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Discussion in 'GARABANDAL LIBRARY' started by Glenn, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

  2. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    I have a rarely heard story of Our Lady kissing a woman's powdercase. We know most of the stories are about kissed religious objects. The reason I post this ( besides being a rarely heard story ) is that it reminds me of we don't always understand everything that happened at Garabandal , until later on. I think this story proves my point. Never question our Blessed Mother's intentions.

    One day Conchita was in the kitchen of her house surrounded by persons who were waiting for the moment of the apparition. On the simple table that served for the family meals, the objects that she was going to give to be kissed were being gathered. Together with these, someone had put there a stylish woman's powder case. The child and those present wanted this removed. How could the Virgin come to kiss an object so profane and used only for the service of vanity? Nevertheless, the powder case remained there.
    The ecstasy began and those present saw with astonishment that the visionary's hand, without her looking at it, before going to any other object, went first of all toward the previously discussed powder case. The child raised it toward the invisible Virgin and then set it down with great respect on the table. Among those present, surprise must have been mingled with doubt. Was it really the Virgin who was appearing? It didn't seem that she would kiss such an object . . .
    As soon as the ecstasy was finished, Conchita was asked for an explanation. And she declared that the Virgin had asked immediately for the powder case in order to kiss it, saying that it was something «belonging to her Son».The girl did not know anything more. But the person who had put the powder case there did know more and revealed the secret. During the terrible Spanish civil war (1936-1939) in the Red Zone when priests were being executed and had to be hidden, the powder case had been used to bring Communion Hosts to various locations and especially to prisoners whom the Reds held captive in order to execute. Thus it had served as a Pyx.
  3. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    For those new members who would like a brief explanation of the Apparitions at Garabandal, by actor Ricardo Montalban.

  4. Vinícius Neves

    Vinícius Neves New Member

    Hello everybody.

    The graces of God be with all.

    This is my first post and I have no custom to write in English, so I apologize in advance for grammar errors.

    I would like to comment a little on the nature of Garabandal's warning and express my opinions.

    I'm not an astronomer, I really like space issues. And when I saw the messages of Our Lady on the warning I immediately related to a possible astronomical eent, which may occur near our Solar System.

    Let's face it:

    1. Conchita said that the physical event of the warning will be cosmic as if they were "two colliding stars", and that it will produce a lot of light and a great crash, but no physical damage will be produced on the planet.

    2. This event will be visible to all people on the planet.

    So much light can only be produced by a great astronomical event like the explosion of a supernova star.

    Next to our Solar System (around 7,500 light-years), there is a star known as Eta Carinae. It is part of a binary system (two stars, remember the observation of the Conchita) whose luminosity exceeds 5 million times to our Sun.

    In 1843 after an eruption this star ejected a cloud of dust 500 times larger than our Solar System. Astronomers wait for the moment when Eta Carinae will definitely explode in the form of a supernova or hypernova, but they can not predict when this will occur. It may be today, in 100 years or in the next millions of years, or even may have already occurred.

    The most important fact about the explosion of a hypernova is the huge amount of light released within minutes. It is so much light that can be compared to the brightness of an entire galaxy.

    By the dimensions of Eta Carinae I believe (and it is also the thought of some astronomers) that its explosion will take place in the form of a hypernova and not a supernova. Hypernova is much brighter than a supernova. And because the distance is not so great we should be "embraced" by all this light.

    The effects after the explosion are not known to us, because we never had a hypernova exploding in "our neighborhood" in history.

    So I believe the signal may be the physical result of a supernova or hypernova near our Solar System and a candidate for hypernova is Eta Carinae. The spiritual effects given by God in consequence of this event will undoubtedly be unique in the history of mankind. It will be the greatest cosmic event ever seen in history.

    Thank you for your attention. Hugs.

    Stay with God.


    Supernova: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supernova
    Hypernova: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superluminous_supernova
    Eta Cariane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eta_Carinae
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  5. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Hello & welcome. First and most importantly ,you somewhat misquoted Conchita,which makes all the difference. She said " To me, it's like two stars... that crash and make a lot of noise and a lot of light but they don't fall" . So She did not say it WILL be 2 stars, ( its her way of describing it, not literal ) and secondly 2 stars colliding would leave debris falling,and she said that will not happen. I have seen dozens of these predictions over the years,trying to pin point the solar event,when it's possible that God might just create the event ,so not to give any notice of the Warning.
  6. Frank Markus

    Frank Markus Angels

    Thank you all so much, I am going through this. It is blessing to be part of this forum.
    God bless you,
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  7. Vinícius Neves

    Vinícius Neves New Member

    Good afternoon Glenn,

    Thanks for answering.

    I apologize if I did not express myself correctly. And I understand what you said. In fact we can not interpret literally.

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  8. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

  9. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

  10. Conchita already said the event of the Warning begins with the letter "A" and that this phenomenon is in the dictionary.

    Coul be an agujero negro supermasivo https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agujero_negro_supermasivo

    Look at the categories of astronomical phenomena in Spanish. I do not know what it is.

  11. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    It can't be that phenomenon because that is a "Black Hole",and Conchita said "its like 2 stars that crash " so obviously there will be a huge burst of light.
  12. Vinícius Neves

    Vinícius Neves New Member

    I do not believe. There are no black holes near our Solar System. Unless the explosion of a nearby star creates a black hole.

    I researched a Spanish astronomical dictionary. There are many words that begin with the letter "A". It's hard to predict what it will be. Better to trust God and keep praying.

    Hugs, stay with God.
  13. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    At age 16 Conchita was already was spiritually wise: "There is no point in our believing in the apparitions if we do not heed the message."

    “To guess at dates regarding the [prophesied] Miracle shows a lack of faith in the Blessed Virgin .Indeed, the energies expended on this are so much better spent on living the Message! “

    If people wonder why God chose this place for the apparitions, here’s an interesting fact. I have posted the story that God and our Blessed Mother consider Garabandal “Sacred Ground”. It is a confirmed fact that the Rosary has been said there on a nightly basis for over 500 years !
    When Mary first appeared at Garabandal, the first thing she taught the girls, was the Rosary. She actually took the time to teach them all the words and especially to emphasize saying it slowly. She taught the children to recite the rosary each time they saw her and that they actually did recite it during every apparition . Conchita, diary, jp89: "The rosary is a very important part of the Blessed Virgin's message"..."
    Mary also emphasized the importance of the daily rosary not only for our personal needs each day, but also she reminded the girls of the importance to pray for the dead, and especially her priests.
    I always thought it was interesting that of all the people in the world who supported and believed in Garabandal , the most influential was Padre Pio. He was known to have a great affection for our Blessed Mother, and coincidently, the rosary. He would do up to 30 rosaries a day !
    Many years ago ,while having a conversation with Conchita, she asked me " Do you go to mass everyday, and do the rosary everyday ? " I said " well, ...not everyday, I'm busy,I have several jobs". She said " Don't promote the messages ,unless you are going to live the messages". Wow, that kind of knocked me for a loop, but she's right ! It is amazing that when you make the time to do those things , it seems like there is plenty of time to do them. God is funny that way. One of the most powerful weapons we all have ,is sitting right in our homes everyday, waiting to be used, USE IT !
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  14. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

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  15. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    19 12 2017 Digital Journalist is presented as «the most read online newspaper in the world in Spanish», with more than two million readers per month. On December 19, 2017, «Digital Journalist» published this article about the movie «Garabandal, only God knows» in which, apart from including the link to the official trailer of the film, they include the link to a documentary that takes title -referring to the words of Paul VI on the apparitions of Garabandal- "Another life of the Virgin on this earth".


    Garabandal: the first film about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary that shocked Franco's Spain

    The only thing behind "Garabandal, only God knows" is a deep love for the Virgin Mary

    Drafting, December 19, 2017 at 19:05

    June 18, 1961. In a small village in northern Spain, San Sebastián de Garabandal, four girls-Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Loli and Mari Cruz-claim to have had an apparition of San Miguel Arcángel. Days later, on July 2, 1961, they received the visit of the Virgen del Carmen. After this first time, there are more than two thousand meetings with the heavenly Lady.

    The parish priest of the town, Don Valentín, and the Civil Guard brigade, Don Juan Álvarez Seco, will suddenly find themselves involved as protagonists in an event that overflows them, trying to understand where the truth lies, in front of a perplexed hierarchy, and an increasingly growing crowd of people who come to the town in search of answers. «Garabandal, only God knows»It is a project full of surprises, to begin with its main protagonist: the Virgin Mary.

    The work of the more than 300 interpreters and the entire technical team was aimed at enabling Her - with her motherly presence - to manifest through this film.

    Important in the plot of "Garabandal, only God knows" is the internal evolution of the brigade of the Civil Guard, Mr. Juan Álvarez Seco. The initial position of the Brigade was simply that which corresponded to it: to ensure order in the small village and to protect the girls.

    But, day after day, the initial skepticism of Álvarez Seco will be shaken by the surprising events of which, unexpectedly, he has become a privileged witness. Through the path that the Brigade performs, each spectator is invited to make their own interior path.

    It is important to note that behind the scenes of "Garabandal, only God knows" there is no super producer, much less there is a super budget and there is not even a team of superprofessionals.

    The only thing behind "Garabandal, only God knows"it is a deep love for the Virgin Mary, and the desire to collaborate in her maternal mission directed to guide the whole humanity towards the one who is her only Savior: Jesus Christ. Therefore, all the participants of this project have done it on a voluntary level.

    Another of the surprises of this film is that none of the performers had previous film experience, nor work in the world of cinema. Practically the same can be said of almost all the technical team including the artistic director, Brian Jackson, for whom the project "Garabandal, only God knows" was his first experience at this level.

    Another surprising fact is the shooting time: the recording was made in twenty-seven days, an absolutely record time if factors such as the aforementioned little experience of both the interpreters and the technical team are taken into account; the amount of extras that had to be moved; and all the changes of setting and wardrobe that had to be foreseen.

    "Garabandal, only God knows" will be available in cinemas throughout Spain from next February 2, 2018. From there begin its distribution in Latin America and, soon, you can have the English translation and Italian

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  16. Glenn

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  17. Glenn

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  18. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Let me address the ridiculous rumor Conchita hid the host and put it on her own tongue. This is the most unbelievable baseless internet rumor ( because no proof has ever been shown ) How could a 12 year girl hide a host in her mouth for HOURS without it dissolving ? How could she make it appear when there were TWO camera men filming this and dozens of eyewitnesses who swore THERE WAS NOTHING ON HER TONGUE WHEN SHE EXTENDED IT OUT FOR ALL TO SEE,THEN IT APPEARED, AND HER HANDS NEVER MOVED. There is documentation from the cameramen, and a letter from Conchita attesting to the validity of the miraculous host.
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  19. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

  20. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator


    On October 6, 2002, Pope John Paul II canonized the founder of Opus Dei in St Peter’s Square, Rome, in the presence of more than 300,000 people from all round the world.

    The link between St Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer with the Garabandal apparitions is not well known. In the summer of 1962 he spent a few days of holiday in Suances, Cantabria, during which he visited Garabandal, accompanied by several young men , members of Opus Dei. He spoke cheerfully and profoundly to the girls, an experience they still recall fondly after all these years.
    As it happens, news of this visit came out by chance years later when somebody showed the girls a prayer picture for God’s favour through his intercession, printed during his canonization. It was then that the girls joyfully recounted the meeting.
    He would not have risked his reputation if he did not believe in the apparitions,and tell others about his trip to talk to the girls. This was also confirmed by Mother Nieves.
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