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Garabandal News

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Aviso, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

    My understanding is the "disaster" is different from the Warning.
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  2. John T

    John T Angels

    I thought the same! Yikes! Prayers!!
    Our Lady Of Mt Carmel de Garabandal pray for us & protect us!
  3. Carol55

    Carol55 Powers

    Misinterpretation on my part, I selected "like" on Glenn's post before I clearly understood...Glenn is confirming disaster is before the Warning? I assumed that the disaster is associated with the chastisement.
  4. John T

    John T Angels

    Yes. I liked it because the question was answered. But no I don't like the actual happening or disaster naturally. Of course as Mari Loli said:"the Warning will happen when things are at there worst." And: "At the time of the Warning it will appear as the communism has taken over the world." So it kind of makes some sense. Let's hope and pray we are alive to witness the Warning and Miracle. It's in Gods hands. We must "Pray, Hope and don't worry!"
  5. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

  6. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

    For those new members who would like a brief explanation of the Apparitions at Garabandal, by actor Ricardo Montaban.
  7. Julia83

    Julia83 New Member

    I know what you said, in a book Is written that Conchita got in éxtasis and she described the martyr2if eucaristic like the life of tarcisius2.someone said also that is tarcisius

    Conchita said that the miracle will be in april, first said march or april and after april or may and in a conversation with a boy of the viallage that he said Was the "boyfriend " of conchita said a month and she said that is false will be in april.

    Also i have a friend of conchita that she said told him that someone wrote to her the date of the miracle and it Was true that date so conchita want to answer that person but no lying so my friends told hermano to answer not saying that Was true but also saying that'se no true so she want lie.

    Years after someone said me that a woman wrote to conchita a date and conchita didn't told her that it wasn't that date... that date Was 11 april of 2017...but it am not sure that This will be because the warning will be in a even year like mari Loli said...all is very confused

  8. Julia83

    Julia83 New Member

  9. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

    OK, there are alot of false stories here. Conchita NEVER said the month of the Miracle specifically, but we were able to figure it out from 2 different conversations ,pieced together. Yes, the Miracle month is April, but she never told anyone that specifically.

    She has received thousands of letters predicting the date of the Miracle, and she never writes back to anyone, this way, no one can say they know the actual date.

    The problem with Saint Tarcisius is his feast day is August 15. ( not in April )
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  10. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

    A member requested this be re-posted so......

    LUNCH WITH CONCHITA . September 29, 2012

    I had the extraordinary blessing today of having lunch with Conchita, and learning some invaluable life lessons. The first was, I talked to her in general terms about the Warning ( because so many people are concerned and worried about it, I never discuss dates ). Her advice was amazingly simple and profound ! She said " Have faith and do not worry. If you have faith, you have everything ! " , Pray and don’t worry “. Her concise advice demonstrates how to live a simple happy life. God bless her and her example to us.

    Lunch lesson#2. We were discussing how so many people are going to psychiatrists, or take drugs or drink to fight lonliness, and she said " Do people realize how lucky they are, that there are churches everywhere, where God is waiting to talk to them ? " Brilliant !

    Lunch lesson#3. We talked about how the world's perception of happiness is linked to consumerism. Here is her idea of "happiness". She said (I'm paraphrasing) If you seek money, money is not happiness, if you seek health, it is not happiness, if you seek Heaven, Heaven IS Happiness !

    Lunch Lesson#4. On the topic of how to pray. We talked about how to "ask" God for help with a particular intention. We tend to " tell him " what we want, instead of realizing he already knows what we want, or really need. We have to learn to submit ourselves to his will, trusting in him and he will provide what we truly need, and what we need to do to draw ourselves closer to him. I know I'm as guilty as the next guy that "thinks I know what’s best for me ". I am still learning how to completely trust God in everything, don't feel bad, I'm a work in progress too,lol.

    Lunch lesson#5. Suffering . Who wants it ?? You know when you're in the presence of a true holy person when they embrace suffering, almost joyfully. Padre Pio said "if you knew the value of suffering, you'd never give it up ". I listened on how she described the purpose of suffering, and "taking up your cross" has so much spiritual value, we truly don't comprehend it sometimes.
    We talked about there is so much cancer in the world, and the suffering it brings, and again there was a simple profound thought ,is it possible the illness is allowed by God, and maybe this person will actually benefit from the illness by bringing them closer to God then they would have ever been. Lets face it, when you are really sick ,what is the first thing you think about ,praying to get well ! Her little story was simple, inspiring ,and brilliant. She said (again I’m paraphrasing the long story), There was a sheep herder, who each day would tend to his flock, and each day one of his sheep would run toward the edge of a mountain cliff, and almost fall over. Each day he would pull him back, but the sheep "wanted to run toward the edge of the cliff". Finally the Sheepherder decided to break a leg on the sheep, well knowing this was painful, and would prevent the sheep from walking. Each day though, he would pick up the sheep and carry it on his shoulders as he went out into the field. This allowed the sheep to still be outside, but more importantly the two of them bonded and became closer because the sheep was dependant on the herder. The herder knew that this the right thing to do, even though I’m sure it was not what the sheep wanted, but in the end, he healed, walked again , and the two were closer than ever. I will never look at suffering again the same way. I'll offer it up and ask God to draw me closer to him, for he knows best.
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  11. Julia83

    Julia83 New Member

    I know that tarsicius is in august but if you see the Link that i put before in extasis said the history of the eucaristic martyr.

    I know very well that conchita replies some letters and that history said it Conchita to my friend and ask my friendo what to do.

    Also one dauther of conchita come to home one day saying about Garabandal and a Girls that Saw our mother and ask to her mother if she know that Girls,because she know that conchita Was from Garabandal, and conchita said to her dauther that she Was one of that Girls.. conchita don't tales This things with her family
  12. Glenn

    Glenn Powers Staff Member

    Something to think about for the new year.


    The Last Apparition at Garabandal
    November 13, 1965, was a day mixed with joy and sadness for Conchita. The Virgin appeared with her Child to the teenager but it was to be for the last time at Garabandal.

    As Mary had already indicated this was to be a special apparition for kissing religious objects and Conchita had many with her. After kissing the articles, the Virgin said: 'Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others. Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle. This will be the last time you will see me here but I shall always be with you and with all my children. Conchita, why don't you go and visit my Son in the tabernacle? He waits for you night and day."

    Conchita said to the Virgin, "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?" She replied, "Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day? " When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."
  13. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Principalities

    Glenn, I want to thank you for posting the reminders toward the end of each month for us to send our Mass intentions to Garabandal online. I have done that several times now and my prayers are being answered. Thank you! Please feel free to continue:)
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  14. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    It would seem, only logically, that if the Warning is to come when things are at their worst (more than likely due to man's terrible actions, already being witnessed but also the accompanying natural disasters, nature rebelling against all of the sins as well as a response by God) then certainly there could be a major disaster that would effect the whole world occurring before but separate from the Warning's arrival. Since the Warning itself is an act of Mercy, allowing for a response by His people to what they are shown during the Warning, it could also be that what happens prior to the Warning in the world would also prepare the people for something that must come from God in order to save the world.....and perhaps such allowed disaster/s will force people to begin to call out to God for His Mercy upon them (as occurred at Fatima when threatened by the sun or appearance of such a threat) and then the people who do call out to God and repent beforehand will have a less severe experience during the Warning.

    So I agree with Glenn when he replied:

    My understanding is the "disaster" is different from the Warning.
  15. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Glenn, would it be possible and would you be so kind to again inform us as to how the "even year for the Warning" information came about? Thanks.
  16. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Glenn, do you know of all of the possibilities for Saints of the Eucharist's feast days that occur in April? If they are considered as relatively unknown to many because they are not often listed anywhere or a lot of unknown names are listed but without any reference to them being connected to the Eucharist then it is difficult to look at all the possibilities.
  17. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I had previously always wondered about Blessed Imelda, a great "saint" of the Eucharist. Since I was taught by the Dominicans we always had her represented at our 1st Communions....usually by a 5th grader dressed in the white of the Dominican novices since she died right after receiving the Eucharist for Whom she had longed, but before she was fully professed. Her story made a great impression upon the young people. But her feast day is May 13th.....a noted date in and of itself.....occurring within the given months' period (Mar to May) but not then occurring in the concluded month of April determined or pieced together from the 2 different conversations!
  18. Aviso

    Aviso Angels

    Hi Glenn, my good Friend,

    For your information, a new Movie about Garabandal is on the way, probably for the year 2017 and directed by a great and famous Director based on the official archives of my good friend Bastiano, the only one in this world and to my knowledge in possession with the same archives sent to Rome.

    You are Great, don't forget.
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  19. Aviso

    Aviso Angels

  20. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    So glad your back Aviso. I missed your posts. Every blessing for you and your family in 2017.

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