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Charlie's Perceptive Take

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Mario, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Harper

    Harper Guest

    I have no red face, Padraig, no need to justify anything to anyone, much less to Jesus. The church looks into character as part of its discernment. My previous post argued that Charlie's public posts, carrying his name and picture, are his writings.

    In his own blog and in his public talks, Charlie trades on his biography, claiming friends in high places and years of experience in politics and the media. It lends him an air of authority, which people have accepted unquestionably. And yet... what campaigns did he run? What newspapers did he edit? Does anyone know? It shouldn't be classified information. The names of campaign managers and editors are publicly recorded.

    I have not investigated Charlie's personal life, nor do I ever want to. But I don't think questions are off-limits about a man claiming to be sent by God.
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  2. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    As a specialist in this area, actually, it does make quite a difference.
  3. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    I think someone over on the National Catholic Register's comments had something to say about this matter.
  4. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    That is not the way the Church's theology of private revelation works. One must first look at the messenger before the alleged message.
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  5. Harper

    Harper Guest

    Hi Kevin,

    No, I did not read anything either on Charlie's blog or in Disqus concerning you. I'd love a pointer to the link, when you have the time.
  6. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    It is in the Disqus link you provided. Look under the Patti Armstrong section. In case you cannot find it, here it is:

    I can promise you that my article was anything but "sloppy and slapdash." Among other things, I openly questioned how he was helping with a business arrangement with people in Vermont or New Hampshire. If memory serves it was a couple, but do not hold me to that.

    Either way, some property was looking to be sold to serve as "refuges" during the "Storm." Charlie helped to coordinate interested persons with the owner(s) of the property.

    While himself not profiting from this property sale, Charlie did advertise that he would help others, essentially, to profit off his claims. That puts him squarely against the Vatican's norms in these affairs. I called him out on it and he was not a happy camper (pun intended).
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  7. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    The Holy See has established that we look at the person from about the time of when the alleged revelations began. Since Charlie states his go WAY back, well, you can see where this is going to go....
  8. Harper

    Harper Guest


    Oh, dear. He really doesn't take criticism well. Tell me, how would such a man serve as a spiritual guide and rallying point during a moment of extreme crisis?

    On Disqus I skimmed through the Patti Armstrong section. I had read about that controversy at Glenn Dellaire's Mystics of the Church site.
  9. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

  10. FreshEggs

    FreshEggs New Member

    While I was discerning Charlie - and believe me, it took a while! - I found this statement from Charlie on this very forum.


    "I know about sin- as I have said candidly before - I was an aggressive dater until a decade ago (the full-service variety)."

    That also goes against the Vatican's norms - specifically, the fourth one.




    B) Negative Criteria:

    d) Gravely immoral acts committed by the subject or his or her followers when the fact occurred or in connection with it.
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  11. earthtoangels

    earthtoangels Powers

    Yes, I noticed that, once again, angry, defensive ad hominem "analysis". More and more such knee jerk defensiveness and to the person attacks reaffirm a "narcissist" type personality description. And any type of profiting should be considered by those who don't appear to be able to live without him as some kind of anchor to their future hopes. Just what else could such easily led individuals swallow in the future from someone even more impressive who will hand out the only ways to survive at the time....if they agree to sell their souls?? And that's a charitable concern with just an alert to consider prayerfully.
  12. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    B) Negative Criteria:
    d) Gravely immoral acts committed by the subject or his or her followers when the fact occurred or in connection with it.[/quote]"

    Well Then!! ......... there goes St Paul, St Augustine, St Mary Magdalene, St. Thomas Becket, .................. I Know, I KNOW!!
    I just be a simple renegade Catholic in this Holy Site filled with the "Enlightened" who have memorized The Magisterium, have two or three degrees in Theology and Heavy Machinery, have perfect marriages/children, don't need deodorant or toilet paper and never/ever had a Black Mark beside their name ..... so ..?? .... when the SHTF Moment comes in full blast ... I don't want any of you Perfect Enlightened Types anywhere near my foxhole 'cause your ass will be the first thing I shoot!

    GOD SAVE ALL HERE..... Especially The Enlightened Perfect!!
  13. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Oh boy I feel I have just logged onto a Pharisee forum and not the Mother of God forum.

    How quick you are to cast stones in judgement.

    There is a spirit of tbe Pharisee in many of the posts on this thread.

    Quick to spot the speck in your brothers eye - - -

    Lets all bow and salute to the enlightened perfect!!
  14. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Nice one Kev!

    Yeah I know but I don't care:whistle:
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  15. FreshEggs

    FreshEggs New Member

    Hey. I'm not perfect and won't even pretend that I was! I have my struggles with sin like everyone else. However...I'm not claiming to be speaking for God!

    You do realize that the Vatican came up with those criteria, not me? I'm not throwing that out there just for kicks and giggles?

    edited by admin

    please keep a cool head (warning sent)
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2016
  16. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    I presume, unless you explain otherwise, that your comment is about addressing me in the diminutive. Please stop doing so. Kevin or Mr. Symonds is preferred.

    I do not have a police force to enforce my will and desires, but I do enjoy the right as a Christian to call you to charity. Should you violate my wishes, I shall proceed to invoke the prayers of St. Ignora, the patroness of the old AOL chat rooms.
  17. Kevin Symonds

    Kevin Symonds New Member

    I believe that you have gravely mischaracterized the hearts of me and others here who have offered some questions about Charlie's claims.
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  18. Timothius722

    Timothius722 Archangels

    I got a solution...its called...just wait and see. Heck...its July...we only got 6 to 8 more month to be proven right or wrong. In any case...is it worth bringing judgment upon yourself from private prophecy. I for one do not think it go down as Charlie says it will. I believe Hillary will be prez and we (Catholics) will have hell to pay for it. Just my uneducated opinion.
  19. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    That's exactly how I feel about it. Wait and see. The only problem I could see would be if Charlie were taking money from people based on his alleged prophecies, and I haven't heard anyone make such an accusation. I don't understand the previous reference to selling property.
  20. fallen saint

    fallen saint Baby steps :)

    You have 1/2 right but Trump will have a sweep. I think there are millions that agree with Trump but are just staying quite. I think people are tired of not being able to speak because they are called racist or politically incorrect.


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