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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Glenn, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Miriam

    Miriam Archangels

    Where Peter is, there is the church … he who is not with the Pope is not with God, and who desires to be with God must be with the Pope. (Sister Lucia of Fatima)
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  2. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    Other great prophecies to come that have countless support from a number of saints include the era of Charles the Monarch and the great Pope in the end times known as Peter the Second. I have said countless times that what we see on the global stage is the actors on both sides playing out the script right now which was written by the invisible hand writers of the story whose boss is satan. The two sides of putin and the west or communism and democracy are not two sides against each other but are two sides working together to make us all feel they are against each other. It is deception at its greatest level to confuse us, the majority of the people of the world to take sides against each other when we should be joining each other to take sides against them. The invisible ones in charge truly fear us the many because we greatly outnumber them so they want us destroyed and gone and how do they do that? War is the ultimate way. How do they get their power and control? They want to control everything: money, food, water, weather, disease, births, etc etc. They appear to be winning right now but we know who wins in the end so trust in God and do not fear.

    Prophecies about Charles the Monarch:

    "The restoration of Monarchy will not be a local affair; it will be a world-wide phenomenon...The republics and democracies will be over,
    communism and socialism a thing of the past..."
    (More About The Great Monarch, by Yves Dupont, World Trends #41, Aug. 1974)

    "In all ages men have been divinely instructed in matters expedient for the salvation of the elect...and in all ages there have been persons possessed of the spirit of prophesy, not for the purpose of announcing new doctrines, but to direct human actions." (-St. Thomas Aquinas: Summa: 2:2:174: Res. et ad 3)

    To Restore Catholic Order
    One of the surest facts emerging from this study is the rise of the great Christian King who will set up a new social order upon the ruins of Democracy and Communism. It is simply impossible to elude this conclusion. A few secondary facts emerge also: Communism will not converge and merge with Democracy through dialogue and mutual compromise. Nor will it be defeated by Democracy in a Third World War. Communism will achieve its aim without a global nuclear war. The Western Democracies will break down from inside and will surrender without a fight or, if fighting does take place here and there, it will not be able to contain the Russian divisions for more than a few days. (As noted, Yves Dupont wrote this piece in 1974 A.D. Our Lady of Fatima warned that if people did not stop sinning, that: "Russia would spread her errors" (Communism) - which certainly has occured as can be seen everywhere to this very day, in the lack of respect for authority (Order) and the amoral, materialistic "free love" revolutionary culture of Western "civilization" today. -The Editor of TCW)

    (The Ever-Changing Face of Communism)
    We can pause here for a moment and reflect how such a thing will become possible. It will become possible because of the Munich spirit of the Western Democracies. The USSR is strong militarily, but weak otherwise; its economy is unsound, its capacity for industrial production is limited, its technological know-how is wanting, and it is almost permanently hampered by food shortages. No war can be waged under such conditions. The US government is seeing to it that these limitations are removed. After squandering billions of dollars on various "aid" programs, the US economy began to totter. Those dollars, now in the hands of international financiers, were "loaned" in 1972 to the USSR through Swiss Banks. The USSR immediately put them back unto the market, thus precipitating the devaluation of the US dollar in February 1973. Then came the "grain deal": the USA sold its vast reserves at a loss to the USSR in order to relieve their food shortage, and this sent cereal prices soaring in the USA. Finally, there was the Nixon-Brezhnev meeting, and the technological assistance which the USA has agreed to give to the USSR. Such insanity has to be true to be believed. If it was related in a political novel, the critics would rightly remark that the author had made a serious "plot error". But we are not dealing here with works of fiction, we are dealing with facts, and the insanity of these facts surpasses anything imaginable. Such is the Munich spirit of the US government and, being what it is, the USSR won't even have to wage a global war; an ultimatum at the opportune moment will suffice or, if there is no ultimatum, unofficial diplomatic pressures will eventually bring the USA into the orbit of the USSR.

    Communism will overcome the West, but it will eventually itself be overcome by God. Firstly, through world-wide natural disasters, and secondly through the agency of the Great Monarch whom God will choose for that very purpose:

    "His sword will be moved by Divine power......" (Rudolph Gekner, 17th Century)

    "And a voice fell from the heavens: 'Here are those whom I have chosen'" (i.e. the Great Monarch and the Holy Pope) (Premol, 5th Century)

    Many more such references could be cited, but these suffice to show that the Great Monarch will, indeed, be sent by God. The context of these short excerpts can be found in "CATHOLIC PROPHECY".

    Literally hundreds of prophecies announce the rise of the Great Monarch. Here are a few:

    "A Frankish King will one day rule over the entire Roman Empire." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

    "The sixth period (of time) will begin with the powerful Monarch." (Ven. B. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

    "The good people will triumph when the return of the King is announced." (Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

    "He will come from the Fleur-de-Lis..." (Old Saxon prophecy)

    "... a King of the House of Lilies..." (St. Cataldus, 5th Century)

    "He shall recover the Crown of the Lilies....." (St. Caesar, 5th Century)

    "The White Flower again takes possession of the Throne of France." (St. Hildegarde, German Abbess, 12th Century)

    "He shall inherit the Crown of the Fleur-de-Lis" (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

    Many other details are given about this God-chosen King which might, however, be tedious to enumerate. Thus, his origin is clearly given by several prophecies as coming from "between the Rhine and the North Sea" - (Monk Hilarion, 15th Century). He will come from the ancient French royal family but he will be truly European, not just French. Through intermarriage most, if not all, royal heirs in Europe today can claim a Capetian ancestry. And, indeed, many prophecies mention that he will have also German blood and Spanish blood, and these prophecies are not necessarily German or Spanish: the Spanish blood, for instance, is mentioned by St. Bridget of Sweden, and the German blood by a French prophet.

    "He will be lame afoot ... " (Old German prophecy)

    "God touched the sinew of his hip. He was in great pain and from that day on, he walked with a limp ... " (Anne-Catherine Emmerich, 19th Century)

    "This Prince shall mount his horse on the right-hand side, because he limps from one foot .... " (Peasant Jasper, Germany)

    He will be full of goodness and virtue; many prophecies insist on this:

    "A very pious King shall reign over Spain ..... " (St. Isidore, 7th Century)

    "In his childhood he will be like a saint; in his youth a great sinner; then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance; his sins shall be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

    The Great Monarch will avenge this outrage against the Eldest Daughter of the Church.
    (a) Soviet Russia, the Beast of the Earth, will give Mohammed, the Beast of the Sea, all the military support she can, hoping thereby to avoid a direct involvement of herself in Western Europe;

    (b) because Western Europe will be in a state of utter chaos at the close of murderous civil wars.

    It was just as "extravagant" to speak of the "Revolt of the Algerians in 1938 when Algeria was regarded as being an extension of metropolitan France, but the revolt did come to pass in the sixties, and Algeria is now independent.)

    "The Great Monarch ... will conquer the (Middle) East." (Pareus, 17th Century)

    "Cyprus, the Turks and Barbarians he will subdue." (Cataldus, 5th Century)

    "The Eagle will also invade the Mohammedan countries." (St. Bridget, 14th Century)

    "He shall destroy the Jewish and Mohammedan sects." (St. Bridget)

    "He shall destroy the Mohammedan sect and the rest of the infidels." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

    "The Empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up (by him)." (Ven. Holzhauser, 17th Century)

    "He shall subdue to his dominion the Mohammedan Empire" (Gekner, 17th Century)

    "He shall reign over the House of Agar, and shall possess Jerusalem." (Isidore of Seville, 7th Century)

    "He will crush the foes of Christianity." (St. Methodius, 4th Century)
    "He will assist the Pope in the reformation of the world." (Caesar, 6th Century)

    "He will put out all heresies." (Merlin the Bard, 7th Century)

    "The French King will restore the true Pope." (Merlin)

    "He shall capture Milan, Lombardy, and the three Crowns." (A'Beckett, 12th Century)

    " ... by whom the decayed estate of the Church shall be reformed." (Magdeburg Chronicle)

    "A Prince ... who shall reform the Church." (Aystinger the German)
  3. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers Staff Member

    The work of the Great Monarch must not be viewed as an encroachment of the Temporal over the Spiritual, as a meddling of the State in Church affairs; besides being a Saint and chosen by God, he will be obedient unto the Pope in everything. All the reforms which he will carry out in the Church will be made with the assent of nay, at the very request of the Pope - witness the following passage:

    "Having need of a powerful temporal assistance, the Holy Pontiff will ask for the co-operation of the generous Monarch of France." (Abbot J. Merlin, 13th Century)

    "By his means the nation's religion and laws shall have an admirable change." (Bishop Ageda, 12th Century)

    "He shall restore the apostolic discipline." (St. John of Capistrano 15th Century)

    "He shall reform the Church of God." (St. Francis of Paola, 15th Century)

    "He will crush the enemies of the Pope." (D. Pareus, 17th Century)

    He will join the Lion and the White Flower." (i.e. unite England and France). (Orval, 13th Century)
    "In the last days a very pious King shall reign over our Great Spain." (St. Isidore of Seville, 7th Century)

    "The angelic Pope shall place an imperial crown on his head." (Busto, 15th Century)

    "He shall reign over the entire ancient Roman Empire." (Remy, 5th Century)

    " ... by whom the ancient glory of the Empire shall be restored." "He shall be Emperor of Europe." (Aystinger)

    " ... whom God will choose to rule over Europe." (J. von Bourg, 19th Century)

    "(He and the Holy Pontiff) shall obtain dominion over the whole world." (St. Francis de Paola, 15th Century)

    "This Prince shall extend his dominion over the whole world." (St. Caesar, 6th Century)

    "Peace will return when the Lily ascends the Throne again. The land will be very productive." (St. Hildegarde)

    "Peace and abundance shall return to the world." (St. Bridget)

    "And the earth shall enjoy peace and prosperity." (St. Bridget)

    "This shall re-establish a peace and prosperity without precedent." (St. John-Mary Vianney, Cur‚ of Ars, 19th Century)

    "O sweetest peace! Thy fruits will multiply until the End of Time!" (St. Caesar)

    Peace after the conversion of Russia; this is exactly what Our Lady told the children at Fatima in 1917. I am not covering the Fatima apparitions in this article because they are fairly well known already, and many excellent books are available, whilst there are few concerning the more ancient prophecies. At the close of the period of peace and prosperity, the ageing Monarch will go to Jerusalem again in an attempt to check the rising power of Anti-Christ.

    "He will at length lay down his Crown in Jerusalem." (Cataldus)

    "He will go to Jerusalem, and lay down his Sceptre and Crown on Mount Olivet. Thus shall come the end of the Christian Roman Empire." (Bl. R. Maurus, 9th Century)

    "He will finally go to Jerusalem and lay down his Sceptre and Crown upon the Mount of Olives. Immediately afterwards, Antichrist will come." (Monk Adso, 10th Century)

    "He shall give up the ghost at Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives." (St. Augustine, 5th Century)

    "At the end of his most glorious reign, he shall go to Jerusalem, and shall lay down his Crown and Sceptre on the Mount of Olives." (St. Remy, 5/6th Century)

    Crown and Sceptre are symbols of authority. By surrendering his Crown and Sceptre on the amount of Olives, the Great Monarch will acknowledge this gift from God, as if saying: "My Lord and my God, my mission is ended; here is the Authority which Thou hast graciously given me."

    source: http://www.todayscatholicworld.com/great-catholic-monarch.htm
  4. Carmel333

    Carmel333 Archangels

    God's Will is to be done using the Pope. Whether what the Pope says and does is good or bad, it is all a part of total plan for the salvation of the world. Remember how God used the High Priest to condemn Jesus, and if the High Priest had not done so, Jesus would not have been our Passover Lamb. So Pope Francis is here, and we must continue on with our journey in the Church. We do not have to agree with everything the Pope does and says, but if the Church had toppled because of a Pope's actions, it would have crumbled centuries ago! You see that we STILL have the teachings of Jesus passed down intact to us 2000 years later despite all that has happened in history. We must know our faith, and we must follow it and go to Mass and pray daily for our Priests and Bishops and our Pope. We are humble servants also doing God's will in all that He puts in our life. St Catherine of Sienna was known to write often letters to her Pope criticizing him, so we are not the only ones that feel things aren't going well in the Church sometimes. Following ANY one other than the Doctrine of our Catholic Church is very dangerous.

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