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Garabandal Info & Answers

Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Aviso, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Ironically, the book, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph (rush out and buy it, folks) that Aviso has condemned (unread I suspect) appears to support a great deal of what he says that has been 'allowed' to tell us (according to Jon's summary). The writer of the book concludes, from the examination and cross checking of hundreds of prophecies from Church Fathers, saints and beati over the past 2 millenia that:
    1. The minor tribulation/chastisement will commence with civil wars in Italy and France which will be followed by general mayhem in Europe followed by an invasion from Russia and some Islamic nations.
    2. There will be famines and disease as a result of the fighting.
    3. There will be an increase in natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.)
    4. One side in the French civil war will slaughter priests and outlaw the Church in the areas of the country that they control.
    5. The civil war in England will be particularly vicious and ultimately the French will intervene when their own has ended.
    6. The Pope of the time and several cardinals will leave Rome but be found and murdered very cruelly.
    7. Towards the end of the chastisement, a new Pope will be elected, a very holy man. He will mediate in the French strife and the French will accept the appointment of 'The Great King' (a member of the French Royal family) to lead the fight against the Russians.
    8. The 'Great King' will win against all the odds by the direct intervention of God. This intervention will result in many accepting Catholicism and many combatants changing sides.
    9 There is final victory over the Russians and Muslims after about 4 years from the start of the strife.
    10. Sometime after this victory comes the three days of darkness.

    These events have been prophesied by so many saints and mystics that I believe we ought to treat them seriously and not dismiss them without consideration.

    We shall see.
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  2. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    When I was in Medjugorje myself, a kind of Miracle happens to me, in a small chapel in the middle of a kind of forest, they said to me, go there we pray in silence and you will know, back to my country, I knew but how many times they will leave me to talk, it's the question and I will not find the answer in a book.

    After this event, I could be one of the first beleiver of Medjugorje but as everybody know here, I am not but I have the respect for any faithfull of this beautifull place.

    2013 it's my year, I can't tell why but it's link of course to Garabandal, so please my Brothers, Pray for me.

  3. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Are you saying that BO is the Anti-Christ? This is a very common story on Youtube videos made by Evangelical Protestants but he doesn't fit at all with the profile provided by dozens of Catholic saints and mystics. They say, among many other things, that he will be famed in his childhood as a prodigy (BO wasn't), that he will be a Jew 'of the Tribe of Dan' born to a former nun (he isn't and wasn't), that he and will rebuild the Temple and so be much loved and, eventually worshipped, by the Jews (BO is not considered to be a friend of the Jews), that he will begin his public life at 30 - in imitation of Our Lord - BO was 36 when he entered the Illinois senate, 43 when he entered the US senate and was 47 when elected President, there are lots of other differences. Unless all the saints were wrong in every respect, it isn't BO and we haven't heard of the one who is him yet.
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  4. jerry

    jerry Guest

    Have you got some copies to unload going cheap.:)
  5. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Cher Aviso, je suis désolée mais je n'ai absolument RIEN compris de ce que tu écris ici. Voudrais tu le dire en français stp ? Je t'en remerci d'avance. Tu demandes aussi de prier pour toi. Tu ne vas pas bien ? Si tu parles de l'Avertissement, alors tu sais bien que nous sommes tous les mêmes: terriblement imparfaits. Mais la Miséricorde de Jésus est incroyablement PARFAITE.
  6. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    Sois sans crainte, je vais bien, il est certain que mon Anglais n'est pas parfait, je voulais juste dire qu'un grand évènement m'attend à Garabandal sous peu, mon message n'est pas lié aux prophéties de Garabandal mais plus personnel comme je le fais quelques fois.

  7. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Afraid not. I have no financial interest in Trial, Tribulation and Triumph (just in case of any confusion). It's not cheap but it is about 600 pages long and packed with information a lot of which was new to me, I couldn't put it down and have re-read it several times.
  8. jerry

    jerry Guest

    I shall have an attempt at a translation in English (using my O-level ?high-school? French awarded 25years ago)

    Dear Aviso, i am sorry but i have absolutely no idea what you write here.
    Please could you say it in french please? I thank you for this in advance.
    You ask also to pray for you. Are you not well?
    If you talk of the Warning then you know very well that we are all the same: badly imperfect.
    But the Mercy of Jesus is unbelievably PERFECT.

    Please correct any mistakes.
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  9. Deborah Morehart

    Deborah Morehart New Member

    Thank you Jerry.
  10. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    Do not be afraid, I'm fine, it is certain that my english is not perfect, I just wanted to say that a major event awaits me at Garabandal shortly, my message is not related to the prophecies of Garabandal but more personal as I do a few times.
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  11. HOPE

    HOPE Guest

    So, your incredible news is personal, not related to the Garabandal prophesies?
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  12. Deborah Morehart

    Deborah Morehart New Member

    Thank you also Hope for the translation.
  13. Deborah Morehart

    Deborah Morehart New Member

    I have read before that Padre Pio said "The Europeans will pay for the Miracle with their blood" That statement, if indeed true, has always led me to believe that the uprising in Europe will not begin until AFTER the Miracle. That is why I have wondered if it will be an earthquake that causes the Pope to flee Rome and take refuge in another country. Because Mari Loli said "When you see the Pope flee Rome and take refuge in another country, know that the time is ripe."
  14. I thought it was a great book. Booksamillion.com has a half price section as does Amazon. Used is good!
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  15. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Thank you Aviso, but the first part of your message remains unclear to me. Can't you write it again in English ? I think you forgot some words. No ? You stay a mysterious person sometimes......:confused:
    To Jerry: very well translated. Congratulations !
    Just a very very small correction, because it sounds "nicer" in French:

    Dear Aviso, I am sorry but I have absolutely no idea what you write here.
    Please could you say it in French ? I thank you for this in advance.
    You ask also to pray for you. Are you not well?
    If you talk of the Warning, you know well that we are all the same: very imperfect.
    But the Mercy of Jesus is unbelievably PERFECT.

  16. Aviso

    Aviso Guest

    I am OK, if I ask any prayers as many here, does not mean that I am not OK, I need prayers as everbody only.

    Sorry again for my english but it's better than when I have started this thread more than 1 year ago now.;)

    If somebody is able to translate my messages from French to English, I'll be pleased, you know my email now so don't hesitate to contact me.

    For the rest and to be clear enought, I will finish in French :

    Pour en revenir au livre cité ci-dessus, je ne conseil pas sa lecture pourquoi car je ne partage l'avis de cet écrivain/Théologien, si ce dernier affirme que l'Anti-Christ n'arrivera qu'après les 1000 années de Paix promises par notre Dame alors cet écrivain est très mal informé, je ne l'ai pas lu directement mais indirectement, ayant de bons amis aux USA, maintenant ce n'est que mon avis comme d'habitude mais là n'est PAS le plus important, le plus important à mes yeux est la désinformation générale, l'aveuglement et l'impatience.

    Pour en revenir à Garabandal, n'oubliez pas de diffuser les messages de notre Dame et de les vivre pour être prêt le jour J, vous le savez tous déjà, soyez patient, n'hésitez pas évangéliser également et si cela vous est possible mais faites le avec responsabilité et discernement.

    Bon courage pour la Traduction.

  17. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    Regarding the translation Aviso, I will do my best. Here it is:

    To go back to the above-mentioned book, I do not advice to read it because I do not agree with the author/theologian. If the latter proclaims that the Anti-Christ will only arrive after the 1000 years of Peace, promised by Our Lady, then the author was very badly misinformed. I did not read it directly but indirectly, having good friends in the USA. Now, this is only my opinion, like usual. But that is not the most important thing. According to me, the most important thing is the general disinformation, the blindness and the impatience.

    To return to Garabandal, do not forget to diffuse the messages of Our Lady and to live them in order to be ready for day D, you all know already, be patient, do not hesitate to evangelize too if you can do it, but do it with responsibility and discernment.

    Good luck for the translation.


    I still do not know Aviso what you meant about what you said when you were in Medjugorje, but perhaps I'll better ask no more.

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  18. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    Aviso has been badly misinformed, the author says no such thing about the 1,000 years of peace. He says that the prophecies of the saints and mystics of the Church maintain, that the Anti-Christ will arise after the period of peace ending with the death of the 'Great King' who will live to a 'great age' but not, I assure you 1,000 years.
  19. Georgia

    Georgia Guest

    The period of peace in your book is perhaps the period of (false) peace we live now in, i.e. the "quite" period just before the Big Tribulation comes and the arrival of the Anti-Christ. Anyway, be sure that the Anti-Christ will come before the period of REAL (divin) peace of about 1000 years.
  20. awaitwithjoy

    awaitwithjoy Guest

    The road is complete..so it has many shaking knowing the time is very soon for the warning Aviso?

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