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God thru Julie Whedbee URGENT LETTER

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by jnice :), May 12, 2015.

  1. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    I n my Oppioun I think it possible this is not supernatual I cannot judge. Maybe God is talking to Julie I think Ive met her before on youtube.
    Even If protestant would Jesus tell anticatholic messages I have never seen a anticatholic message but has she ever mentioned purgatory or anything. Has she codeemed the churches teaching if so I dont think that from God.

    God bless
  2. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    When I first heard of Julie, I was cautious. After reading her alleged messages for the past year or more, I feel her message deserve attention. I have read nothing in her messages that are contrary to Church teaching and what she has written fits within Catholic prophetic consensus IMO.
  3. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Mario, yes, in visiting with Verne, this is very important message to him on Pope Benedict that he is closely watching and pondering. He feel's Pope Benedict still has something prophetic to experience before he is brought to heaven.
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  4. Serena

    Serena Angels

    Hi, is Verne some kind of seer or visionary and does he have support of local bishop? Does he still have prophetic insights? It's interesting what he says.
  5. Mario

    Mario Powers


    Verne is actually a member of the Forum. If you go to Is the Warning Imminent thread and read posts #284-296, it will prove helpful.


    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
  6. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    His alleged messages are in the book www.godspeakswillyoulisten.org
    Just scroll down on the page about 3/4th of the way and you can open up his messages.
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  7. Serena

    Serena Angels

  8. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Wednesday, January 25, 2017

    Message received Jan. 23, 2017

    My daughter, I am here, I am here! Do not doubt for a moment that I am with you. Tell all My children I hear every cry of their hearts and I hold every tear. Nothing escapes Me. I know all things as I am the Author of all.

    You have been on a long journey, a process of skilled refining by the fiery trials and tribulations of this life. All you have experienced has led up to this moment. This season of great change. Do not doubt for a single moment that all that I have spoken shall come to pass. Soon you will have more clarity concerning My timing and My design. Trust Me. Obey. This is the most precious gift you could offer Me, your radical faith that you believe I am who I am.

    The enemy cause unrest and many of My people are unsettled. This is not from Me. I give you My perfect peace, ad ask you to enter into My rest. I Am will bring order out of chaos and it is My perfect love that casts out all fear.

    Open your hearts fully to receive My complete indwelling. My remnant, prepare yourselves to receive the full measure of My outpouring as I fill you, My vessels, to overflowing. Your Master is completing the final refining in you, My vessels, to fully equip you for all you are about to do for Me to gather the lost and bring them home. Do not resist these last steps, they are essential to mold and shape you into all I have purposed for you in this life. You are ever so near to the finish line.

    Resist the devil and he will flee. Do not believe his lies. Be so careful to not become distracted. Seek Me earnestly for I shall always be found. Continue to give Me your everything, and I will show you wonders you would not have previously believed. I am doing a new and wonderful thing. Such glory awaits those who remain faithful.

    I tell you, I am coming for you, I am coming!

    Be faithful, remain steadfast, have courage, and believe!

    I love you My faithful ones, I love you!

  9. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Sunday, February 26, 2017

    In the early morning hours of February 17, 2017, a had a powerful night vision/ dream. All of my physical senses and emotions were very acute as I experienced what it will be like towards the very end of the great tribulation, after the remnant church has been taken. (I am not commenting here on the timing of the church being transformed.)

    I found myself suddenly running with a group of other believers who had come to know Yahushua, but only after the remnant was removed. We were living underground in hiding, in a large but dark abandoned building of some sort. There was no electricity, and had not been for some time. I saw oil lamps and candles everywhere and it was the only light we had. We all were dressed in oversized clothing and head wraps, doing our best to stay as inconspicuous as possible. There were times we had to go out for items such as salt, and oil, and would barter with things we had found and collected for this reason. Food was scarce to say the least. Water was also something we were having to look for constantly, and most important for survival.

    As we traveled, we would do so only in the early pre-dawn hours, or at sunset, to do our best to avoid being targeted and taken away to be killed. I was told by Father this was the United States, after many of the judgments had happened, and He made me to understand that millions had died. The streets were very empty, there were only a few small businesses opened, and everything was run by the NWO. Martial law kept everyone in check, and as we traveled, we were watched and controlled by gunpoint. There were certain paths that had to be taken and if we were found traveling any other way, we were shot instantly. We never spoke while outside of our building.

    There were open crucifixion's in the streets, a gruesome and horrible sight, of anyone who publicly confessed Christianity. The bodies once dead were then left where they hung. Christianity was long gone in this country. Our group did the best we could to go at night and take these precious souls bodies back to where we were hiding, although we had no way to properly bury them. I saw rows of them on a far wall of our hiding place, wrapped in sheets and blankets as this was all we had. I remember discussing with the others what we were going to do with these martyrs.

    It was a terrifying vision, one I will not ever forget as these prophetic encounters are more than real. I felt the tangible fear and smelled and saw more acutely than we do here now.

    When it was over, Father's exact words were: "Tell My people, tribulation will come to the United States."

    That was all I heard in direct words. This message is yet another warning for all those who continually reject Yahushua's sacrifice in the here and now, and have not taken seriously the future they face if not born again. Of course many will die in disasters and judgments, yes, but what if you are one of the ones that lives??? Father wants you to know, this could be your fate. Please take this message very seriously if you are lukewarm, or have not accepted Yahushua HaMashiach as your personal Savior and King. This is so very real, and this will come to pass, just as all His words have. Time is not on your side.

    For those of you who do read these words, who do follow Yahushua and have accepted Him, do not be afraid to send this to family and friends. You have nothing to lose, as those who follow Yahushua have lost it all anyway, the earth is not our home. Pass this along to everyone as a warning. One day, it will be too late....

    Love and shalom,
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  10. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    We are ready to give birth- April 23rd, 2017

    You are in the fire here to be transformed, so that My heart and My perfect love are manifested in a dying and fallen realm. The birth pains come closer and closer now, as We are ready to give birth. You, My holy vessels, the sanctuaries of My Spirit are being prepared to receive My glory. My oil of anointing will fall upon you, igniting a passion and a desire in you, My people that will illuminate the earth like never before.

    The labor has been difficult and painful and the contractions come yet even closer together now, as the darkness has intensified. Allow the fires of your tribulations to empty completely every effect of sin in your lives. As you remove the leaven in your lives, I, The King of Glory comes in.

    Nothing you are facing is too difficult for Me. Pray intensely and with fervor. Boldly speak My Words with great faith and believe in My promises. My words will not return to Me void.

    Embrace the tests, as I give you opportunities to overcome. I look at your responses along this journey, to see My own reflection, as your heart's desires and Mine are one.

    Remember always, this is not your home. You are here for My purposes, so I may complete the good work I have begun in you. This life is but a vapor, a stepping stone in your walk of intimacy with Me, as I move you from glory to glory. Into eternity, we shall love in each other.

    This dwelling place shall fall because it is not in harmony with its Creator, and I will renew this earth, so that I will once again be glorified here.

    Take heart in that you keep My Kingdom perspective in your final moments here, so that this terrible evil will not distract you from the narrow way, or deceive you from hearing only your shepherd's counsel, as the fulfillment of all things comes to pass.

    Have no fear. I have not forgotten you. On the contrary, you are My jewels, My precious treasures through which everything I have spoken will be fulfilled. This final stretch appears endless, but I assure you, there is an appointed time for Me to infuse you completely, and I will not delay in doing this that My Father has ordained for you. I give you My great peace and joy overflowing, as the birth is ready to take place. Have gladness in your hearts My loves.

    You are loved by The King!

  11. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Thanks, Fatima. This final stretch does indeed appear endless, yet this above message brings great hope.
    From the book of Matthew: "he that shall endure to the end, shall be saved."
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  12. sparrow

    sparrow Archangels

    Onward troops!
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  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Wake up before it is too late- July 4th, 2017
    My children seek not to hear words that tickle your ears and see things delightful to your senses. Do not be quick to open doors to spirits that are not of Me through your technology and the modern culture you reside in. The enemy has been very cunning in that as you have advanced in culture, science, technology, etc.., he has also manipulated these things to use for his own purposes. You must learn to be harmless as doves, yet wise as serpents.

    You are seeing the fulfillment of My Holy Word, as they are crying come here, go there, for in doing this you will find Messiah. I tell you... These are lies!! False doctrines and lying signs and wonders are manifesting everywhere just as My Word has warned. These things are happening now, they are upon you. And yet, the greatest deception of all time planned by the serpent has not yet been revealed. But already many of My own are falling away in great numbers, lured by the soul and the senses and not My Spirit.

    I have warned you to know Me, Your Shepherd and My Voice which is discerned in My Word, as I Am The Word!

    But, in your lack of discipline to take the necessary steps to know Me as I Am, you have sought familiar and deceiving spirits to give you what you long for, to fill the void in your hearts, even though My truth states that only I can fulfill you!

    In My great love for you, I have warned you in My mercy to ask to know Me and My heart. Where do you find My instructions to seek after an experience or chase after those claiming manifestations and wonders in order to find Me?

    I AM the Word
    I AM Life
    I AM the Manna upon which you must feed
    I AM the Bread of Life

    If you are feeding upon those things that are mixing spirits with My Truth, you will only be led to destruction. It is through your obedience in the sufferings of this life that you will find Me. Does My Word not teach this? Yet, wolves in sheep's clothing proclaim a better way to finding Me. They encourage you to seek truth elsewhere, all based in experience and emotion, your soul nature, rather than teaching you that you will know Me by My Spirit. Spirit speaks to spirit, and scripture will always confirm and reveal more scripture. This is why I gave you My Word for instruction and wise counsel.

    From the very beginning, Lucifer created his plan to counterfeit all that I Am and to deceive men into believing they could be wise, as I Am Wisdom. The fallen ones brought knowledge that was forbidden for men to have, and therefore, corruption entered My creation.

    It would benefit you to have an understanding of how such deception was introduced by these enemies of My Kingdom, as they imparted hidden knowledge into all areas of your lives, such as medicine, science, plants and herbs, and their healings used in their sorceries, technology and advancements on a molecular level as well. Their schemes and their motives have been evil from the beginning. Now they have evolved your way of thinking, so that much of how you operate is accepted and embraced. This was the foundation laid to then introduce a 'new way,' an awakening of the inner man as they call it, to find your 'higher selves' and your higher purposes and destinies.

    No longer is My Word and your private communion with Me enough. You are instructed to 'transcend this dimension' through means not ordained by Me. There are gateways and portals that have opened, but My people, not all is good, not all is of Me! Not all is profitable to you and will edify you, as only My pure Spirit and Truth will.

    The beast system strives to mimic unity and oneness by proposing peace through merging all religions, doctrines, and beliefs systems into one, BUT this is a lie! They will do this using the terrible propaganda and wicked lies that have been perpetrated throughout your entire history. These anti-christ spirits have been laying their false truths and strategizing for this time of now, so when they deliver their biggest deception, sadly, most of those who profess Me will not know My Spirit from My counterfeit.

    It is easy to recognize the obvious enemy, the one who is not disguised as light, who openly mocks and denies Me. But do you now recognize what has infiltrated literally every aspect of your lives and is disguised as being of Me? Do you know Me through My Word well enough to see how millions are now being 'caught up' in a wave of experiences and super-natural manifestations that do not bear witness of your Lord and Master, Yahushua Ha Mashiach crucified?

    Where is the reverence to a Holy and Righteous God in these groups and gatherings? Where is holiness, godliness and repentance preached? Where is humility and forsaking all and contriteness something to be embraced? Where is poverty spoken of as those close to My Heart, rather than prosperity and elevation? Do you even hear My name spoken of and glorified? Or, do you hear, "I felt this, I saw that, I had this happen." Count how many times My name is mentioned, then how many times those professing to know Me refer to self. The truth will become apparent. Do I not teach that I will come to all that seek Me? So, why do you look for Me through another?

    Mortify your flesh and your senses before it is too late!! Yes, this is My admonishment to you who are involved in these practices, for I would rather have My day of reckoning with you now, in order for you to know truth and repent, than to have you lured away from Me into this false illusion of Me and be caught in the snare the enemy has set for you. I wish you to cease your involvement with sorceries and witchcraft and the seduction of the familiar spirits NOW! Many of you need to awaken to this and repent of this, for this is idolatry, and I hate idolatry and the implications there of.

    The time is completely passed for Me to speak words of comfort when it comes to these things My children. Do not be deceived and do not be fooled! Do not be ignorant as to the times you are in beloved. Know what it is that you allow into your homes, your eyes, your ears. Know what it is that you have chosen to become a part of. This is your responsibility, and you will be held accountable. If your leaders, pastors, teachers are speaking words that do not completely line up with My Word, divorce yourselves! You cannot blindly follow practices and teachings that are not Mine, and then expect Me to endorse them.

    Test every spirit! This means that spirit must profess Me crucified, My shed blood for the redemption of sins, My resurrection as being the only one that offers entrance into My Father's Kingdom through My sacrifice and atonement for all sins. That spirit must proclaim that I alone AM Lord, Yahushua Ha Mashiach. There is no other way unto The Father but through Me!

    You are in incredibly dangerous times children, and I do not wish that any of you is caught unaware. Heed those words. They are confirmed in scripture. You must know your enemy in order to understand the various ways he will lure you away. Study to show yourselves approved! It is only then that you will truly have truth within your hearts, and be prepared to stand for I tell you time is over.

    I come now as The Judge with My Holy Fire and will punish the inhabitants of the earth who walk in unrighteousness and willful sin. I implore you, pay very close attention to what has been spoken here. There in is much to gain, but also, much to lose.

    Yahushua Ha Mashiach
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  14. sponsa Christi

    sponsa Christi Sponsa Christi Catholic with Baptism of desire

    which visionary is this
  15. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Yoga has become ordinary and commonplace
    It is against Christ
    They are now putting transcendental meditation in public school classrooms
    Calling it mindfulness
    Abomination against First Commandment
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  16. Muzhik

    Muzhik Archangels

    She is an Evangelical Christian; however, her messages frequently contain many, many references that might not be evident to Evangelicals but are immediately recognizable to Catholics, which is why her messages get spread by many Catholics.
  17. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    I have kept abreast of her messages for a few years. I find them interesting and believable. Always on the lookout for something that would be considered contrary to the Catholic faith, but have yet to find this in her messages. I have posted some that are of interest to me.
  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Monday, July 24, 2017


    Speak daughter of Zion, speak the words I have put upon your heart with boldness and with courage, for with great mercy, I continue to warn, and out of My great love.

    You have entered a season unlike any other. You have been marked. Those of you who walk with Me are marked by Me, sealed, protected and ensured your home with Me for eternity, but your adversary also has marked you. He watches and he plots. He too has marked those who have given their obedience to Me and surrendered all. Although your destiny will always be in Me, he has marked you for your destruction and will stop at nothing to see this come to fruition.

    You have entered a time when you will be publicly interrogated, questioned, dragged from your homes, affronted in every way. There is a day rapidly approaching and is already here, when you will be publicly humiliated for My name's sake. Everything will be stripped from you. Many of you will watch your loved ones killed before you, all in an effort to attempt to make you deny My name. I do not tell you this to stir you to fear, for I am not a God of fear. I have given you a sound mind and everything I do and say is done in love. You will be hated and persecuted; many are already experiencing this now, because of your belief in Me. There are many evil powers that watch all that you say and do, everything is measured and monitored and recorded and all of it will be used against you.

    But you must know, this is the hour of trial that I have been preparing all of you for. You knew these days were coming. I have poured out My Spirit upon My people so you would have My wisdom and My counsel and your steps would be orderly. You must not fear what is coming, what is here. You must stand. The standard has been raised, My Banner is over you. You are surrounded on all sides, hedged in above and below. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. And one day, every knee will bow, and every tongue confess when I show them who I AM. But first, the great hour of trial.

    Some know already where your place is to be, your positions, and how you will be serving Me in the days to come. And to some, it is yet to be revealed, and I will do so very shortly, so listen very closely for My instructions and My counsel, for you shall have it. Many of you will be asked to leave your homes in an instant, so you must not hesitate. My angels guide you and My Spirit goes before you always. My light illuminates your path. Your spirits will know that your Shepherd speaks. Obey at all costs. Leave behind what you are told to leave behind. Do not look back. It comes quickly children.

    You will soon be banned from publicly expressing your beliefs in Me or ever mentioning My name. You will be mocked and you will be forced to accept the beast system in order to continue to buy, sell or work. This you must not do! Urge your family members to pay attention to these words, so that they do not believe the lie. The ultimate betrayal has been planned against you, and many, many will be deceived because they have not heeded My warnings.

    There is only one truth. You either desire truth, or you do not. There is only One Way. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No one will come to My Father except that they have known Me. The distractions are ever increasing around you. The enemy is very subtle and seductive in the ways that he keeps you from listening to Me and being intimate with Me. As I said, he watches you. He knows your weaknesses and he waits. I have given you the tools and I have given you My power and authority to tread on all manner of evil things. Do it! Do this children! In this you will overcome. Whether I require your life in the physical or whether I carry you through from glory to glory into My Kingdom is irrelevant to you. Your heart condition in every moment is what is most important, your heart motives, the love you show others, living the crucified life that is My way, but showing the glorified life that is the truth for all mankind.

    Be prepared to be called out. Be prepared to testify of who I am, for the spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Me and what I have done, and the way that has been made for all men that believe. Be prepared to take a stand whether you are called out publicly or whether I have you positioned elsewhere. My instructions remain the same. Be bold, remain steadfast and be of good courage, never wavering, for you are not forsaken and I will not leave you. For many, it will cost you everything.. for many, it already has. It matters not if this life is lost, if your soul gains Me for eternity.


    It is here..


  19. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    August 12th, 2017

    In the early morning hours of August 7, 2017, I had a dream, or night vision as I call these prophetic experiences. Father allowed me to be 'inside' a lukewarm person going about her life as usual until the moment when everything changed. This person was then suddenly re-located and stripped of everything familiar and comfortable.

    I was in a car approaching a very busy intersection with four-way traffic, when out of nowhere, a truck started speeding straight towards me out of control. At the same time, I felt the ground move like a wave, and realized just after it had struck that it was a massive earthquake. It rolled our car violently, like a big rock thrown into the water, and it had also caused the truck to accelerate out of control, as it pushed it forward at incredible speed. This wave lasted a few seconds, as the earth convulsed and lifted our car 50 or so feet in the air. Then, I heard a thunderous vibration in the heavens. The earth moaned with a horrible, awful groaning sound like chains on a series of massive rusty gates opening. A blinding light flashed, and in an instant, I was in the air in a state of almost suspended animation, watching everything in slow motion. The earth opened beneath me, exposing a huge, deep crevice or cavern-like fissure. I had the understanding that the earthquake was world-wide and had changed the geography permanently.

    I felt in the spirit a tearing-like feeling of complete despair, as I watched my family members where ever they were being pulled away from each other, not knowing where they would go or what would happen to them while I was still on earth. A flash of piercing light then struck again, and I was suddenly in a house with total strangers, all of us finding ourselves in a place that was completely foreign without anything familiar or comfortable, except what we were wearing.

    A woman was speaking calmly, reading guidelines in an attempt to bring order to all of us who suddenly found ourselves stripped of everything. There were those who did not believe in Father at all, and many more who were what Father refers to as lukewarm in their walk with Him. Some were discussing options as to how to leave, but the woman kept telling us that the world was now forever changed, and that we would not be leaving until Yahushua came for us. She told us that any attempt to leave would result in imprisonment, or more likely death. Some were asking for phones, radios, or ways to communicate with loved ones, but there was nothing available or functioning in the world.

    I cannot describe in words what it felt like to know that this person I was 'inside' and a part of had not made the decision to follow Yahushua wholeheartedly here and now, before this catastrophic earthquake had changed everything, and she was now facing the consequences of her decision in a most terrifying way. Although I knew she was lukewarm and believed in God, I also understood instantly that had she chosen differently before this 'moment' had occurred, the outcome of her journey would have been much different. Instead, she and the others at the refuge were now faced with a much more challenging and uncertain course for their lives, without their loved ones, and without any material comforts.

    End of night vision/dream.

    ** This night vision/dream, is not a completely literal description of an event or series of events, but rather a picture of what is to come and how much Father wants us to be prepared in our spirits and in our hearts. As with anything I post, please take this to prayer yourselves and ask for Father's personal revelation and counsel for your own relationship. I do not know which event will be the starting or kick-off event to this massive change in the earth, and I do not know Father's exact design as to how anything will happen. It is simply my position to report what I am shown and told and allow you to seek Him for individual answers as to how you are to proceed from here with your own journey.**


    Daughter of My Heart, write these words. It is with a heavy heart that I speak to you this day, as the masses have not heeded My warnings of repentance, and My words through My prophets and messengers have mostly fallen on deaf ears.

    I have told them many times, truth has always been available to all who seek it, yet so many are more than content to sit in idleness and complacency, living their lives with an apathetic attitude towards anything good, righteous, or holy.

    Does My Word not teach that you must be born-again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? You must be broken and surrendered, giving Me everything, and finding no fulfillment in this earthly life. You must turn to Me for all the answers you seek, the One and only Shepherd and Wise Counselor, and not the myriad of voices and suggestions that scream to you from every angle each and every day. The battle for your soul has already been won IF YOU CHOOSE ME! Choose life over death.

    Daughter, you were given a rare opportunity to experience what the heart condition will be very, very soon for all those who have not studied to show themselves approved, and have not taken Me seriously, or do not accept My existence whatsoever. The path has been lit and I walk with each and every soul who gives their lives to Me. Those who have hesitated or walked in the opposite direction of truth will know a harsh and severe consequence to their decisions.

    I have given you this spiritual experience in order that more hearts will open and more ears will hear what I am saying before this moment when all suddenly changes does indeed arrive. I assure you, the hour is very late, My words will come to pass and nothing I have spoken will come back to Me void.

    Know My Word above all else as I am the Word. My Word is alive, powerful, and is the only way to know truth from deception. I have offered you a way through the storms that are now here. Accept My offer, freely given, paid in full with My Life's blood.

    You who are now born-again or come to be born-again before this happens will be used mightily for a short time to bring My love and My light to the desperate who will choose to procrastinate in accepting what I have spoken.

    These words I speak are true and they should convict you. Watch and see if I did not tell you it would be so when all is shaken in a moment..

  20. Verne dagenais

    Verne dagenais Principalities

    What I find interesting is this insistence of you must be born-again. Having been raised Protestant, this is Protestant theology. This is an incomplete version of John 3:3-8. Nicodemus asked the same question and Jesus also said in Verse 5: Amen, amen I say to thee, unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. I think Jesus is consistent and this message is incomplete Theology. Where in these messages does Jesus tell people about his one true church, the Catholic Church. This almost seems like God has a catholic voice and a Protestant voice. Ephesians 4:5, One Lord, one faith, one baptism. I will leave it up to others to discern, if this is from God, but these are red flags to me.
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