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Gog and Magog battle seen by Jewish youth

Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by archangel michael, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    It appears that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Deal) was not approved by Congress on 9/11/15 but they could not prevent it. This is from Wikipedia to make it clearer?

    It was originally expected that the House would vote on a formal resolution of disapproval introduced by Representative Ed Royce, Republican of California, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.[429][j] As the Senate moved toward a vote on a resolution of disapproval, House leadership (under Republican control) planned to vote on a similar resolution of disapproval.[432] However, conservative Republicans "revolted in protest" as "the chamber's right flank wanted tougher action from its leader" and the House Republican leadership (under Speaker John Boehner) planned to vote instead chose to bring a resolution of approval to the floor "as a way to effectively force Democrats who had voiced support for the president to formally register such endorsement."[432] On 11 September 2015, the resolution failed, as expected, on a 162-269 vote; 244 Republicans and 25 Democrats voted no, while 162 Democrats and no Republicans voted yes.[432][433] On the same day, House Republicans held two additional votes, one on a resolution claiming that the Obama administration had failed to meet the requirements of a congressional review period on the deal and another resolution which would prevent the United States from lifting any sanctions.[432][434] The former resolution passed on a party-line vote, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats opposed; the latter resolution passed on nearly a party-line vote, with all Republicans and two Democrats in favor and every other Democrat opposed.[432][434][435] The House action against the resolution was a "symbolic vote that will have no consequence for the implementation of the deal," and the two anti-agreement measures passed by the House were seen as "unlikely to even reach Obama's desk."[434][435]

    I also found this: http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/320816/jews-back-iran-deal-by-narrow-margin-poll-says/
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  2. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Natan gave the Hebrew date in 2015 that he said was the day this big war that will culminate in the destruction of Israel actually began. The date he gave corresponded with 9/11/15 which was the date that Congress/Senate and only with Democratic votes officially approved and made final the Obama Iran deal (fraudulently masked). IOW, it became official that Iran was given the opening to continue its nuke creation without sanctions with the intention of wiping Israel (and the U.S. as openly threatened by them as well) off the map. So I thought it was interesting that this man, Trump (and God's "anointed" according to the Mark Taylor 2011 prophecy) would mention the recent UN Security Council decision that was also devised and finalized by Obama to set the ball rolling of all nations represented by this UN group united against Israel....as....an ending of the long term friendship and backing of Israel by the U.S. as having begun with the Iran deal.... he tweeted that Iran deal (had to be finalized to be considered official) was "the beginning of the end"!

    From the transcript that included as well a Narrator's interpretation:

    Natan: That is exactly what will happen if things continue as they are. Like, if the world keeps on like this – that is exactly what will happen. For certain.
    Rabbi: How will I know when all this has started?
    Natan: It will come in a boom! First of all it has already started.
    Rabbi: It started?
    Natan: According to what I saw it has already started, on the date of 27 in Elul [September 11, 2015]. It started already!
    Rabbi: The 27th of Elul, last year 5775?
    Natan: Yes last year.
    Rabbi: We are already in Tishrei
    Natan: Yes, yes.
    Rabbi: In that case it started 3 days before Rosh Hashana [there is an important word or 2 missing here because it cannot be read at the bottom of the screen] MAGOG started.

    Natan: This war already started.
    Rabbi: So how come we don’t feeling anything?
    Natan: Because the Holy One blessed is He will not bring in it in the beginning. What will happen is that one day everything will explode, something will happen to cause everything to escalate and we will know instantly we are in full blown war, and everyone will say world war 3 has begun. Everyone will be saying this… that’s it … there is no time left. Everyone will understand that God is responsible for this.
    Rabbi: So you are saying there is some sort of security breach that will blow out of proportion?
    Natan: Yes.
    Rabbi: And everyone will start fighting against each other?
    Natan: Yes, exactly.
    and earlier in the transcript:

    Rabbi: .......What kind of war is this? A spiritual war?

    Natan: No
    Rabbi: A war of soldiers between soldiers? What is it?
    Natan: Partially, partially. At first it is going to be a war between soldiers. The whole world will simply calm. Simply at the first, all the goyim will battle each other and will want Israel in the end.

    Natan: It won’t be long at all, as far as this war. It will only take about two weeks. This is the war between the US and Russia fought in the Middle East before they attack Israel.

    (earlier in interview)
    Rabbi: Do you know who this GOG is?
    Natan: I am certain of who it is.
    Rabbi: Who is it?
    Natan: President Obama.
    Rabbi: He will start GOG in MAGOG?
    Natan: He will be the one who starts that war.

    (And important but Natan doesn't hold much hope for this):

    Rabbi: Where are we holding right now?
    Natan: In a period not a good one at all, at all, like I can tell you that the redemption is very close to here.
    Rabbi: What will happen during the redemption?
    Natan: Very bad things are going to happen but it depends on who as far as I understood. It is certain it will occur in the coming months.
    Rabbi: Is there perhaps the possibility that it won’t happen?

    Natan: There is the possibility that if we were to repent it won’t happen.

    Natan: If they (Israel) commit transgression the redemption will be less pleasant. [He is talking about the redemption of Israel.]
    Rabbi: If they commit transgression it will come to pass in a much more difficult manner; more difficult yes. And if everybody repents it will come to pass in an easy way.Unfortunately not everybody is willing to repent. We know that’s clearly the way it is. It’s going to happen no matter what [the redemption of Israel].

    IOW, we're all in the same boat when it comes to mitigation of things by repentance......will need a lot more than present!
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  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Authored by Kelsey Davenport on September 11, 2015

    Measure to Disapprove Iran Deal Blocked in Senate

    In a historic vote, the Senate failed to end debate and move to vote on a resolution of disapproval of the nuclear deal with Iran – moving the United States and its negotiating partners a step closer to adoption of the deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    Yesterday’s vote to end debate did not reach the necessary 60 vote threshold, with 58 senators voting in favor and 42 voting against. Four Democrats, Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Robert Menendez (N.J.), Joe Manchin, (W. Va.), and Ben Cardin (Md.) joined the 54 Republicans voting in favor of ending debate.

    Shortly after the Sept. 10 vote Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said the Senate has spoken with a “clarion voice and declared the historic agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon will stand.”

    The House is scheduled to vote today, Sept. 11, on a resolution to approve the nuclear deal and a resolution inhibiting the the president’s ability to waive nuclear-related sanctions, which is required to implement the agreement.

    The fate of the agreement on Capitol Hill, however, was sealed on Thursday when Senate Democrats voted to uphold the accord with Iran, overcoming heavy GOP opposition to hand Obama a victory on his top foreign policy priority. The Senate action guaranteed that any legislation disapproving of the accord will never reach Obama's desk.

    Obama marked the end of House votes with a statement saying it is time to turn the page.

    "Never in our history has something with so many consequences for our national security been rammed through with such little support," Boehner said. "Today is Sept. 11 ... Our fight to stop this bad deal is just beginning. We will not let the American people down."

    ........so for all practical purposes!
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  4. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    ETA, Thank you for those posts.

    I saw in the news that Obama believes that Russia performed a cyberattack on the US, could this possibly be the security breach which Natan is referring to, or am I mixing these things up?

    I posted a transcript of Natan and the Rabbi's interview but it did not contain anything about the security breach (I used the search option), but I remembered this from the video and from your older posts. So obviously there are multiple transcripts from multiple interviews, I am sure this make sense since Natan was given so much information. I am reading through the transcript which I posted right now, it is very interesting and it does appear that he was given a view of the very end of the world. He basically states that by prayer and sacrifice they can change the future events which he was shown, this is the most important thing, if we don't turn back to God the total End may occur much sooner. After reading the transcript his NDE is much more believable as coming from heaven opposed to watching a video of an interview with him, in my opinion, I need to go through the material he has presented at my own pace.

    From the transcript which I posted, I wonder if Natan was also shown a vision of the Warning (he could be referring to the war but maybe not because he discussed the war and here he states that he knows something that God is going to do but he cannot reveal it):

    Are there things that you have no right to reveal?

    N: Yes, and I will not talk about it. I also saw that to escape the war that I mentioned, it is necessary that the people of Israel to unite and do teshuvah. I also understood that Hashem did all this, that is to say, the fact that there are a lot of attacks in Israel or that many people die so that everyone is united. Everyone is sad together. Gd made "little things" to wake us. Ultimately, it will make a huge thing for everyone to do teshuvah. We see that when a member of the people of Israel suffered one thing, everyone is united. Gd is constantly making small things of the sort, but nobody understands the message, until we understand that this is a sign from heaven. God is going to make so huge thing for everyone to do teshuvah and that everyone is united.
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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

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  6. Elisa

    Elisa Powers

    You probably made a type error no ? Because Trump did not say "beginning of the end of the Iran deal, but the beginning of the end was the Iran deal meaning that the end of good relations between USA and Russia started with the Iran deal".
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  7. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Elisa, Do you mean USA and Israel? There is a US/Russia issue also.

    Anyhow, I found this quick video which is related to Israel and the WCWTS, thought you might be interested. I think we probably have looked at this before, I remember an article written about a Rabbi's prediction, actually several.
    Won't be the second coming but quite possibly some manifestation of Christ which will cause a conversion before May 14th, 2018, the 70th anniversary of the nation of Israel.

    One essential element is unclear in that video, the Hebrew year 5778 begins on 9/20/17 at sundown. So if they are correct about 5777 being an important year for a completion of grace it should occur before 9/20/17 (Rosh Hashanah).
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  8. JAK

    JAK Principalities

    I'm probably on the wrong track. I've always wondered at the 'even' year prophecy.
    Could the number refer to the Jewish count ?
  9. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    JAK, I wondered that also, then the Warning would be in early 2018 or late 2017 (after 9/20/17) which would make it 5778, whose to say that this is not a significant year like 5777. I posted that video because heaven seems to repeat the very serious things 3 times, I thought it made some sense. Seems as though we are very close, 2017 or 2018, time will tell, or some other future year.

    I just wonder if Conchita actually looked up the date of the miracle in her 1960's calendar as some people state, if that is the case then 4/12/18 doesn't make sense on the basis that it "might be" the day in which Saint Tarsicus was martyred, his feast day would not be in the calendar as such. But yet she was shown a vision of Saint Tarsicus being martyred. ???
  10. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    The Trump tweet/s in question:

    On Wednesday, Trump blasted the U.S.'s abstention from the U.N. Security Council vote on Israeli settlements earlier this month.

    We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but.......

    9:19 AM - 28 Dec 2016

    not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!

    9:25 AM - 28 Dec 2016

    The tweets came just hours before Secretary of State John Kerry gave a speech defending the decision and calling the continued building of settlements on Palestinian territory in the West Bank a threat to the two-state solution in the region.

  11. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Mari Loli:
    Q. And the Virgin said that it would seem as though the Church had disappeared?
    A. Yes.

    Q. Did the Blessed Mother ever say anything about the Holy Father having to leave Rome at the time of the Warning?
    A. No, but what it looked like to me — maybe at this time I was confusing in my mind what I was seeing and what the Blessed Mother was saying to me because it's been so many years — but what it looked like to me was that the Pope couldn't be in Rome either, you know what I mean, out in the open. He was being persecuted, too, and had to hide just like everybody else.

    And from Jacinta:

    Q. Do you recall anything about a great tribulation, communism...?
    A. Yes, it was an invasion, well, something that was a great evil in which communism played a great part, but I no longer remember which countries or what region was stricken. The Blessed Virgin insisted in telling us to pray (that it be averted). These difficult events will take place before the Warning because the Warning itself will take place when the situation will be at its worst.

    Q. You have also said that when things were at their very worst then the Warning will happen. How do you know this? Did the Virgin tell you or did you see it in a vision?
    A. The Virgin said that the Warning would come when conditions were at their worst. It wouldn't be just the persecution either because many people will no longer be practising their religion.

    It just might be that within this last 100 year anniversary for both Fatima and Communism/Satan's permitted time to use the Red Dragon against God's people, 2017, there will be some of the biggest struggles between the Woman and Satan, thus creating those very worst of times to invite the Warning then to occur after the finish of this upcoming tumultuous year, and then perhaps in 2018 (IF there is a reason to believe the even number year given by Garabandal). One thing's for sure, unless those "worst of times" arrives tomorrow, one has to project a bit further into the future than this particular "even" year of 2016. And perhaps this coming 100 anniversary year, if it fulfills the requests of Our Lady of Fatima specifically, it would indeed then happen but be late, as she said. But if it takes the Warning itself to convince the world of the need to fulfill the specific requests of Our Lady of Fatima, since the Father wishes Mary to get the credit and notice, then it would also indeed come "late" and beyond the 100 year anniversary, and then into that even year 2018. I believe that much has to yet occur, both in natural disasters and humanly determined ones, to force the people to call upon God Himself for help and Mercy. All speculation. But the simple Garabandal witnesses I doubt could be suggested to go anywhere beyond what they say they were told by Mary for the information they gave in the interviews....like for instance any interior urging to become familiar with Hebrew dating system!

    Recently there have been specific messages given to a particular Fr. Gobbi prayer group "to read as if happening now" that included many having had occurred on Dec. 31 and then recently one from a Jan. 1 date previously. Seem to be "markers" that separate one year passing from a most important one arriving with a "difference" than before. With the comets et al, it looks like this 2017 year is being alerted to us as one within which to expect many "life" changing events....with the Holy Spirit perhaps beginning His renewal of persons and the earth as promised and prayed for.
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  12. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    ETA, I don't think anyone believes that the seers would need to become familiar with the Hebrew dating system, just pursing all avenues to make sense of it. If the Miracle occurs in 2018 then who is the Eucharistic martyr? That makes this more difficult in my opinion and I believe why many people are predicting 2017. When it happens it will all make sense or we will just be in awe and won't care if something doesn't make sense. Do you have an opinion on the feast day of a Eucharistic martyr? and do you know if this feast day was in existence in the early 1960's? I mean is that a fact that Conchita looked it up in her calendar?
    It sounds as if I am interrogating you but I am not, I think it is reasonable to say that this will be revealed when it happens.
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  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Based on what I see going on with Obama and Putin and Israel and the UN, it seems like Natan's prophecy is gaining credibility by the moment. It seems prophecy could well have Russia and the USA in war in Syria at any moment (getting uglier by the day). I could further see this escalate into Israel, as it is everyone's target so it seems. Some feel the tribulation could drag on for years at the current rate, I don't think so. I see it getting 'at is worst' in a matter of day's, not months and years. When a person looks at this and the confusion within the Church and the fact that no one in the progressive/liberal world wants to see Trump change the course that Obama and the UN have brought about in the last 8 years, it seems highly probable to me that we are only moments away from everything that prophecy has spoken of come to fruition. Things will be at their worse in a matter of moments when it all begins. We are not talking about conventional warfare this time around. When the war breaks out, you can bet ISIS is headed to destroy the Vatican too.
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  14. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I've always included the word "If" in various projections because I don't have any more certainty than anyone else. But I usually rely on those closest to the main characters of the particular prophetic events of the past. Like Glenn would probably again say that going beyond what the seers have simply answered would be making things far more complicated than necessary. For instance if the girls gave info that they knew only from what they were told by our Lady I doubt if they would on their own go beyond that out of curiosity....they were just satisfied that something they were told would happen, depending upon the response of the people (again I believe to esp. include the Church since there have been ups and downs with the attention and treatment given to Garabandal by the Church authorities involved over all of these years and which could have interfered with what was the time element and graces originally intended by God).

    Since this thread has for its subject Gog and Magog involved within Natan's NDE, it could be that all of those events which also lead up to a similar type of Warning for the Jewish people are also a part of the time when things would be at their worst for the whole world. It is described as a time of a kind of individual judgement for the Jews in Israel....when the Messiah will appear and be able to "smell" their hearts' real intentions. How long will it take for all of the events that culminate in a world war (happening in different areas of the world at close but different times) that ends in Israel? Will 2017 show events ratcheting up, getting worse as Justice takes over Mercy completely until the Warning creates the time of Justice alone? IF there is no even or odd year truly involved (or if heaven has to make a few tweaks Itself due to human free will) then there is the central message within all of the Fr. Gobbi messages re: this "second" or interim Coming taking place as it had the first time, alluding to Christmas Eve/Christmas/Warning after the end of the 100 years for both Fatima and Communism. Then a Miracle occurring within months of Mar. to May could be closer to a 3 month separation. ALL speculation. I still don't see prophecies as written in stone as seen from only the human side of the veil. God is free to do as He sees fit to the response given Him... and if anyone has watched the most fascinating and unexpected events of the end of this year with Trump coming "late" but still as a possible extension of help for the good people who remained faithful in this country (but not until even the good people, awakened enough to stand up to Obama's diabolical actions/policies and his ilk, having had to undergo a second term under him to convince even them). Perhaps we have to "let go and let God" and accept a greater "fluidity" in time and expectations. But generally prophecies are given in order for us to change and prepare for something definitely coming, one way or another. Not a clear cut Miss Marple mystery all tied up at the end of a fixed time!
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  15. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    I realize that this is a Gog/Magog thread but I want to apologize to Saint Tarcisius for misspelling his name in one of the posts above, sorry for that.
    In addition, I want to affirm that I did not infer that the seers did anything out of curiosity. I was asking if anyone knows if there is any truth to the story that Conchita confirmed the Miracle will occur on the feast day of a Eucharistic martyr which was celebrated in the 1960's (in March, April or May). I agree that God is free to do has he fits but a specific date for the Miracle was given to Conchita and I don't think that will change, everything else absolutely not fixed.

    PS - Also, I believe that Saint Hermenegild was martyred on a Holy Thursday.
  16. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    From Glenn today here:

    OK, there are alot of false stories here. Conchita NEVER said the month of the Miracle specifically, but we were able to figure it out from 2 different conversations ,pieced together. Yes, the Miracle month is April, but she never told anyone that specifically.

    She has received thousands of letters predicting the date of the Miracle, and she never writes back to anyone, this way, no one can say they know the actual date.

    The problem with Saint Tarcisius is his feast day is August 15. ( not in April )


    Q. You have said that the Miracle of Garabandal will coincide with a great event within the Church. Did Our Lady tell you what that event will be, and can you add anything to what you have already said about this matter?
    A. Yes, I know what the event is. It is a singular event in the Church that happens very rarely, and has never happened in my lifetime. It is not new or stupendous, only rare, like a definition of a dogma — something like that in that it will affect the entire Church. It will happen on the same day as the Miracle, but not as a consequence of the Miracle, only coincidentally.

    I find it interesting how "definition of a dogma" was specifically used here. I know many have speculated about the 5th Dogma finally being proclaimed giving the great acclaimed to Mary desired by the Father for His daughter's FIAT....and that perhaps in order to convince the naysayers with all that accompanies such news, having such a thing happen accompanied by such a great Miracle could then leave no doubt. Just wondering how Conchita was "instructed" or informed about "definitions of dogmas" that could have influenced her to use such an example here!
  17. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

  18. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Five Anti-Israel Offenses In Paris ‘Peace’ Summit Final Declaration

    TEL AVIV – Instead of convening a summit on the ongoing civil war in Syria, or the migrant crisis threatening Europe, or the rampant anti-Semitism plaguing its own country, France on Sunday held a convention attended by over 70 nations to affirm the international community’s commitment to creating a Palestinian state.

  19. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    And to think over 70 countries does not include Israel. Like saying to some one 'it is none of your business we are talking about you not to you.' 'And we intend to impose our will on you when we get the strategy right.' God have mercy on Israel, and protect the people You have chosen as Your own.
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  20. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Obama Tells '60 Minutes' He Made Decision to Abstain on UN Israel Vote

    President Barack Obama told "60 Minutes" that he made the call for the U.S. to abstain from a vote on a U.N. Security councilresolution condemning Israeli settlements, allowing the resolution to pass, and that doing so didn't fray relations between the two countries.

    The move caused a major fallout between the United States and Israel, a notion Obama demurred while speaking to Steve Kroft in an interview that aired Sunday.

    "I don't think it caused a major rupture in relations between the United States and Israel. If you're saying that [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu got fired up, he's been fired up repeatedly during the course of my presidency, around the Iran deal and around our consistent objection to settlements. So that part of it wasn't new," Obama said in his final interview as president.



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