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LifeSite News.

Discussion in 'Books, movies, links, websites.' started by padraig, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

  3. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    We are really blessed in these times by many great news outlets that are shining the light on what is happening.

    Lifesite, The Remnant, Church Militant, EWTN, there are many others too.

    God will never let heresy overcome the Church. He may allow difficult crosses to come our way, but He will always give us the tools to overcome them.

    The truth is right there in front of our faces...if we wish to see it.
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  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    It really takes courage, they have it in full.

    Great piece on Cardinal Cupich.

    Says it all..


    December 4, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- When Cardinal Blase Cupich says he wants Catholics to graduate from “an adolescent spirituality into an adult spirituality” where they will be able to use their “freedom of conscience” to “discern truth” in their lives, he’s abandoning his own responsibility as shepherd, commented a Catholic journalist in a recent article.

    Matthew Schmitz, a senior editor for First Things, recently critiqued the Archbishop of Chicago in an article titled “A Cool Cardinal.” He takes issue with Cupich’s insistence that Catholics must behave “like adults” and be treated “like adults.” Schmitz believes the phrase points to the archbishop’s wish to leave thorny moral questions to lay consciences to determine right from wrong.

    Schmitz writes: “Some people have a quaint idea that a bishop should say what is right and wrong, in season and out, but Cupich has evolved beyond this. Cupich wants to liberate Catholic consciences from clerical control. ‘If people come to a decision in good conscience,’ [Cupich] says, ‘our job is to help them move forward and to respect that.’ If you’re okay, so is he.”

    "Cupich credits his ideas to Pope Francis," commented Schmitz.

    The writer likens Cupich to the “cool dad” who leaves a courting couple alone or hints that he doesn’t count his beer bottles. This kind of father, who prefers to be a pal, “told us to act like adults so he didn’t have to.”

    Cupich uses Amoris Laetitia to justify shoving responsibility onto lay consciences, says Schmitz. The writer takes issue with a presentation at the recent Boston College conference on Amoris co-hosted by Cupich, where a speaker linked episcopal authority, or “infantilization of the laity,” to a “colonization of the conscience.” That connection, Schmitz suspects, serves to free episcopal office from episcopal responsibility:

    “If bishops no longer exercise real authority over Catholic consciences, the faithful are of course free to do as they please,” he writes. “But so are the bishops. They no longer have to worry if their spiritual charges are blithe about abortion, adultery, and sacrilege. Those very words, with their antique and judgmental shadings, begin to sound foreign to the refinement of the episcopal office. Dialogue is more pleasant than polarization.”

    Pius X’s Vehementer Nos, which defends clerical authority, came in for a kicking at the conference and so Schmitz puts it in its historical perspective. When an anti-clerical government moved against the Church in France, Pius X recognized that a non-hierarchical Church would be dominated by the world. Now Schmitz says the failure of American bishops to lead has not liberated Catholics but left them “enslaved to state, market, and tribe.”

    Meanwhile, as empty seats in parishes attest, Cupich’s attempts to be a “cool dad” by embracing such pop culture authorities as actor Mark Wahlberg are failing, Schmitz argues. Worse, he accuses the Cardinal of being cool in another sense: “indifference.”

    “He pretends to be a friend to people who need a father,” says Schmitz. “Instead of watching over, he looks away.”

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  5. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    There is a great analogy in the article. I think it applies to many in the hierarchy today. Instead of doing what is difficult, they do what is easy because they want to be the “cool dad” who leaves a courting couple alone or hints that he doesn’t count his beer bottles. This kind of father, who prefers to be a pal, “told us to act like adults so he didn’t have to.”
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  6. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Amen padraig, a wonderful site.
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  7. Don_D

    Don_D Powers

    Exactly. The shirking from responsibility and weaseling out of accountability that we see all around us. An indifference toward our fellow brother or sister who coming to their senses plead for guidance yet instead receive a shrug and a pat on the back. Many are simply handing away what God has entrusted them with dominion over.
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  8. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Yes, if all we need are vague signposts we have no need of bishops or cardinals. How did these people get through a seminary never mind get themselves promoted to the episcopacy? The Church is disintegrating around us and our priorities are the climate and changing the Lord's prayer?
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  9. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    The communists infiltrated into the Roman Catholic Church.


    Also, we have this published memoir:

    AA-1025: Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into the Church
    Marie Carre


    Absorbing and compelling reading from beginning to end, AA -1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church is a must read for every Catholic today and for all who would understand just what has happened to the Catholic Church since the 1960 s. In the 1960's, a French nurse, Marie Carre, attended an auto-crash victim who was brought into her hospital in a city she purposely does not name. The man lingered there near death for a few hours and then died. He had no identification on him, but he had a briefcase in which there was a set of quasi-autobiographical notes. She kept these notes and read them, and because of their extraordinary content, decided to publish them. The result is this little book, AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration Into the Church, a strange and fascinating account of a Communist who purposely entered the Catholic priesthood along with many others, with the intent to subvert and destroy the Church from within. His strange yet fascinating and illuminating set of biographical notes, tells of his commission to enter the priesthood, his experiences in the seminary, and the means and methods he used and promoted to help effect from within the auto-dissolution of the Catholic Church. No one will read this book without a profound assent that something just like what is describer here must surely have happened on a wide scale in order to have disrupted the life of the Catholic Church so dramatically.
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  10. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    While I don't doubt that the infiltration happened, I'm convinced by some of the reviews of that book that it is a work of fiction. I also don't believe that communists were solely responsible for the damage to the Church, especially the priesthood. They were part of it but I don't believe that they had the amount of influence attributed to them.
  11. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    Have you read the book before? I believe there's a free online version available.

    It brings to mind our Blessed Mother's request at Fatima, to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, or else "Russia will spread its errors".
    Also, if one looks at the Catholic churches and priests in Asia, there is some sparing from the errors that are rampant in the West. Is that because there were no communists planted within the seminaries here?
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  12. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    I was forwarded another old prophecy today which also mentions secret societies...

    The Prophecy of Bishop George M. Wittman (1833)

    George Michael Wittman, a devout and devoted bishop of Regensburg, was born on January 23, 1760. He was distinguished by extraordinary knowledge and erudition, strong orthodoxy, great teacher talent, zealous zeal for his souls and his love for the poor.
    In 1788 he became Deputy Director and in 1803 the Director of the Bishops' Seminar in Regensburg; in 1821 the canon of the cathedral; in 1829, the cathedral and the vicar general. After Bishop Tailor's death in 1832, he became his venerable successor and died on March 8, 1833. The people's voice proclaimed him a saint, and all who knew him said: "He was a man of the first apostolic days of the Church, a priest according to the heart of God.
    Wittman's enlightened vision anticipated the future when he spoke as follows:
    "Woe to me! Sad days are coming for the Holy Church of Jesus Christ. The suffering of Jesus will continue in the most painful way in the Church and in her Supreme Head. There will be wars and revolutions in all parts of the world, and many blood will be shed. Wandering, disaster, and misery will be great everywhere, because contagious diseases, distress and other misfortunes will follow each other. "
    "Violent hands will rest on the Supreme Head of the Catholic Church: Bishops and priests will be persecuted, and will be tempted by schisms, and will be confused among all classes. The times are so bad that it will seem as if the enemies of Christ and His Holy Church, which He founded with His blood, should prevail over it. The clergy, however, will remain firm and decisive, and good people will adhere to this congregation. A general department will be carried out. The grain will be separated from the chaff and the floor will be swept away. Secret societies will cause great destruction and will use tremendous monetary power , and many will be blinded and infected with the most terrible mistakes; but it will be all in vain. Christ says, He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me distracts.The excitement will be too numerous and woe to the one through whom they come! Though the storms will be terrible, and will divert many on their way, they can not shake the rock on which Christ founded his Church. Porte inferi non prevalebunt. "
    "The faithful sheep will gather and will provide effective resistance to the enemies of the Catholic Church in prayer associations . Yes, yes, the herd becomes small. Many of you will see the sad times and days that will bring such evil; but I will not see them. It will become a wonderful thing, but then the hell will rise up against it and there will be a terrible agitation against her. Great confusion will prevail among rulers and peoples. The unbelief of today is preparing this terrible evil. "
    Source: The Christian Trumpet , compiled by Pellegrino, 1873, Thos. B. Noonand & Co., pp. 38-39
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  13. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    My guess SG is that the Churches in Africa and Asia are less effected because it is not only the Church that is effected, but the whole society in the West is rotten. I think this is the ultimate fruit of Protestantism, liberal democracies and secular education. It has taken 500 years of "marinating" but the Churches here are now in trouble because the priests grew up in those rotten societies and are no doubt effected by them.
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  14. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    No, I haven't read the book and had never heard of it before you posted the link. It was a couple of reviews which put me off it - one by a person named Tommy and another by Stephen Hitchings.

    The Communist infiltration certainly had an effect, possibly the most damaging long term effect on the Jesuit order - the so-called brains or elite of the Church. Sadly, the attacks didn't just come from the Communists. Love of money in the form of secular materialism also played a part. Contraception, divorce, the "ideal" sized family and eventually gay marriage weren't just promoted by Communists. All those evils were introduced into Western culture by the rich and powerful, many of whom were regarded as role models for the lower classes and most of whom were not communists. The Catholic upper classes copied their Protestant counterparts with little or no correction from the Church (eg the Grimaldis and others in Europe and the Kennedys in the US). At first they got convenient annulments. Now they don't bother because being right with the Church doesn't affect their social status. Europe was very class ridden until relatively recently. I don't know how it was in the US but I suspect that they also had a privileged class. I suppose that the modern equivalent would be famous actors and singers. I don't know much about Asia but my guess would be that while Asia also had its class structure, the privileged elite weren't promoted as role models for Christians. There's also no discounting the Masonic influence in Europe, particularly among the upper class and European royalty. I'm far from being an expert on these matters, but that's my take on what I have seen unfold in Europe. The abuse crisis also was a devastating blow to the Faith in Europe. Trying to keep up appearances and avoid scandal has almost killed off the faith in traditionally Catholic countries but the weakness was already there both in the Church and in society generally.

    Faith is not a numbers game. Keeping unbelievers in the pews by pandering to the lukewarm doesn't save the faith. Rather, it nurtures a virus which spreads and infects everything it comes into contact with. Jesus said something about cutting off the diseased limb rather than letting it destroy the entire body. The Church should have paid more attention to that advice from Jesus but continues to ignore all His warnings. When reality hits, it won't be pretty.
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  15. AED

    AED Powers

    I read this. Very strange and terrifying.
  16. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    I really believe that it's true.
  17. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    It's not communist, it's not the gay mafia and it's not the liberals. It's possessed people with evil in their hearts. Even Jesus had Judus. If anyone believes the Vatican is full of saints or ever has been full of saints...is mistaken. If you were at war...where would you send your special forces. To the house of the guy watching porno or to the capital of your enemy. You tell me that in Padre Pios religious order there was no evil people. Padre Pio couldn't see it all. In this battle no one can. That is why... to change what is happening, we need to enter the war. And that is spiritually. Yes, wolves are in the Vatican. But they have always been. And it's ok to speak out...but to be a soap box...really doesn't help anyone and is really not your mission. It's like yelling cancer sucks, cancer sucks. But not giving the cure to cancer. The war is starting to go in the wrong direction. The balance is out of wack. Should we focus on yelling from the rooftop what is bad. Or should we focus on how to fight the war.
  18. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    If no one sounds the alarm how will others become aware of the danger?
    I credit this site greatly with showing me the great danger that the Church is currently in.
    You are right though we also need to work on our own spirituality.
    It is a balance. But we cannot neglect to send out the clarion call.
    It is essential!

    The wolves are prowling.
    Indeed they have entered the sheepfold.
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