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Forum Update please read...

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by "Quis ut Deus", Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Due to the forum being upgraded some changes have occurred this means that if you have bookmarked the site and or have not cleared your temporary internet files/history after the upgrade your personal view of the site will have distortions ie not being able to see the text editor toolbar.....Please un-bookmark the site clear your browser history and temporary internet files and then access the site and re bookmark( if you wish) that should cure any issues that you may have....if you notice anything else or are having problems please list them below I cant fix anything that I am not aware of so please don't be shy I will resolve any bug issues as soon as I can...thanks John
  2. lol the recent 404 error had nothing to do with me it was due to a server problem by an internet giant o_Oo_O

    so as rocket man would say "Wasn't me" although my heart did skip a beat or two :eek::eek:

  3. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    Thanks for your efforts, John.
  4. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Yes you have great patience. I am convinced hell will be full of upgrades, widgets and add ons.:cautious:
  5. Indy

    Indy Praying

    I looks nice now I think, the white background looks really good. I miss the nice picture of Mary and Child at the top left. Still really gret work, God Bless the good work.

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