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Garabandal News

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Aviso, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I did the same thing -


    The only movies in the above list that mention Iran are as follows [and very tenuous at that!]

    1. Countdown to Looking Glass - which mentions a short battle between USA airforce and enemy warplanes supposedly from Kuwait or Iraq


    2. The Peacemaker [1997] - mention of a nuclear bomb destined for Iran but USA not mentioned in the movie:

  2. bona fide

    bona fide Angels

    :) Hello

    It's only my subjective impression, but, from the intersection of all the evidences enounced by Aviso, I think there is a clear "window of opportunity" for the warning occur between October and December of this year.
    Due to a personnel feeling I'm inclined to November.
    I also think the schisme may be related to something that will happen in (or during) the Synod of October.

  3. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    An other testimony from Sept 2011 about Maria Saraco and sent to us with the source at the end :
    ..........I am writing to you with regards to your website and your predictions of the Miracle of Garabandal.

    First off, let me give you a little background.
    I am a close personal friend and assistant to Garabandal Eyewitness and promoter, Maria C. Saraco. Also, I have been to Garabandal myself with Maria's group a number of times.

    With regards to your prediction, your prerequisites are correct, except that you left an important one out- the Miracle will not occur on a feast day of Our Lord or Our Lady. May 9th, 2013, Ascension Thursday, commonly known as The Feast of The Ascension, is not a candidate.

    However, you are probably not far off, for the following reasons:

    - We know that the Warning must precede the Miracle. I happen to know, as per Maria, that Mari Loli had at one point been questioned by a priest who was trying to extract the year of the Warning from her. She would not tell him. Finally, he asked if she could at least tell him if it was an even or odd year. She relented and told him that it would be an even year. This makes the year 2013 a candidate for the Miracle.

    - April 11, 2013 is the feast of St. Stanislaus, who is a martyred saint of the Eucharist. He was a Polish bishop who was murdered while saying mass in Krakow, in of all things, a chapel named after St. Michael. St. Michael is a major player in the Garabandal story. Conchita had said that the name of this saint would be hard to pronounce.

    - It is Maria Saraco's very firm personal opinion that April 11, 2013 will be the day of the Miracle. She has had several personal confirmations of this. Maria obviously is not infallible, but one thing I can say about her as long as I have known her is that she does not make mistakes when it comes to Garabandal. And I have never heard her speak like this before.

    - As far as the Miracle coinciding with a great event in the church, that remains to be seen. According to Conchita, the event would have nothing to do with Garabandal. Maria has suggested that perhaps it might be something like the canonization of John Paul II.

    - My personal opinion (and let me emphasize that this is strictly my opinion), is that 2013 will be the year of the Miracle because the Blessed Virgin Mary seems to like the number 13. She appears frequently to people on that date in both approved (i.e., Fatima), and non-approved apparitions.

    In any event, some things for you to think about. I also urge you to visit Maria's website, www.garabandal.org, if you have not already.......


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  4. bona fide

    bona fide Angels

    "the Blessed Virgin Mary seems to like the number 13"

    Personally I think it may not be a question of: liking the number 13, but instead a clear indication to us all that some kind of future momentous event will take place on a day 13.
    I recall for example that in the next 13th of November will be the 47th anniversary of the end of the apparitions of Garabandal. And if this is not an elegible date for the miracle...

    May those who have Eyes, See; and those who have Ears, Hear.

    bona fide
  5. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    A long-awaited meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow could take place in Finland, Finnish Christian leaders believe.
    In June, Patriarch Kirill met with three Christian leaders from Finland who were visiting Moscow: Archbishop Leo of the Finnish Autonomous Orthodox Church Archbishop Kari Mäkinen of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the Catholic Bishop Teemu Sippo of Helsinki. The three prelates brought an invitation for the Russian Patriarch to make an official visit to Finland. Archbishop Leo, the Finnish Orthodox leader, has indicated that he is confident the Russian Orthodox leader will accept the invitation.
    Later, a newscast by Finland’s national Yle-Uutiset network quoted Vatican officials as suggesting that Finland could be an appropriate site for a “summit meeting” between the Pope and the Russian Patriarch. The report indicated that Bishop Sippo made that suggestion during his meeting with Patriarch Kirill in Moscow. Informed sources in both Catholic and Orthodox circles in Helsinki have confirmed the accuracy of the news story.
    Three days after their visit to Moscow, the three Finnish religious leaders were in Rome to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Finland. Thus they had an opportunity to exchange thoughts with officials in Rome about the possibility of a summit meeting, and the reactions to that proposal from Orthodox officials in Moscow.
    Vatican officials have sought for years to arrange a meeting between the Roman Pontiff and the Patriarch of Moscow. To date all proposals for such a meeting have eventually foundered on demands from the Russian Orthodox Church that the Vatican fulfill certain preconditions for the summit meeting: renouncing “proselytism” in Russia and curbing the work of the Eastern Catholic churches in what Moscow regards as the “canonical territory” of the Orthodox patriarchate. Nevertheless, efforts to arrange a summit meeting have continued.
    With a marked improvement in relations between Rome and Moscow during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, many observers judge the chances for a summit meeting have improved as well. A papal visit to Moscow may be unlikely for political as well as ecclesiastical reasons. But Finland could furnish the opportunity for a meeting on neutral grounds.
    During his June meeting with the Finnish Church leaders, Patriarch Kirill spoke of the long, friendly relations between the Christian communities of Finland and Russia. He also emphasized the importance of forming a united Christian witness in public life.
    No dates have been suggested for a summit meeting, and there has not, as yet, been any substantial discussion of a papal trip to Finland. Only one Roman Pontiff has ever visited Finland: Blessed John Paul II in 1989.
  6. momof4

    momof4 New Member

    FYI this November 13, 2012 is a total solar eclipse?
  7. Jane

    Jane Angels

    When Maria Saraco had spoken to me this year, she was adamant with her dates.
    As I said before, the 21st December will help science to put a scientific spin on it, they have been forecasting the crashing of stars on this date, and some saying it's the end of the world on this date in 2012 for some time now. Our Lady did say, after the warning science will make you think there was a scientific reason for it, and it wasn't really from God. Many will believe this.
    As for the miracle coinciding with an important event in the Church. Isn't that the day of Christian unity?

    The other thing which we have been told. "The world will be at its worse."
    Now I think it is fair to say, we are not there yet. 21st Dec is 18 weeks away. Unless something dramatic happens soon, I wouldn't think the warning will happen this year. But all it takes is one stupid move from a country for war to break. I would think it is fair to say things are heating up for something to happen.

    So it's the same advice. Do your best to be ready.
  8. Mike

    Mike New Member

    Does anybody know if Maria Saraco is in communication with Conchita? Have they spoken lately to each other or do they barely talk to one another? The only reason I ask is, though I don't know if Conchita uses the internet, I think she must have at least learned of Maria Saraco's dates by now.

    If Maria Saraco's dates are wrong I would hope Conchita could at least communicate or politely suggest something along those lines to Maria Saraco before these dates take on a life of their own and people react negatively to Garabandal if they turn out wrong.

    I don't know these people personally, so can somebody please tell me whether Conchita and Maria Saraco cooperate or promote Garabandal at least together? How often is Maria Saraco in communication with Conchita? Anybody?
  9. Jane

    Jane Angels

    Hi Mike,
    I do not know Maria or any of the seers personally. I have met Maria and Jacinta. But I have heard through good resourses that Conchita is not happy with these dates being made public.
    As we are all aware. It is Conchita who has been given the role of letting the date of the miracle been known to the world.
    Now is Conchita unhappy because Maria has stollen her thunder? Or is she unhappy because she knows the miracle won't be next year? Or is she unhappy about it because it isn't up to Maria? I don't know.
    I would think Conchita and Maria would know each other well enough to have each others contact details, but how often they speak, I couldn't tell you.
    I just think when definate dates are given it makes it very unhealthy. It's different when people are having a guess almost for fun, but now these dates true or untrue just doesn't seem right for us to know or talk about.
    Do others agree?
  10. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Conchita happy or not is not a problem, we have the autorisation of father Rolando, the current priest of Garabandal to talk about the apparitions but we must talk about the messages more than the prophecies, it should be the main reason why suddenly Maria Saraco has decided to talk about some dates, I just hope that this thread will not finish as a lottery of dates, if it's the case I will sugggest a new thread, our conclusion will be given here soon and will be clear enought about the dates and hoping it will be the last time, people who claim I know him, I know her or she said that or he has said that are many around the world but most of them, per my own experience or per our own experience have no idea of what they are talking........as we must always remember : close to the Great Miracle many Garabandalist will not believe any more.......

    in my next message, the connection between Fatima and Garabandal will be sent, we have some last verifications to finish then our conclusion will sent here as indicated.

  11. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Fatima and Garabandal connection :

    Our Lady has said at Fatima “see you at San Sebastian de Garabandal”, this information was first published in a 1921 book, “Os Episodios Maravilhosos de Fatima” (“The Marvelous Episodes of Fatima”) by Rev. Dr. Manuel Formigão, who had interviewed the three shepherd children of Fatima on several occasions. This matter of Mary’s promise to return at San Sebastian de Garabandalis also written about in the 1937 annals of the Carmelites, a copy of which is reported to be in the Carmelite convent in Coimbra, Portugal where Sr. Lucia died in February 2005. A reference to Rev. Fr. Formigão’s 1921 book is found in, “The Lady More Brilliant than the Sun” by Fr. John de Marchi.......

    More details about Fatima and Garabandal can be also found below on Joey’s Web site, a great meeting between Father Combe and his excellency Joao Pereira Venancio who was in charge of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, it was during his pastoral charge that the famous 3rd secret was delivered to Rome.


    One word about communism indicated in Garabandal by our Lady :

    “If my requests are not heard, Russia will spread her errors THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE WORLD . . ." Our Lady of Fatima

    Her requests were not heard. And the SPIRIT OF ATHEISM has permeated the ENTIRE WORLD

    The communism indicated in Garabandal by the seers is an important part of the current atheism, our Lady did not talk in a politic way only but in a spiritual way as well and mainly.

  12. padraig

    padraig New Member

    'It's different when people are having a guess almost for fun, but now these dates true or untrue just doesn't seem right for us to know or talk about.
    Do others agree? '

    I owuld take any dates with a very large pinch of salt, no matter how well ascribed. \There is such a huge history of miscalls, even from the saints themselves.

    However I must say after having two big dreams last week concerning the Warning last week I admit I am very excited and do indeed expect the Warning very shortly. I wouldn't bett the bank on it or give a date, but it seems prayerfully to me highly probable.
  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    But in the case of the Warning; it is not to be feared, but very,very, very much to be looked forward too ; like a billion Christmas's:):)
  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    The start of it will be like watching the heavens come down and dance; just as it s described in the Book of Revelation.
  15. bona fide

    bona fide Angels

    Yes padraig is a very good and beautiful image.:)

    And a further confirmation to my belief that the astronomical phenomenon that will precede the warning, may be some kind of global aurora, caused by a massive CME. (remember: a phenomenon beginning with the letter A in Spanish). A shock of asteroides, for example, would not be simultaneously visible around the world.
    Also, the sun has been previously used to give visible signs to mankind.
    Remember the "dance of the sun in Fatima" and the aurora borealis that stunned Europe in 1938, visible in unusually low latitudes and that Sister Lucia interpreted as the sign that Our Lady had told her that would indicate the proximity of the second world war.
    But all this is of course speculation...:unsure:
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  16. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Thank you for that Padraig - you have that 'Irish turn of phrase' that is just so descriptive and evocative. I never imagined the Warning in the way you have dreamt and described - I am just so excited like a big kid waiting on a wonderful present! So much to look forward to - so much joy like the shepherds on that first Christmas:)
  17. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes, day will be night and night, day, the stars will dance...it will be as though the planet Earth has turned into a little space ship; what's not to enjoy?

    But for the wicked and unbeliever a source of total terror. But that is their fault, not God's.
  18. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Some other testimonies sent to us and confirming April 2013 as a possibility for the Great Miracle date and year, years before Maria Saraco’s dates, enjoy we have kept these informations for years even if do not agree with many of these testimonies.

    …..First, Chris De Bodt notes the following…….

    1. Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May, 1st [Divine Mercy]
    2. His tomb will be moved to the chapel of San Sabastian
    3. San Sabastian = San Sebastian de Garabandal (review the Garabandal apparitions and the predicted Warning, Miracle and Chastisement on the PDT home page)
    4. November 13th 2012, anniversary date of the last apparition of Garabandal = total solar eclipse = could be the GREAT WARNING
    5. Within a year after the warning would be the GREAT MIRACLE:
      1. predicted between the 8th and the 16th of March, April or May on a Thursday evening
      2. and that it would coincide with a great and happy event in the Vatican (Could the Happy Feast = Canonization of John Paul II ?)
      3. and coincide with the feastday of a martyr of the eucharist (NOTE THURSDAY APRIL 11th 2013, Feast of Stanislaus of Cracow, murdered while celebrating Mass at the age of 49 years)

    Chris notes that Mari-Loli Mazon, seer of Garabandal who died last year and who knew the date of the warning, told that the Great Warning will occur shortly after a synod of bishops. Synods of bishops always end on the last Sunday of October + synods of bishops didn’t exist at the time of Garabandal. They started later, after Vatican II………
    Below an other one and more serious, In one of the latest and best book about Garabandal "Garabandal, 50 años después", the Spanish Author has clearly indicated St Stanislas or St Hermenegild as the most probable eucharist Martyr.
    .......Geográficamente el Milagro se podrá ver no solo en los Pinos de Garabandal, sino en las montañas adyacentes, es decir parece que ocurrirá en el aire y más probablemente en el cielo. Respecto al momento, Conchita conoce la fecha exacta, que no puede decir hasta 8 días antes, pero si ha avanzado que el Milagro ocurrirá en jueves, festividad de un mártir de la Eucaristía, entre los días 8 y 16 del mes de marzo, abril o mayo. En el momento actual estos datos limitan las fechas posibles a los días 11 (S. Estanislao) y 13 (S.Hermenegildo) de abril. La hora local en que ocurrirá el Milagro será hacia las 20:30, es decir casi de noche, y durará unos 15 minutos. Ocurrirá dentro de los siguientes 12 meses al Aviso, aunque posiblemente en año diferente. Las circunstancias sociales, por algún motivo próximo, serán de incredulidad, lo cual junto a otros posibles motivos, hará que la asistencia no sea tan numerosa como cabría esperar. No obstante aquel día coincidirá con un acontecimiento importante para la Iglesia, infrecuente, feliz y venturoso......
    Don't hesitate to translate.
    Tomorrow our final conclusion and my last message.
  19. Daniel

    Daniel Angels

    Google translate:

    "Geographically, the Miracle will be seen not only in the Pines in Garabandal, but in the adjacent mountains, that is seems to happen in the air and most likely in the sky. Regarding the timing, Conchita knows the exact date can not say until eight days before, but progress has been made that the Miracle will occur on Thursday, the feast of a martyr of the Eucharist, between days 8 and 16 of March, April or May. At present these data limit the possible dates to the 11th (St. Stanislaus) and 13 (S.Hermenegildo) April. The local time that the Miracle will occur at 20:30, that is almost dark, and will last about 15 minutes. Occur within the next 12 months notice, although possibly in different years. Social circumstances, for some reason next will be in disbelief, which along with other possible reasons, that assistance will not be as large as expected. But that day will coincide with an important event for the Church, unusual, happy, happy"
  20. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

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