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Miracle of Garabandal

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by garabandal, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The Virgin Mary said that the Miracle will occur on a Thursday, about 8:30 p.m. (Garabandal time) between the months of Feb and July and between the 7th and 17th on the feast day of a martyr of the Eucharist, on a Thursday, coinciding with an event in the Church.

    Conchita has also said that, after Pope John 23rd, there would be only three more Popes before the events predicted at Garabandal would begin. So if Conchita is correct then the miracle is to occur during the Pontificate of Benedict 16.

    I believe John Paul II is a central figure of our times [and even recognised by the secular media such as Time magazine]. It may be his beatification/canonization [along perhaps with another Pope(s)] that is the special event mentioned by Conchita.?

    I was struck by an article by an Irish Bishop who predicts that John Paul will not
    only be canonized but also declared a Doctor of the Church because of his unique
    body of theological work on Christian anthropology and the theology of the body.

    http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ire ... 38494.html

    Perhaps it is possible that John Paul II will be beatified/canonised and made a doctor of the Church on the same day? That would be a unique occurence and probably
    will occur on 13 May as this fits in so well with the Fatima apparitions.

    I was at the Galway youth Mass in 1979 when John Paul II declared to us all present
    'young people of Ireland I love you'. So in return I would like to say John Paul the
    Great - we love you.!
  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    For some reason the URL's are always cut short when I paste them! Here is the link

  3. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Ah garabandal,

    May 13, 2010 has such a sweet ring to it, but in regard to the Miracle, methinks too many preliminary steps must be taken for that event to occur so soon. Do not our hearts ache for God's intervention! And yet...Jesus bears us up on eagles' wings everyday.

    Give me patience, Lord, and a willing heart to bear my Cross. To God be the glory!
  4. LittleVoice

    LittleVoice WOE WOE WOE

    The Miracle will occur on a Thursday between the months of Feb and July and between the 7th and 17th on the feast day of a martyr of the Eucharist - st. Tarcisius

    There is such a habit to remember certain feast days of some saints every month. Every 19th day is dedicated to st. Joseph, every 24th to Our Lady Auxiliatrix...
    The feast day of st. Tarcisius is the 15th day of the month (August). So the first statement could be overwritten: The Miracle will occur on a Thursday between the months of March and May on the 15th day.


    The Warning should be in the same calendar even-numbered year. Also according to mystic M.J. Jaheny the Warning and Miracle will be in the same year, in the winter time: The days will be beginning to increase. It will be when the days are still short. It will not be at the end of the year, but during the first months that I shall give My clear warnings.

    The 15th March 2018 is the first probable date of the Miracle. Such Miracle could lead to a great Church event predicted in Međugorje on 18th March.
    But some people could dispute: "It will be in April, during the Easter time". OK, they could be true, but in this case the first possible date is the 15th April 2032, because the 15th day falls very rarely on Thursdays in even-numbered years.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018

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