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Happy New Year!!

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by padraig, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    There's always a wee bit o sadness at new year but it's mostly good sadness. Here's to your old Mum, God love her.
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  2. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    Did you know that Mary Mother of God features on the front page of National Geographic January 2016 as the most powerful woman in the world. Now there's a good start to the year.
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  3. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    Cheers CrewDog, God bless ya.
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  4. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    My brother in law Jim would sing this when I was home and my baby sister Dorothy would harmonise and I would cry....as now.
  5. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    Well I have had a great start to my new year: holy hour, confession, rosary, adoration, mass, communion, and our new Indian priest prayed that we all have a prosperous new year in love and mercy. From what I can see the North (Ulster) is about one hour away from the bells so old Padraig should be well oiled by then.
  6. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    vintage indeeed, where do get your amazing videos?
  7. Marie-Lou

    Marie-Lou Guest

    Wishing everyone and their families a blessed, happy and peaceful New Year :)
  8. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

    Happy new year everyone!
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  9. miker

    miker Powers

    Yes..the good memories of New Years Eve. My mom will be gone 5 years at the end of the month. She loved this song..

  10. RoryRory

    RoryRory Perseverance

    Happy New Year everyone and may the Lord bless you greatly.
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  11. I met the most important person in my life through this singer and song! Happy New Year everybody!
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  12. Mario

    Mario Powers


    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  13. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Happy New Year and God bless to everyone.
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  14. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Likewise - May the peace of Christ rest in all hearts this Christmas and New Year.

    I have come to realise that 'peace of soul' is one of God's most amazing gifts.

    How our world lacks peace. Because so few have peace of soul.

    For some reason this simple hymn always has resonates with me as often my peace can be disturbed by life's little trials and of course the enemy who is the thief of peace. This hymn always works for me!!

  15. Verne dagenais

    Verne dagenais Principalities

    It is a great year because God has everything under control and all authority has been given to Jesus Christ and his mother Mary intercedes for us to her son.
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  16. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    Blessed and happy 2016 to everyone. Let us continue to encourage each other in the coming year and always be filled with joy and peace. Praise Jesus and Mary
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  17. CrewDog

    CrewDog Principalities

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  18. AED

    AED Powers

    Happy blessed new year everyone. Borrowing The old diaspora Jewish toast "next year in Jerusalem" fits here. Next year in the Reign of the Immaculate Heart!
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  19. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

    A blessed New Year for all here; may we all get closer to the Divine Will! Salud!
  20. padraig

    padraig New Member

    May we all become such very great saints we cause our angels to do an Irish Jig.:)
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