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Manduria, Virgin of the Eucharist

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Alex Garabandal, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Alex Garabandal

    Alex Garabandal Salve Regina!!!

    Has anyone heard of the Manduria apparitions aka " Virgin of the Eucharist" in southern Italy?
    Please answer and God Bless!
  2. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Archangels

    Never heard of it but would has my interest hooked now!
  3. Alex Garabandal

    Alex Garabandal Salve Regina!!!

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  4. Alex Garabandal

    Alex Garabandal Salve Regina!!!

    At Manduria, a young girl, Debora, lives a mystical experience remarkable. A life that took place between studies and discos, it is passed to a life of physical and moral suffering, totally devoted to the Lord for the salvation of the clergy and religious. On 23 October 1992, the Virgin appeared to her the first time in her house and presented herself as a lawyer and mediator of any grace. She taught her the rosary. At the beginning, these appearances were daily. Be adding the Visions of Jesus, "King of the Revelation", which the catéchise. The Lord confirms its presence by lacrymations of sacred images and signs of blood on the walls. A few months later, the Virgin Mary chooses as a place of her appearances the church of the parish and other places of worship, where Debora will be successively hunted, despite the signs of the Passion, visible on her body, is being offered as a victim to Jesus eucharistic, love not liked. On 17 May 1993, Notre-Dame appears for the first time in a garden of olive trees that it appoints Heavenly "green" or "Gethsemane Saint", held that it chooses for the public appearances that Debora will have the 23 of each month, except during 10 months in 1994 when, by obedience to the Bishop, it is forced to go from one place to another, hosted by caring people. Wherever it is, the lacrymations and outpouring of oil to follow on the statues and sacred images as characteristic of its mission, as well as a ruthless persecution. Debora has a life of interiority with Jesus and Mary, who come sometimes accompanied by saints and angels, in particular Saint Francis of Assisi, the Blessed Padre Pio, the Archangel Michael the Archangel Uriel and her guardian angel, Fidemile. Jesus asked her to make public their interviews published under the title "The wisdom revealed of the living God". The signs have been and remain exceptionally many, not only on the Statues and Images, in the sky, the sun, the moon, but also on the person of Debora, and on tissues that have been used to wipe the blood of her injuries, during moments where she shares the suffering of Christ. Many healings physical and spiritual occurred in "Sky greenery" where it uses the Blessed Oil, emanating from the statue of Our Lady, following the indications of the sky. The titles of the Virgin Mary and Jesus has Manduria, Mary presents herself with the glorious titles of "Virgin of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Olive Blessed, source of holy anointing oil, a perennial" and appears with the host radiant at the center of her chest, the left hand placed below as a paten, in a sense of repair and three fingers of the right hand raised in Trinitarian sign, to bless and indicate to us the Rosary. "...I am the Virgin of the Eucharist..." with this Title, Mary confirms her virginity, both discussed in this time, and presents herself as the Mother of the Church (as well Appointed by Pope Paul VI) bearing in the center of her chest, in place of her immaculate heart, the Eucharist: the Mother united to her Son for the salvation of humanity, the co-redemption. Mary emphasises here its important role of mediator Universal. Other extraordinary item: it is the coat of arms of the Pope on her white dress without a seat belt, to highlight his predilection for the Vicar of Christ on earth, all united to him. "...I am the mother of the Olive blessed..." The Olive of the apologue of Abimelec (JG 9) is regarded as a tree Sacred and devoted to the supernatural uses: its oil burned before God, it was a preponderant part of the tithe and in the sacrifices. The Olive gives of the oil that it uses to make the Saint Baume intended â the anointing of the Altar, ready and of kings, and descends with therapeutic properties in the souls or on the sick body! The olive tree is the symbol of peace in this Revelation Jesus defines the Olivier as: "...the Tree of Life who represents me..." The first alliance with God, after the deluge universal, has been ratified by the dove bearing the olive branch in its beak. The second Alliance has been ratified by the Incarnation, Passion , the Death and Resurrection of the "Olivier blessed" (Jesus) and by the Co-redemption. (translated from French)
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  5. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    I picked a message at random--don't see a date--and put it through bing translator. It's interesting. A little choppy, but here's what I got....

    Meditations for today _ Heal from incurable ills


    We are now as at the time of the "fullness" of knowledge all of God.

    Our Lady starts with Rue du Bac to reveal to the world this great project which is described in the book of revelation of Saint John. She wants to lead us, speaking to us constantly and "Catholic" that is universal in this program. Revealed very clearly at Fatima. But before our mom had appeared in Lourdes, La Salette beginning to reveal to children its emblematic figure, namely that his relationship with the great struggle waged by everyone (in Freemasonry in the world of the mighty) would come to finish a great design that is the destruction of the Catholic Church. And we are in the heart of this phase.

    Jesus is saying to society now that power is a power that must be exercised in law and justice. If we don't agree, the bad will eat from the South. The focus will turn to the South, while in the North there will be punishment.

    Our Lady wants to make it clear to people that anyone who does not live on "consecration" is outside of God's plan, as if he were alone. Everything will revolve around this "enter the Holy". Wants us to get into a special dimension of the Christian era, that is to welcome the Lord more and better than Adam. And to this end has been dictated a prayer for the family tree!

    These are times that require great suffering and that is why our Lady appears with the coat of arms of John Paul II (the gold star on the guise of our Lady of Fatima), The Totus Tuus was the emblem of this program, which started and had to go further. Then the gold star was actually the great consecration of a Pope and what Peter would see this navigation of a ship run down, which was struck from all sides but in the end it would be anchored in two columns. Mary and the Eucharist (don Bosco's dream).

    Are our points of arrival, because our Lady announced: "I come to precede the Eucharistic Triumph of Jesus" and here is the whole experience of Manduria.

    Our Lady is calling all souls who want to become Eucharistic reparation souls. This is the end. ... The person of Jesus-Eucharist is a problem in the Church. When Christ will return its place, the Church will take pace.

    Today our Lady is asking us to open our hearts to a "Consecration investee", that is, to witness, that this crisis will take our witness of life, and the oil is to strengthen us. The message of Manduria is realized when the tears become a tool of prayer.

    "I come to bring Holy oil as its source the" source "of your healing." We have so many incurable ills: viruses and diseases of all kinds are being auto-creating in the air because of our disobedience. Is not only a social evil, there is also the devil that said to the man his great act of envy: "you are not going to save you." Evil inevitably reproduces in the facts of the story.

    When will the great March of China and Russia, America won't have even a say, because it will be reduced to a rag. The two flags at half mast (USA and Europe) are the beginning of Sorrows from real in the world. "The punishments you've attracted a third of mankind will perish".
  6. Alex Garabandal

    Alex Garabandal Salve Regina!!!

    They are certainly very interesting apparitions! Hopefully they are real, because for Mary to dedicate an apparition to the importance of the Holy Eucharist is truly beautiful! Hopefully God gives us the answer on wether or not these apparitions of Our Blessed Mother & Our Lord were sent by him.

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  7. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Principalities

    I guess you'd really need to be good at Italian to discern this one properly.

    "We have so many incurable ills: viruses and diseases of all kinds are being auto-creating in the air because of our disobedience."

    Did anybody out there ever read up on the whole chemtrail controversy? It's make you wonder...
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  8. Wow this was a blast from the past for my own two penny's worth I remember my wife and I watched a video on Manduria ( im sure I must have a copy somewhere ???) I recon it must have been around 1998 the reason I remember the video so well is the video ended with the picture of Our Lady of Manduria and beautiful music as my wife and I watched and focused on the image we both felt the same feeling we were convinced we levitated of the sofa for a few seconds it was a very strange but wonderful experience alas we were advised by a friend that the story of manduria was false and lost interest in it, looking back now I guess we should have sought more on our experience..:(:(
  9. Alex Garabandal

    Alex Garabandal Salve Regina!!!

    Very Interesting!
    Ever since I found out about Manduria, I'm becoming more and more convinced the apparitions are God sent. And to top it off the apparitions are full of love - unlike many "end times" visionaries today.

    ~ Our Lady of Manduria, Virgin of the Eucharist Pray for us ~
  10. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

    I found this fascinating but know nothing of these supposed apparitions.
  11. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The night of 14th-15th February 1993, 1.30am -

    At home Someone is calling me in a very sweet manner. I open my eyes and see a Beautiful Lady who asks me to sit down, to forget my rest and to write. I think to myself that it must be something important if she calls me in the middle of the night, because during the night you talk in a much more intimate; manner everything is silent: nothing can disrupt a friendly affectionate meeting. .

    'Dear daughter of the Light: I now, bearing in mind that humanity continues to trample the laws of Heaven, I now reveal the last Message of the secrets of Fatima, sealed since 1917 in the hearts of a few, which should have been announced in the sixties to the whole world; but no heed was paid to My maternal call and many, many misfortunes have covered this earth. Today, My little one, I give you the task of talking about it with as many people as you come into contact, and to many children of the Light, so that the world may still mend it's ways. I desire that the Pope listen to the painful call of My Son, who is still in agony for your sins, and that he bears in mind My timeliness in the disclosure of this Message'.

    Suddenly, the world appears in Her hands and I notice with astonishment that little by little it becomes covered with blood. She begins thus: 'My little child, I once said at Fatima, that if the world does not convert, a great calamity would fall upon the whole human race, not at that time, but in the second half of the 20th century. I already prophesied this chastisement at 'La Salette', to the children Melanie and Maximin and today, after repeating it many times I repeat it to you, because humanity continues to persevere in sin, trampling on the gifts from Heaven. Already satan has strewn disorder everywhere, holding power in the highest places, influencing development in all things. I already said to Lucia that he, son of darkness, would succeed in plagiarizing the minds of the greatest scientists, inciting them to invent very powerful weapons with which he could destroy in a few moments the entire planet Earth. I said that he would be able to have the fate of the whole world in his hands, seducing the Powerful and the Heads of State, and so it has happened.

    Soon I will be forced to let go of My Son's arm, and you will all see that He will punish with greater justice and severity than ever before. For the Church, the time has come for hard trials and tribulations, as I already predicted. Cardinal will turn against Cardinal, Bishop against Bishop, and satan already marches in their midst, and in Rome imminent changes make themselves felt. No-one expects the Son of God, but you tell everyone that He will return; however He will come as a thief in the night, and then He will punish according to the Justice of the Just Heavenly Father.

    Smoke and fire will fall violently from the Heavens, the seas will give out vapours, everything will be submerged, and a war greater and more destructive than any other will come, - if everything were to remain as now. Many men and children will die little by little, and those who live on will envy the dead, deprived of that sight. The face of death, of misery, of ruin and of war will be that of the earth. The time of times is already coming to an end, and this fear of Mine becomes a frightening reality with each passing day. I turn to the world, saying that not only the good will perish together with the wicked, but also Heads of States with their people and the Great of the Church with their faithful .

    My daughter, satan unfortunately has covered the earth with his hired agents and man very often gives in to temptation, to sin. This time, if man wants to premeditate the destruction of the entire world, God will make him vanish from the universe, and it will no longer come about with water, symbol of purification, but with fire, symbol of justice. When the earth darkens, that is the sign of the coming of My Son and His Angels, and only then will the new earth begin, reformed by all those who now labour for the triumph of My Immaculate Heart, and by those who will outlive such disasters. Together, all those who are chosen, marked with a cross on their foreheads, symbol of their trust in God, will live for one purpose; the 'Heavenly Father', in the same way as when this very beautiful planet was not so sinful. In this way, I the Mother of God, through you announce to the world the great calamity that will befall it if it will not mend it's ways. I, Queen of Peace and Love, Heavenly Mother, have come in this land, as in others, to heal the spirit and not the body any longer.

  12. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    The 7 doors of Hell (for your discernment)

    In front of me the doors open.

    1st door: in here are the adulterers. The souls appear to me like transparent bubbles, which have a little black heart in the centre. They are immersed in manure and everything is on a slope. I cannot describe the shouting I hear. The concupiscent are also here, because I can see scenes of men who perform all sorts of carnal sin.

    2nd door: here are the blasphemers, especially those who blaspheme against the Holy Spirit. In the bubbles (souls) mouths can be seen marked with fire by a demon. Here are also the wrathful, who quarrel between themselves, causing divisions.

    3rd door: in here are thieves, egoists, drunkards, since in the bubbles (souls) I see burnt tongues, throats and burned hands.

    4th door: in here are those who idolize money, flesh, the presumptuous, who are convinced they can be saved by their own merits, the proud and sorcerers, for in the bubbles I can see either instruments or writings signifying their sins. In describing the images which pass in front of me as if in a film, Our Lady explains to me that the Lord actively opposes any type of sorcery.

    5th door: I notice, with grief, that in here are Cardinals, Bishops, priests and nuns. 'They also sin', the Mother of God says to me, “and because they are people consecrated to Him, the suffering they cause Jesus is greater than that caused by the laity. Many priests and nuns have abandoned Him: they have preferred sin to purity, injustice to justice, power to poverty, pride to humility. They have put themselves in the place of God”.

    6th door: here I see a series of bubbles fastened to one another. They belong to those who during their lifetime, sold their body to sin, without realising that it is the temple of the Holy Spirit. They were not the souls of so-called prostitutes, but of people who seemed above suspicion, and yet were full of perversions and lacking in self control. Their collaborators in sin are also here.

    7th door: here are the souls of the avaricious and of the gluttonous, who go looking for what can satiate them, without restraint Their bubbles are full of manure. Wherever I turn I see dirt, red lights and slopes which make you dizzy, and I notice a foul smell. It is definitely the kingdom of Darkness. At this moment I understand that the real Hell is not so much what I can see, but the loss of the vision of God. Eternal damnation is being far from the pure and incense, far from its white and luminous Light, which gives Peace.

  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    11th May 1993, 6.35 pm -

    At home Apparition of Our Lady: 'Dear daughter, today My Message is addressed to Russia. She is dead to the faith, but God is going to resuscitate her. At the moment, false christs are feeding her with false ideologies, but one day the demons will abandon this nation and she will become the most devout. She will be called Holy Russia. Remember: the last will be the first. She will have the wisdom of God, and such will be her greatness that she will take the wind of holiness to other nations. Did I not tell you once that the Breath would come from the East?
  14. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

  15. AED

    AED Powers

    A red flag! The Church does not recognize Uriel. Only the three Archangels named in scripture. Please be careful people. Satan can carefully mix a grain of falsehood into much truth. And Quis rt Deus he can also imitate mystical wonders such as levitating. Just please be very careful everyone.
  16. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

    I believe the early church did recognize him and so do are Ethiopian Catholic and Coptic Catholic brothers and sisters.
  17. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

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  18. Jedediah

    Jedediah New Member

    No but Mary spoke to me at adoration not long ago and she was encouraging very close and speaks clearly it was wonderful .First time for me
  19. Thanks AED if I remember correctly the red flag for me was the sale of the olive oil it kinda made me cautious
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  20. Claves.Sancti.Petri

    Claves.Sancti.Petri Principalities

    Im undecided on this one as well. I have heard of healing oil such as at Audrey Santos's but not sure haven't looked into this one that much yet.

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