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Discussion in 'Welcome to new Members' started by Mea Kulpa, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Mea Kulpa

    Mea Kulpa Angels

    Thank you.

    May God have mercy on me a poor sinner. My heart and mind belong to the lord but this flesh is bound for the grave.

    I saw a similar plaque in my wife's sisters house it read "the two words every husband needs to know for a succesful marriage.... yes dear"

    There are times we are hurt but we hurt because we love... we must never forget that fact.

    The physical manifestation of true love Jesus Christ suffered the worst physical manifestation of hurt as he was crucified. Love is always sacraficial we give ourselves for the good of others just as our lord gave himself for us. When we give ourselves over to others we must endure their fallen human state (as Christ did ours) as they must endure ours... marriage is a sacrament ordained by God to teach us more about love so we know more about him he who is the purest form of love. There are times in our marriages where we are the crucified and times we are the crucifier but if we like Christ can endure the pain and grant our forgivness to one another we will experience the joy of the resurection in our marriage and by suffering and forgiving for the glory of God and as testimony to the world to the indisolvability of this God given sacrament of Marriage we will enjoy the ressurection of eternal life so let all of us who are called to married life strive to sainthood and see in our spouse the means given by God by which we will find salvation and his forgivness this will be a true witness to todays culture and a sign of contradiction to those who would try to theologically defile the sacrament of marriage and at the same time give Glory to God
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