I wish my mind would stop.

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by fallen saint, Aug 14, 2017.

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    Just announced that China, Russia and Iran are executing naval drills together! Will they push their luck?
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    @WBW Thank you for this post. I had not read anywhere before that Our Lady at Medjugorje made any reference to the Italian man who received the messages of Our Lady of Revelation.
    I have often wondered what Our Lady might be saying to Mirjana when her face looks so startled while she is shown on video as she speaks to our lady during the apparition. She is probably being shown what is to happen in all sorts of situations here on earth, and the Vatican gatherings that leave us all stunned and shocked are most likely a reflection of what Mirjana has already been shown. And therein lies the clue for all of us. We are required to avoid criticising and focus on prayer and sacrifices for God's holy Will to be accomplished. God has already won the Victory, we are just watching the Spiritual battle unfold.

    Jesus knew Judas would betray Him. But Jesus kept watch and prayed, He made no judgement. It is said He whispered to Saint John, who it was by letting Saint John know it was the one who dipped the bread in the cup at the same time as Jesus at the last supper. The silence of the Lamb. Today is the feast of Saint John. God bless you dear Saint John, whom Jesus could confide in without you making a drama out of a crisis. Praised be Jesus and Mary.
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    FP, I consider myself to be a liberal conservative, I know that it sounds a bit strange but if you watch the following video you may understand better why I say this. Actually, I simply prefer to call myself Catholic.

    I think that it is more proper to say that the left is attacking the right in a very big way right now. Btw, I don't mind being corrected if I am wrong about this.


    This is a very good video from Father Mark Goring

    There Will Be Blood - Merry Christmas, Fr. Mark Goring, CC Christmas Eve 2019

    Edited to add:

    I just saw this on Fox News. Scary, scary stuff! It sounds prophetic.
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    It's so easy to appear to become sad and cranky because we pay attention to and comment on such things, but I'm not really; on the contrary. This morning early at work I was just finishing four nights in a row and I was singing out loud a hymn, 'Just a closer walk with thee'. \My boss walked in as I was singing and looked at me strangely, smiled and went on into his office.

    On my own over Christmas I caught myself saying out loud with joy, 'Ah my God I love thee!' My heart overflowing with joy and love.

    I myself am full of the deepest happiness , peace and joy. A sense of direction, of purpose, of direction, of meaning. Just as the Christmas Angles promised, 'Peace on Earth and Joy to men of goodwill'.

    My crankiness and concern and sadness is for those who don;t share this. Those for whom life is empty and meaningless and full of drug filled despair.

    Poor, poor people. I find myself in a kind of lived heaven. They find themselves in a kinda lived hell.

    Poor, poor people. They are not singing to themselves. Not at all.


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    Der Lord, help me to be your hands, your voice, your feet, your loving heart in a world that falls to an evening of pure Dark.

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    Your excuses, they're good, but they're not good enough. They won't hold any water when you come before the judgment throne.

    That is what I call straight shooting by Fr. Goring, especially on Christmas when I would rather think only about Baby Jesus!

    Let us live what we we believe; or maybe I should admit that how I live reveals what I actually want to believe!
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    This is an excellent expose of the source of the poison that entered Catholic academia in the early 20th century. The troubling chilling thing in teihard's own words is that teihard clearly consented to possession. And he is still the darling of modernist catholics. And yet his hypothesis are so bizarre.there is no mistaking the diabolical forces at work to undermine the Church.
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    He is so refreshingly clear and honest.
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