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Communion on the tongue

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Torrentum, Apr 27, 2015.


How do you receive:

  1. Hand

    5 vote(s)
  2. Tongue

    40 vote(s)
  1. Spirit of Truth

    Spirit of Truth Archangels

    The right way to receive our blessed Lord, Savior Jesus Christ is with a good clean heart.

    There is a certain delicate, reverence, humility, by receiving it on the tongue.

  2. I prefer receiving on the tongue, I also feel that if everyone received this way we would be able to reduce people abusing the Eucharist i.e pretending to receive and putting the Eucharist in their pockets for use in satanic rituals..
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  3. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    Was not the introduction of receiving Holy Communion on the hand part of the Masonic grand-plan to destroy the Catholic faith from within (see no 29 below)? And children being prepared for first communion by lay teachers in Irish schools are now being taught that the host is just "holy bread".


    The Exposed Plan:

    Official guidelines from Grand Master of Freemasonry

    to Catholic Freemason Bishops

    Effective March 1962

    (The Aggiornomiento of Vatican 2)

    All brother freemasons shall report on the progress of these critical directives!

    (Updated October 1993 for progressive plan for final stage)

    All (free)masons working within the churches must undertake to:

    1 Remove St Michael, the Protector of the Catholic Church, from every prayer whether inside or outside of Mass, once and for all. Remove all of his statues. Say it detracts from Christ.

    2 Put a stop to practice of penance during Lent, such as eating meat on Fridays, or fasting. Halt any acts of self-denial. Replace by acts of joy, happiness and love of neighbour. Say Christ already won Heaven for us, and that these efforts of humans are of no avail. Tell them to be sensible about caring for their health. Encourage meat and pork consumption.

    3 Assign Protestant Minister to revise and desacralize the Mass. Instigate doubts in the REAL PRESENCE and affirm that the Eucharist is closer to Protestant belief that it is only bread and symbolic. Place Protestants as teachers in seminaries, schools. Encourage ecumenism as the way to unity. Accuse any who believe in the Real Presence as subversive and disobedient to the Church.

    4 Stop all Latin Mass Liturgy, and devotions and songs. It lends a feeling of mystery and respect. Show it up as mumbo-jumbo of soothsayers. People will stop thinking that priests are of superior intelligence or of mysterious respect.

    5 Encourage the ladies to remove their hats in church; hair is sexy. And demand to be Acolytes and Priestesses. Base it on democratic ideas. Start a women’s liberation movement. Encourage churchgoers to adopt a more casual clothing in church to encourage them to belong. This will discourage importance given to the Mass.

    6 Stop communicants from kneeling to receive the host. Tell nuns to stop the children from folding their hands to and from communion. Tell them that God loves them as they are, and wants them to be perfectly relaxed. Stop all kneeling and genuflecting in the church. Remove kneelers. Tell people they must stand up as a witness and to stand during the Mass.

    7 Stop sacred organ music. Bring in guitars, Jew’s harps, drums and stomping of feet, holy laughter. This will prevent any personal prayer or conversation with Jesus. Don’t give Jesus time to call children to religious vocations. Introduce liturgical dancing in sexy clothing, plays and concerts on the altars.

    8 Profane hymns to the Mother of God and St Joseph. Call it idolatry. Ridicule those who persist in it. Replace with Protestant songs. This will imply that the Catholic Church is finally admitting that Protestantism is the true religion, or at least equal to the Catholic Church.

    9 Replace all hymns, even to Jesus. This reminds people of their sweet childhood, which will in turn remind them of the peace that came from living a rigorous life of self-denial and penance for God. Bring in only new songs, to convince people that the former rites were somehow wrong. Be sure to have at least one song in every Mass that never mentions Jesus, but only love of humans. The young will be enthusiastic about love of neighbour. Give homilies about love and tolerance and unity. Do not mention Jesus. Do not allow any teachings to be given about the Eucharist.

    10 Remove all saints’ relics from the altars, and then remove the altars themselves. Replace with pagan, unblessed tables, which will be used to offer live sacrifices at Satanic Masses. Repeal the church law that says Mass in churches only be said on altars containing Saints’ relics.

    11 Stop the practice of saying Mass before the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle. Do not allow any Tabernacle on the altars used for the Mass. Make the table look like a dinner table. Make it portable, to imply that it is not sacred, but could do double duty for anything, such as a conference table or for playing cards. Later, put at least one chair at this table. Make the priest sit in this, after communion to signify that he rests after his meal. Never let the priest kneel at Mass, nor genuflect – people don’t kneel at meals. Place the priest’s seat in place of the tabernacle. Encourage the people to adore and obey the priest, not the Eucharist. Tell them the priest is Christ their head. Place tabernacles in another room/out of sight.

    12 Remove saints from the church calendar a few at a time. Forbid the priest the right to talk about Saints, unless mentioned in the Gospel. Say that there might be Protestants in the church who would not like it. Discourage any efforts that will disturb Protestants.

    13 When introducing the Gospels, drop the word Saint, in Gospel according to Saint John, or any other Saint. Simply say, Gospel according to John. This will imply that people should not honour them any more. Keep rewriting Bibles until identical to Protestants! Drop the word Holy from the Holy Spirit. This will open the way. Emphasise the feminine nature of God as loving as a mother. Do not permit use of the word Father.

    14 Remove and destroy all personal prayer books. This will stop Litanies to the Sacred Heart, the Blessed Mother, St Joseph and preparation for Communion. It will also effectively reduce thanksgiving after Communion to a sham.

    15 Remove all statues and pictures of Angels. Why have statues of our enemies around? Call it a myth or a bed-time story. D0 not permit any talk of angels, as it will push our Protestant members out.

    16 Eliminate the Minor Order of Exorcist, for expelling devils; work hard on this one. Sell the idea that there is not a real devil. Say it is the Bible’s way of representing evil, and there can’t be a good story without a villain. Then they will not believe in Hell either, and will never be afraid of going there. Say that Hell is nothing more than being away from God, and what is so bad about that as it is the same as life on earth anyway.
  4. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels


    17 Teach that Jesus was only human, who had brothers and sisters and he hated the establishment. Say that he loved the company of prostitutes, especially Mary Magdalene. Say that he had no use for Churches of Synagogues. Say that he advised against obeying church leaders. Tell people he was a great teacher who went astray when he became disobedient to church leaders. Discourage talk of the cross as a victory and describe it as a failure. □□□

    18 Remember you can cause Nuns to quit, by appealing to their vanity, charm and beauty; make them change their habits, which will automatically make them throw away their rosaries. Show the world that there is dissension in their convents and vocations will dry up. Tell Nuns that they will not be accepted if they do not abandon their habits. Discourage the use of habits by the people too. □□□

    19 Burn all Catechisms. Tell religion teachers to teach love of God’s people instead of love of God. Tell them it is mature to love openly. Make sex a common word in Religion Classes. Make sex a new religion; introduce sex pictures to religious classes to teach children the facts. Ensure the pictures are explicit. Encourage schools to be forward thinkers in this sex education. Introduce sex education through bishop’s office so that parents will not disobey or object. □□□

    20 Close all Catholic schools by reducing the number of nun’s vocations. Say that Nuns are just underpaid social workers, and the church is getting rich on them. Insist that lay Catholic teachers be paid the same salaries as in the government schools. Employ non-Catholic teachers. Priests must receive the same salaries as their administrative counterparts. All priests must remove their clerical clothing and all crosses so they can be accepted by all. Ridicule those who do not obey this. □□□

    21 Destroy the Pope by destroying his Empire of Universities. Separate Universities from the Pope by saying that the government would then be glad to give them grants of money. Change the names of religious institutions to profane names such as Immaculate Conception School to Inavale Heights School. Call it ecumenical. Establish ecumenical departments in all dioceses. Ensure Protestant control of these. Permit no prayers for Pope or to Mary, as they will discourage ecumenism. Proclaim the local bishops as the ruler. Tell people that the Pope is only a figurehead. Tell people the Pope’s teachings are only entertaining and not of significance. □□□

    22 Attack the Pope’s authority, by setting an age limit on his services. Reduce this gradually. Say that you are keeping him from being overworked. □□□

    23 Be bold. Weaken the Pope by setting up a Bishop’s Synod. The Pope will then be a figurehead, as England is ruled by the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The Queen takes orders from them. Then weaken the bishop’s authority by setting up a counterpart at the Priests’ level. Say the Priests are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Then weaken the priest’s authority by setting up lay groups to boss the Priests. there will be so much hatred developed that even Catholics will leave the Church; so that the Church is now democratic …. the New ….□□□

    24 Reduce Priests’ vocations by losing respect of the laity. One scandal of a Priest in politics will lose thousands of vocations. Praise fallen-away priests who give up everything for the love of a woman. Call them heroic. Honour laicised priests as true martyrs who were so oppressed that they couldn’t take it any longer. Also condemn as scandal any efforts to expose our brother Masons in the priesthood. Be tolerant of homosexuality in the priesthood. Tell people they are lonely. □□□

    25 Start closing churches because of lack of priests. Call it economising and good business practice. Say that God listens to prayers anywhere, so churches are extravagant wastes of money. Close first the churches where old-fashioned church traditions are being practiced. □□□

    26 Use lay-commissions and weak-faith Priests to quickly condemn and disapprove of any new apparitions of the Blessed Mother or any alleged miracles, especially of St Michael, the Archangel. Be absolutely certain that none whatever get approval after Vatican II. Then call it disobedience of authority if anybody follows the messages … them or EVEN THINKS about … Label the seers as disobedient of church authority. Discredit their reputation, so none will bother to heed their messages. □□□

    27 Elect an Anti-Pope. Say that he will bring the Protestants back into the Church, and maybe even the Jews. Anti-Pope can be elected by giving the vote to the Bishops. There will be so many popes nominated that the Anti-Pope will get in as a compromise Pope. Say that the real Pope has died. □□□

    28 Eliminate Confession before Holy Communion for 2nd and 3rd grade children so that they will not bother about Confession when they get into the 4th, 5th or higher grades either. Confession will then disappear. Introduce group confession done in silence with group absolutions. Tell people this is due to lack of priests. □□□

    29 Get women and laity to give Communion. Say that this is the Age of the Laity. Start giving Communion in the hand like the Protestants, instead of on the tongue. Say that Christ did it this way. Collect some for Black Masses at our Temple. Then replace individual communion by a bowl of wafers, to be taken upon leaving the church. Say that they will then carry God’s gift into their daily lives. Install communion vending machines; call them tabernacles. Tell that the sign of peace must be given. Encourage walking around to break attention and prayer. Make no sign of the cross instead of communal sign of peace. Say that Christ went out to greet his followers too. Permit no reverence at this time. Priests are to turn their back on the Eucharist and honour the people. □□□

    30 After Anti-Pope is elected, disband Synod of Bishops, Priests’ Union, Lay Advisor Groups. Forbid any religious to question new policies without permission. Accuse all who question of being disobedient to church authority. Discourage obedience to God. Tell the people they must obey the Church Leaders. □□□

    31 Give supreme power to the Pope, to select his successors. Order the mark of the Beast on all true lovers of God, under pain of excommunication. Do not call it the Mark of the Beast. Do not permit the cross to be used or to be made on or by the people. To make the sign of the cross will be called a sign of idolatry and disobedience. □□□

    32 Declare all former church dogmas false, except the Dogma of infallibility. State that Jesus Christ was a revolutionary that didn’t make it. Say that the true Christ will soon come. Only the elected Anti-Pope is to be obeyed. Tell the people to bow down at his name. □□□

    33 Order all subjects of Pope to fight in Holy Crusades to spread the One World Religion. Satan knows where all lost gold is! Ruthlessly conquer the world. This will give to humanity what they have always yearned for – The Golden Age of Peace. □□□

    (The end of the freemasonry edict against the Church)
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  5. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    Is that list real?
    Dear God!
  6. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    Have you never seen this before? I thought it was fairly well known. You can see the extent to which their plans have already been realised, it's frightening reading.
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  7. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    I saw it before but thought it was a fake.
    I can't believe my eyes.
  8. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    If it's fake then I apologise for posting but I've always been under the impression that it was for real.
  9. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    You know Aroremus, it may well be real. It's getting to the point now where almost nothing surprises me anymore!
  10. Infant Jesus of Prague

    Infant Jesus of Prague The More you Honor Me The More I will Bless Thee

    This document sounds like SSPX schismatic group wrote it...I went to the site you posted and there is no link to this document and searched catholic answers with no search results on this alleged edict. found masonic info but not this document.

    point #30 is proof enough its false or wishful thinking at best (30 After Anti-Pope is elected) JESUS promised the Gates of HELL would NOT prevail against His Church, trusting in our Lord I believe this is nothing more then a hit piece on the Church
    This site seems to be linked with Vassula per contact info.site owner ....I don't believe in Vassula so thats another red flag for me
  11. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    Its pretty good but not sure freemasons are smart enough.

    Brother al
  12. Spirit of Truth

    Spirit of Truth Archangels

    Oh, dear.. is that real? I could not read through all of it at once.. quite scary.. disharting.
  13. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

    The site has nothing whatever to do with Vassula! Poor Vassula gets blamed for many things but this is a new one on me...
  14. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Is the list from this book by John Vennari ?....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alta_Vendita upload_2015-4-30_19-32-54.jpeg
  15. hope

    hope Guest

  16. davidtlig

    davidtlig Powers

  17. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

    I honestly don't know where this list originated, all I know is I have seen it published in several different resources so I did a google search and pasted the first website I found. The first place I ever saw it printed was in one of the mainstream Catholic newspapers in Ireland and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    Regardless of whether it is genuine or a fake, there is much in it that certainly rings true regarding the liturgical abuses etc that we are all witnessing today.
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  18. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Well you would have to be a fool to think that Masonry has not been planning for Centuries to overthrow the church .
    Our Lady of Quito ...Satan will reign almost completely by means of the Masonic sects.

    Anne Emmirich ..."Once more I saw the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect, while storms were damaging it
  19. Adoremus

    Adoremus Archangels

  20. Joe Crozier

    Joe Crozier Guest

    One day while praying about communion on the tongue the words came to me "God loves the work of his hands and the hands of His workers."
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