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Great Cosecration News

Discussion in 'Consecration to Mary.' started by Julia, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have just read in John Martinez latest published letter. And found a link with all the steps to easily follow so as to make the Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

    If you have already made the 33 day consecration, you can renew it. There is even a calendar showing the dates of special Feast Days and the date you need to start in order to complete on the right day.

    It truly is perfect. I'm planning starting 5th November for 8th December to coincide with Year of Mercy.

    But you can start as soon as 19th October if you can't wait.

    I hope you will all do this. Especially in these turbulent times. Give Peace Ammo to mother Mary.
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  2. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace Principalities

    Can you please share the link? Thanks!
  3. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Sorry, I am not to good at these link things. I have done my best. Copied from my address bar. :)


    Edit; You now need to find the 12th personal contemplation on John Marinez. to find the Consecration information. I notice 6th November there is a further (13th) contemplation added.

    Scroll down the Consecration information is at the bottom of the page.
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  4. I renew mine every year on from Nov 5th to Dec 8th, the Immaculate Conception gives tremendous graces!
  5. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Yes PotatoSack; but the link in John Martinez page takes you to the books.

    Well I read the little book there that we are advised to read before starting, and being slow reader managed it in the evening. So glad.

    There is then a day by day guide to follow, all you need is a calendar to tick the day as you do it.

    I tried to buy the book recommended everywhere when I was in Dublin, Veritas had run out would you believe. I got another book there; but feel the link in Martinez will guide us right through, please God. Without trying to purchase another book. Just a thought.
  7. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have managed to post this on another thread; but want to be sure anyone who might be interested in the First Saturday devotion we speak about watch this video. It is also a perfect watch for the reasons to make the 33 day Consecration.

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  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    We are about to remember the First Friday and First Saturday this week end.

    I just wanted to say if you have not watched the Video of Fr. John O'Connor, and you have concerns for loved ones who are no longer practising the Faith. It is worth watching. He says making the 33 day Consecration to Immaculate Heart of Mary is a great way of gaining the Grace for conversion. Spiritual Warfare is what I call it.:)
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  9. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have completed the First Friday (6th of 9) this Month thank God. And also have completed 5 First Saturdays, this Saturday gone is the 6th one. I thought with Gods help to complete 9 First Saturdays on account of the Year of Mercy.

    Just a little holy snippet. I am on day 3 of the 33 day preparation for Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus through Immaculate Heart of Mary. I am using the link through John Martinez above, and God willing can complete for 8th December.

    I hope others can find the time to try and do this. I believe Border Collie is making this Consecration as well, and maybe Maryrose.

    The last time I made this Consecration, I was blown away by the unusual and wonderful surprises God permitted in my life.

    This time is no different. I will share a couple of little things, and hope God won't mind, for your encouragement.

    The first happened on the Ist November. We had a Divine Mercy devotion in one of the Churches in town, and because I wanted to be in a state of grace to help Holy Souls better went to confession.

    For my penance, the Priest asked me to say the 4th Luminous decade which is the Transfiguration of our Lord. And to ask Our Lord to Transfigure me. WHAT
    Don't be silly I thought, that comes after the Resurrection of the dead. I said nothing to the Priest at the time. I was gobsmacked and confused.

    I went to confession again today for the Ist Saturday, a different Priest and told him I could not understand how this transfiguring me was possible. Could he please explain what this means. Did he understand how this could be.

    Yes said the other Priest of course I can. He said your trouble (Julia) is the same as Nicodemus who could not understand Our Lord and asked Him how can we be born again, we can't go into our mothers womb again. This Priest said to me, the Lord forgave your sins in that confession and has opened a new door for you. He wants you to allow Him to work more openly through you. And this is a great gift from the Lord, said the Priest! I am still blown away, and needless to say wondering how the Lord will act in the coming months or years.

    The second amazing surprise happened on this very Forum. If you have read the thread about the Synod and talk about schism and things. I felt Padraig was under a spiritual attack in all this, and let him know on the Forum that I was praying for him in particular and the Forum at Holy Mass (about this worrying topic). It is all there on the Forum if you want proof.

    Padraig replied with a blessing back to me and then to my amazement let me know Blessed Mother had inspired him to pass on a message to me. WHAT.

    The next morning when I opened up my 33 day Consecration. I thought it is like a ladder one step a day for 33 days. 33 steps to Heaven. And I remembered in the message Padraig posted, Blessed Mother spoke of a ladder.

    Then to my utter delight, realised Blessed Mother has no favourites, this message is for all of us. And posted a request for others to join.

    Now if you have not started by 5th November, and you want to come on this adventure with Blessed Mother, you can start TOMORROW 8th November to make your Consecration on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadaloupe on 12th December.

    I can promise you Our Lady loves an adventure, and she is great company. Please join her for the best decision you ever made. The links are above.

    God bless. Julia :)

    And in case you are worried. Jesus sends crosses. Blessed Mother sends kisses.
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  10. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    Yes Julia I'm with you on this. I dug out my consecration book and I'm on day 3 also. I've been meaning to renew my consecration for some time and your post on the ladder has encouraged me to get going.
  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    :) from Julia

    :love: from Blessed Mother
  12. This is my 26th year for renewing the True Devotion Consecration to Our Lady. She is never outdone in giving tremendous graces. One of my most memorable is of Her giving me advance knowledge and teaching of a course I was about to undertake, I was suffering a lot at the time and found it extremely difficult to concentrate. She gave me insights and word for word instruction on the course which was so precise that the lecturer used the same insights and words some weeks later. I came out top of the class in the exams thanks to Her.
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  13. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    If only more people would offer to Our Lady the "Life Offering" as you did - what a world we would have! Bless you.
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  14. Peppermill

    Peppermill Angels

    I'm making my first consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I was afraid I wasn't doing it right the first few days, but realize that each time I sit down and read and say the prayers, I have a warm feeling around my heart. I don't really know how to describe it, but that's as close as I can get. I sometimes get that when reading the scriptural Rosary, but not like this. Maybe she's helping open my old, cold heart? I can only hope.
  15. Mario

    Mario Powers

    That is great Peppermill!:) I'll pray for your perseverance! There's a few of us here who complete the 33 Days to Consecration each May 13! We love you, Mary!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  16. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Have you all seen the thread started by Sam. It is another complete guide to preparing for the Consecration to Jesus through Mary.

    Don't forget, if you are not able to start right now. Check other dates to aim for. For example January 1st.

    I am going to try and catch up on the posts there in Sam's thread as well as the Consecration in the John Martinz link which I am using. We're On day 14 now, the same as Marian Fathers, wohee!!!
    I don't want to post on Sams thread to spoil it. But I would love to just to say WOW.
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  17. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I want to keep this wonderful Video in a more recent position, as it seems so perfect.

    Now for a little musing. I hope Blessed Mother won't mind me sharing one of the lovely little miracles God has permitted in this 33 day Consecration.

    On Sunday at Holy Mass, there was a family right in front of me. Two parents with two boys. The boy directly in front of me clearly did not want to be there. He was about 9 years old and fidgeted and tried to pull away and leave the Church, so much so that he knocked my reading glasses off the ledge from his flailing about so much. His poor mother was holding him back to keep him there.
    Anyway, I thought Jesus would want us to be patient with this child and pray for him. Well, most of my Mass was praying for this little boy. At Holy Communion, when I returned to my seat, kneeling with the child in front of me leaning back which meant we were less than an inch from each other. I asked Jesus to touch this little boy, and help him. The family by the way did not go up to Holy Communion, I don't know why. Anyway. I noticed the little boy became calm. And when we sang the final hymn at the end of Mass. This little boy got the hymn book, joined in with the final hymn, and sang that loud and joyfully, some people in the row in front looked back delighted. And both his parents with jaws dropped were looking at him.
    Well, I just said thank You dear Jesus, for making this little rascal into an angel. It was such a beautiful blessing. Praised be Jesus and Mary.
  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    This week end have completed the 7th of 9 First Fridays and First Saturdays. Praise God.

    Have not noticed any transformation or transfiguration as mentioned by Priest in confession yet. But the Lord has His work cut out with Julia. LOL
    I have just said 'yes' Jesus, if You wish to work a transformation in me. It is all in the hands of Jesus and Mary with the Grace of Holy Spirit.

    And there was another little boy at Mass last Sunday who was not happy to be at Mass, he was sat right next to me; so I asked Our Lord to touch him. It was not as dramatic a change as the first little rascal on a previous occasion; but it seemed the Lord touched the latest little fella too. Praise God. Don't know where these little ones come from. They normally don't end up sitting next to grandma Julia. LOL

    We are on day 31 of the 33 day preparation for Consecration to Sacred Heart of Jesus through Immaculate Heart of Mary. Stay with Julia little Heavenly Mama, we are almost there. Praise God.
  19. I hope to do an all night vigil at Knock Shrine for the 8th of Dec and to renew my consecration to Jesus through Mary. I will remember you all on the forum at the 4 am mass. :)
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  20. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    Bless your Heart BC.

    My Grandpa was baptised in Old Knock Church, St John the Baptist, if I remember right.

    May our Lady continue to Bless and Guide you and everyone making/renewing there Consecration Dec 8th:)

    Dec 8th 1995? I joined Militia Immaculata by St Maximillion Kolbes order of Sisters. I still have my Big MM:)

    *** PS... if you can get into Old Knock, please give a Kiss to the Baptismal font for me***

    pretty please with sugar on top;):)
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