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Edson Lauber - from Dan Lynch

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by lynnfiat, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

  2. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Not to be stuffy....but isn't it Edson Glauber? Mr. Lynch has wrong spelling it appears. Open to be corrected if there is another "Edson"!
  3. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    I've seen that crashing to the floor on the knees of a seer when Janie Garza came to the Malvern retreat house in PA years ago. People have asked her if her knees feel sore afterwards. She doesn't even notice it happening but was told by others that she lands so hard they are concerned that she must have injured herself. At that time she had her apparition of Michael the Archangel.
  4. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Sent by Peter B on 12/10/16


    (Taught by the Blessed Virgin for the 1000 Hail Marys [prayed at the house of Maria do Carmo and Edson Glauber in Manaus on December 8, 2016])


    Pray for the Holy Church, the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests that they might be faithful servants of my Son Jesus and watch over the eternal truths to the end, eradicating all doubts and errors contrary to faith and morals. Pray for disobedient Bishops and rebellious priests who do not love the Holy Church and who do not live their faith, because they no longer believe in the presence of my Son Jesus in the Eucharist and have let themselves be blinded by the devil, scorning the Mystery of the priesthood, so sublime, to ruin their Souls with lust, with money and with power, vain illusions that have separated them from the Divine Heart of my Son Jesus. Pray for Ministers of God who with their unruly lives lead many souls to the path of hell because of such scandals and vile conduct. My Immaculate Heart suffers because there is no longer purity in many Bishops and priests, but only corruption, sins and immorality that wound and offend the Heart of my Divine Son. With your prayers save these souls for the Kingdom of Heaven, so that they might receive the grace and light of the Holy Spirit profoundly that will make them true Apostles of my Son and faithful Ministers of Holy Mother Church, watching over the good of souls and their eternal salvation .


    Pray for religious and consecrated who live like true pagans. They were chosen to console the Heart of my Son Jesus, but they have become instruments of satan for destroying the sacred places where they live. They are true serpents within the garden whom the Lord chose and prepared with so much love so that they might intercede for the Holy Church, for the conversion of the world and the salvation of souls. Many have become cold, selfish, and have allowed themselves to be defiled by the venom of satan with pride, disobedience, and impurity. Their prayers do not reach the Throne of God, because they no longer have the light of grace that pleases his holy eyes, but are ruined by the darkness that envelops and destroys their souls, making them true servants of satan, living only for sin. With your sacrifices and penance free these souls from spiritual coldness and blindness. When you deny yourselves and sacrifice yourselves for the salvation of souls, you release many cold and impure religious from the path of evil.


    Pray for the families that are attacked terribly in these days in their foundations, so that they might disappear from the face of the earth. My Heart suffers when I see so many living far from the Lord, scorning, insulting and trampling his Holy Laws with their filthy sins, thus attracting Divine Justice. Heal these families with your prayers, with your sacrifices and penance. As long as there are those who intercede for them, they will never be destroyed, but will be strengthened by God's grace and will be saved.


    Pray for yourselves, for your families, so that you might never lose faith and never stray from the path of truth. Pray for one another, loving and forgiving each other; only thus will you have the strength to overcome the evil that persecutes and wants to destroy you. In love and forgiveness the devil will never find victory, but only defeat. Love and forgive, pray and worship God, and His most holy blessing and protection will always be upon you, over your homes, delivering you from all evil.


    Pray for the peoples without peace and without life, so that they may be healed in the love and forgiveness of my Divine Son. My Heart suffers for them and earnestly desires to help them with his graces and love. Offer a little of your time to intercede for your brothers who are persecuted and killed so cruelly. Many are living without peace and in a painful and continuous anguish. Intercede for them, sacrifice yourselves and fast more for peace, for the victory of good over all evil, so that my Immaculate Heart might triumph in the lives of all those whose hearts are full of hatred and desires of death.


    Pray for the young people who do not know the love of my Son Jesus by the fault of their own parents. Many have lost the purity of their bodies and their souls, and are the reason for my great pain. How many young people have been destroyed in sin! Pray insistently for them, for their salvation so that they might see the light of God's grace shine in their lives, freeing themselves from drugs, violence, and an unbridled ife of filthy passions that makes them merit the fire of hell rather than the eternal life promised by my Divine Son. With your prayers and sacrifices save the youth for the Kingdom of heaven, the youth who will have to rebuild the new world for tomorrow, when my Son will make all things new.


    Pray for those who evangelize and work for the Kingdom of Heaven, so that they might not be discouraged and not let themselves be overcome by fear, persecution and the trials of life, so that they might have an unshakable faith and love without limits, always trusting in the holy words and in the promises of my Divine Son, being the salt of the earth and the light for the world that has become pagan and spiritually extinguished because of sin and the lack of love. Your tears, your sacrifices and love dedicated to my Divine Son comfort so my Mother's Heart that never forsakes you nor leaves you alone for a minute.


    Pray for all the pilgrims who visit the place of my apparitions, so that they may truly open their hearts to the Lord, welcoming his holy appeals with love, transforming their lives into a life of sincere conversion, of true repentance for their sins. It is necessary to intercede for them very much, so that they might have the strength to remain on the path begun that will lead them to the Heart of my Son Jesus. The devil cannot stand the fact of losing these souls and will use all possible means to recover them. With your prayers and sacrifices, help them to remain faithful to the end, so that together, one day in heaven, they might sing the Eternal Hosanna to God the Father Almighty.


    Pray for your brothers condemned to death, to prison and to a life of abandonment and total oblivion. My Divine Son also suffered for their salvation and shed his most precious blood for their liberation, spiritual healing and repentance. Nothing is lost, my Divine Son desires to save and to free all. His love goes in search of the lost sheep that has torn away and turned away from divine grace. No one has the power to judge and decide about the life of anyone, but only God. It is he who gives life and he who takes it, no one else. Pray for countries that have been corrupted by the spirit of death of Satan who wishes to destroy the lives of many of my children, so that they may enter into despair and condemn themselves forever to the fire of hell. The holy eyes of my Divine Son are wathcing these Countries with great Justice and his divine hand weighs so much over them. Beseech forgiveness and mercy, otherwise they risk disappearing from the face of the earth with no chance of forgiveness.


    Pray for the end of the abortion. A terrible offence to God! Do not tire of pleading the mercy and forgiveness of God for the Nations that have allowed such a heinous crime that cries out for the Justice of Heaven. It is because of so serious a crime, together with sins of impurity, adultery, fornication and immorality that the world runs the risk of a great chastisement and deserves to be burned. Bend your knees to the ground and do not tire of asking the Eternal Father that through the merits of his Divine Son he might still suspend the terrible sentence on ungrateful humanity. United to my Immaculate Heart and to the Most Chaste Heart of St Joseph, offer the Holy Sacrifice with a spirit of true repentance for your sins, of mortification and of reparation for the sins of the whole world. Through his merits, his most precious blood and his Sacred Wounds, the Eternal Father will be moved and still grant his mercy.
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  5. Fatima

    Fatima Powers


    Pray for my children who are sick in body and in spirit. I wish to comfort them in your afflictions and pains. I am the Mother of Consolation and Health. Ask for my maternal assistance, plead for the graces of my kind Heart and God will listen to my children. Intercede for those who visit the places where I appear, pleading for the health of soul and body. Your prayers obtain great graces from heaven for all of them and God is moved. Do not lose faith and do not fret. I am with you and before the Throne of my Son I will ask and obtain what you need.


    Pray for your proud brethren, for the enemies of the Church, and for those who serve the devil instead of listening to and following the holy voice of my Divine Son. The strong arm of my Son Jesus wants to strike them hard, but I am still asking for their salvation. But for how long? For the sins they direct ainst me are terrible and attract Divine Justice so strongly that I stand between them and my Son so that they might not yet be punished as they deserve. Free yourselves from pride, my children - deadly poison for your souls. The proud see nothing, hear nothing, obey nothing. They are easy prey for satan to corrupt so many others who wish to follow the path of my Son. But my Son sees everything and he acts and will act to cleanse all the weeds that have appeared among the children of God who serve him with love. Plead for their conversion, in order that they might sincerely repent, for only thus can they attain divine mercy, if they abandon their wrong attitudes and correct their evil lives by repairing their errors; otherwise there will be no forgiveness for them.


    Pray for the souls of purgatory and for those who will soon have to leave this world. May your prayers for them be constant. The salvation of many souls is at stake. A great battle is being waged and the children of God are allowing themselves to be overcome and blinded because they do not pray and do not sacrifice themselves for the salvation of souls. Do not let yourselves be overcome, my children: may the Church Militant join with the Church Suffering and Triumphant in order to overcome evil and the power of hell. The more intercessors you have, the more strength you will have to overcome evil and be faithful to God to the end. The souls of purgatory will never forget you when you go to the glory of heaven. In the spiritual world, there is a true intention of doing good for the children of God from the souls in purgatory and righteous souls who have gone to heaven. The intercession and sufferings of the souls of purgatory are precious and effective in the destruction of the power of hell. You obtain for them the liberation from their pains through your prayers, sacri fi ces and penances united to the merits of my Divine Son, and they obtain for you great graces from the Heart of my Divine Son through their sufferings and supplications, and this union of love and suffering is transformed into grace and mercy that saves and liberates, fortifying the Church of Christ more and more when they go to heaven to be united with the saints in Paradise. Do not forget to pray for the souls of purgatory, ever!


    Pray for those who live in this world in a terrible manner, without repenting of their deeds and who are practically condemned to go to hell at the end of their lives. May your prayers obtain for them the grace of repentance and of divine forgiveness, so that they might be saved. The loss of souls shatters my Immaculate Heart, which bleeds terribly. The devil has ruined the lives of so many of my children with sin. With your prayers, dear children, help your Mother in Heaven to lead all these rebellious children back to the path of conversion and repentance. They are my children and I want to save them from the clutches of satan! Do not allow them to turn away from me and my Son. Take my messages and my love as a Mother to all of them and they will be converted. If they do not listen to you, pray, and prayer will do great miracles and show them the way of truth. With prayer nothing is lost. As long as there is someone who prays and intercedes, the devil will never win!


    Pray for the lukewarm and the lazy, for those who do nothing for their conversion and salvation, who neglect the spiritual progress of their souls. My Son suffers so much for their sake and wants to give effect to his justice. These souls cause him great repugnance and are of no use for the kingdom of God. Ask for them so that they might be warmed in the love of God and the Church, and that they might dedicate themselves more and more to the kingdom of heaven.


    Pray for the your Nation, so that you may have holy rulers, good men who care for the glory of God, for the triumph of Holy Mother Church, for the rights and Holy Laws of the Lord. Bad rulers are the ruin of a Nation. Souls who do not pray for them allow the devil to triumph in all fields of society and bring pain, suffering, death and perdition to many of my children. Do not be silent in your prayers for Church and Country, pray the Prayer for them with great fervor, with much love and with much faith.

    (*) Prayer for Church and Homeland.

    Our God and our Lord, protect your Church, give her holy pastors and worthy ministers. Pour out your blessings on our Holy Father, the Pope, on our (Arch)bishop, on our Parish priest and on all the clergy; on the Head of the Nation and the State that they might govern with justice. Give the Brazilian people constant peace and complete prosperity. Favour Brazil with the continuous effects of Your goodness, Brazil, this (arch)diocese, the Parish in which we live, each one of us in particular and all the people for whom we are obliged to pray, or who have recommended themselves to our prayers . Have mercy on the souls of the faithful who suffer in purgatory: give them, Lord, rest and eternal light. Amen.
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  6. Fatima

    Fatima Powers


    Pray for all the current confidants, prophets and martyrs whom the Lord has called to speak of his love and of my messages. These are those who will be beside of the Lamb, seated on Thrones, when the Nations are judged in the last times. The Lord has called them to speak of his love, to admonish the Nations, but they have not been and are not heard, but indeed persecuted, mistreated, silenced and killed. Their tears and pain will be received together with their blood to serve as an accusation against the rebellious Nations that would not convert. Pray for them that they might remain faithful to their call and strong in faith to the end, fighting the good fight in the name of the Lord.


    Pray for the restoration and the end of corruption in current Medicine. May every lie and sham fall down. What my eyes see are terrible things that they are plotting and accomplishing to make so many of my children suffer. How many are led to despair and even take their lives in a moment of great pain and distress. How many desperate and distressed souls, through the fault of malignant medicine that does not do God's will, because of doctors influenced by satan who use lies, selfishness, and attachment to money to destroy human lives. The time has come to bring every lie into the light of truth, so that every present sham might fall down. With your prayers make the truth prevail over every lie, and may all proud, lying and selfish hearts be confounded and overthrown by the power of the strong arm of the Lord.


    Pray that the great grace prepared for all my children may come as soon as possible, with the triumph of my Immaculate Heart over all evil. This triumph is the victory ob tained for the Church and for all my little children who have heard and lived out my messages with so much love and faith. God will always exalt the humble in heart, therefore I bless you every day so that your hearts might become similar to my Immaculate Heart, which pleases the Lord so much. I fill you with my maternal graces so that the brightness of your souls might never be extinguished. I give you my love so that your hearts belong totally to my Divine Son who loves you so much. I cover you with my Immaculate Mantle so that you might be protected against all evil and always have the victory against satan and the demons of hell. I am preparing you for the new times, times of the great renewal of the whole world, where the true children of God will live in the new world of peace prophesied by me in the past.


    Pray that you might always welcome my love and the love of my Son in your lives. Without love you cannot live holiness in your lives. Without faith you cannot win the battles of everyday life and walk safely in this world. Without hope you cannot conquer that which you have been promised, eternal life. Do not retreat on your path of conversion. Strive to merit heaven. I am here to lead you to it. I speak to you so that you might feel longing for heaven. I appear in many places in the world so that you might remember and aspire to it. I grant you so many signs, in order that you might understand a little of what eternal life will be for those who really conquer it one day: endless happiness, where all the good that you have never imagined is present and eternal. I bless you and bless all those who pray and always will pray the 1000 Hail Marys. Where this practice is performed there will be my blessing a thousand times more for the healing, deliverance and salvation of souls. This is my promise to you and I bestow it for the good of all my children. To all who put and will put into practice my sorrowful supplications, my blessing: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

    [Italics : Edson Glauber]
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  7. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

  8. there are some studies in Portuguese showing that these apparitions are false, for example: http://amen-etm.org/FichadoEdsonGlauber-Itapiranga.htm

    although I like the older messages, these messages are problematic, because:
    • She uses foul language sometimes.
    • threatened those who do not believe in
    • three years ago asked with urgency to store food and water at home because a famine would happen at the moment, a lot of people did it and then they were called crazy
    • Public messages of Saint Joseph, Saint Michael the Archangel, Jesus and Mary (this diversity is common in false apparitions and in that specific way never happen in the true ones)

      the threats against the townspeople who did not believe in the apparitions were something that caught my attention, but the new local bishop suspended the messages and maybe it is a divine act to make these messages stop.

    I have no opinion, but I have stopped following it.

    I think the right thing to do now is wait for the secrets of Medjugorje to be revealed and leave aside doubtful messages.
  9. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I actually experienced this by Janie Garza when I saw her in Florida many years ago and she was right next to me in the isle of the Church with her spiritual director. St. Philamena appeared to her and so did Our Blessed Mother. The messages were for families to be united in love.
  10. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Edson is not a "she" its a "he" and he has the approval of his Bishop.
  11. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    I think that in the interest of accuracy I need to mention there is now an updated situation with regard to the Church and Edson's apparitions.

    I copy below a Google translation of a notice dated April this year at https://arquidiocesedemanaus.org.br...icao-da-igreja-sobre-aparicoes-em-itapiranga/



    Fr. Graciomar Gama Fernandes, for the mercy of God and of the Holy Apostolic See, diocesan Administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara, in the use of the attributions conferred on him by the Code of Canon Law, in view of the official position of the Holy Church, on the events of ITAPIRANGA , with regard to the "ALLEGED APPEARANCES" of the Virgin Mary, COMMUNICATES :

    With a letter dated February 7, 2017, the congregation for the doctrine of faith DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE SUBSTITUTE APPEARANCES AND, CONSEQUENTLY, OF THE MESSAGES FOR "HER" PROFESSED.

    At the same time that the aforementioned dicastery DETERMINES :

    1. The alleged messages are no longer widespread within the Prelature of Itacoatiara;

    2. There should be no mention in the divine worship celebrated in the shrine dedicated to Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and Peace of Itapiranga or elsewhere in the Prelature, about the alleged apparitions and messages that Mr. Edson Glauber would be receiving;

    3. Mr. Edson Glauber and the Association of the Queen of the Rosary and of the Peace of Itapiranga (ARRPI), ABSTENHAM of a greater DISCLOSURE OF THOSE MESSAGES;

    4. Regarding the letter of introduction that Monsignor Carillo Gritti gave to Mr. Edson Glauber de Souza, on the alleged apparitions, Bishop Carillo's successor will take all appropriate decisions.
    I also inform that this communiqué will be sent to each priest of our prelacy to be divulged in the respective parishes and to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Manaus, Dom Sérgio Castriani.

    Given and passed in the Curia of the Prelature of Itacoatiara, the twenty-four (24) days of the month of March of the year two thousand and seventeen (2017).


    Fr. Graciomar Gama Fernandes

    Diocesan Administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara
  12. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    You might have to let Edson's Bishop know then....and warn him...since he's approved them! It's normally the Bishop who has the Church authority of approval over private revelations. Soooo, your advice....go figure!

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  13. I already did this. I talked to the new Bishop D. José Ionilton and sent him a long explanation about the canonical way to recognize a private revelation and asked him to form a commission to investigate the case. Unfortunately the last bishop did not do the right way to recognize this revelation.

    To make matters worse, the old Bishop D. Carillo Gritti was a poor priest of the theory of liberation. He recognized the apparitions without a thorough study and soon after died of cancer.

    This apparition was not approved following the proper canonical rites.
  14. This is just preternatural. I've seen people walking on fire without burning, falling headfirst from a football stadium and lying on a bed of nails.
    this sort of thing is just what the devil knows how to do. this is no miraculous. much of this happens in the charismatic renewal and has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit, just as they naively think...
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  15. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    That happens by the individuals' own wills. These are occurrences outside of the individual's willing it, not knowing what will happen or remembering it afterwards. Same with "preternatural" gifts. The individual doesn't control them or tempt fate.
  16. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Pray, read the messages and discern.
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  17. CathyG

    CathyG Principalities

    Last month, I attended one of Edson's presentations in Massachusetts. I have to say, I didn't feel or sense anything spiritual (other than some graces during the communal rosary). When Edson fell to his knees (ostensibly because Our Lady had appeared) and proceeded to move through the rooms on his knees it seemed orchestrated and contrived as did his handing out of different-colored roses with messages from Our Lady to various people in attendance. I don't mean to pass judgement on whether or not these apparitions are true. I could just have a closed heart. But neither my friend who attended with me nor I were moved in any way.
  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I don't know if Edson Glauber is a genuine visionary to be honest. But I notice Peter Banister was posting some of the messages and sharing information. I believe Peter who used to visit MOG forum at one time is very well informed about different visionaries and reliably Catholic in his discernment. And he must feel positive about Edson. I just don't know.

    However, what peeked my interest is the description of how Edson crashed to the floor on his knees. I notice from Earthtoangels post, another seer described as falling in this way with such force those present thought the seer must have injured themselves. The reason I bring this up I watched footage of Visca from Medjugorje falling to her knees at an apparition and she crashed with such force, I wondered how she didn't break her knees. It seemed to me the visionary did not need to do this, so why did God permit such a loud crash. I thought God is saying something to all of us. And I think the message is we should be getting on our knees more when we pray. Wondering what others think. :unsure:
  19. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    None of us know with certainty the authenticity of any alleged messenger/visionary. We should take what is valuable to our spiritual journey and what is not contrary to scripture or church teaching, then wait, watch and pray. It is not for me to say this one is real and this one is fake, unless there is substantial reasoning/evidence to conclude this. Some ring more authentic to me then others, but I will not denounce any of them until they are proven false, lest I "quench the spirit". I did the same with Pope Francis. I gave him the benefit of my initial ill feelings watching him on the balcony of St. Peter's for the first time, listening to his odd way of speaking, saying things previous popes would have never said, but it was not until he clearly unmasked himself in his document AL, and even then giving him time to explain his ambiguous statement on the reception of Eucharist to those in adulterous situations, that I finally could not accept him being orthodox. In today's world of confusion, we need to be very slow to judge, take everything to prayer and fasting and weigh it all out against scripture and church teaching and see of it is complimentary of it.
  20. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

    And as you said in another post, one must be very humble and extremely charitable.
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