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For a friend who I believe is contemplating suicide

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Mark1, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Mark1

    Mark1 Angels

    ...I believe that you, who post here, are powerful prayers. And so, as I'm communicating back and forth with a friend who is depressed, I'm asking for anyone who sees this to offer a prayer up for him. He's a tough guy to figure out, but his cynical nature seems darker, at the moment. I appreciate your prayers for him. THANK YOU!
  2. jerry

    jerry Angels

    Will do.
  3. djmoforegon

    djmoforegon Archangels

    Depression is awful. You have my prayers. Bless you for bringing it to our attention.
  4. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Praying for him now.
  5. PotatoSack

    PotatoSack Powers

  6. Florida Panther

    Florida Panther Jesus through Mary

  7. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    Remember O Most Gracious Virgin Mary...
  8. padraig

    padraig New Member

    May there be light in the darkness, prayers going up.

    It is so kind of you considering others suffering when your won Cross is so very big. I have been praying for you and yours.
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  9. Mark1

    Mark1 Angels

    ...I thank each of you. I just read each one of your posts. I ended up emailing back and forth with him until 3am (he shut off his phone), and he seemed to snap out of it...though I've encouraged professional help. We covered everything from Garabandal to old TV shows. Again, I've read each of your posts, appreciate the intentions and apologize for appearing to hog the prayer intentions, lately. Again, I still like to believe in the power of individual prayer, but it does seem that God appreciates more than one person praying, as well. I have seen your prayers work. Thank you.
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  10. SgCatholic

    SgCatholic Maranatha

    praying for you and your friend...
  11. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    Prayers sent. Trust God and asked for St. Michael's intercession to chase the demons away from your friend
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    In my mass intentions too!
  13. MMM

    MMM Principalities

    Praying also. I also agree with the St. Michael prayer and will ask for his defence of your friends mind, body and soul. Also implore Mary's intercession as no one can understand, empathize and implore her Son to assist better than her, the Mother of all.
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  14. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    Prayer for your friend Mark1.
  15. Jeanne

    Jeanne New Member


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