 May (2010) and Pope Benedict is on Fatima on 13 May 2010 [Pope John Paul II insisted that it was our Lady of Fatima who saved his life!]
    5. The Miracle occurs on a Thursday; Blessed Imelda died on the vigil of Ascension Thursday in 1333. In most years her feast does not coincide with Ascension Thursday. But in this year 2010, her feast day again coincides with the Feast of the Ascension.
    6. This year the 13 May falls on a Thursday.
    7.The liturgical feast is Ascension Thursday.
    8. Bl. Imelda Lambertini died on May 12th, but since her death occurred on the vigil for the Feast of the Ascension (May 13th that year), her feast day is May 13th.
    9. Her feast day falls within the months and days given by Conchita
    10. She died upon receiving her first Holy Communion and is a martyr of the Eucharist.
    11. She was martyred as an eleven-year old girl; the visionaries of Garabandal were all girls of about 11 or 12 years of age at the time of the apparitions.
    12. She died in 1333, a mystical number which indicates the Holy Trinity
    13. May 13 is the 133rd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
    14. Blessed Imelda is the patroness of fervent first Communions, meaning that the Church has given her a special role concerning the Eucharist.
    15. According to an article by Gabriel Garnica in the Oct-Dec 2004 issue of Garabandal Magazine, the Pines at Garabandal were planted to commemorate the first communions of children (by Cochita’s grandfather): Blessed Imelda is the patroness of first communions.
    16 It is said that Blessed Imelda Lamberini died for joy and love of the Holy Eucharist, which she received in a miraculous way. Concita received the miraculous visible host on July 8, 1962. Fr Luis Andreu died of joy on August 9, 1961 after being given a preview of the miracle of Garabandal.
    17. Blessed Imelda Lambertini's body is an incorruptible – our Lady told Conchita that on the day after the miracle, Fr Luis Andreu’s body will be found to be incorrupt.
    18. Upon her death, miracles were immediately attributed to the intercession of Blessed Imelda, especially the restoration of sight to one man from her town who had been blind. Our Lady told Conchita that Joey Lomangino, the blind apostle of Garabandal, will have his eyesight restored and that the first thing that he will see will be the miracle of Garabandal.

    Sorry Norman to question you but as you can see the coincidence is incredible!!
  8. Seán

    Seán New Member

    It seems that there is no other martyr of the Eucharist that fits the time frame that Conchita gave except Blessed Imelda.

    So the Miracle must either happen on May 12th (the day of her death) or May 13th.

    Possible dates:

    May 13th 2010 (Ascension) (unlikely at this point)
    May 12th 2011
    May 12th 2016
    May 13th 2021 (Ascension) (very unlikely)
    May 13th 2027 (extremely unlikely)

    The problem with the 2011 and 2016 dates is that there is much more supporting the date of May 13th than May 12th. (See garabandal’s post of Ron Conte’s interpretation above).
    Possible great events in the Church to coincide with the Miracle include:
    1. The Canonization of a Pope, or multiple Popes. I’ll get back to this in a minute.
    2. The Proclamation of a Dogma.
    3. The Return of a major Protestant Denomination to full Communion with Rome.
    4. A solemn consecration of a country or nation (or a group of nations) to Our Lord or to the Blessed Virgin.

    If May 13th is the correct date, then the canonization of Popes Pius XII and John Paul II would be most fitting. This is why. Both Popes have a fundamental link to Fatima, which of course is celebrated on May 13th. Pope Pius (Eugenio Pacelli) was solemnly consecrated as bishop by Pope Benedict XV on May 13th 1917, the very day on which the Fatima apparitions began. John Paul was attacked on May 13th 1981, where he believed that Our Lady of Fatima saved him from death, and exactly a year later, on May 13th 1982, he was in Fatima at this time. On May 13th 2010, Pope Benedict will be in Fatima.

    Now, given the advanced ages of both Pope Benedict (who will witness the warning) and Joey Lomangino (who will be cured at the Miracle), it is likely that the Miracle is to occur sooner rather than later.

    The only other martyr of the eucharist that might seem to be relevant would be St. Tarcisius, a young boy killed for defending the Blessed Sacrament. He, like Blessed Imelda, is also a patron of first communicants, and his feast day also, like Bl. Imelda, falls on a feast day of Our Lady, August 15th. This of course is not within the days pointed out by Conchita. But, since both he and Bl. Imelda are very similar, it must be the case that he points to her as the true Martyr of the Eucharist; they were about the same age, after all.

    So to recap:
    1. It is the vigil of Blessed Imelda’s feast (She died on the vigil of Ascension Thursday, 1333.

    1. It is the 133rd day of the year.
    2. Blessed Imelda died in 1333.
    3. May 13th 1981 – Assassination attempt on JP2.
    4. May 13th 1982 – JP2 returns to Fatima.
    5. May 13th 1917 – Pope Pius XII consecrated bishop.
    6. May 13th 2005 – Pope Benedict fast-tracks JP2’s cause.
    7. May 13th 2000 – JP2 beatifies the Fatima seers, and releases the third secret. ( The Miracle is the 3rd secret of Medjugorje.)
    8. May 13th 2010 – Pope Benedict is in Fatima, which hasn’t happened since 1982.

    1.Conchita said that the day of the Miracle will not coincide with a feast of Jesus, nor with a feast of the Virgin Mary. However, May 13th is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima, and also the Feast of Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament. And in both 2010 and 2021, May 13th is the Feast of the Ascension of our Lord. (This would probably lend support to the May 12th date, while also retaining the link with Bl. Imelda)

    I know all of this may confuse you, but if you can make any sense of this, please get back to me. I for one cannot.

  9. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Well Norman, that's quite an introduction you have there! I'm along with the rest really very interested in hearing more detail about your visions. Please feel welcomed to the forum, we are glad you are with us.
  10. norman  holland

    norman holland New Member

    hello padraig and to everyone else, im sorry that i havent replied to this question much sooner, i have had a vision of a future pope , and this is linked to a message given to fr. gobbie from our lady, i was given a vision of a cleric , he was positioned in the centre , and all around him were snakes crawling all over different items connected to the church, these items were positioned all around the cleric, he was inside this circle, and the snakes were crawling all around him all over the items connected to the church, this vision was also given to me in year 1998, please look in fr. gobbies book , to the priests , our ladys beloved sons, and read page 722, message407,date of message given by our lady to fr. gobbie, june17th1980 in milan, read pages from 722 to 726. he also showed himself [ cleric ] on tv, only weeks after i had vision of him. it happened in 1998, just like it mentioned in fr. gobbies book,
  11. twoangels

    twoangels New Member

    I've looked at Fr Gobbie's book and found the message 407. Is this cleric an anti-christ Norman. Any chance of a name! Just curious!

  12. norman  holland

    norman holland New Member

    hello siobhan , i dont know is name, but i was given a vision of him in year 1998, the very next day , were my book mark was , in fr. gobbies book , was on that very page, and was this co-incidence also or a reason for it , i was also reading true life in god, same day , my bookmark in that book , was at the page about the rebel, infact the vision in regards to them pages in true life in god about the rebel, matched up exactly to the vision i was shown , which involved the cleric with snakes crawling all over religious articles. a few weeks later the cleric was seen on television, the same cleric seen in the vision only weeks before .
  13. norman  holland

    norman holland New Member

    hello siobhan, i didnt say the miracle was a burning cross, the miracle to take place at garabandal is a bright light that then changes into the eucharist , where their is a cross to the left of the pines, when the bright light gets above that cross, the bright light then changes into the eucharist, theirfore the miracle to take place at garabandal , is a , eucharistic miracle, the permanent sign to take place at medjugorje , on the hill of apparitions were our lady first appeared , which is [ podbrydo ] is a cross with flames coming from it , it will be like a living flame , coming out of the cross, this cross too will have healing powers , were people would be cured ,
  14. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

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  15. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    I hope that Norman won't mind me posting notes that I made following a conversation with him a few months ago.
    Some of it quite frightening but, better to be prepared than not.

    The Warning - He said that houses would shake and that everyone would leave their homes thinking that it was an earthquake. He said that we would see what looked like two stars colliding causing a blinding flash and that, when the flash subsided, there would be no light on earth (no street or house lights) and that we would see Jesus on the cross with the only source of light being from His wounds. This image would then disappear and then the sky would turn white and we would then see our own life and the results of our actions and the plan we should have followed in the sky like watching a movie. He also said that many people would die during this process especially those who could/would not accept the reality of what they were seeing.

    He does not know when the Warning will happen nor the sequence of the Warning and related physical disasters and wars on earth. He believes that the first event is probably that Jerusalem will be surrounded and attacked by the Egyptians and other nations and that this will happen very soon and that this will be the start of cataclysmic events. He said that a tsunami, arising from a massive volcanic eruption in the Canaries, will go in two directions – towards the US, especially affecting the southern states and wiping out Florida and towards northern Europe. He said that the tsunami heading north east from the Canaries will affect the coastal areas of Spain, France and south England and that it will inundate Belgium and Holland and affect areas in Germany, that it will ‘funnel’ through the Channel. When it gets as far as Scandinavia it would bounce back southwards again at which point the situation gets even worse for England, Ireland and Scotland. He said that an island off Scotland would be totally unaffected and that Northern Ireland will be relatively unaffected.

    He said that he believes that New York will be attacked by terrorist using atomic bombs and will be totally wiped out.
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  16. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    I have been debating with myself for a while on whether to post this, I was going to post it in the dreams thread but I think I will post it here.These first two things happened before Pope Benedict resigned.
    The first is a dream, I am standing amongst many tanks. I know they are tanks but I find they're color strange. Theses tanks are a strange color green, not even the usual military green, dark green but vivid and I thought all tanks were sand colored. They have strange writing on them which I cannot understand,and they seem to be so many.
    Suddenly I hear from overhead, It has just been announced, the United States has severed all ties with Egypt. The United States has just severed all ties with Egypt.
    I wake up and think Egypt?? I could understand a dream of Russia or North Korea, China but Egypt?

    The second thing happened in prayer. I was praying and I stopped and just looked up at the Eucharist and was just smiling. Suddenly a very strong word came to me. A storm is coming, it will be quick...I'm just being still but I say O my Jesus, isn't there enough on me, this time I do ask Please no more, and Jesus said , This is not for you personally, but for all.
    I have praying and pondering all this, when I got an e-mail from someone who has a wonderful apostalate helping feed people and getting young children into surgery who have no money. She passes along things from a very holy priest. She said that he said everyone was to get ready and prepare and to do it now. He said to pray, pray, pray and fear not, to trust in the Lord. I very often take such things with a grain of salt, but coming after my word, it seem to burst in my heart.

    Just recently, I had a dream, I call it a Ratisbonne dream. I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary in radiant light, it was like the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, her face shone with such light that I wasn't able to make out her face, and she was surrounded with light as on the Guadalupe image. All around her was complete darkness. Such a complete darkness that seemed to be tangible. Suddenly as she disapears I realise I sitting up in bed with my eyes wide open.
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  17. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    These 'warnings' tell us that the floodgates are about to open - but we must keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith. Without him our hearts would freeze with fear come these disasters - prayer brings peace of soul and peace of soul is worth more money than the world could print. When we are at peace with God we will fear nothing:

    He who prays is not afraid of the future
    He who fasts is not afraid of evil
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  18. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    Medj Norman (if you are still reading and posting) -
    do you feel that the warning is one of the secrets of Medj, and therefore, it would be announced 3 days in advance? I really hope this great act of mercy is announced in advance so I can better prep my family. Otherwise, people will not know what just hit them.

    amazing dreams Hope. Very significant I feel. Were the tanks in the US? As you know, we only live a few towns away from each other. Wondering if we will be having tanks around here. there is an army base on the other side of my town. they have humvees, etc., but of course the regular tan colored ones.
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  19. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    Yes Garabandal, the answer is in prayer and fasting, I talked to Norman recently about this and he said the answer is to pray, pray, pray..The Immaculate Heart of Mary is our sure refuge and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is our salvation.
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  20. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    Cathy, I don't know where I was in the dream, if it was Egypt, because of the strange writing on the tanks which I didn't understand which for this reason I seem to think it was Egypt and I remember "feeling" like I was in Egypt. Really, I have been worried about tidal waves here in the U.S., living right at the coast of Massachusetts. But really no feeling on that, just wondering about it, even though we're boat people I just have always had a great fear of deep water.

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