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Garabandal News

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Aviso, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    As a reminder, untill the current Pope is Pope, we are OK, Please be aware of the next Pope, if Padraig leave me to finish my "thread" on this forum, you may learn some incredible news, in my opinion we are quiet close now, it's a question of a short time, the general blindness will not continous for ever, please be aware of any modern Theologians, especially from US or UK and remember that our Lady often appears to simple people and most of the time to Children, you should never forget this fact.

  2. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    So, to summarise your position as stated on this thread Aviso:
    1. We cannot trust ANY of the Catholic theologians in English speaking countries and you condemn them all without exception, together with any books that they have written even though you have never read them. We should rather trust children (but you are not a child, I assume, so can we really trust you either?)
    2. We should trust only you in these matters and should do so 'to the end'.
    3. You have some 'incredible news' that you cannot share yet and reliable but secret sources in these matters.
    4. The Warning will come in a number of months that can be counted in single digits (before the end of the year commencing with the Synod that began in early October).
    5. The Anti-Christ is alive.

    Have I understood? If I have anything wrong, I am happy to be corrected.
  3. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    1. Modern Theologians
    2. Not only me you can Trust anyone else
    3. I do not have any "incredible news" but some news that you will never have
    4. Completly wrong but you are use to change my own words
    5. Yes I confirm.

    It's my last word to you.

  4. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Do you think that the Antichrist is alive today and if so, do you think he will be revealed in the near future?

    Yes. No, I don't think he will be revealed soon.
    Malachi Martin (15 years ago)

    Bon week end.
  5. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Hello everbody,

    I have the impression there is some confusion... but Aviso is correct when he says that the anti-christ comes first. But I do not agree that SteveD should throw away his book. It should only be his decision to throw something away or not. Perhaps we do not understand the content of the book... that's also a possibility (but I did not read the book).
    Anyway, according several revelations we will first have the Big Tribulation and the Anti-Christ who will show himself as the "Big Peace Maker" and only then will be the Triumph of Our Lady and the Era of Peace of many years (1000 years is a symbol for a long time, as you know). After that very long time of happiness the devil will reappear (perhaps in a another anti-christ ? Here is the confusion perhaps when you read that book, SteveD ?? ) and then only we will have the End of the World and we will continue to live in Heaven.

    Now something else and this will irritate perhaps Aviso, but I "fell" today again on an article (so I did not search for it) and I feel I should let you know, especially the last sentence:

    JAN 16 (Medjugorje Today) - The shrine of Saint Padre Pio will host Medjugorje visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo on February 24. Mirjana will be one of nine speakers for an all-day event at San Giovanni Rotondo where Saint Pio lived and preached for most of his time as a priest.
    One of the most revered and beloved saints of the 20th century, but also a priest who was persecuted and met with fierce opposition for much of his time on earth, Saint Pio bore the stigmata, was known for reading souls in and outside his confessional, and also for the gift of bilocation. He was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.Saint Pio further had the gift of prophecy, and his 1968 statement to Bosnian pilgrims, "The Madonna will soon visit your country", has been tied to Medjugorje.


    May Peace, Love and Tolerance be between us in order to be recognized as children of God.
  6. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    And this is also very interesting (sorry Aviso...) :

    Read the entire article via link: http://www.medjugorjetoday.tv/2486/muslim-foresaw-medjugorje-one-year-ahead/

    A Muslim Mystic Predicts Appearance of Mother Mary in Medjugorje


    Sufi mystic Hasan Shushud predicted Medjugorje for me in detail one year before the apparitions began, an experienced pilgrim leader reveals. This will be a long and decisive apparition, and Rome has been entrusted with the great responsibility of accepting or rejecting Mary on behalf of all humanity, Hasan Shushud said.
    "If Mary and her plans are accepted quickly, the suffering will be short-lived", Hasan Shushud said in 1980, about the present time. The renowned Sufi mystic wrote several books and had "The Masters of Wisdom in Central Asia" published in English
    “Soon a unique Marian apparition will begin. A place for this was chosen long ago, and we Sufis have been praying that all will go well. The place is being prepared, without anyone being aware of it, for an apparition which will be different from all previous apparitions. Mary will come closer to the earth than ever before. Many will see her, hear her, touch her.”

    In 1980 Hasan Shushud was as sure of God’s final victory through the Virgin Mary as the Medjugorje visionaries have been from the earliest days. And like the seers were later to do, Shushud also called to trust and fearlessness:
    “Whatever happens, do not fear! In the end, God wins. The Bible says it, the Koran also. Those who keep close to God and to Mary will be given all the help they need. It does not matter which hardships they must go through: they have nothing to fear”, Hasan Shushud said according to Inger Jensen.
    This closely mirrors visionary Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo’s much repeated words that all people who live the Virgin Mary’s messages and see God as their Father and the Virgin Mary as their Mother have nothing to fear from the secretsrthat the Virgin Mary has entrusted to her.

  7. jerry

    jerry Guest

    I don't think you are.
    You know very well what you are doing.
    Aviso can fight his own battles.
    But if this thread turns into a battleground. I tell you I will blame you.
  8. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Dear Jerry, you are not God.... so please keep your judgements for yourself. A battleground can only be created by persons who are aggressive. The truth can be so obvious that some persons become aggresive or walk away from a thread. Are you one of these persons ?
    A lot of other persons talked and continue to talk about Medjugorje and other subjects on this thread (scroll back and you will see it). Anyway, we have the right to do so. Why wouldn't we because as long as Aviso does not give any news (without mysteries) about Garabandal then we talk about other things. This seems logical to me. If you do not like it that we talk from while to while about Medjugorje or other things, then just ignore it as I have to ignore the fact that sometimes bad things are said about Medjugorje in this thread. That's called "tolerance" as asked in the Bible. So leave us in peace. Thank you.

    ....and if things are not as they appear?
  9. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Thank you Fatima for your message.
    No, I do not know whether the anti-christ will manifest soon. But we can see that the laws created today are laws against the Holy Commands of God. We also see that many Holy Masses are no longer Holy anymore because the holy sacred prayers have been replaced by words invented by human being. There is a lot of opposition towards holy priests and to those who want to stay loyal to the Pope. I met several holy priests who met real opposition within their own church. I think a schism is not far away....
    The only seat in the European Parliament that is not yet occupied is number 666. Do they keep it for the anti-christ ?
  10. Genuflect

    Genuflect New Member

    Was there a grenade just tossed into this theard?....again... can we stay on topic.
  11. Georgia, do you know how to start a new thread? I think this might solve the problem. The Garabandal thread is not the only thread you can post to. We still can read all you have to say, which is very relevant and that way no toes are stepped on.
  12. Aviso

    Aviso Guest


    2013 - 2017 or 3 years and few months if you prefer !

  13. Jon

    Jon Archangels

    I love the intrigue! If our very souls were not at stake, this would be entertaining.....
    I will now add to the intrigue...OK, here goes...

    I believe Aviso, you once said this (February 2012):
    "...the only thing we can tell is the month of the Great Miracle, April, I am allowed to tell it you now, I am also allowed to tell you that the Warning will arrive before 2018, before May 2017 exactly."

    And this (April 2012):
    "...Conchita know this date only, nobody else, as a garabandalist with some experience and close to some of the seers and to keep you with hope, the month of the Great Miracle will be the month of April between the 08th and the 16th of this month and will happen before 2017."

    And this (April 2012):
    "Regarding Garabandal prophecies, the next important steps are :
    1. The Vatican, the health of the actual holy Father, an important schism
    2. Revolutions in many countries, especially in Europe and Italy due to economic problems, the Holy father will not be able to stay in Rome
    3. When the world will be close to a 3rd world war, this war will not be allowed by our Lord
    4. Medjugorje and the commission, the Vatican conclusion will be linked to Garabandal
    5. The Sun, any news about the sun must be followed, the Sun it’s Fatima.
    We should live all these events before 2017, the life will be hard for everybody and in any countries between 2012 to 2017, these 5 years will change forever our World as we know it and a few number will still believe in Garabandal, it’s also the reason of this message, be strong till the end and close to our Lord and to our Lady in any case."

    And this (May 2012):
    "...Check Russia, when they will attack Europe all will start, it’s not in 10 years, it’s not in 5 years, it’s to our door."

    And this (May 2012):

    "The Garabandal events are now close, I hope to be in the village this summer, we are know ready to leave the prophecies of Garabandal, internet will not work anymore, please read again and again what we have said about Garabandal, you still have time, the more important is the CONFESSION, you must confess all your sins, I will do it myself before my last trip to Garabandal, then you will be ready to see and to leave the Power of God, after the Warning we will have between 3 to 4 years of difficulty, depend the country where you are leaveing but Europe and US will be countries to avoid."

    So. What is missing here is the exact nature of 2017. Chastisement already complete also? Era of peace ready to begin? Or simply, "Garabandal Miracle to take place before May 2017." Which means April 2017. Big difference. Because that is the difference between either this scenario A:
    1. Warning: Either before April 3rd 2013, or between May 2013 and April 2nd 2014.
    2. Miracle: April 11, 2013 or April 10, 2014.
    3. Tribulation culminating in Chastisement by sometime before May 2017 (probably). (Which all fits nicely into the "after the Warning we will have between 3 to 4 years of difficulty" statement.)
    4. Era of Peace/Triumph of Immaculate Heart: 2017
    ...Or this scenario B:
    1. Warning: Any time from May, 2014 thru April 4, 2017.
    2. Miracle: April 9 or 16, 2015, April 14, 2016, or April 13, 2017.
    3. Tribulation culminating in Chastisement by sometime before 2018, 2019 or 2020. (If there are to be "between 3 to 4 years of difficulty" after the Warning.
    4. Era of peace/Triumph of Immaculate Heart: 2018, 2019 or 2020
    I would be filled with hope if Scenario A is true. Because, with Scenario B, we could be as many as 4 years from the Warning, with 3 more difficult years after that!(n)

    That being said, we could now surmise the finite possibilities for the Miracle date:
    -April 11, 2013
    -April 10, 2014
    -April 9, 2015
    -April 16, 2015
    -April 14, 2016
    -April 13, 2017

    (Somehow, the leap year of 2016 may have something to do with it if it is to be Scenario B. And there would have to be another synod called before that.)
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  14. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    As many others here, you honor this thread but do not forget to add the Great Miracle Road, it's the more powerfull sign from heaven to all of us, this simple road shaking them already.

    Lefebvrians: Church extends a hand to the SSPX in an eight-page letter

    The Vice President of Ecclesia Dei, Archbishop Di Noia, wrote to Fellay and to priests of the Society of St. Pius X to resume dialogue.


    Wojtyla to become Saint in October ?
    Rumours from Poland suggest that John Paul II might be canonized in October this year, on a date that would coincide with the beginning of his pontificate.


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  15. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Ironically, the book, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph (rush out and buy it, folks) that Aviso has condemned (unread I suspect) appears to support a great deal of what he says that has been 'allowed' to tell us (according to Jon's summary). The writer of the book concludes, from the examination and cross checking of hundreds of prophecies from Church Fathers, saints and beati over the past 2 millenia that:
    1. The minor tribulation/chastisement will commence with civil wars in Italy and France which will be followed by general mayhem in Europe followed by an invasion from Russia and some Islamic nations.
    2. There will be famines and disease as a result of the fighting.
    3. There will be an increase in natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.)
    4. One side in the French civil war will slaughter priests and outlaw the Church in the areas of the country that they control.
    5. The civil war in England will be particularly vicious and ultimately the French will intervene when their own has ended.
    6. The Pope of the time and several cardinals will leave Rome but be found and murdered very cruelly.
    7. Towards the end of the chastisement, a new Pope will be elected, a very holy man. He will mediate in the French strife and the French will accept the appointment of 'The Great King' (a member of the French Royal family) to lead the fight against the Russians.
    8. The 'Great King' will win against all the odds by the direct intervention of God. This intervention will result in many accepting Catholicism and many combatants changing sides.
    9 There is final victory over the Russians and Muslims after about 4 years from the start of the strife.
    10. Sometime after this victory comes the three days of darkness.

    These events have been prophesied by so many saints and mystics that I believe we ought to treat them seriously and not dismiss them without consideration.

    We shall see.
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  16. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    When I was in Medjugorje myself, a kind of Miracle happens to me, in a small chapel in the middle of a kind of forest, they said to me, go there we pray in silence and you will know, back to my country, I knew but how many times they will leave me to talk, it's the question and I will not find the answer in a book.

    After this event, I could be one of the first beleiver of Medjugorje but as everybody know here, I am not but I have the respect for any faithfull of this beautifull place.

    2013 it's my year, I can't tell why but it's link of course to Garabandal, so please my Brothers, Pray for me.

  17. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Are you saying that BO is the Anti-Christ? This is a very common story on Youtube videos made by Evangelical Protestants but he doesn't fit at all with the profile provided by dozens of Catholic saints and mystics. They say, among many other things, that he will be famed in his childhood as a prodigy (BO wasn't), that he will be a Jew 'of the Tribe of Dan' born to a former nun (he isn't and wasn't), that he and will rebuild the Temple and so be much loved and, eventually worshipped, by the Jews (BO is not considered to be a friend of the Jews), that he will begin his public life at 30 - in imitation of Our Lord - BO was 36 when he entered the Illinois senate, 43 when he entered the US senate and was 47 when elected President, there are lots of other differences. Unless all the saints were wrong in every respect, it isn't BO and we haven't heard of the one who is him yet.
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  18. jerry

    jerry Guest

    Have you got some copies to unload going cheap.:)
  19. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Cher Aviso, je suis désolée mais je n'ai absolument RIEN compris de ce que tu écris ici. Voudrais tu le dire en français stp ? Je t'en remerci d'avance. Tu demandes aussi de prier pour toi. Tu ne vas pas bien ? Si tu parles de l'Avertissement, alors tu sais bien que nous sommes tous les mêmes: terriblement imparfaits. Mais la Miséricorde de Jésus est incroyablement PARFAITE.
  20. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Sois sans crainte, je vais bien, il est certain que mon Anglais n'est pas parfait, je voulais juste dire qu'un grand évènement m'attend à Garabandal sous peu, mon message n'est pas lié aux prophéties de Garabandal mais plus personnel comme je le fais quelques fois.


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