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FATIMA: The Path to Peace Conference

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by mothersuperior7, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    from Christianorder.com

    Interestingly, only Pope Pius XII's consecration of the world in 1942 included substantial involvement of the bishops. Sister Lucy has written that this imperfect act of obedience, while not fulfilling Our Lady's Fatima request, nevertheless hastened the end of the Second World War, thus sparing the lives of millions of souls.
    In 1989, the flawed 1984 consecration produced a similar response: merciful but limited. When Sister Lucy queried why He would not convert Russia without the Holy Father consecrating that nation to His Mother's Immaculate Heart, Our Lord replied:
    "Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that it may extend its cult later and put the devotion of the Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart."
    Despite its incontestable credentials - prophetic and miraculous - worldlings and episcopal hirelings continue to mock the Fatima blueprint for peace. Deaf, dumb and blind, we can leave them to their own self-destructive devices. For our part, it is enough to know the primary spiritual role afforded us by Our Lady and Our Lord via Sister Lucy: prayer, penance (i.e. the dutiful undertaking of our particular state in life), the daily Rosary and the devotional practise of the Five First Saturdays [CO, June/July 2008].
    Our Lady cautioned that if Her requests were not granted, "Russia will spread its errors throughout the world, raising up wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer and various nations will be annihilated."But She also promised: "If people attend to My requests, Russia will be converted and the world will have peace."
    Therein lies the supernatural truth: the cause, effect and remedy of Russian geopolitics - old and 'new'.
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  2. http://www.theotokos.org.uk/pages/cathnews/fatima/popesecr.html


    FATIMA, Portugal (CWNews.com) -- Pope John Paul II has made public the famous "third secret" of Fatima.

    The secret involves a vision of an assassination attempt on a Pope-- a vision that matches the attempted killing of Pope John Paul II himself on May 13,1981.

    The Holy Father, who was in Fatima on May 13 for the beatification of two of the three children to whom the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917, asked Cardinal Angelo Sodano to read a message to the congregation at the end of the beatification ceremonies. That message, delivered in Portuguese, explained the third secret in general terms.

    Cardinal Sodano announced that the complete text of the third secret would soon be made available by the Vatican, together with a commentary produced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    The third secret of Fatima has been the subject of intense speculation among Catholics. The exact content of that message had been known only to the Pope, his predecessors, and Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

    The secret details a vision of a "bishop dressed in white" who is caught up in a battle against an atheistic system that oppresses the Church. That bishop "falls to the ground, as if dead, after a volley of gunfire." Sister Lucia, the sole surviving Fatima seer, has confirmed that the "bishop dressed in white" is the Pope.[never said which pope-me]

    Since surviving the attempt on his life-- which occurred on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima-- Pope John Paul II has repeatedly said that he believes the Virgin Mary is responsible for his survival.

    The following is the text of the statement read by Cardinal Sodano at the close of the beatification ceremonies in Fatima:

    At the conclusion of this solemn celebration, I feel bound to offer to our beloved Holy Father John Paul II, on behalf of all present, heartfelt good wishes for his approaching 80th birthday and to thank him for his significant pastoral ministry for the good of all God's holy Church.

    On the solemn occasion of his visit to Fatima, his Holiness has directed me to make an announcement to you. As you know, the purpose of his visit to Fatima has been to beatify the two "little shepherds." Nevertheless he also wishes his pilgrimage to be a renewed gesture of gratitude to Our Lady for protection during these years of his papacy. This protection seems also to be linked to the so-called "third part" of the secret of Fatima.

    That text contains a prophetic vision similar to those found in Sacred Scripture, which do not describe with photographic clarity the details of future events, but rather synthesize and condense against a unified background events spread out over time in a succession and a duration which are not specified. As a result, the text must be interpreted in a symbolic key.

    The vision of Fatima concerns above all the war waged by atheist systems against the Church and Christians, and it describes the immense suffering endured by the witnesses to the faith in the last century of the second millennium. It is an interminable Way of the Cross led by the popes of the 20th century.

    According to the interpretation of the 'little shepherds,' which was also recently confirmed by Sister Lucia, the "bishop clothed in white" who prays for all the faithful is the Pope. As he makes his way with great effort towards the Cross amid the corpses of those who were martyred (bishops, priests, men and women religious and many lay persons), he too falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire.

    After the assassination attempt of May 13 1981, it appeared evident to his Holiness that it was "a motherly hand which guided the bullet's path," enabling the "dying Pope" to halt "at the threshold of death."

    On the occasion of a visit to Rome by the then bishop of Leiria-Fatima, the Pope decided to give him the bullet which had remained in the jeep after the assassination attempt, so that it might be kept in the Shrine. At the behest of the bishop, the bullet was later set in the crown of the statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

    The successive events of 1989 led, both in the Soviet Union and in a number of countries of Eastern Europe, to the fall of the Communist regime which promoted atheism. For this too his Holiness offers heartfelt thanks to the most holy Virgin. In other parts of the world, however, attacks against the Church and against Christians, together with the burden of suffering which they involve, tragically continue. Even if the events to which the third part of the secret of Fatima refers now seem part of the past, Our Lady's call to conversion and penance, issued at the beginning of the 20th century, remains timely and urgent today.[hence, the 'conversion' of Russia has NOT HAPPENED'.-me]

    The Lady of the message seems to read the signs of the times-- the signs of our time -- with special insight. The insistent invitation of Mary most holy to penance is nothing but the manifestation of her maternal concern for the fate of the human family, in need of conversion and forgiveness.

    In order that the faithful may better receive the message of Our Lady of Fatima, the Pope has charged the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with making public the third part of the secret, after the preparation of an appropriate commentary.

    Let us thank Our Lady of Fatima for her protection. To her maternal intercession let us entrust the Church of the Third Millennium.

    Sub tuum praesidium confugimus, Sancta Dei Genetrix!. Intercede pro Ecclesia Dei! Intercede pro Sancto Patre Iohanne Paolo II!

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  3. http://www.marianland.com/thirdsecret-text.html

    From Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Vatican
    Text of The Third Secret of Fatima
    VATICAN CITY, JUN 26, 2000 (VIS) - Given below is the complete translation of the original Portuguese text of the third part of the secret of Fatima, revealed to the three shepherd children at Cova da Iria-Fatima on July 13, 1917, and committed to paper by Sr. Lucia on January 3, 1944:

    Full Text of the Third Secret of Fatima not revealed?

    In a 1980 interview for the German magazine Stimme des Glaubens published in October 1981, John Paul II was asked explicitly to speak about the third secret. He said:

    He held up his rosary and stated "Here is the remedy against this evil. Pray, pray and ask for nothing else. Put everything in the hands of the Mother of God." Asked what would happen in the Church, he said:"We must be prepared to undergo great trials in the not-too-distant future; trials that will require us to be ready to give up even our lives, and a total gift of self to Christ and for Christ. Through your prayers and mine, it is possible to alleviate this tribulation, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because it is only in this way that the Church can be effectively renewed. How many times, indeed, has the renewal of the Church been effected in blood? This time, again, it will not be otherwise. We must be strong, we must prepare ourselves, we must entrust ourselves to Christ and to His holy Mother, and we must be attentive, very attentive, to the prayer of the Rosary.

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  4. Lúcia herself is reported to have explicitly stated that the Third Secret contains Apocalyptic content. According to one source, when Lúcia was asked about the Third Secret, she said it was "in the Gospels and in the Apocalypse", and at one point she had even specified Apocalypse chapters 8 to 13, a range that includes Apocalypse 12:4, the chapter and verse cited by Pope John Paul II in his homily in Fatima on 13 May 2000.

    [if this is the same--then the third secret has not been fully revealed. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that!-me]

    A TERRIBLE WARNING - THE MESSAGE OF OUR LADY OF AKITA, JAPAN: The third message on October 13, 1973, the actual anniversary of the final visions and miracle of Fatima is as follows: "As I told you, if men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one will never have seen before. Fire will fall from the sky and will wipe out a great part of humanity, the good as well as the bad, sparing neither priests nor faithful. The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead. The only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. Each day, recite the prayers of the Rosary. With the Rosary, pray for the Pope, the bishops and the priests. The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their Confreres. The Church and altars will be vandalized. The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I was told when I was in Rome that these doors were commissioned by PJP II. They are the holy doors of St. John Lateran Basilica. This image on the doors is our Lady standing in front of the crucified Christ holding a child (symbolic of us) -one hand raised in blessing, and the other HOLDING BACK OR PROTECTING US FROM A COMET OR A SUN FLARE. ITS VERY CLEAR, and it almost made me go to my knees. I stood there and said, "This is the message of Fatima and Akita!"
  8. Luke

    Luke Guest

    Watching this thread with a lot of interest. In fact it was this subject which lead me to this forum.
    Disappointing to see what is said towards David all because he holds a different opinion.
    Why such an attack on him?
    Because he recognises that Russia has been consecrated and is not like it use to be.
    Isn't it true that Russia isn't the communist country it once was? Isn't it true that Putin speaks openly about moving towards Christian values? Isn't it true abortion is on the way down in Russia? Isn't it Russia who still says 'NO' to Gay marriage?
    So ask yourself. Is Russia changing it's ways or is it worse?
    Our Lady in Fatima said the consecration "will be late" is this true? And it was late because Russia did spread it's errors
    So remember The Mother of God did not say it will be 'too' late. Just late.

    Besides it makes no difference to what I or David or others say. Our guidance is our Church.

    Our Lady asked for Russia to be consecrated to Her immaculate heart. 1984 Pope John Paul 2 was shown to consecrate the whole world to her Immaculate Heart, he requested all the bishops go to Rome to do this. Many were there if not all. He did this in front of a TV camera for the whole world to see.
    Shortly after Gorbachov reopened all the Churches, the ban on practising ones faith was lifted. Not long after this, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.

    Lucia said this is suffice

    Who really wants to question what Lucia officially said?
    What catholic would suggest JP11 did not do what Our Lady asked?
    Didn't JP11 say it was done? Who would suggest he is a liar?
  9. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Luke said...Didn't JP11 say it was done? Never, where?
    Luke said...Who really wants to question what Lucia officially said? Despite ample oppurtunity Lucia has said nothing publicly
    Luke said...What catholic would suggest JP11 did not do what Our Lady asked? Any Catholic who has read and understood the simple request.
  10. I say JPII did not do what our Lady asked at Fatima. I am a credible Catholic and a researcher. Our Lady asked for the consecration of RUSSIA, not the world. IN UNION with the Bishops, which it was not. That is a fact.

    Luke please take the time to go to youtube and listen to the consecration that JPII did after he was shot. Then get back to us. The video says it all. Oh, and the people who are credible witnesses who were there, like Fr. Amorth.

    Quit beating a dead horse!

  11. David Wilson

    David Wilson Guest

    Talk about beating a dead horse.

    Their are many "voices" in competition on this issue of the Consecration. I choose to follow the voice of the Church on this matter: specifically, that of Pope John Paul II and the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, then Archbishop Bertone. I already covered Bertone's statements earlier, and now would be a good time to review JPII's definitive statement on the matter:

    "We have recourse to your protection, holy Mother of God".

    As we utter the words of this antiphon with which the Church of Christ has prayed for centuries, we find ourselves today before you, Mother, in the Jubilee Year of the Redemption.

    We find ourselves united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college, just as by Christ’s wish the Apostles constituted a body and college with Peter.

    In the bond of this union, we utter the words of the present Act, in which we wish to include, once more, the Church’s hopes and anxieties for the modern world.

    Forty years ago and again ten years later, your servant Pope Pius XII, having before his eyes the painful experiences of the human family, entrusted and consecrated to your Immaculate Heart the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude..." - 1984 Consecration

    JPII's statement demonstrates two points:

    1. The 1984 Consecration was done on order of the Pope in Union with the world's bishops.

    2. The 1952 Consecration of Russia (which was a perfectly valid Consecration albeit one not done with the world's bishops) was renewed in the 1984 Consecration.

    The Mother of God always defers to legitimate Church authorities, especially successors of the Apostles: they have spoken on this matter of the Consecration and we owe them our obedience.
  12. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Glad to see you acknowledge Russia is never mentioned David. Its a start.:)
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  13. David Wilson

    David Wilson Guest

    Russia was mentioned specifically in the 1952 Consecration, which was a valid Consecration.

    The 1984 Consecration renewed the 1952 Consecration and this time was done with the world's Bishops. Sister Lucia stated in correspondence with Archbishop Bertone that, "The Carmelite community has rejected the forms for the collection of signatures. I have already said that the consecration desired by Our Lady was made in 1984, and has been accepted in Heaven."

    Russia is converting ( Conversion is a process not instant magic) and the Triumph is pending.

    P.S. Father Amorth is not more credible or authoritative than Bertone. End of story.
  14. Mac

    Mac Guest

    David said...Russia was mentioned specifically in the 1952 Consecration, which was a valid Consecration.

    But it wasnt done in union with the Bishops.Are you suggestiing that valid means accepted by heaven as meeting the simple requirements?
    If not why even mention it.
    If so, what Church authorities back this effort as accepted?.
  15. Luke

    Luke Guest

    March 25, 1984
    Pope John Paul II, "united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college," consecrates "the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude." Both the Pope and Sr. Lucia initially seemed uncertain that the consecration has been fulfilled, but shortly thereafter Sr. Lucia tells the papal nuncio to Portugal that the Consecration is fulfilled.

    Fatima Consecration - EWTN.com
  16. Luke

    Luke Guest

    Five years later, Sister Lucia confirmed that the solemn consecration ceremony corresponded fully to the wish of Our Lady. Many interpreted the fall of communism in 1989 as being a consequence of the prayer to Our Lady of Fatima.

    Fatima in Life and Thought of John Paul II
  17. Mac

    Mac Guest

    Sorry Luke ,but thats not official enough.If the best evidence is Bertone /Sodano efforts then you have nothing.

    Just look at their OFFICIAL interpretation of the released 3rd secret.The Pope climbing up the mountain,being shot with bullets and arrows,Bishops and lay people being martyred, Somehow that was JPII being wounded in 1981 and the door is closed on Fatima. Intersting what Cardinal Ratzinger had to say about that interprtation at the time,but Im sure you already know that.
  18. Luke

    Luke Guest

    Hi Mac,
    I don't wish to argue with religion here. I believe that becomes a sin in itself.

    What it comes down to is that some don't put their trust in the church or in Blessed JP11 or any other past Popes.

    And there are some who do trust the church and our Popes.

    Cheers mate!
  19. Mac

    Mac Guest

    When Sodano's interpretation wasnt backed by Cardinal Ratzinger , And Bertones effort wasnt backed by Pope Benedict ,then there is room to disagree.
    Since David has made no effort to explain where are the missing words to 'IN PORTRUGAL THE DOGMA OF THE FAITHWILL BE PRESERVED ETC... perhaps you could try Luke?
  20. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Luke, I understand where you are coming from . I spent the past 30 years believing as you and DW do, that the consecration did take place as Our Lady requested. The difference is, back in the 1980's all I had ware a few magazines, books and news paper articles to convince me 100% slanted that it did take place. I believed, because that is all I had for evidence. I never bothered or even considered thinking differently. The resources are there now Luke, (the internet) to educate yourself on the real details of what has transpired in this regard. I suggest you read my post #156 where once again I posted the recent youtube video where a speaker steps you through all the misdirection and deceit that has taken place and continues to this day. What really got me thinking was the Garabandal message, "when Communism returns and is at its worst is when the Warning will come. If you are a sincere person, and I believe you are, then you owe it to yourself to hear the other side of the story with very holy and educated Catholic men and women on the subject. Don't burry your head in the sand, or you will not be part of the solution praying for the consecration to Russia and true defeat of Communism. Fatima, the Path to Peace conference was a blessing to those of us who want to understand the full truth of Fatima in my opinion.
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