Influence of cultural marxism in Ireland

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    How Communism infiltrated the Catholic Church, and the origins of Cultural Marxism, with John Waters

    Interesting chat between Gemma O'Doherty & John Waters.

    A must watch if you are Irish!!!

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    John Waters on the death of Ireland

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    :LOL:garabandal, Thank you for posting these. I listened to a little of each of them and I plan on listening to the rest of them today.

    After only listening to a few minutes of the first video, I think that it is possible that all of the Democrats currently running for president in 2020 are Cultural Marxists.:eek:

    I do think that there are problems with the application of Capitalism but most if not all of those problems would not exist if we truly followed Jesus Christ but since we live in this very imperfect world we see a lot people taking advantage of people and because of this and the huge gap between the wealthiest people in the world and the middle and lower classes we are witnessing this big push for Socialist/Communist type ideas.

    In the first video at @ the 45 minute mark they begin speaking of Bella Dodd and then they come back to her again at @ the 1:13 minute mark.

    The further I get into this first video, the more they sound like me, I'm referring to their comments on alcohol and religious holidays. ;) The video is very good.

    Since they mention the following in the video and I didn't know that David Bowie did this, I searched for it and I'm posting it here.

    The following video is discussed at the end of the first video above and I don't believe that this documentary has been previously discussed on MOG,

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    Collectivism also appears to have taken hold of the country, with the driving forces and main features of it being abortion, homosexuality, anti-Catholicism and multiculturalism, We're not quite at Communism yet, but we seem to be getting there slowly. The Irish, particularly the younger generation, seem to be more impressionable to all this stuff than any other European country for some reason.
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    Among the main objectives of Communism are to take God out of everything and to destroy the family unit, which Fine Gael and others seem to have been successful at doing.
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