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Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Apparition

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by mariafransisca11, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. mariafransisca11

    mariafransisca11 New Member

    A Large Site about Approved and Unapproved Marian Apparition


    Please stick to the approved apparitions, they are the safest. Our Mother Church is our guardian and protectors

    If you see the "unapproved apparitions page" there are hundreds of them! Don't be deceived

    God Bless
  2. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    This list is outdated. Has not been updated. A new commission is investigating Medjugorje now, it was started in March of 2010. This is not mentioned on the website. Therefore I would conclude that the website is not being maintained anymore.
    Medjugorje should be listed under "investigated No decision" but it is not. So should Garabandal.

    Homilies and letters are listed here as evidence that these places are not real. This is opinion and speculation. The author of the website is embellishing the truth with heresay.

    I am not up enough on the status of the decisions about Garabandal or any other apparition to comment on them. However, if you look at Garabandal, the last thing posted on this site about it was written in 1970!!! Apparently the author of the website doesn't think it important enough to add additional information.

    My opinion is that this "miracle Hunter" is not hunting with a straight bow.
  3. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    If you want to look at a better list, I would look at Ron Conte's, though i don't agree with everything he says either. But he does stick to the facts a lot more than some.

  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    If the faithful had only ever stuck to approved sites ,many approved sites would never have gotten off the ground, for instance I am sure many millions of pilgrims visited Fatima and Lourdes before the Church had apporoved them.

    THere is a thing called by theologians Sensus Fidelium or the 'sense of the faithful. In otherwords theologians recognise the common religious sense (guided by the Holy Spirit) of the Catholic Faithful.

    For instance before the present process for declaring saints ,saints were regularly canonised by the acclamation of the faithful who recognised their sanctity. ..and decalred them saints themselves..there was a simliar process for electing Bishops from amongst the faithful themselves.

    Juridical process is fine but the Holy Spirit is not confined to them..nor to anything.

    I doubt for instance that say Devotion to the Sacred Heart would ever have kicked of the ground unless the Faihtful themselves took it to their hearts.

    Tens of millions of ordinary faithful, thousands of priest and many,many bishops and Cardinals have gone to Medugorje as pilgrims..although it is not yet approved..they were not wrong to do so.

    Nor were the faithful who went to Lourdes and Fatima . with their clergy, before they were approved wrong to do so.

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that:

    Christ . . . fulfills this prophetic office, not only by the hierarchy . . . but also by the laity. He accordingly both establishes them as witnesses and provides them with the sense of the faith [sensus fidei] and the grace of the word.

    ....A key example of the recent use of sensus fidelium was the development of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, as defined by Pope Pius IX. It came about not so much because of proofs in scripture or ancient tradition, but due to a sensus fidelium shared by the faithful and the Magisterium.[6] The Vatican quotes in this context the encyclical Fulgens Corona, where Pope Pius XII supported such a faith:

    If the popular praises of the Blessed Virgin Mary be given the careful consideration they deserve, who will dare to doubt that she, who was purer than the angels and at all times pure, was at any moment, even for the briefest instant, not free from every stain of sin?[7]


  5. Daniel

    Daniel Angels

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    I think when we look at the gospel where the beloved disciple outruns Peter to the tomb of Christ that is a little bit like the faithful pondering sites that have not yet been approved. The Church, represented by Peter, is slow moving but the final authority. John got to the tomb first in his zeal and believed before Peter did. John did not enter the tomb until Peter arrived out of obedience to authority but I think the faithful will always recognize true signs from God before official approval as was the case in Fatima. In my own experience, everyone on fire for God these days seems to have been inspired by a visit to Medjugorje or has been inspired by those who's lives have been transformed by their experience there. The fruit is so vast it cannot be discounted by a few naysayers.
  6. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti


    Yes the fire of the Spirit burns were it wills.

    My own sense of current prophesy is that the Church will be more nor less broken and remade (as it were) and that as thsi happens the role of lay folk will come more and more to the fore as indeed it always has in times of great persecution.

    The Holy Spirit is always the joker in the pack, one of the reasons why, perhaps the Pharisees and Saducees hated Jesus so much, for they considered themselves self righteous and self justified wihtout the need of grace, brought to justification through following laws and rules rather than grace....

    The Holy Spirit, of course is all about grace.

    It is in times when response to Spirit is at its lowest ebb that understnding of the action of the Spirit is at its lowest ebb that the Church drys like dry wood into a system of ordinaces, laws and decrees.

    But our God is a God of surprises and the Holy Spirit is and has always been the Joker in the Pack.//amd thank God for it. How terrible it would be if the good God ever lost the power to surprise and delight us. In a kind of way the whole stroy of the Incrnation could be seen as a surpise almost a practical joke on the hard of heart. The biggest joker in history ..so to speak.

    This is something that the devil ,who is a very serious dude indeed has never understood and never will and why I think he is always playing catchup. Pride makes you very serious and unhumouress and militates exactly against the Holy Spirit who very much had a sense of fun and loves surprises.as all very little children do....and that is why when Our Lady comes visiting she likes nothing better than to call on children and the very little ones, who have not yet learnt to take themselves seriously..

    Psalm 131:2
    But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.

  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    The Church is in real crisis. It has endured all types of opposition and outright persecution, and has survived against the odds throughout the centuries. But there is something different about this crisis as it is an internal crisis, a decay from within - there is a growing apostasy within which has weakened the mission of the Church. Too many have conformed to the spirit of the world and accepted secular values. Many of our shepherds and pastors too have been infected by the spirit of the age and all of us are tainted at least a little by the values around us.

    Our Lady has come to Medjugorje to lead us out of the darkness into the Light of her son. I believe Medjugorje is the fulfilment and culmination of all Marian apparitions. The recent messages have been startling and stark. But how many are listening? Seems to me the world is plunging deeper and deeper into iniquity and the church deeper and deeper into apostasy similtaneously. The only real hope is Medjugorje that enough people respond to our Lady's call to conversion. And conversion is the work fo the Holy Spirit in our lives - we need the grace of God to convert.

    August 25th 2011
    'Many have responded, but there is an enormous number of those who do not want to hear or accept my call'.

    September 2nd 2011
    'Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains'.

    Without God we have nothing!
  8. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    Tushay, Garabandal.
  9. miraclehunter

    miraclehunter New Member

    Re: Miracle Hunter - Approved and Unapproved Marian Appariti

    Thank you for your discussion about my website MiracleHunter.com. I happened upon this page by way of Google Alerts - and I wanted to set the record straight on a few points.

    - The intention of my website is to provide the most up-to-date, comprehensive and unbiased coverage of Marian apparitions possible. I have no interest in promoting or condemning particular apparition movements - I only provide information in accord with the Church's official positions. The emphasis of the site has always been on Church approved apparitions and therefore I do not allocate any time or attention beyond what is necessary and prudent to apparitions that haven't received official Church sanction.

    - Regarding Medjugorje, the only current statement that has mattered is the 1991 Zadar Declaration from the Yugoslavian bishops where they ruled "Non constat de supernaturalitate" that is, "it is not established that there is anything supernatural here". This does not condemn the apparition, it merely says there is no proof of anything supernatural. Pilgrimages and devotions are allowed under certain conditions. Until the Vatican rules otherwise (which could be this year or many years from now) this is the statement that we must observe. (The other statements and homilies are included on the site since the local bishop was the highest authority on the apparitions until the commission took over.)

    All this information is contained on a dedicated Medjugorje page (linked to from the homepage in several places and also from the unapproved list.)

    Additionally, I have included several articles throughout the past year detailing the setup and status of the Medjugorje commission in my news and events section on the homepage. I personally have no stance or motivation for or against Medjugorje - I am only interested in following the Church's official declarations.

    For clarification, I have now edited the listing of Medjugorje in the unapproved list from "No Decision" to: "Not established as supernatural (1991), Currently under Vatican investigation (2010)". Thank you for this suggestion - all the same information would be gathered from clicking the links but this makes it more clear to someone at a quick glance.

    - Regarding Garabandal, I think the author of the post claiming I have nothing since 1970 missed the document from 1996. In either case there has been no movement on the Garabandal case and nothing has changed since the bishop's initial ruling of "Non constat de supernaturalitate" that is, "it is not established that there is anything supernatural here". If and when a new document comes out, it will not only make this list of Church documents but it will make headline news on the homepage. But as of right now, there is nothing new related to Garabandal and we must follow the initial ruling of the Bishop.

    I get many requests from devotees of various unapproved apparitions to reclassify or re-emphasize the way their favorite apparitions are characterized on this website. The website is intended to be as objective and as faithful to the Church as possible. The site contains information on all apparitions but focuses primarily on those that have been officially approved by the Church. Any new official documents that are released will be placed on the website.

    Thank you for interest in MiracleHunter.com - I'd be happy to answer any additional questions here or via email at mailto:info@miraclehunter.com

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