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Messages from Heaven- Ned Dougherty's NDE visions of the future

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Beth B, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Ned is supposed to be a "prophet"? He's never claimed such. He mainly speaks to his own experiences beginning with his conversion following a rather merciful NDE. He reminds me more of the descriptions, coming from what was shown to him, about a future type of era and what differences that will come with that unbeknownst to what people imagine on their own, that also came out of Howard Storm's NDEs. Both speak to ongoing changes expected in the earth, the sun, man's own mystical gifts as yet unrealized but similar to the preternatural gifts graced to original parents in that garden, that were later similarly described by Fr. Iannuzzi in his writing about the coming Era. They address what ideas that are just now being pursued by the scientific community....as in healing prayer and such healing coming even from a distance; Dr. Nemeh speaks and acts with such understanding, doing studies of this unity within nature linked to the spiritual since God is Unity....and the effects of the negativity of sin upon that desired unity, getting back to it, and to God's will for us all.....the lack of acceptance of such gifts in the consecrated these days with the order of prayer for such desires to be accomplished by the Divine Will. Because many cannot accept or understand such a future....many still picture a new era, such as their "prophet" Charlie Johnston, vaguely generalizes about, where after such a, I suppose, more limited purification, (not necessarily the re-creation of humans and the renewal of the earth as promised and most necessary by the Holy Spirit) people will just kinda pull themselves and others up by their proverbial boot straps and begin again.....as in early Christian era. A new era of living in the Divine Will, beginning already, is to be something even greater than the original Era since Satan won't be roaming about....and we will have finally completed the Our Father in what it truly means and what has always been intended by the Father since His Will does not change. Most accepted "prophets" satisfy what a majority expect based only on what fits already fixed ideas coming from only what is known of this life, to live as before only in a more corrected Christian community after suffering and remaining faithful. Only a few have revealed to them a future that deals with the new earth to come and the whole cosmos, even if not humanly understood at this point. Prophecies contain what is desired by heaven to come....but are altered and delayed by man's response.....which could be said for Fatima and Garabandal among others.

  2. quote me one single thing that Ned dougherty or Howard Storm ever predicted that came to pass.

    You can't. Right?
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  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Again, if you hadn't noticed, the period of which they speak to is still ongoing....as in fact is the unknown period of time designated by Fatima and Garabandal, while some people actually say is completed, etc., so I'd say such things as exactly understood prophecy or "satisfying prophecies", are still ongoing but are completely accepted while still not completed. You are the one who seems to designate what people are or what their purposes are.

    But one would have to say that the "spirit" of the letter and those messages contained within that letter intended for Pope Francis certainly fulfill a mission and quite a clue as to what to expect in the future from this current Pope. That's pretty much a no brainer about what was at that time "the future" and that example seemed to have a reality for others commenting here. So, if that isn't pleasing to yourself, well, no one is forcing such interpretation upon your own understanding for such things. And relating what he was shown during his NDE afterwards with no education of such beforehand one could look at what has evolved in the world, esp. with the environment and the different explanations for such, one type from man and the other coming from the other side of the veil, such understanding by the individual that Ned was, is quite amazing and seeming more like a type of infused knowledge.

  4. i've been following both Ned Dougherty and Howard Storm since 2009 (that's the first time I found anything that they actually posted although
    they claim to have made predictions decades earlier).
    Both are obvious frauds.
    They consistently make predictions and when they are specific, it never happens.

    As I said, its a "no brainer" that they are prevaricating. They have given dates and events that would happen.
    The dates came and went and the events never happened.
    What more evidence of a phony do U need?
  5. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Well, there are other "accepted" prophecies where dates have also come and gone....if that alone is what rows your boat when it comes to "prophecies". Prophecies are given as warnings which can of course be mitigated, hopefully....so are not to be considered written in stone.....and why theologians and rabbis continue to attempt to interpret even the scriptures' own types of prophecies for our future. Since I don't know of the exact portions of "messages" given to these mere men, not angels, that you allude to it's difficult to understand or accept whatever is incorrect in them to your own mind. Sorry if one's reaction to your point of view isn't exactly what is desired by yourself. Then it is a discussion forum where things are bettered shared than compared. Wouldn't be much use for discussion if everything was already so satisfactorily obvious to all.
  6. Sorry earthangels;
    my reply has nothing 2 do w you;
    I am certain that U are a good, well meaning person

    what "floats my boat" is truth;

    I wasted hours fact-checking the predictions of H. Storm and Ned Dougherty.
    There are some real doozies.
    "Accepted" prophecies don't give specific dates of bizarre/weird stuff that will happen,
    and, then, nothing happens.

    There would not be much "discussion" if I posted the thousands of "youtube" vids that claim
    the Pope is the anti-christ, aliens have taken over the bodies of dignitaries, etc.

    My computer has the same search engines that are available to you.

    I gave you the summary results of my research and ur free to accept or reject.
    Why would I care?

    If U desire to follow H Storm & Ned Dougherty, go ahead.
    I simply wanted to warn U about those guys via my personal opinion.

    My library contains predictions of hundreds of bona fide visionaries.
    I don't catalog the ones that are, IMHO, obviously bogus.

    BTW, there is a site called CatholicPlanet.net where Ron Conte
    sorts out the true and false predictions and predictors.

    IMHO, Ron is a real piece of work.
    But his research is, in general, accurate.
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  7. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Latest message given to Ned: (for your discernment of course)

    Feb 2, 2017 - Jesus of Nazareth

    February 2, 2017 @ 1:00pm - Troubled Times

    The Basilica of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Southampton, NY

    Jesus of Nazareth


    You find yourself living now in troubled times, for these are troubled times for all of your brothers and sisters here on Earth. These are the times, for which you have been warned to prepare. You are now fully within the end times, when great changes are taking place across the Earth, as well as within each and every soul here on earth.

    All inhabitants of the Earth in these troubled times are being called to a heightened state of awareness of reality, not just the physical reality within where you live, but the reality of the spirit world from which you have come and to which you shall return.

    What is happening in these times is a great struggle of good versus evil; a struggle between your Lord and Saviour, the Redeemer of the world; and my enemy, the evil one, who has been cast from the heavenly realms to the lower realms. It is through his misdeeds that the whole world is suffering now.

    However, those of you who have been following the Messages from Heaven recognize that these end times events have been forewarned to you for many years now, so you should not be afraid of events that are happening; nor should you be surprised, for the future of the world has been given to you through the messages, and you have received the assurances that you shall survive these end times.

    These times call for your personal prayers and sacrifice as you pray and protect your very own soul, as well as for your family members and friends to survive the events that are yet to come. Be steadfast during these times, for the events are necessary to not only purge the evil from the face of the earth, but to also purge the evil from so many of your brothers and sisters, who have fallen under the cast of the evil one, who has enslaved the minds and souls of many of you. You can readily discern for yourselves those among you who have fallen under the control of the evil one by their demeanor and behaviour.

    Many of your brothers and sisters have fallen away from a faith in the Redeemer, and in the Father in Heaven, and many times, even without their knowledge or consent, they have fallen under the control of the evil one. However, many have also willingly given up their minds and souls to the evil one with his promises to them of great wealth and pleasures to which they have also succumbed. You know now who among you has fallen into this state of darkness, because I have gifted my followers with the discernment to recognize those who have succumbed to evil.

    It is up to you my faithful brothers and sisters to reach out to the fallen ones, but to do so with great discernment, for they have become fueled by hatred and anger, and you can see in their behaviour that they reject your beliefs and, therefore, reject not only you, but they also reject Me as the Redeemer of the world, and as the Son of the Father in Heaven

    You must pray for them and for their conversion. Those who have chosen to follow the evil one will become increasingly more angry and agitated as events occur, because they are a reflection of the evil one who knows that his time is short.

    I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters, to continue to don your armour against evil, to pray powerfully, and to recognize that I have gifted you with the greatest defense against the evil one - the Holy Eucharist, which is my body and blood, which you can partake on a daily basis, for the reception of the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is the greatest defense against evil in these end times.

    The daily reception of the Holy Eucharist is the best course for you to follow to get through the events of the troubling times ahead.

    You will survive the coming events and so will the world in which you live, so temporarily, because I am with you in these end times to intervene in the affairs of mankind, to assist all of you in purging the evil one from the face of the earth, and to restore in these times a New Heaven and a New Earth.

    So be it! Thanks to the Father in Heaven!

    Message ended 1:22pm
  8. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers


    March 1, 2017 @ 4:50pm - Ash Wednesday

    Good Shepherd Church, Beverly Hills, California

    "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return."

    St Michael Archangel

    Lo and Behold! Mankind is now fully enveloped in the throes of the End Times. Make no mistake that there is any doubt that you are fully in the end times events that have been prophesied to you from the ancient prophets to the modern prophets of your times.

    Now is the time to listen most carefully to the Messages from Heaven that are being conveyed to you from the Most High to many of your brothers and sisters, for the Father in Heaven wants his children to know that the gravest of the End Times events are near and that He has sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the world from its grave sins in these times.

    As the Father in Heaven has ordained for all of God's children during these times, and as has been prophesied to many of you, the events that you have been forewarned about have been taking place and more events are yet to come, before the Great Transformation takes place that will lift all of humanity to a higher level of consciousness and connectedness to the Father in Heaven, and that will inevitably result in a New Heaven and a New Earth for all of mankind. Thanks be to God!

    Know that the events that are happening now in your world are being guided by the Father in Heaven through His Son. You must now be aware that the governments of your world are going through a significant transformation in preparation for the final events of the End Times. Many of your world leaders are now being inspired by the Redeemer to act in concert, and separately, to drive out the minions of Satan, who have been leading all of humanity in the direction of a new world order with a one world government, a one world economy, and a one world religion - all of which are the work of the evil one and are an affront to your Father in Heaven and His Son the Redeemer, as well as Your Heavenly Mother, who is especially praying for all of you, as the brothers and sisters of Her Son, Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

    Know now that you are being called upon to support your world leaders, who are clearly moving in opposition to the new world order and its evil ways. Recognize that the rumors that you are hearing of a new path for humanity to break its bondage from the chains of oppression that the evil one has created - this new path is the work of the Father. It is a new path directly implemented from above - from the Father in Heaven, through His Son, and with the prayerful guidance of your Heavenly Mother.

    Many of you have been aware of the steps that would be taken to restore the governments of your world to the people and away from the oppression of the global elites, and now those steps are being taken by world leaders in many different nations. The movements of these world leaders to raise the people from the oppression of the evil one's minions are to be recognized as the direct intervention of the Father in Heaven through His Son.

    Just as you have been asked through the Messages in Heaven to receive the gift of discernment to recognize the evil one's minions and to expose their demonic activities, you are now being asked to pray for the gift of discernment to recognize the leaders, who are being inspired from above to lead the people of your various governments to rise up against the evil one's minions.

    You are being asked to assist your rightfully chosen leaders in transforming your corrupt governments and institutions along with these new leaders, who have a commitment to follow the inspiration that comes from the Redeemer to bring mankind through these end times.

    Thanks be to God!

    Message ended at 5:10pm
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  9. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    And it would be nice to pray for Ned's health problems:

    MY APOLOGIES! for the lateness of the March 1st Message. Faced with a serious health decision, I made an unexpected trip to visit my son Michael for 6 days and received the message at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills CA.

    I just returned to Southampton NY where I need to access my home computer to post the message, before this Sunday, when I will be traveling to West Palm Beach, FL. My seemingly glamorous travel locations belie the actual reason for my quickly planned trips. Serious health issues happen to us, when we are making other plans. One of my actor son's favorite stars, Bill Paxton, age 61, recently died from complications related to his surgery for an aortic aneurysm.

    At the age of 70, against conventional medical advice, I am choosing a holistic approach for a similar diagnosis. I will be checking into the Hippocrates Health Institute from March 12th - April 2nd, because my previous stays there have proved to be miraculous for my past health issues. I know I can count on your prayers, which will have more healing power than the world's best cardiologists can provide!

    It seems like I am always asking for contributions for the Mission of Angels Foundation. Here's why I am asking now. The cost of my stay at Hippocrates to alternatively and potentially eliminate the causes of my problems is a total of $8,097.30, less than one overnight stay in a hospital. However, my United HealthCare/Medicare plan will not contribute $1.00 to my attempt to improve my health, but would pay hundreds of thousands for surgery, a permanent heart monitor, and pharmaceuticals to maintain my illness, all of which I choose to avoid, if possible.

    I have had to contribute substantially and personally to Mission of Angels to keep the mission going. I do not draw a personal income from Mission of Angels. I am living on Social Security retirement benefits, and no longer have any other source of income. Nor do I have $8,097.30 for Hippocrates, unless I borrow the funds, possibly from Mission of Angels, which currently has a balance of $6,830.00, which are funds which are necessary to sustain our mission. Therefore, I am in a quandary, so I am asking for your help!

    God bless!
    Ned Dougherty
  10. 4unborn

    4unborn Angels

    Included in the End Times is the Era of Peace. The Era of Peace will begin after the secrets of Medjugorje are revealed.
  11. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    I find most of what Ned Dougherty has received as messages is very credible. Sometimes I feel a hiccup and think, WHAT?
    But I think he is legit.
  12. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I get the same feeling from Ned that I got when I read LTTW over a long period of time. Some information that fits well into the prophetic consensus and then there are the lines that fit well within LTTW that I am not comfortable with. When his first book came out years ago on his conversion, I bought one for each of my children. It was a good book.
  13. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Actually the End Times lead up to the Era of Peace, a completely new and different era than the current one we are experiencing. As we see already there is much of the "other side of the veil" already giving us hints as to that time that will fulfill the Divine Will as was stated within the Our Father. And just as we are witnessing, there are those earthly leaders inspired and attempting to fight against the evil one's plan for complete control for this era's ending....thus we are witnessing and being told by those given the various messages how we are going to be changed and purified and then equal to begin receiving some of the preternatural gifts which our first parents had within the Divine Will and what they lost by leaving that Will....such gifts already given to saints and others of the faithful throughout history. The renewal of the earth and ourselves being "recreated" by the Holy Spirit is already beginning. No one noticing?
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  14. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    May 1, 2017 @ 8:45am

    Eucharistic Chapel, St Rosalie's Parish, Hampton Bays, New York

    St Michael Archangel

    Lo and Behold! I am Michael the Archangel, the Keeper of the Faith for all of God's children, who recognize Jesus Christ as The Redeemer, and as the Saviour of the World.

    Do not take these words lightly, but bow your heads now in reverence for the events are soon to unfold that will lead humanity to the abyss, to the worst, and yet the best of times, for you are now fully involved in the end times events that have been prophesied to you from the earliest of times, before the Saviour was born in the town of Bethlehem; to His own prophetic words during his time on Earth; and to the times of the early Church when His followers had, at first, their doubts. But through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Church and God's children have prevailed through the worst of times for over 2,000 years.

    But Alas! now you are in the final times, the end times, when the Saviour will redeem the Earth and all of its inhabitants according to their own wills, and no man or woman will be neglected, when the grim reaper cuts the chaff away from the wheat and hurtles the evil one and all of his followers into a place of darkness in eternal damnation.

    So Be It! According to the word of the Father in Heaven!

    In these end times, the people must individually turn only to the true Redeemer of the world, Jesus Christ, the Lord and Saviour. It is only through the Redeemer that salvation will soon be at hand.

    Trust yourself and your faith only in the Redeemer, for only He is truly the Son of God, chosen in these end times to lift humanity from the grip of the evil one.

    These are dangerous times for the truly faithful. Do not trust yourself, your soul, or your place in eternity to any other than the Lord and Saviour. Only He now holds the keys to the Heavenly Kingdom, as ordained by the Father in Heaven.

    No power broker, politician, priest or pope should now stand between you and your Redeemer. You can only now seek the solace and comfort of the Father in Heaven directly through His Son, the Redeemer, for only He can now save your souls.

    For the corruption of the evil one has now become so insidious that no living man or woman is not vulnerable to the traps and snare of the devil. Trust no one but the the Father in Heaven, through the intercession of His Son, and through the prayers and intercession of His Heavenly Mother, for no one walking on the face of the Earth cannot be vulnerable to the temptation of the evil one.

    You are asked to pray powerfully for discernment and to steel yourselves for the events ahead. Pray powerfully to support those among you, who on a secular level are aligning themselves with the Father's plan for the redemption of humanity. But do not expect that one man only, may he be power broker, politician, priest, or pope; not one of them alone will bring about the changes to humanity that only the return of The Son, The Redeemer, will bring about.

    For if only one man claims to be your saviour, and if only one-world government supports his ascension, you will then know that it is the evil one, the anti-christ incarnate, who is leading you to a world of destruction, chaos, violence and war, and ultimately to the ruination of your civilization. Be wary of any secular leader or anyone of you, who claims such powers, for he will certainly bear the Mark of the Beast and will lead the world into eternal damnation.

    Therefore, it is for those of you who are faithful to the Father in Heaven and His Son to denounce and renounce those who are calling for a new world order, whether they be power broker, politician, priest, or pope, for they will be signaling to all of you that they are about the work of the evil one, and satan/lucifer and all of his followers will be swiftly swathed away by the grim reaper and removed from the place that God the Father is preparing for you in A New Heaven and A New Earth.

    So Pray and sing out to the Glory of the Father in Heaven, to the Redeemer, His Son, to the Power of the Holy Spirit, and to the Mother of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    For these are the times that will try men's souls. These are the times to pray that those of you who are the children of God will soon revel in the future world, both in Heaven and on Earth that the Father in Heaven has prepared for you!

    Thanks be to God!

    Message ended at 9:07am
  15. 4unborn

    4unborn Angels

    Will the secrets, chastisements, of Medjugorje start to be revealed in 2021, 40 years after the Mother of God first started appearing in Medjugorje?
  16. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Something interesting about trying to guess God's timing from Spirit Daily recently:

    Recently, we caught up with one alleged current seer from Australia, Valentina Papagna, originally from Slovenia, who says she has had full-blown apparitions of Mary since 1988. We had a “special report” detailing her incredible story a while back.

    When asked why events so often said to be “imminent” or “soon” have not yet transpired — at least as far as mega-ones — Valentina told Spirit Daily, “When people set dates, God doesn’t like to be told what to do.” As for chastisements, it is more that He “permits” things, she said, to happen.

    “Natural disasters will come,” she believes. “Purification is very close, for us, for the souls. If people don’t convert, there will be chastisement.”

    “Lately what Our Lord is telling me is that peace in the world is very fragile,” she believes. “North Korea, China, the United States. That can lead to a major conflict, the Lord said, start the Third World War. He wants penance and sacrifice. The angel told me [that it can one day happen that] by the time you get up in the morning, you will have heard that he (the leader of North Korea) threw the bomb.”

    In other words: if and when they come, matters may unfold in an instant, a blink, without build-up: unexpectedly.

    Right now, Valentina believes that “the Lord is allowing calm so people can wake up and return to God.” She thinks there will be a “warning” to mankind that will come in the midst of chaotic events. After this warning: “The Blessed Mother said the world will never be the same. For a while there will be big chaos in the world,” she says. Famine, rioting. The warning will occur in the midst of it.

    For our discernment.

    “Yesterday in church,” she asserts, “He said, speak to the people, tell them to wake up, for the time is now very short” — and here we are again, back to time-frames!

    Days and months now go “quick, quick, quick,” says Valentina. This many have felt. Who has enough time, these days? “Things will unfold very rapidly,” Valentina says. “Blessed Mother told me, they see nothing happen, so they give up.” But, she believes, there one day will be all those “earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes” that so many alleged seers, prophets, locutionists, and recipient of “words of knowledge” have been claiming for a long period now. Things will come suddenly, she warns — “just happen.” Matters will arrive “out of the blue,” to emphasize her point.

    “Our Lord said now is the time… The world has never been as it is now.”
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  17. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Sounds very credible to me
  18. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    So that's a quote from a Spirit Daily "special report"? I've wondered if I should sign up for them or not. Do you think that the subscription is worth the annual payment?
  19. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    No, save your money!

    You will get as much on this forum for free!
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  20. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    My thinking too. Our Lady speaks that this is still a time of grace - still a time for conversion.

    After the permanent sign it will be 'too late to convert'. So we are getting closer each day the end of the time of grace.

    40 years is indeed a biblical number.

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