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Is the Eastern Gate opening?

Discussion in 'Mother of God' started by lynnfiat, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

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  2. padraig

    padraig New Member

    What a wonderful light to the Church Mark Mallett is.

    I hope I am wrong and we do not have to enter into a darkness far, far worse than we are already in before we see light. Mark gives me hope.

    Maybe it will darker and brighter at the same time? The stars never shine brother than at its darkest?
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  3. AED

    AED Powers

    I agree. His article gave m a much needed boost. And here I was saying I don’t read him anymore. I love how God brings us down to earth when we (I) get all starched up. :confused:
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  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I admire the way Mark puts so much work into each post, work, prayer, thought. Not a single typo. Wow!! ..and with such a large family and other things to do. An example. The whole family are so good. An example.

    I must go and pray about all this.


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  5. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    Mark puts all his effort into his writing. He knows the bible, encyclicals, the CCC... He's a farmer with 8 kids - and a mission! I truly believe he's a prophet for our times. Love reading his work!
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  6. AED

    AED Powers

    Like the prophet Amos. A dresser of vines— and then the Lord sent him forth with a message. The high and mighties of the world laughed. Just a farmer. They completely missed the marvelous way God confounds the (so called) wise.
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  7. Blizzard

    Blizzard thy kingdom come

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  8. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    I think there is a lot of truth in this sentence.
    Things are getting rapidly worse in the world, but at the same time I have never seen such a revival of the faith in those who will listen. The Christian Church has always been founded on suffering and I think that it is in dark times that it really shines.
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  9. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think that is true. One good thing about the internet you get to read about and see people, brothers and sisters in the Faith from all over the world. Time and time again I suspects many of them are very holy indeed.

    But this is specially true about the young and the very young. I believe God is raising an army of very great saints amongst us.
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  10. padraig

    padraig New Member

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  11. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Lynne, Thank you for posting this, I read it last night (Thank you earthtoangels and Fatima for posting this also).

    Perhaps Charlie Johnston was correct. I think that the lesson is that we should not be so quick to judge and perhaps God chose a man like Charlie for this mission at this particular time for a reason.

    Perhaps we will be surprised by Pope Francis also, I pray that he will open the lines of communication with Cardinal Burke in regards to the dubia. I still think that there is a possibility of this occurring and we should do as the Blessed Mother told us, "With the Rosary, pray for the Pope..."

    Update: There is very unfortunate news which just came out about Amoris Laetitia, Mac just posted the following article...https://www.churchmilitant.com/news...ng-interpretation-of-al-authentic-magisterium
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  12. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Keep praying for our Pope!
  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Sigh . Keep praying for our Pope Indeed.

    I was watching again today again the video from Sensum Fidelium today an episode of Our Lady of Tre Fontane In which Our Lady spoke of a Pope who will give false teaching. I think I will take the time to listen to it once more.

    Such sad, sad, sad times. I think this will provoke Cardinal Burke to act.

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  14. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    If anyone is interested in reading more about the importance of the fiat (our yes to God) that Mark mentions: "It is precisely when “righteous men and women” conform themselves to Mary in her “fiat”, that the “morning star” will begin to rise in them as a sign that the Dawn is approaching and the breaking of Satan’s power." -
    There is also a writing on the 'dawn' also mentioned by Mark.
    For your discernment.
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  15. Muzhik

    Muzhik Archangels

    And suddenly I am reminded of an image from Garabandal, of an image of the Cross in the sky, where the only lights are those coming from the wounds of Christ.
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  16. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Muzhik, Exactly!
  17. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    There is no doubt in my mind that Mark is spot on. My study and prayer life convicts me of it as well.
  19. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I agree, however the remnant are our there, just hard to find them in my midst. Not ones that are faithful, but ones who have a grasp on the events unfolding in the Church. MOG is a unique bunch. Without MOG, I am back to what to what I was doing before.......reading books.
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  20. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    And another more definitive vision of the Warning from Jennifer www.wordsfromjesus.com

    From the book: Words from Jesus
    "My child, you are witnessing a vision of the warning to come." The sky is dark and it seems as though it is night but my heart tells me it is sometime in the afternoon. I see the sky opening up and I can hear long, drawn out claps of thunder. When I look up I see Jesus bleeding on the cross and people are falling to their knees. Jesus then tells me, "They will see their soul as I see it." I can see the wounds so clearly on Jesus and Jesus then says, "They will see each wound they have added to My Most Sacred Heart."

    To the left I see the Blessed Mother weeping and then Jesus speaks to me again and says, “Prepare, prepare now for the time is soon approaching. My child, pray for the many souls who will perish because of their selfish and sinful ways."
    As I look up I see the drops of blood falling from Jesus and hitting the earth. I see millions of people from nations from all lands. Many seemed confused as they were looking up toward the sky. Jesus says, "They are in search of light for it should not be a time of darkness, yet it is the darkness of sin that covers this earth and the only light will be that of which I come with for mankind does not realize the awakening that is about to be bestowed upon him. This will be the greatest purification since the beginning of creation."

    I see people crying and some with horrifying screams when they see Jesus bleeding on the cross. Jesus says, “It is not the sight of My wounds that causes their suffering; it is the depth of the soul knowing that he has placed them there. It is not the sight of My wounds bleeding that causes their suffering; it is knowing that man’s rejection of Me has caused My wounds to bleed.” “My child, so many will perish for their souls have become so far from Me yet it is I, Jesus, that will show the great depth of My mercy."

    "My child you see that the earth has been trembling for as this hour of purification of enlightenment draws near, the fury of the lion will be prowling amongst My people. The temptation will multiply for he seeks his many victims. It will be the greatest spiritual battle man has ever endured. My child, tell My people that today I am asking that they take heed to My words for the sign in the east is about to rise. Tell My people that this is the hour for I am Jesus and all will be done according to My will." As I look up I continue to see Jesus bleeding on the cross. I continue to see the Blessed Mother weeping to the left. The cross is bright white and illuminated in the sky, it looks suspended. As the sky is opening up I see a bright light come down on the cross and in this light I see the resurrected Jesus appear in white look up toward heaven raising His hands, He then looks down at the earth and makes the sign of the cross blessing His people.

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