Irish general election 2020

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Indy, Jan 22, 2020.

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    I think both FF and FG realise it would be political suicide to coalesce with these people. The feeling on the ground around here regarding many of the elected Shinners is that they are very poor quality. 'Not the brightest' would be the typical description. Nor are the ones in this part of the country known for their work ethic. In fact, many able members of the SF party seem to fall out with the party. This has happened with two good County Councillors in Tipperary and we have the examples of Carol Nolan and Peadar Toibin who proved themselves highly principled. A party of automatons that can't do the on-the-ground constituency work won't last and the antics of Stormont won't be tolerated down here. Fortunately, they seem not to have cultivated many supporters in the Southern mainline media.

    I do hope they succeed in uniting the island, this would give me the option to vote for the DUP!
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    I completely agree. God is certainly Good.
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