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In Sinu Jesu - The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

Discussion in 'Books, movies, links, websites.' started by BrianK, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. BrianK

    BrianK Resident Kook, Crank, Curmudgeon - & Mod Staff Member

    In Sinu Jesu: When Heart Speaks to Heart -- The Journal of a Priest at Prayer

    Product description
    In 2007, Our Lord and Our Lady began to speak to the heart of a monk in the silence of adoration.

    He was prompted to write down what he received, and thus was born In Sinu Jesu, whose pages shine with an intense luminosity and heart-warming fervor that speak directly to the inner and outer needs of our time with a unique power to console and challenge.

    The pages of this remarkable record of spiritual communication range across, and plunge into, many fundamental aspects of the spiritual life: loving and being loved by God; the practice of prayer in all its dimensions; the unique power of Eucharistic adoration; trustful surrender to divine providence; the homage of silence; the dignity of liturgical prayer and the sacraments; the mystery of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; priestly identity and apostolic fruitfulness; the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints in our lives; sin, woundedness, mercy, healing, and purification; the longing for heaven and the longed-for renewal of the Catholic Church on earth.

    Given the harmony of its content with the teaching of Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and well-known works of the mystics, it is eminently fitting that In Sinu Jesu be published in full at this time (it has been granted the imprimatur). Passages from this journal have already influenced the spiritual lives of priests, religious, and laymen--may it now give light and warmth, consolation and renewed conviction, to readers throughout the world.

    From the Back Cover
    " In Sinu Jesu recounts the graces experienced in the life of one priest through the healing and strengthening power of Eucharistic adoration. At the same time, it issues an urgent call to all priests--and, indeed, to all Christians--to be renewed in holiness through adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces. It is my fervent hope that In Sinu Jesu will inspire many priests to be ever more ardent adorers of the Eucharistic Face of Jesus, and thus find the strength and courage to show forth the Face of Christ in the midst of our profoundly secularized society."--HIS EMINENCE RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

    " Reading In Sinu Jesu has opened my heart to a deeper awareness of what occurs when I spend time before the Savior hidden and revealed in the Holy Sacrament. This can be summed up in one word: Friendship. Deep consolation and a renewed gratitude for Him as He draws His friends to Himself--these are the fruits of following the meditations of this book. It will fill hearts with encouragement and joy."-- FR. HUGH BARBOUR, O.Praem., Prior, St. Michael's Abbey of the Norbertine Fathers

    " Upon my first reading the words of theJournal of a Priest at Prayer, a seed was planted deep within me. The words spoken to him in the intimacy of the chapel bring such comfort, courage, and light--a longing to be with the Lord, gazing upon and adoring His Eucharistic Face and offering ourselves and our lives in reparation for sins against Love. I rejoice that the Lord has chosen this moment in time to share His desire for Eucharistic adoration through the publication in its entirety of In Sinu Jesu."-- FR. DAVID ABERNETHY C.O., Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, Pittsburgh

    " In Sinu Jesu has the power to inflame the desire for Eucharistic adoration. It is a powerful expression of Our Lord's thirst to draw us deeper into His friendship, to heal wounds, and thus to renew the Church. For several years now its inspired words have accompanied me in my priestly ministry: attracting, comforting,strengthening, and touching my heart whenever I am in danger of forgetting my 'first love.' May this book cause a revolution of Love and conquer many hearts!"-- FR. JOACHIM SCHWARZMÜLLER, Krefeld, Germany

    " In Sinu Jesu is a beautiful and powerful work saturated with the kind of contagious love and holiness that can only come from reclining--like His beloved disciple--upon Christ's breast, hearing Him whisper words of consolation and encouragement for us all. Its pages breathe a Johannine spirituality that welcomes also the Blessed Mother into our homes and hearts, drawing us toward more intimate, joyous union with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."-- KEVIN VOST, Psy.D., author of The Porch and the Cross

    "We sometimes dismiss the interior voice, thinking that because it is within, it must be our own. But does God not dwell deep within us? Can he not speak, then, to the heart? This listener has heard Christ invite priests and all the faithful, back to the Sacrament of Love. He has heard a call to draw near to the place where Christ tabernacles in the midst of his people, there to adore the Eucharistic Face of Christ. Here the power bestowed in the sacrament of orders is strengthened for a more selfless ministry."-- DAVID W. FAGERBERG, University of Notre Dame, author of Consecrating the World

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  2. BrianK

    BrianK Resident Kook, Crank, Curmudgeon - & Mod Staff Member

    I visited an old friend today, a retired diocesan priest who was an associate pastor at our parish when my children were babies. He had been to our home for dinner a number of times back then, and was one of the few diocesan priests who preached about contraception, abortion and the rest of the culture of death. We also shared the same spiritual director for many years.

    I had lost touch with him because he left the diocese and visited a number of abbeys, thinking he might have a call to monastic life.

    I just found out that he had returned to our diocese a number of years ago and is now living in my area, so I scheduled a visit with him this morning. I related to him the difficulties I've been having, and he was sincerely kind and truly wanted to help. He asked he to come back this afternoon and promised he would say a private Mass with and for me.

    I returned this afternoon and he asked if I'd like to go to confession prior to Mass, and I availed myself of his kind offer. Then he asked if I had received Annointing, which I had while in the hospital for strokes a year and a half ago. He suggested, if I was receptive to the idea, that he administer the Sacrament of Annointing again today because of the many crosses I have experienced since then; he felt I was in need of the healing of this Sacrament and I agreed. In a tiny day chapel he offered Mass with/for me, a Novus Ordo Mass in Latin, and administered the Sacrament of Annointing during Mass after the homily. This day was one of tremendous blessings for me, in so many ways.

    When we were parting, he asked how my oldest son was doing in the Norbertines in California, then he strongly suggested I read the book above. He had just bought the book on his spiritual director's advice and had not read it yet, but the first two endorsements on the back cover were from Cardinal Burke and my son's Norbertines abbot, and he thought us getting back together was providential and this book was intended for me. While he was discerning monastic life, he had visited my son's Norbertine Abbey and met the abbot.

    I'm just beginning the book tonight, after I finish the Rosary, but I already have a feeling that it is a book my friends here at MOG should consider reading, as it comes highly recommended by priests I trust.
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  3. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Brian, all I can say is wow
    The Lord opened a window and
    Poured out the blessings and favors today
    Thanks be to God

    At some point soon
    I will try to obtain that book
    Thanks for sharing
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  4. AED

    AED Powers

    Thank you Brian for sharing this. I am ordering the book today.
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  5. Rosalia66

    Rosalia66 New Member

    I was moved to order it also! Thank you for sharing.
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  6. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Quote from Sinu Jesu

    "Make yourself vulnerable to My words. Allow Me to speak to you in such a way as to wound you with the piercing of divine love. When you come before Me and wait upon Me in silence, you are, in effect, allowing Me, when I choose and in the way I choose, to wound you with an interior word and to set you on fire with a communication of divine love. Expect Me, then, to speak to you, to console you, and to enlighten you, but also to wound you.1 Unless I wound you in this way, you will be incapable of withstanding the attacks of the enemy and of bearing witness to Me in the midst of darkness and tribulation. In the spiritual battle that is coming, only those wounded by Me will emerge victorious."
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