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Forum Locked For one Month

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by padraig, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Hi Joanne,

    Well I was walking along the road with the dogs, praying as I always do when I got the strong impression I should close the forum at once for a month. It came with the kind of 'tone' I have come to associate with Our Blessed Lady. (I don't like to say outright it was a voice in as much as we hear each other, you might say it was kind of a quiet inner voice).

    This was unexpected and so out of line with what i myself would ever want to do that it brought me up short. SO I decided to enter into a period of discernment over this. I sent a PM to various people on the forum , thinking they would think the whole idea was nuts. But, on the contrary , to my surprise most people thought I should do so.

    I prayed some more to recheck and got an even stronger prayerful impression with even greater urgency that I should close up for a month,

    So I did so. Over the period of the month I got many emails from different people saying I was right to close up. Though many of them giving different ideas as to why I should have done so.

    I have no idea why Our Lady asked this. However I have noticed since the forum appears to be stronger than ever. I was praying over it one time and got the picture of pruning roses. You cut the flowers back to make them stronger and I believe this is what happened here.

    I dislike the idea of 'Voices' as it appears to mark people out as 'special' or apart' ; I believe God speaks to us all. There is nothing wrong with God's voice, He is not dumb. There is I suspect often something wrong with our hearing though. We just don't don't take time to listen.

    End of sermon.:ROFLMAO::D
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