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Matthew Six25to34

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Jackie, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Has anyone heard of this messenger?

    See the latest message, in audio (short commentary in the audio) and typed out. There is a second audio about a dream, as he calls it...After the Enlightenment. It sounds like the time after God renews the earth following the just Chastisement.


    P.S. Re: Notice in that latest message posted in-red, February 9, 2016...

    On February 25th, I liked a prophecy thread I happened to see on a Protestant prophetic site entitled, Dip Your Toes in the Red Sea. First you read, current private revelation, one older message and at the end of the thread is a 2012 article and photo posted of, they think, a gold chariot wheel at the bottom of the Red Sea! :rolleyes: Right....


    Could it be true? Who could imagine, think about the time factor alone. It gave me chills (good chills). I wrote my Protestant friend asking if he had ever heard of the chariot wheel find. Haven't heard from him. Then, I saw MatthewSix25 to 34's message. Wow!
  2. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    See new Comments (3/14/16): https://matthewsix25to34.wordpress.com/

    February 22, 2016

    Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Obedience, obedience to my word and my teachings is what I ask of you for this day. Tell all of my children I wish them to do an examination of their conscience with me. I would like them to ask me to allow them to look into their souls so that I may show them the areas I wish them to develop and to pray about. This is such an important thing that all must do in order to grow with me here. It is always harder to look at yourself (as you are already aware) and to look inside of your own faults and the areas of your life where you could use the improvement, than to look at others. Do not be a hypocrite my children, start with yourselves and then you will be able to look at others differently when it comes to how they seem to you. Only I know the heart of your enemies and if justice needs to be delivered it will be delivered by me, your God. Many have a tremendous awakening that will come upon them in the coming days, for this you should pray for them, for I wish no son or daughter of mine to be lost to perdition. I will judge the heart, leave all judgment to me. The Holy Spirit will light the fire and all will see the darkness that has taken root within their souls. If they allow me, I will cleanse that darkness and you will see the beauty and perfection that I have created in each soul. Do not wait to ask me for this gift my children for time is running out. Use this Lenten time to deny yourself and let my purifying light burn away all of the impurities you have collected along the way. You will find great peace in allowing this, even if the process feels painful at the time. Then and only then will you be able to see past yourselves and to see the needs of others as I do. That is all my son, now go in peace and spread the word I have just given you today. I love you, amen.
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  3. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Immediate Request from Jesus for Divine Mercy

    Posted on March 28, 2016 by matthewsix25to34

    Hello my brothers and sisters, trust me when I tell you my plan for tonight was just to go to bed. Obviously our Lord had different plans for me, He asked me to share with you the writing I received this morning after mass. As I sat down to write even though I was not sure where it was to come from, I had an extremely strong presence of Jesus and so I gave him my time. Also due to the content I can see why our Lord need to be to put this out there this evening. For anyone who knows anyone who shares this blog, please ask them to send an immediate request to update their page and direct others to read this immediately. Thank you for your support and your time in reading these writings. So now I will share with you what I received.

    March 28, 2016

    Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus the Christ. You have just celebrated my passion and my resurrection. Thanks to you sharing my word with them, many of your brothers and sisters asked me to experience a deeper understanding of this, and I granted that to them. Now you are in the middle of my Divine Mercy celebration. Do not let this go past you either my children, for this is the hour of my mercy, but the moment is quickly coming upon you when I must be the just judge. Use these moments to come to me with all of your pain and all of your sins so that I may wash them in my blood and restore you to who you were created to be. So many do not take advantage of this gift and even more do not know what it is. Spread this devotion my children and I will bless you for it. Spread it to all those that you know in the faith, but more importantly to those you know who have fallen away from the faith. They can still come to my mercy even if their sins are scarlet red and I will make them white as snow from my mercy. It overpowers any wrongdoing, just come with a repentant heart and a true desire to not sin again and return to the fold. I wait for you my children with open arms, ready to forgive and to forget. Do not let shame or embarrassment of what you have done keep you from this joy. I shall grant whatsoever you wish through this prayer as long as it abides with my will for you. Look at the rays I showed to my blessed Faustina, they were an expression of what I gave for you, they represented my blood which is my passion, and my mercy extended out to you. Come and receive my children, the moments will not be here forever, come while you can. Now is not the time to worry what others think of you, only to be obedient to my request. This is the moment for all to see how much their God loves them. That is all my child, now go in peace and spread the message of my mercy while there is still time. I love you, amen.

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  4. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    I hadn't looked at the site in awhile, here is the latest message:

    One of the devil’s favorite tricks… Has he done it to you?

    Posted on April 24, 2016 by matthewsix25to34's

    Good evening my brothers and sisters, as usual I hope this blog post finds you well. Tonight’s post is one that I believe will reach many in a very deep level within themselves. In this post our Father in heaven seems to be challenging us as to whether or not we live by faulty belief systems. Speaking as one who is looked inside of myself from this I would have to say I believe all of us to be guilty in some sort or another, this seems to be the byproduct of what this world has changed into in what we as a race of people have cooperated with and empowered. Years ago I heard about this type of healing that was called, “Theo-phostic Healing.” This is a ministry where Jesus is in charge of showing you why you believed what you do and what lies are attached to those feelings. He would then expose the truth and change the reality that the lie had caused, I think it is something worth looking into if you haven’t heard of it before. I know from first-hand experience that these faulty belief systems can destroy a life. I think we all have to remember that these destructive beliefs begin at a very early age, this is why good parenting skills are so badly needed today. So without rambling on myself too long I will give you the message I received about this. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

    March 30, 2016

    Lord: My son be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. Truth my children, truth will make you free. Many of you are confused and frustrated about things in your life because you are believing lies that have been told to you, brought on by the father of lies, satan. Some of those lies are about things going on around you and they leave you angry and confused about who is in charge here, or if I am really present with all of this going on? Some of those lies however my children are deeper than that and they reach the very core of your being, they leave the spirit in a sense of disarray because you are believing these to be the truth. Those lies which are the most powerful are about you yourselves my little ones. Whether they were taught to you due to a false teacher, or just learned from a lack of something such as parenting, they left room for the evil one to plant his false truths. Once these have been absorbed by you as a truth, they are very hard to remove or take away. These cause great confusion or pain and they become the foundation of your belief system. This can make it very difficult or even impossible for you to obtain the kind of relationship with me that I desire for you. I tell you this so that you can know that there is a reason that you may feel and believe what you do about yourself. Beliefs that supersede conscious thought and immediately cause doubt and a lack of faith, prevent me from working in your life the way I would like. I wish you all to be free of this limiting thought process my children. I wish to clear a pathway through your mind so that I can reach your heart and bring you the joy you should be experiencing with me. I am going to give you this assignment my children, I wish you to ask me where your roadblocks are? Where or what are the beliefs that are preventing this relationship? I will reveal each lie so that you may have the choice as to what you would like to do about it? Would you like to give it to me and receive healing, or would you like to hold onto it because you have chosen to believe it so strongly? The choice is yours my children, I will not force that answer upon you. Bring each one to me and let me show you the lie that it is and how it affects you so that you may choose to have my truth dismantle and heal it. Some will be very quick to heal, others will take time. Do not worry my children I will not let this hurt you. I wish for all of you to be free from these beliefs so that we can grow together. This will do for you more than you know here, this effect will also carry over to the joy you will receive in heaven. I love you my children and I await each one of you to be free and know for the first time who you truly are and why I created you. That is all my son, now let’s get started on this part of the journey by sharing this with all who will listen; those with ears ought to hear. I love you, amen.

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  5. The Lord is moving mountains again!
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  6. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

  7. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Appreciate your replying Prince of Peace.
    I haven't posted matthewsix25to34 messages for some time because every time, I have tried I mess up the cut and paste. :rolleyes:
  8. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Be prepared for the great day is upon you
    Posted on February 24, 2017 by matthewsix25to34

    Good evening my brothers and sisters, as usual I hope this posting finds you well. I have had quite the busy schedule as of late, but I must share with you something that was given to me in the last couple of weeks. So much seems to be upside down in this world, so much confusion seems to be present in the matter where you look or what you listen to. In this posting you will hear our Lord explain that that confusion has been do to the devil planting his own seeds. Unfortunately for many, he has not had much resistance to his plan. This should not make us fear but it should keep us on our toes. His attacks are extremely underhanded and they have the appearance of and almost good to them. Thank God for the Holy Spirit to keep us aware of truth. May he continue to be the loudest voice we hear and may he continue to keep us grounded in the word. My brothers and sisters according to what I heard and wrote a great day is coming. This feels like a day where truth will conquer even if it is just for a moment, but which one of us wouldn’t die to experience that moment? Which one of us hasn’t been praying for God to take the reins and bring good back into the world? So my brothers and sisters please listen as I share with you what it was I received almost 2 weeks ago. I must make note that since I received this I was also woken up at 3 AM on the 20th to give me even a greater understanding. So here are the words I received. May they serve their intended purpose.

    Feb 14, 2017

    Lord: My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father. The soil is being tilled my son, the seeds have been planted and continue to be planted, for the great harvest is upon you. As I have said before, all things in darkness will be revealed. A great light of truth is very soon to come upon mankind: as in the days of the great flood, many are not ready for what is coming. It will be a day, or should I say a moment of purification where all sin shall be known and every grace necessary for conversion shall be granted. This is a great day that is coming, for in the days of the great flood many had their repentance due to fear when the absolute end was upon them, in this day coming, mankind will have the life, the ability, and the free will to turn against their evil ways and repent. I shall grant forgiveness to any and all that choose life in this great awakening of the soul, but for those who choose against me they will have sealed their fate in an act of the will. This is not a day to fear my children for my grace is greater than any sin. This is a day of celebration, for many will turn and be saved as they join the fold of true believers. Let this be your prayer each and every day my children: to be like the wise virgins who were ready at their calling in time. Pray for this my little ones and I would be more than happy to answer you with love and joy. Do not lose focus on this, for the evil one has put forth great effort to destroy your ability to see truth as truth. A great confusion has come upon mankind and the world due to his own version of dropping the seeds. He has developed a world full of doubt and a great lack of faith has spread from his message of death, but fear not for I am coming for what is mine and you my children belong to me. As I have said, I placed before you life and death, choose life my children. That is all my son, now go and spread the word to be prepared for the great day is upon you. I love you, amen.

  9. padraig

    padraig New Member

    At the end of Mass the priest sometimes says,

    'Go forth and live the Gospel with your lives'.

    I have tired to do so. I oftentimes fail to do so, but I do try. What a wonderful source of peace this has been. To wake up in the mornings, to look at my face in the mirror and not to have to cringe. It is being the like a child again. Simply trying my best to be good and follow Jesus. Such a source of peace and joy. These messages remind me of that. So many, many people live a life radically different from the Gospel and experience huge loss of peace, restlessness and joylessness.

    Sometimes at work people comment that they think I am drunk I am always so happy. This reminds me of after Pentecost when people asked if the Apostles and Disciples were drunk, they were so full of joy.

    I think we have to loose the material things we have now in order to refind the things that really endure.

    I think a good example of this happened yesterday in Chile. Were millions were left without water so that they might better find the waters of Life.


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  10. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    I think that the Lord might be referencing a coming Warning to MatthewSix. It sounds very much like it to me.
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  11. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    August 10, 2017

    Lord: My child be at peace, It is I your Lord and God and Savior, Jesus. My children do not go through this world based on feelings, handle your everyday issues based on faith. It is faith that blessed Abraham and made the descendants after him more numerous than the sands of the sea: this prepared them to receive the same. I am here my children, even though in this world so polluted by sin it may not be evident to you. The evil one wants you to give up hope, to abandon your faith. He does this mostly by how he affects how you feel about things; how you feel about life in general. Do not fall for his traps my children, they are a road map to despondency. Have faith without feelings my little ones and watch what happens to your own life, even to the ones around you. When they ask “why are things so good for you”? You can respond by saying that you have faith. Do not look for this in worldly blessings, for they are transitory, but look for them in the spirit. A way of living that transcends this world and all of its troubles. Look to your own life my child, the way in which you have been able to survive what you are going through is by having faith that I will provide for you and all of your needs. This is a tremendous growth that takes place in the spirit when you learn to live this way, without letting your emotions or your “feelings” get in the way. Use your writing of this message as an example, you did not wish to write because of your feelings of fear that it was not me, or that I would have nothing to say to you. Yet when you acted on faith that I might and picked up your pen, this occurred. This is how you will weaken the power of the evil one that he has on your emotions… have faith. I wish all of you who are reading this try this just once during your day, it could be today or tomorrow, but just try; then share with each other through this blog and through others sources what happened from it. Before you know it faith will spread and lives will be changed for the better. That is all my son, now go in peace and spread my message. Have faith my children, that is all you need. I go in peace, I love you, amen.

    You know this is really amazing, for I was just going to write on feelings and the Spiritual Life. It looks like God beat me to it!:D

    On Saturday night I was doing the Night Shift in the hospital. I am asked to do this sometimes when someone is off . I love doing this as it is a break from routine and means more money. On the other hand because it does break routine it does throw me for a loop. I am very much a creature of habit and suddenly going to work when I should be going to bed and going to bed when I should be going to work would throw everyone.
    So I kind of go into the blues. Not depressed, no but a little like a gold fish that has been taken out of its goldfish bowl, gasping a little.:) I have an automatic reaction to turn at such times to review my spiritual life to check if I have done something really wrong. Have I entered into grave sin? Am I not praying enough? Are my mind and heart drifting from God? Am I being attacked by the devil?

    But after discernment the real problem I find is not spiritual but simply physical. My routine has been thrown for a loop and I am just exhausted and out of sorts. So the gloomy stuff.

    There is a story about St Teresa of Avila being approached by a nun who thought she was in the Dark Night of the Soul. The wise saint sat her down and made the nun a large steak with all trimmings with a little wine and lo and and behold the poor sister was right as rain.

    We are not angels and we should in the first place look for physical and mental causes in discernment rather than firstly the spiritual of mystical. Our soul is really like the tree beside the waterside, if we our people of prayer and is not so easily going. Feelings are like the wind , they may rustle the leaves, they rarely bend the tree out of shape. :)

    For people who do not pray it is exactly the other way around . They never look for spiritual causes but always look to the mental or physical. Sigmund Freed was asked one time what would be the end outcome of analysis to which he replied that the person would, '..share in the generalised unhappiness'. But if they looked to the spiritual first prayer would bring happiness.

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  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Padraig, where did this August 10th message come from?
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

  15. called

    called New Member

    Thanks for the link Padraig. Yesterday was the first time I read about Six25to34 message from august 10.

    I think it is interesting to notice that, at least to me, isolating faith from feelings actually make sense. You see, I have been devoted for a while to Don Dolino's rosary of abandonment. And yes, makes perfect sense to say feelings get in the way as much as thoughts, in the way of God works. Not because God can't handle our meeddling, but because we end up trying to make things from ourselves. We need Jesus to take over our matters.

    "Abandonment in Me does not mean being frustrated, becoming anxious and desperate, offering Me your anxious prayer, that I may follow you and have your anxiety be a prayer.
    Abandonment means to shut the eyes of your soul in peace, moving your thoughts away from your troubles, and instead of thinking about your worries and pain, let Me take over your troubles"

    http://www.dolindo.org/english/JESUS YOU TAKE OVER .pdf

    Lovely isn't it? Up until that point I can agree.

    But to say "activate" your faith and "claim" things to make them happen makes me wary. It is kind of new agey isn't it? Strange wording... Because it kind of gets in the way of God's will. Wich happen to be the first thing we accept every time we pray "Our Father". It happens too, to be one of the lessions Jesus thaught Us. To accept the will of The Father. That is why he was tempted and later on, crucified. Adam and Eve did not comply to God's command and we know how that story ends. Yes, there is "one" (no capital letters for him) how wants Us to rebell.

    In closing. We ask, we pray, and we humbly accept, even sufferings. Job's old testament book comes to mind. Be like Job.

    Best regards.
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  16. padraig

    padraig New Member

    As to the rest of the message I never really took any heed . But the bit about feelings is quite true.Consider the soul as a great castle. At teh centre of the Castle is the Keep. The Keep was the very centre of castles,it all else fell this is where folks would hole up. The centre of the soul, the Keep is the Will. This is where we make our choices. Either to do good or to do evil Either to go to heaven or to go to hell. Basically it is the place where we chose to love or not to love.

    Feelings I would say are really on the outside , I guess you could say feelings are how we decorate the castle.

    The problem is moderns have reversed this so that whereas in traditional Catholic Spiritulaity the Will the keep is everything , this is a reversed so that feelings are placed at the centre of things. So that the Castle which one was strong centred on the Will, now is centred on Feelings and thus become a kind of shivering Jelly.

    Formeerly the Will got foucs from things like the Ten Commandments, the Cathechism and Teachings of the Church. Strong rocks on which to build the Castle. So know we react to things as , 'I feel this is fine'. So we take off into outer space. We no longer centre on the rock of the Will.

    This would not be so bad but the folks who lead the Church are doing this too.

    So for example they speak of hell. Thus. I feel a loving God could never have a place like hell because I feel that would be a nasty place to have and I feel a loving God would not do this.

    Whereas if the Castle of the Soul was set on the Will we would say, 'The ten commandments, Scripture, the Teachings of the Church all show us a hell , so a hell there must be. Either I choose to go there or I choose not to'.

    Feelings are alright, to a point we are not robots, but if we simply let feelings guide us we are being led by an untrustworthy nose.

    I don't men any harm by saying this but in a way it is a kind of over feminization of religion. It is turning it into a pink cloud, it is as though the Churches, pardon me Cajones (balls) had fallen right off.

    Which is one reason why we can't get vocations to the priesthood.


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  17. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    You hit the nail on the head padraig. It is the effeminate tendency which has contributed so greatly not only to the Church becoming squishy but our societies crumbling as well.

    Men, masculine men mind you, who do NOT rely on their feelings but on what they know is right and have a sense of duty to uphold it are sorely lacking these days.

    If I remember correctly there is a bit of scripture which may be out of context but which has always reminded me of this.

    Issaiah 4:1
    Seven women will take hold of one man on that day, saying: "We will eat our own food and wear our own clothing; Only let your name be given us, put an end to our disgrace!"
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  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes, all Empires before their destruction become effeminate in their corruption and downfall. Rather like rotten apples falling from a tree. this is why the Church is more and more not only favouring sexual perversion ans sexual perverts of the very worst kind but more and more actually being ruled by the. Hence the child abuse crisise. This child abuse crisis was not an aberration but basically a symptom of what the Church has become.

    Nor, I guarantee has perversion gone away in the Church gone away , I will l guarantee you this it is worse than ever. Hence Pope Francis saying , in regards to sexual perversion, 'Who am I to judge?' was no accident, he was merely voicing an attitude in the Church at the very highest levels. That they have given up judging because they do not see very much wrong with it.
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  19. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    There's a new message, posted December, 23rd. Been, since the last one, October 15th, 2017. Matthew always comments before each message.


    So Many Jonah's
    November 8, 2017

    Lord: My son write down what I say to you, for many need to hear these words.

    My child be at peace, it is I your Lord and God and Father, along with my son and the Holy Spirit. My child do not be afraid to share my words, for they are meant for all out of love. My child there are so many Jonah’s in the world today. So many that I have chosen to share my words and my guidance, but just like you they tend to shy away for one reason or another from speaking what I have given them. Do not be like Jonah, for the day is coming that will make the three days that Jonah spent in the belly of the whale seem like nothing. The day is coming my child that will bring ultimate truth to the world. A world that just like Jonah was not ready to hear it. My little ones if you don’t speak for me, then who will? Will it be your leaders? No, for they are too concerned about their place in life and the loss of popularity that would come. Will it be my church and those I have called to be another Jesus for you? No, they have fallen for a great lie and their test has been extreme; their love lies in the gluttony and the greed, for this they will answer. Will it be from the media or the other places I gave you the gift of technology to use to spread my word? No, this has become a cesspool and a place of atrocity to your Lord. The world is broadcasted sins and lies and for the most part has chosen to believe and even defend it. Satan has launched an attack against my creation and my church on every level. He has launched it on the senses; a battlefield that has become littered with lust for the flesh and power and greed. He has launched it on the intellect; a place given as a gift from me to allow you to understand that of which I share. This has become a mini-god to many. Their pride and their ego feed here.They have removed me from my place at the table and have decided that they know better now. That my boundaries for moral behavior and the way of living here as the body of Christ is somehow in error. Fools…, who do they think they are? After all, with all of the inventions of mankind and all that has come to pass leading them to feel this way, they are still exactly what I made them. They are souls living this life of challenge and obedience to my commands and will be accountable for all that they have said and done to themselves, but especially to others. He has launched it on idealism and belief. He has set a trap that has sent many to perdition because they have chosen to create and defend an idealism that feeds the other areas of this battle. This has been a multifaceted attack designed to confuse, to tempt and ultimately remove you from the eternal banquet that I have prepared for all of those who love me. My child, so many of my children are in great need of this information. So many are unprepared for the day of truth that will be arriving shortly. With this information, they can make a decision to stop empowering these attacks. For many it will change that day entirely. Once again my children if not you, then who will share this with them? I have called many of you to the task, but many of you are either too busy or have refused my invitation. Please accept this writing given to my servant as my official invitation once again. Ask yourselves my children the same question my apostle Peter did; to whom shall we go? In this answer my little ones you will find your eternity. That is all my son, now please go and share this with all who will listen. I love you my son, amen. Do not wait my children to answer this call for the day is almost upon you; for many of you it may be too late.

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