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my left eye

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Rain, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Rain

    Rain Powers

    An injury that occurred way back when I was twenty-five-years old is causing me trouble. It tore open again a couple of months ago. It healed, but on Sunday it started giving me trouble again. It was still bearable when I went to bed, but I woke up at 2 am and it felt like a someone had pounded a nail into my eyeball. Eye closed or shut, there was no relief. At 4 am, unable to take it a moment later, I called the optometrist, getting him out of bed to see if I could come in before office hours. He agreed. It's still bothering me quite a bit, but it's being held together with a contact bandage, so it's bearable. The tear in my eye is partly over my iris/pupil, so it could affect my vision. And I think it is. Even with my glasses on, everything is blurry. It's like trying to look through a window covered with soap scum. The doctor says this will be a reoccurring problem. If you could spare a prayer for my vision, that the good doctor is wrong this time, I'd really appreciate it.

  2. I will say a prayer Saint Lucy would be for eyes
  3. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    You have my prayers, too.
  4. Thomas

    Thomas Angels

    Will do, Rain!
  5. Bernadette

    Bernadette Principalities

    You will be in my prayers. It sounds like you have a recurrent abrasion from an old injury which are just as painful as the first injury. Keep your eye well lubricated before you go to bed. These occur first thing in the morning when you open your eyes.
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  6. heyshepard

    heyshepard Principalities

    My prayers are with you Rain!
  7. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Bernadette, you're exactly right. That's what he called it. Thanks for the prayers everyone. :)
  8. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    Prayers from here!
  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Will be praying to Blesses Imelda Lambertini for you who died of love and joy on her first communion


    Miracles were immediately attributed to her intercession, especially the restoration of the sight to a man from her home town who had been blind.

    Her incorrupt body lies in Saint Sigismond at Bologna, Italy.
  10. Its so irritating when our eyes are affected. I'm praying for healing!
  11. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Praying for you Deanna to Mary,:)
  12. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Keep those prayers coming, please. It felt like it tore again early this morning. The doctor confirmed it. I'm not in any pain right now, but this thing has the potential to be a long drawn out pain-in-the-butt :mad:. Thank you.
  13. I will offer this up in aqdoration tonight as one of my intentions.
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    More prayers through another long night shift at the hospital. I am turning into an owl.:)
  15. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Will bring this to the Mercifull Heart of Jesus at 3:00Pm....
  16. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Rain, I'm so sorry to hear of your trouble and pain with your eye. Yikes, it's such a scary thing. I lift you up in prayer for a swift and complete healing...and for your family. I'm sure they are deeply concerned as well.
    What caused it to become torn again?
  17. Rain

    Rain Powers

    The doctor said it's not uncommon for this kind of injury to be difficult to heal. I honestly don't know of anything I did to reopen this old wound. He thinks having dry eyes contributed to the problem. I really appreciate the prayers. Thank you all.
  18. baystatejack

    baystatejack New Member

    Rain, I enjoy reading all of your comments. Eye problems can be very frustrating. Did your doctor recommend any type of dry eye drops? I use a product called Systane, but there are other eye lubricants out there that will help just as well. God Bless.
  19. Rain

    Rain Powers

    It sounds like you're familiar with eye problems? On Monday the doctor had me use Moxeza and Systane. Today he changed it to Zylet, but I'm still using the Systane. I'm glad you mentioned eyedrops, because I was supposed to do the Zylet four times everyday, but I missed the last three, oops!
  20. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    Hang in there Deanna- I will continue to pray too!

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